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The fascinating physics of everyday life | Helen Czerski TED
2 years back
Physics doesn't just happen in a fancy lab -- it happens when you push a piece of buttered toast off the table or drop a couple of raisins in a fizzy drink or watch a ...
Physics of the Impossible by Michio Kaku (Audiobook) Achtung Earthlings!
3 years back
This is the complete audiobook Physics of the Impossible: A Scientific Exploration Into the World of Phasers, Force Fields, Teleportation & Time Travel by Michio ...
The Physics of Music: Crash Course Physics #19 CrashCourse
3 years back
Get Your Crash Course Physics Mug here: Music plays a big part in many of our lives. Whether you ...
The physics of surfing - Nick Pizzo TED-Ed
8 months back
Wondering how you can catch the perfect wave? Dive into the fascinating and complex physics of surfing. -- Whether or not you realize it, surfers are masters of ...
Physics of Computer Chips - Computerphile Computerphile
3 years back
You can't beat physics. Why the chip manufacturers are heading for a wall. We asked nano-scientist Phil Moriarty Professor of Physics in the School of Physics ...
The Physics of Black Holes - with Chris Impey The Royal Institution
3 months back
Black holes are the most extreme objects in the universe yet every galaxy has one at its centre. Buy Chris' book "Einstein's Monsters: The Life and Times of Black ...
The History of Physics and Its Applications MajorPrep
1 years back
Part 2: Join Facebook Group: Follow MajorPrep on Twitter: ...
The Map of Physics Domain of Science
3 years back
Everything we know about physics - and a few things we don't - in a simple map. If you are interested in buying a print you can buy it as a poster here: North ...
The Physics of Spirituality | Nassim Haramein with Vishen Lakhiani Mindvalley Talks
6 months back
In this talk from Mindvalley University in Tallinn, Nassim Haramein and Vishen Lakhiani talk about the science of the near future, delving into topics such as ...
The Physics and Philosophy of Time - with Carlo Rovelli The Royal Institution
1 years back
From Boltzmann to quantum theory, from Einstein to loop quantum gravity, our understanding of time has been undergoing radical transformations. Carlo Rovelli ...
The Physics of the Future - Michio Kaku BostonMOS
9 years back
Author and physicist Michio Kaku spoke at the Museum of Science on March 23, 2011.
Football physics: The "impossible" free kick - Erez Garty TED-Ed
4 years back
View full lesson: In 1997, Brazilian football player Roberto Carlos set up for a 35 ...
The Physics Of Minecraft Life Noggin
4 years back
How similar is the Minecraft world to our own? Let's find out some of the science behind Minecraft! Click here to see more videos: ...
The Physics of Racing Games Real Engineering
1 years back
Buy The Crew 2, available now from the Ubisoft Store for Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC New vlog channel: ...
James Weatherall Public Lecture: The Physics of Wall Street Perimeter Institute for Theoretical Physics
3 years back
In his Perimeter Institute Public Lecture, James Weatherall tells the story of how, in the aftermath of World War II, some innovative physicists and mathematicians ...
The physics of the "hardest move" in ballet - Arleen Sugano TED-Ed
4 years back
View full lesson: In the third act of "Swan Lake", the Black Swan pulls off a ...
The Physics of the Weird and Wonderful Theremin SciShow
4 years back
Electronic music is older than you may think. Enter the theremin - a device that turns your body into part of a capacitor, and allows you to play music without even ...
The Physics and Psychology of Colour - with Andrew Hanson The Royal Institution
1 years back
Our experience of colour is a based on the physics of light, but Andrew Hanson uses demos and optical illusions to show that there is a lot more to colour than ...
The Physics Of Drifting, Explained Business Insider
5 months back
Car drifting is both a pastime and profession. For hobbyists and professionals, the basic principles of drifting are the same. Toss the car sideways and hang on.
Fizyka podróży do gwiazd | Physics of space journey | Bogusław Pranszke | TEDxGdynia TEDx Talks
2 years back
Profesor nadzwyczajny Akademii Morskiej w Gdyni w Katedrze Fizyki. Na TEDxGdynia opowiedział o tym, że wyprawa na Marsa, a ewentualna podróż do ...
COLD HARD SCIENCE.The Physics of Skating on Ice (With SlowMo) - Smarter Every Day 110 SmarterEveryDay
6 years back
Tweet this: -- FB it: Download a free Audio book: Infographics are Here: ...
The Physics of Car Crashes minutephysics
4 years back
How is the chemical energy of gasoline transformed into kinetic energy of a moving car? And where does that kinetic energy go when the car crashes into ...
The Physics of Hot Air - with Shaun Fitzgerald The Royal Institution
1 years back
Energy use worldwide continues to soar and buildings are responsible for a large percentage of this use. Subscribe for regular science videos: ...
