These turbo cars are LOVING this weather! (Race Week Day 5) 1320video
5 months back
The Rocky Mountain Race Week madness continues! While some racers are packin' up to head home, others are turning wrenches and cranking out new ...
Desert Racing in New Mexico - AOCO 2019! 1320video
2 months back
All-Out-Call-Out is an event that really likes to shake things up down in the desert! Each racer in each class is subject to the same roll of the dice as the other, ...
Turbo Honda CRX vs ALL - Arizona STREETS 1320video
4 years back
Hondas get their fair share of trash talk, but what some don't realize is that once you bolt a turbo onto one of these tiny little 1.8L engines…they can make GOBS ...
Turbo BUSA vs Turbo Viper, NO PREP, Drag Races, Drifting & MORE! 1320video
1 weeks back
Roll Racing - No Prep - Drag Racing - CRAZY Burnout Contest - Drifting - Modern Automotive Performance's “Proving Grounds” is an adrenaline filled weekend ...
LSXcalade - 1200HP Twin Turbo Cadillac Escalade!?!? 1320video
5 months back
FOUR SLICK + TWIN TURBOS = 1200hp LSXcalade! This is the fastest Escalade in the world as far as ourselves & Mitchell are aware! Starting off as his Dad's ...
Close Call Almost Takes out DOMINATOR! 1320video
3 weeks back
Outlaw armageddon is home to some of the baddest cars on the planet, all brought central to the 405's home track of Thunder Valley raceway in Noble, ...
Hate Tank, Worlds Fastest Chevy SS, & MORE! - Anarchy No Prep 1320video
2 months back
Anarchy No Prep is home to some of the most infamous and notorious no prep racers in the country. Crowd favorites such as the nefarious “HATE TANK” or ...
RACE CAR PROBLEMS - 600 miles down..700 to go! (Race Week Day 4) 1320video
5 months back
These cars are truly being put to the test! Taking on the longest drive yet - 400+ miles through Colorado & Nebraska backroads. As usual, most racers found ...
6 second RX8 - and it's a 13b ROTARY! 1320video
2 years back
These Mech Tech guys sure know what they're doing! Building a 13b Rx-8 capable of 206mph in the 1/4 in WELL under 6 seconds - now THAT is crazy!
100psi of BOOST | GTR World Record! 1320video
4 days back
This GTR/Driver combo are an iconic duo worldwide, but now with the legendary team at Extreme Turbo Systems (ETS) they have formed a team trifecta.
THREE Turbos attached to this Torque MONSTER! 1320video
6 months back
The Ultimate Callout Challenge was quite the experience for us this year! We aren't used to 100+ psi of boost, huge torque numbers, and rolling coal. Literally ...
650hp Turbo VR6 DonkeyTec Corrado RIPS! (Germany: EP-3) 1320video
1 years back
DonkeyTec Kicks A$$ and a 650hp VR6 Corrado ride along sure helped put that into perspective! After wrapping up a shop tour and an inspiring ride in a ...
2 motors & 3 trans in ONE day! | This VW won’t stop! 1320video
11 months back
Subscribe ▻ http://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=1320video 1320Video Gear ▻ http://www.1320video.com/shop The World Cup Finals ...
FAST FREDDY - Baddest C10 on the Planet? 1320video
3 months back
Fast Freddy; a crowd favorite, an OG of the Stockholm Open, and a Genuine Badass! Racing a Pro-Modded chassis of the vehicle his father picked him up from ...
The Grand Tour Porsche 918 Killer REVEALED! 1320video
3 years back
Remember the Nissan Patrol you saw on The Grand Tour? Yes, the one that absolutely DESTROYED the Porsche 918 with Richard Hammond behind the ...
Every INCH of This Car is PERFECT 1320video
2 years back
ITS PERFECT. Not one INCH of this 1970 Chevelle hasn't been touched or modified in some way or another. From the nickel-plated trim, to the baseball seam ...
