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What Donald Trump doesn't understand about trade Vox
3 years back
President Trump's trade policy is simple. The consequences are not. Subscribe to our channel! is a news website that helps you cut ...
AP Explains Tariffs As Trump Weighs Trade Policy AP Archive
2 years back
(4 Apr 2018) SCRIPT : President Donald Trump is turning to an old fashioned weapon to try to get more products made in America: Tariffs. What are they?
What’s behind Trump’s trade war with China PBS NewsHour
7 months back
Chinese and Trump administration officials are supposed to meet later this week to hammer out a trade agreement, but the challenge may be more difficult now ...
How Trump's Trade Policies May Impact the Global Economy Bloomberg
3 years back
Nov. 10 -- Philippe Legrain, London School of Economics visiting senior fellow, discusses the ramifications of Donald Trump's trade policies with Bloomberg's ...
Trump defends China trade policy amid economic worries PBS NewsHour
3 months back
President Trump on Tuesday acknowledged that he is considering cutting taxes, but said the idea is not in response to recession fears. During an Oval Office ...
A Full Look At Trump's Trade Policy | CNBC CNBC
3 years back
CNBC's John Harwood, Ylan Mui and Eamon Javers react to President Trump as he meets with the National Association of Manufacturers. » Subscribe to ...
Trump's trade policy has been bad for US economy, says policy expert CNBC Television
3 months back
Stefanie Miller, Sandhill Strategy co-founder, and Dan Mitchell, Center for Freedom and Prosperity, join 'The Exchange' to discuss the U.S.-China trade war and ...
AP Explains Tariffs As Trump Weighs Trade Policy Associated Press
2 years back
President Donald Trump is turning to an old fashioned weapon to try to get more products made in America: Tariffs. What are they? (April 4) Subscribe for more ...
Meet the Trump trade adviser whose tariff policy is about to be tested PBS NewsHour
2 years back
Peter Navarro is of the key White House figures who has made a case for imposing stiff new tariffs on imported steel and aluminum. What ideas and philosophy ...
Roach Says Trump's Trade Policy Shows No Appreciation of Economics Bloomberg Markets and Finance
1 years back
Jul.25 -- Stephen Roach, senior lecturer at Yale University, discusses President Donald Trump's trade policy and its impact on the U.S. economy. He speaks on ...
Trump: Trade deficit is falling because of our trade policies Fox Business
1 years back
President Donald Trump says that his administration's policies have lowered the trade deficit.
Trump and the New Era of Trade Policy Wall Street Journal
3 years back
President Donald Trump made a point on his first day in office to formally remove the U.S. from the contentious trade agreement known as TPP. WSJ's Gerald F.
Steve Rattner: President Donald Trump Trade Policies Weigh On Economy | Morning Joe | MSNBC MSNBC
6 months back
Hold President Trump's war on trade heavily accountable for economic signals flashing yellow and red, says Steve Rattner. Rattner charts the yield curve, stock ...
Commerce Sec. Wilbur Ross On Trump Trade Policies (Full) CNBC
1 years back
U.S. Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross speaks to "Squawk Box" about the state of global trade as well as how the administration is handling economic and trade ...
Trump trade policies are biggest threat to global economy, banker says | Squawk Box Europe CNBC International TV
1 years back
Philipp Hildebrand, vice chairman of BlackRock, gives his outlook on the biggest risks for global markets.
Trump’s trade policies could threaten 2.6 million jobs: US Chamber of Commerce Fox Business
1 years back
John Emerson, former U.S. ambassador to Germany, discusses the memo released from the U.S. Chamber of Commerce that stated that 2.6 million jobs could ...
Lighthizer testifies on Trump's trade policy, USMCA Fox Business
5 months back
US Trade Representative Robert Lighthizer testifies during the Senate Finance Committee's hearing on "The President's 2019 Trade Policy Agenda and the ...
Will Trump's trade policy hurt American consumers? Fox Business
2 years back
The Wall Street Journal Editor-in-Chief Gerard Baker on the Trump administration's economic and trade policies, the impact of the tax reform legislation and ...
Trump’s trade policy in Asia: A one-year review Brookings Institution
2 years back
On February 28, the Center for East Asia Policy Studies and the U.S.-Japan Research Institute hosted a panel of experts to assess the drivers and outcomes of ...
Donald Trump's Trade Policy In The Balance | CNBC CNBC
3 years back
Alan Tonelson, RealityChek founder breaks down Donald Trump's position on trade, including NAFTA and the Trans-Pacific Partnership agreement. » Subscribe ...
New Trump tariffs take direct aim at Chinese trade policy in fight over U.S. tech secrets PBS NewsHour
2 years back
President Trump broadened his economic war with China, announcing a second wave of tariffs that may total up to $60 billion worth of Chinese imports, as well ...
How Trump’s trade policy could affect jobs in the U.S. and abroad PBS NewsHour
3 years back
A central tenet of President-elect Donald Trump's campaign platform was reclaiming American jobs that have moved overseas. But how might the disruption of ...
Robert Lighthizer testifies on US-Mexico-Canada trade agreement – 06/18/2019 CNBC Television
5 months back
U.S. trade representative Robert Lighthizer testifies at the Senate Finance Committee hearing on President Donald Trump's 2019 trade policy agenda and the ...
Watch live: Trump speaks about trade and economic policy in New York Washington Post
1 weeks back
President Trump delivers a speech on "trade and economic policy" at the Economic Club of New York. Read more: Subscribe to The ...
