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NEW GAME FREAK LEAK Explains Problems With Pokemon Sword and Shield? Verlisify
1 days back
Pokemon Sword and Shield Leak season has been insane, but let's step away from all of the new Pokemon Sword and Shield Gameplay leaks and get into ...
Hard Evidence of Reused Pokemon Models Adds Fuel to the Fire Arlo
10 hours back
Dataminers continue to challenge GameFreak's claims that Pokemon were remade for Sword and Shield. If you like what I do, please consider supporting me on ...
GAME FREAK Secret Base for GAME FREAK‘s 30th Anniversary Streaming(Sascha’s REACTION) ゲームフリーク公式チャンネル
4 weeks back
Gift offer has expired. Let's watch GAME FREAK's 30th Anniversary Streaming with Sascha (Commentating in English) Sascha: A ...
Le SCANDALE POKEMON SWORD & SHIELD : " GameFreak a menti " #GameFreakLied E.M.B
5 hours back
Un Scandale éclate en ce moment sur Twitter, le fameux #GameFreakLied ... GameFreak aurait menti sur Pokemon Sword Shield Nintendo Switch... On en parle ...
WHY I WILL BUY POKEMON SWORD AND SHIELD - Happy Console Gamer HappyConsoleGamer
24 hours back
Johnny talks about why he will buy Pokémon Sword and Pokémon Shield which is a role-playing video game developed by Game Freak with assistance from ...
Game Freak Morale AT AN ALL TIME LOW! Junichi Masuda Attacked For Saying "Thanks" Verlisify
5 days back
Pokemon Sword and Shield has had some crazy stuff going on recently. There was the Pokemon Sword and Shield Leak that has been shut down by Nintendo ...
Ghost Town: Game Freak Ghost Town
7 years back
Ghost Town's official audio stream for 'Game Freak' - now available on iTunes: Party In The Graveyard on Fueled By Ramen!
GAMEFREAK is LAZY DistantKingdom
5 months back
Don't settle for less, fight for more! Follow up video! Follow me on Twitter: ...
Pokémon: Evolution of Game Freak's Logo Animations Liga Jade CR
3 years back
Pokémon has changed thanks to technology, and even Game Freak's logo is reminiscence of that. Which one do you like better? Please like, comment and ...
How Game Freak Designs Pokémon Alexie
3 weeks back
Game Freak's Junichi Masuda and Shigeru Ohmori star in a never-before-seen behind-the-scenes documentary to show how the team created Pokémon Sword ...
Game Freak Explains Everything About Sobble From Pokémon Sword And Shield Game Informer
1 months back
In this exclusive Game Informer interview, the director of Pokémon Sword and Shield Shigeru Ohmori, producer Junichi Masuda, and art director James Turner ...
A message from GAME FREAK's Shigeru Ohmori - Pokémon Sword and Pokémon Shield (gamescom 2019) Nintendo UK
3 months back
Director of Pokémon Sword and Pokémon Shield Shigeru Ohmori takes us on a tour through a previously unseen town in the Galar region. Visit our gamescom ...
Game Freak Explains Everything About Grookey From Pokémon Sword And Shield Game Informer
1 months back
In this exclusive Game Informer interview, the director of Pokémon Sword and Shield Shigeru Ohmori, producer Junichi Masuda, and art director James Turner ...
Pokémon Gold and Silver: How Satoru Iwata Saved Game Freak Video Game Story Time
3 years back
It's common knowledge that Satoru Iwata is responsible for helping Game Freak to include the Johto and Kanto regions in Pokémon Gold and Silver. The full ...
Nintendo Should Buy Game Freak! - Pokemon Sword and Shield OPINION TheYoungCalves
1 weeks back
Pokemon #Pokedex #SwordAndShield Pokémon's Unsung Hero: The Story of Creatures Inc. ▻OUR DISCORD: ...