SAVAGE street racing in Australia! 1000hp Barra's, Commodores, UTES! 1320video
7 months back
Australia is always the raddest of times when we have the pleasure to go down! Though the laws for modified vehicles and public roads are pretty strict, Aussie's ...
CANADA Street Racing + Evading POLICE, 1100hp Corvette, RX7 & more! 1320video
1 years back
Canadian hospitality is awesome, and so is Toronto's street racing scene! We're never sure what to expect anywhere we go, but we were surprised to see the ...
3000hp UGR Lamborghini - “FEELS LIKE A ROCKETSHIP!” 1320video
4 months back
The Christmas family are no strangers to SERIOUS horsepower OR high speeds! So its no surprise to find them at this years Pikes Peak Airstrip Attack, with ...
Our FIRST Time on the AUTOBAHN! (Germany: EP-1) 1320video
1 years back
German 1320Video Shirts! Http://www.1320video.com/product/german-flag-t-shirt/ Our first time on the AUTOBAHN! Welcome to Germany! 1320Video's first time ...
This VW Golf Makes 1600 HORSEPOWER! (Twin Engine & Twin Turbo!) 1320video
1 years back
It was one heck of a sight to see a big turbo VR6 stuffed into the trunk of a Volkswagen GTI..but we REALLY lost our minds when we saw the SECOND turbo VR6 ...
MKIV AND MKV Supras came to BATTLE! | Drag Week Day 1 1320video
2 months back
Day 1 of drag week started off strong at Virginia Motorsports Park! A 4runner popped a wheelie, a Tesla is competing for the first time ever and may just break the ...
WILDEST Rx-7 We’ve Ever FILMED! 1320video
2 years back
Texas Streets LOCKDOWN - NOW AVAILABLE: http://www.1320video.com/product-category/dvds/texas-streets/ Len Bacon has got to be one of the best and ...
THREE Turbos and 160PSI on LOW BOOST!? 1320video
6 months back
We've seen some unique builds over the years and this truck is definitely toward the top of that list! This thing makes over 3000HP, has three turbos (two above ...
FIRST EVER billet 4 rotor AWD RX-7! 1320video
6 days back
This may be the craziest and most intricate build at SEMA this year. The design of the suspension, fab work, billet 4 rotor, AWD, a LOT of care and craziness..
Brazilian FLAME THROWING Chevy’s SHOCK us! (2200hp) 1320video
2 months back
Who knew we would have to travel all the way to Brazil to find some of the BADDEST Chevy's in the world?! These Chevy Opala's are making between ...
MASSIVE FIRE - Runaway Diesel on the Dyno! 1320video
6 months back
We got more than we were bargaining for at our first Ultimate Callout Challenge diesel event! We were expecting to see some carnage, but not a MASSIVE fire ...
Human Car Sounds - WE FOUND HIM! 1320video
3 years back
HUMAN CAR SOUNDS - This guy is good!! Our favorite is his impression of a twin turbo lambo, he nailed it! People are full of unique talents and we love coming ...
Twin Turbo Chevy EXPLODES Street Racing! 1320video
3 years back
This badass twin turbo Nova with a 406 cubic inch motor is what dreams are made of! Making over 800 horsepower, this Chevrolet Nova hit the streets to line up ...
The CRAZIEST FWD car we’ve ever SEEN! (1900hp) 1320video
2 months back
This is a new one for us! An NHRA spec FWD promod - which was originally built and raced in the US, but now resides and races in Brazil. This 7-second ...
They make 200mph Look SO EASY! 1320video
2 years back
Lamborghini Domination - 2500hp STREET Driven Cars! These cars are literally UNSTOPPABLE and well known for it! Underground Racing has made their ...
The Supercar Destroyer - 1967 LT1 C2 Corvette 1320video
1 years back
Who knew an American classic from the 60's would be whooping up on some modern Supercars? From McLarens to Lamborghinis - this Vette was GAPPING ...