The Physics of Life: How Water Folds Proteins - with Sylvia McLain The Royal Institution
2 years back
Sorry about the audio problems for the first 30 seconds or so - stick with it, it levels out soon. Proteins are arguably the most important biological components in ...
It IS Rocket Science! The Physics of Rocket League Detailed GDC
2 years back
In this 2018 GDC talk, Psyonix's Jared Cone takes viewers through an inside look at the specific game design decisions and implementation details that made ...
The physics of g-2 Fermilab
4 years back
At any time in history, a few scientific measurements disagreed with the best theoretical predictions of the time. Currently, one such discrepancy involves the ...
The Physics of Roller Coasters SciShow
3 years back
Roller coasters give people the opportunity to experience physics in dramatic ways. In this episode of SciShow, we break down how physics work on roller ...
An Introduction to the Physics of Sailing MIT BLOSSOMS
2 years back
The goal of this lesson is to explain how sailboats work by exploring basic physics principles. At the end of this lesson, students will be able to identify the forces ...
The Physics of Skydiving (Science Out Loud S2 Ep1) MITK12Videos
5 years back
When you fall thousands of feet from the sky, it seems like something strange is happening with the laws of physics. Turns out, everything relies on a simple force ...
The Physics of Sailing | KQED QUEST KQED
11 years back
Northern California has a storied, 500-year history of sailing. But despite this rich heritage, scientists and boat designers continue to learn more each day about ...
Sound: Crash Course Physics #18 CrashCourse
3 years back
Get Your Crash Course Physics Mug here: We learn a lot about our surroundings thanks to sound.
The Physics Of Baseball Pitches Seeker
4 years back
Baseball is a fun sport to watch and play, and a lot of science goes into it! Read More: 7 Famous Baseball Pitches (and some physics behind them) ...
Physics of Animation - Science Nation National Science Foundation
8 years back
In the multi-billion dollar movie and video game industry, making animations come to life is a crucial and revered skill. It takes a solid understanding of physics.
Science of Golf: Physics of the Golf Club United States Golf Association (USGA)
4 years back
NBC Learn, in partnership with the United States Golf Association, explores the science of golf. In this segment, the physics behind the development of golf clubs ...
The Physics of Life (ft. It's Okay to be Smart & PBS Eons!) | Space Time PBS Space Time
2 years back
Viewers like you help make PBS (Thank you ) . Support your local PBS Member Station here: It's OK to be Smart - Where Did ...
The Physics of Heat: Crash Course Physics #22 CrashCourse
3 years back
Have you ever wondered why we wear clothes? I mean, beyond the obvious. Why does wearing a jacket in the cold keep your warmer? What is happening to all ...
Physics of Musical Instruments WilliamsCollege
10 years back
Physics of Musical Instruments, introduces the physics of sound waves. We discuss the connection between musical pitch and frequency, and consider the core ...
Physics of Information - Quantum Entanglement, Black Holes and Holographic Universe Muon Ray
5 years back
Black Hole Information Paradox: Some of the biggest names in modern ...
The Physics of Baseball - Hitting Science Channel
11 years back
The best players make it look easy. But hitting is one of the hardest feats in modern sports.
THE PHYSICS OF AN OLLIE Braille Skateboarding
The Physics of Free Will Up and Atom
2 years back
Do we really have free will? What does physics have to say about it? Hi! I'm Jade. I make physics videos about time, entropy, space, relativity and quantum ...
The physics of running Physics World
7 years back
Part of our video series on the science and technology of professional sport. Visit for more videos, webinars and podcasts.
The Physics of "Punkin Chunkin" SciShow
7 years back
Watch Punkin Chunkin this Thanksgiving, November 22nd, at 8 pm on Science Channel. More pumpkin carnage online at "Punkin ...
The Physics of Pool MIT BLOSSOMS
4 years back
The objective of this lesson is to illustrate how a common everyday experience (such as playing pool) can often provide a learning moment. In the example ...
The Physics of Falling Back in your Chair Practical Engineering
3 years back
Engineering statics (or the study of objects at rest) is a fundamental part of most engineering curricula. It's broadly applicable not only to engineers, but anyone ...
Math and Physics of the Everyday (Crime, Traffic, Skyscrapers, and more) MajorPrep
10 months back
Sign up with brilliant and get 20% off your annual subscription: Traffic Animation (from CGP Grey): ...
Nyjah Huston demonstrates the physics of skateboarding | Sport Science | ESPN Archives ESPN
4 months back
ESPN Sport Science enlists X Games street skating champion Nyjah Huston to help explore the physics of skateboarding. ✓ Subscribe to ESPN+ ...
10/4/08 Robert Grober - The Physics of Golf YaleUniversity
5 years back
Science Saturdays is a special lecture series designed for families that brings the excitement of research and the passion of scientists to school-age children and ...