Game Freak Explains Everything About Scorbunny From Pokémon Sword And Shield Game Informer
1 months back
In this exclusive Game Informer interview, the director of Pokémon Sword and Shield Shigeru Ohmori, producer Junichi Masuda, and art director James Turner ...
Toby Fox DESTROYS #BringBackNationalDex And The Pokemon Sword And Shield Game Freak Controversy! Verlisify
2 months back
The Pokemon Sword and Shield Controversy has already been proven to be nonsense. The Bring Back National Dex Movement has been fully debunked, but ...
Uma mensagem de Shigeru Ohmori, da GAME FREAK, sobre Pokémon Sword e Pokémon Shield (gamescom 2019) Nintendo Portugal
3 months back
Shigeru Ohmori, o diretor de Pokémon Sword e Pokémon Shield, dá a conhecer uma nova povoação na região de Galar. Portal oficial da gamescom: ...
The REALITY Of Game Freak Cutting 1/2 of Pokemon in Sword & Shield | DWNL DWNL
6 days back
Pokemon Sword and Shield is one of the most Anticipated Pokemon games in years! Unfortunately for the fan base, leaks have suggested that nearly half of ...
Town by Game Freak - Reveal Trailer (Nintendo Direct) GameXplain
1 years back
Game Freak has a brand-new RPG coming to Nintendo Switch called "Town" (working title), and we have the first-ever footage for you right here!
Little Town Hero Review IGN
4 weeks back
Little Town Hero reviewed on Nintendo Switch by Tom Marks. Little Town Hero exudes charm from every corner of its adorable little village, and couples that ...
GAMEFREAK TEASES STARTER EVOLUTIONS, NEW POKEMON and More!! - Pokemon Sword and Shield Nikachu
2 months back
Pokemon is back with huge new leaks, this time with new evolutions of pokemon, starter pokemon evolutions, sobble grookey and scorbunny, all from a ...
Our In-Depth Tour Of Pokémon Developer Game Freak's Studio Game Informer
2 years back
In this excerpt from The Game Informer Show podcast, Ben Hanson and Kyle Hilliard dive in deep and talk about their trip to visit Game Freak in Japan and what ...
Eine Nachricht von Shigeru Ohmori von GAME FREAK ‒ Pokémon Schwert & Pokémon Schild (gamescom 2019) Nintendo DE
3 months back
Shigeru Ohmori, der Director von Pokémon Schwert und Pokémon Schild, zeigt ein bisher noch nicht vorgestelltes Dorf in der Galar-Region.
Visiting Game Freak For Pokémon Sword And Shield Game Informer
4 weeks back
Game Informer's Ben Hanson and Brian Shea show off their trip to Tokyo to visit Game Freak and learn all about Pokémon Sword And Shield on the Nintendo ...
Town (Working Title) Nintendo Switch Reveal Trailer IGN
1 years back
A new RPG from Game Freak has been revealed for Nintendo Switch. Watch more trailers here!
2 days back
Chi insulta i nuovi giochi ha ragione? CANALE TWITCH: INSTAGRAM: Ricevi in regalo ...
Little Town Hero Review | Izzit Any Good? (Nintendo Switch/Game Freak) Jay RPG
3 weeks back
An entire RPG that takes place in just one town... I was a little worried but it turns out Little Town Hero is a diamond (story, combat, visuals) in the rough ...
Un messaggio da parte di Shigeru Ohmori di GAME FREAK - Pokémon Spada e Scudo (gamescom 2019) NintendoItalia
3 months back
Il director di Pokémon Spada e Pokémon Scudo, Shigeru Ohmori, ci fa visitare una città ancora sconosciuta nella regione di Galar. Visita il nostro portale ...
The Truth About Game Freak (Pokemon Sword and Shield Controversy) MysticUmbreon
3 months back
So a good amount of time has passed since E3, where Junichi Masuda and Shigeru Ohmori announced that the National Dex would not be making a return to ...