Twin Turbo SRT8 300C vs THE STREETS! 1320video
2 years back
Texas Streets LOCKDOWN - NOW AVAILABLE: http://www.1320video.com/product-category/dvds/texas-streets/ This is why we love the Texas Streets so much ...
Get to know 1320 video | Kyle Tells All MAPerformance
1 months back
Meet Kyle, even though you likely have already! You know him as the man, the myth, & the legend behind 1320 video. He stood in front of our cameras and told ...
1300HP VW GTI Goes 330kmh! (AWD Turbo VR6!) 1320video
1 years back
This 1989 Volkswagen can go 200mph?! In the middle of 1320Video's tour of Germany, we found ourselves at the reason we crossed the pond - The RACE1000 ...
ALL WHEEL DRIVE Camaro?  (and 14 other BADASS Cars!) 1320video
4 months back
We finally made it to the UK for Doorslammers 2019 - IT WAS AWESOME! Santa Pod Raceway takes the traditional drag racing culture and nearly creates a ...
The FIRST 5 second pass in Drag Week history! | Drag Week Day 5 1320video
2 months back
It's the final day of drag week! That means those who made it this far just need to make a pass down the strip to officially complete this battle! The cherry on top is ...
Over 200MPH in under 4 seconds - we needed our FAST FIX! 1320video
9 months back
And we're back again for the THIRD time now in Qatar! We can't stay away from Qatar's PERFECT racing conditions and luxurious racing club. Oh, and they ...
1000HP GTR ride along on Aussie Streets! 1320video
5 months back
We stopped at many shops the last time we were in Australia and we're bringing you videos of our favorite shops! In this video, we check out Dahtone Racing as ...
Ford Fiesta SPANKS a Supra!? Holy Underdog! 1320video
2 years back
Something about seeing a Ford Fiesta beating a ZL1 Camaro is mind boggling, and we LOVED that we we're able to witness it. For a little car, this little Fiesta ST ...
We found an ELECTRIC Truck + BoostedBoiz & MORE! 1320video
1 years back
This years Pikes Peak Airstrip Attack was INSANE! There were records being broken left and right - RWD, FWD, and even the overall half mile record in general!
SLOW MOTION Drag Racing 1320video
3 years back
Mesmerizing tire WRINKLE, suspension tweaking, flying wheelies, billowing smoke clouds... it's amazing what a simple iPhone slow-mo clip can show you.
He’s CRAZY - He Can’t Keep the Wheels DOWN! 1320video
2 years back
The Blackhawk is NOTORIOUS for finding traction where others can't, as well as wheelie nearly EVERY pass! Fueled by Nitrous, this 2000 Firehawk, piloted by ...
L.A. Street Cars - 1000hp Cheyenne, 1100hp Turbo Fox, 700hp TT Cobra 1320video
6 years back
After our first L.A. Street Racing video, everyone wanted to see more of the Red Cheyenne from the Mustang vs C10 video so we captured some more footage of ...
They won’t let him race!! 1320video
5 months back
The cherry on top to our annual Cootamundra trip is going to the Sydney dragway for a nice laid back test and tune. While it is laid back, there's always some ...
STREET RACING in Denver! 1320video
1 years back
We never know what to expect when we visit Devner, Co. We've seen packs of FAST turbo Hondas, 1000hp GTR's, and this time - 1000hp Vettes and Mustangs!
Twin Turbo Plymouth VIP from FINLAND 1320video
2 years back
Twin Turbo Plymouth VIP from FINLAND! These guys are some of the craziest and most dedicated racers we saw at Hot Rod Magazines "Drag Week”!
Riding Through UK Streets in the “UGLY SISTER”! 1320video
4 months back
Sometimes with twin's, one ends up looking better than the other and that was exactly what Andy was aiming for when he decided to take his 2nd 56' Chevy and ...