American industries feel impact of Trump's trade policies CBS This Morning
1 years back
President Trump is encouraging Harley-Davidson owners to boycott the company if manufacturing moves overseas to avoid tariffs. He expressed optimism ...
Gary Cohn on Trump's trade policy, financial crisis, Dimon CNBC Television
1 years back
CNBC's Andrew Ross Sorkin reports on former Trump chief economic advisor Gary Cohn's comments at a Reuters event last night.
Trump Trade Policies Have 'Utterly Failed,' Stephen Roach Says Bloomberg Politics
3 months back
Aug.23 -- Stephen Roach, senior lecturer at Yale University and former chairman at Morgan Stanley Asia, discusses the impact of the Trump administration's ...
The Politics of Trump’s Trade Policy Hillsdale College
1 years back
Henry Olsen is a senior fellow at the Ethics and Public Policy Center. He is also editor of's Flyover Country. His writing has been published in ...
Rising tensions over Trump's trade policy TRT World
1 years back
The Trump administration's trade policy has been raising tensions between the US and the rest of the world. The IMF warned the US president last month that it ...
President Trump speaks at NY Economic Club amid US-China trade concerns – 11/12/2019 CNBC Television
1 weeks back
President Donald Trump delivers remarks at the Economic Club of New York where he could give clues to the status of trade talks between the U.S. and China.
Trump's trade policy could put American whiskey at war CBS This Morning
2 years back
President Trump is promoting his plans to renegotiate trade deals and bring factory jobs to the United States. The president's trade policy includes a threat to tax ...
Trump talks about trade issues with China, India AP Archive
1 years back
(1 Oct 2018) US President Donald Trump is touting a trade agreement reached with Mexico and Canada just weeks before the November congressional ...
How Trump's trade wars hurt US farmers CNN
1 years back
As a result of President Donald Trump's trade wars with China and other countries, US farmers are seeing a surplus of perishable goods stuck in limbo and ...
Trump's trade policy hits domestic economy CGTN
1 years back
US President Donald Trump's tariffs on Chinese imports have already backfired. Rising costs are threatening to force many US manufacturers out of business.
Trump Doubles Down on Protectionist Trade Policies Wall Street Journal
3 years back
Donald Trump vowed to reject free trade agreements and renegotiate a "better deal" for American workers during a speech in Western Pennsylvania. As WSJ's ...
Policy analyst Simon Lester explains the impact of Trump's trade tariffs CGTN America
2 years back
CGTN's Mike Walter spoke to trade policy analyst Simon Lester about President Trump's steel tariff decision. Lester works with the CATO Institute's Herbert A.
Trump's trade policy really upsetting the apple cart: Economist CNBC Television
11 months back
Jim Pethokoukis, American Enterprise Institute, and Jared Bernstein, Center for Budget and Policy Priorities, discuss what's happening with the Fed, the markets, ...
Trump's 2018 Trade Policy: What to Expect Peterson Institute for International Economics
2 years back
Chad P. Bown cautions the Trump administration that its unconventional trade policies—such as imposing tariffs on steel and aluminum, and over intellectual ...
Sen. Thune on Wilbur Ross, Trump’s trade policy and entitlements PBS NewsHour
3 years back
On Wednesday, President-elect Donald Trump announced billionaire investor Wilbur Ross as his choice to head the Department of Commerce.
The Implications of Trump's Trade Policies with China Asia Society
3 years back
NEW YORK, November 10, 2016 — Ambassador Nicholas Burns, Ashley Tellis, Yun Sun, and Jon Williams discuss President-elect Donald Trump's proposed ...
Trump's trade policy threatens American soybean industry CGTN
2 years back
One of the key agricultural markets for the US is soybeans and 57 percent of those soybeans are exported to China, but that trade is now under threat. President ...
Peter Navarro: Trump’s trade policy will be great for the world Fox Business
3 years back
Trump Director of Trade and Industrial Policy Peter Navarro explains how President Donald Trump's trade policies improve the U.S. and world economies.
Montana eyes China's beef market despite Trump's trade policy New China TV
1 years back
Ranchers in the U.S. state of Montana say the Trump administration's trade policy has posed a challenge to their business. They have voiced hope to conduct ...
Markets still baking in Trump's trade policy as negotiation, says Atlantic Council CEO CNBC Television
1 years back
Fred Kempe, Atlantic Council CEO, discusses President Trump's comments to CNBC about trade and China.
Economists Say Trump Trade Policy is Big Loser for the US VOA News
4 years back
Donald Trump — the presumptive Republican presidential nominee — has some tough talk for U.S. trading partners: Play fair or else. He already wants to force ...
Trump promotes trade policy at Foxconn factory Financial Times
1 years back
Read more at US President Donald Trump describes Taiwanese electronics manufacturer Foxconn's new plant in Mount Pleasant, ...
Joe Hockey denounces Donald Trump's trade policy Sky News Australia
4 weeks back
Outgoing ambassador to the US Joe Hockey has launched a scathing attack on Donald Trump's trade policies, saying the United States must embrace free trade ...
Trump's trade policy with Mexico spurs concern over jobs CBS Evening News
3 years back
It is estimated more than a million U.S. jobs are directly tied to trade with Mexico. With Donald Trump's' severe criticism of NAFTA, there is a tremendous concern ...