Town (Working Title) - Nintendo Switch | Nintendo Direct 9.13.2018 Nintendo
1 years back
Nintendo Direct 9.13.2018 featuring the newest updates for Town! Available 2019. #NitnendoSwitch #Town Subscribe for more Nintendo fun!
4 months back
David vs Goliath Follow me on twitter: Credits: Gaming Mobile: A small indie Chinese based studio producing Lets Go ...
GAME FREAK presents a brand new RPG, LITTLE TOWN HERO ゲームフリーク公式チャンネル
2 months back
Got any ideas, hero? GAME FREAK's brand new original work #LittleTownHero Available Oct 17(JST), 2019 Pre-order NOW! OFFICIAL WEBSITE of LITTLE ...
Pokemon's Creation & Game Freak - Did You Know Gaming? Feat. Tamashii Hiroka DidYouKnowGaming?
5 years back
Check out Tamashii's Glitches video! Subscribe for more gaming trivia! ▽ MORE LINKS BELOW ...
Game Freak Executes Order 66 [Dexit Spoilers] RC-3197
7 days back
If you don't want to spoil the list of returning Pokemon don't watch this video. Gamefreak has cut 489 Pokemon from Pokemon Sword and Shield. They have said ...
Pokemon Sword NOT The Priority at GameFreak? TOWN Coming First? SwitchForce
6 months back
Pokemon Sword NOT The Priority at GameFreak? Could TOWN be releasing sooner than we think? GameFreak is having a BIG 2019 and we cant't wait to ...
Pokémon Sword & Shield: The Day Game Freak Broke my Heart ChaosMaelstrom
3 months back
I have never cancelled a preorder on a game before now. I feel it's high time I give my true feelings on a matter that I can't stand to leave alone anymore. Follow ...
3 years back
Hey everyone! I know I'm a bit late on this, but during my Sun playthrough I ran into the Game Freak office on accident! Looks like there's more to this building ...
5 months back
This is a follow up video concerning my last video: Follow me on twitter: ...
GAMEFREAK ADMITS POKÉMON ISN'T PRIORITY (Sword and Shield No National Dex Controversy Explanation) SilphSpectre
4 months back
A recently re-emerged GameFreak interview reveals that Pokemon is no longer their top priority... this explains a lot regarding the no national dex, no mega ...
Exclusive Game Freak Interview On Player Freedom Vs. Story In Pokémon Game Informer
2 years back
In this exclusive interview, Ben Hanson from Game Informer interviews Pokémon series producer, director, and composer Junichi Masuda and the director of ...
GAMEFREAK SENDS *DIRECT* MESSAGE TO POKÉMON FANS! (Pokemon Sword and Shield No National Dex ANSWER) SilphSpectre
4 months back
We thought they would never answer us... but the Pokemon Company has finally responded DIRECTLY to our anger via Twitter. Nintendo's E3 Pokemon Sword ...
4 months back
Response video from "GameFreak is Lazy": Previous response video: ...
GameFreak Interview Discusses DEEP POSTGAME and More - Pokemon Sword and Shield PokeTips
3 weeks back
Could Pokemon Sword and Shield have the best postgame ever? Follow me on Instagram! Buy Pokemon Sword ...
Gamefreak, Nintendo, And The Conflict Pokemon Fans Don't Know! Verlisify
5 months back
Viral Pokemon reddit post discusses the truth about the Pokemon Company amid a flood of recent Pokemon Sword and Shield Rants. Pokemon Sword and ...
GameFreak Has "No Plans" For Another Pokemon Let's Go PokeTips
3 weeks back
Is this the end of the Lets Go Series? ▻ 7 Things I LOVE About Pokemon Let's Go - Follow me on Instagram!
EVERY PROBLEM with Pokémon Sword & Shield + GameFreak's Responses Aero
4 months back
Pokemon Sword and Shield are the new gen 8 Pokemon games coming on the Nintendo Switch. The new Pokemon switch games are very exciting but also ...