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How Well Do the Merrell Twins Know Each Other? (Who Said It Challenge) AwesomenessTV
22 hours back
Vanessa and Veronica play a game of "Who Said It?" on the set of their dating competition show, "Twin My Heart." Let's see how well the Merrell Twins know the ...
The Guy Who Won My Twin Sister's Heart (BIG REVEAL) | Twin My Heart w/ The Merrell Twins EP 6 AwesomenessTV
1 weeks back
Vanessa Merrell is on the search for love and with the help of her identical twin sister, Veronica, a group of guys will compete for her heart in the new dating ...
Finding My Twin Sister a Boyfriend | Twin My Heart w/ The Merrell Twins EP 1 AwesomenessTV
1 months back
Vanessa Merrell is on the search for love, and with the help of her identical twin sister, Veronica, a group of guys will compete for her heart in the new dating ...
THEY ARE GONE?! Merrell Twins Exposed ep.9 merrelltwins
17 hours back
The Merrell Twins are gone!! It's up to Helen and Carol to find out what happened to them... SUBSCRIBE TO OUR CHANNEL ▷ OUR NEW ...
Chit Chat Get Ready with Us! Ft. Vanessa Merrell Sydney Serena
10 months back
today vanessa and i get ready to take some insta pics before going snowboarding! we had so much fun in mammoth with all of our friends! if you wanna see ...
Señorita Parody Shawn Mendes, Camila Cabello - WRONG TWIN - Merrell Twins merrelltwins
4 months back
We did a parody to Señorita by Shawn Mendes & Camila Cabello. As identical twins people call us the WRONG TWIN all the time! Enjoy! SUBSCRIBE TO OUR ...
Vanessa's Everyday Makeup Routine - Merrell Twins RoniAndNessa
3 years back
This is my everyday makeup routine! Let me know if I should do more? ❤️ Subscribe To RONI and NESSA FOLLOW US INSTAGRAM ...
4 months back
This is kind of a random Vlog from the week I styled Veronica and Vanessa Merrell for a photo shoot and I also filmed an episode of Closet Raid with my friend ...
Merrell Twins talks Vanessa getting tattoo! Merrell Snips
2 years back
Vanessa Merrell explains what tattoo she'd get and why! This is from their August 22, 2017 younow broadcast!
Something always goes wrong when we're together... Franny Arrieta
11 months back
SOMETHING ALWAYS FREAKING GOES WRONG!! haha but it's ok were all good now! I love my friends so much !! I hope ya'll enjoyed our little adventure today ...
hot vanessa merrell clips (GIVE CREDITS TO MILKDORRELL) milky dorrell
3 months back
give credits and tag me in your post cause i really want to see your talent - instagram: @milkydorrell - I HOPE THESE ARE SO USEFUL PLEASE GIVE CREDITS ...
Vanessa Merrell (merrelltwins) Boyfriend, Net Worth, Cars, House, Parents, Age, Bio, Lifestyle The Abundant World
1 years back
The Abundant World Presents, Vanessa Merrell (merrelltwins) Boyfriend, Net Worth, Cars, House, Parents, Age, Bio, Lifestyle. Please subscribe ...
Vanessa Merrell Talking about Real Life Issues Twinner Ro
2 years back
The original post below, I just felt like the world needed this full video :)
1 years back
I hope ya'll enjoyed the video!! IT WAS SO RIDICULOUSLY HARD LOL! I love you guys so much ! muawh!! xoxo CHECK OUT THE MERRELL TWINS ...
Girlfriend Tag! Aaron Van Wormer
3 years back
Learn more about my girlfriend and my relationship with today's girlfriend tag! If she gets questions wrong she gets a wet willy! Well, I try to give her one!
Vanessa Merrell is Fake-Kpop Yourself OBVIOUSLY
1 years back
Another vid on how fake Vanessa Merrell is! Vanessa Merrell is no different than all the Ariana Grande wannabes aka Gabi Demartino. She'a doing exactly what ...
vanessa and christian | what am i queenofthediscotheque
6 days back
i would really appreciate if you send this to them Copyright Disclaimer Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, allowance is made for "fair use" for ...
Merrell Twins talks Vanessa is triggered! Merrell Snips
2 years back
This is why Vanessa Merrell was so triggered! This was from their December 5,2017 younow broadcast!
Is Nessa The Evil Twin? Mean Nessa Moments / Merrell Twins Mer Tw
9 months back
Again, don't be mad, this is a funny video. I really like her, as well as I like Roni. :) "Is Roni The Evil Twin?":
THE COOLEST BACK TO SCHOOL OUTFIT EVER!! // he got so excited!! Sebastian Gomez
1 years back
My friends and I went off to target, to help my friend Bobby pick a back to school outfit! We chose of the coolest/funniest pieces ever! Such a good time!! Hope you ...
Yoga Challenge w/ Vanessa Merrell Aaron Van Wormer
3 years back
We get a little more intense than your average downward dog in this yoga challenge! Stay tuned for new videos every Saturday! Thank you for watching ...
Merrell Twins - Funny Moments M A
2 years back
Some very random moments i think are funny.
Vanessa merrell , baby nezza and davidalvareeezy latest tiktok 😊 Random Videos
4 weeks back
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MerrellTwins YouNow (Nessa Got A Hickey) August 22nd, 2017 Crystal Grijalvo
2 years back
MerrellTwins YouNow August 22nd, 2017 Nessa Got A Hickey Follow them! ...
The Merrell Twins Reveal Who's Most Likely to Ask Out a Crush, Ghost, and More Seventeen
9 months back
The Merrell Twins stopped by to play our superlatives challenge. Vanessa and Veronica Merrell took us behind the scenes and revealed which twin is most ...
EXCLUSIVE! Vanessa Merrell reacting to her edits with Grayson Dolan asianmerrell
1 years back
hi. this is actually a live stream from Merrell Twins Live that are removed because of copyright issues. enjoy this and don't take everything seriously! ps: I DONT ...
Impressions Challenge - Merrell Twins merrelltwins
4 years back
Watch us do amazing impressions! :) Let us know who you think won! We Post New Videos Every Tuesday PLEASE SUBSCRIBE! Last weeks video: ...
Kian Lawley and Vanessa Merrell (2015-2018 Compilation) Kianessa Lawley
10 months back
WE STAN KIAN AND VANESSA FOREVER instagram: kianessa.clips.
Merrell Twins-Vanessa's New Crush/Older or Younger Guys Merrell Snips
2 years back
Vanessa finds a new crush Lewis Hamilton!! And they talk whether they like older or younger guys!! This is from their March 20,2018 younow broadcast!!
9 months back
Merrell twins video: Join & become a member of us ...
THE THIRD DATE - Merrell Twins ft. Alex Wassabi and Aaron Burriss merrelltwins
5 months back
Veronica and Aaron went on their Third Date! Watch to find out what happens! AARONS VIDEO ALEXS VIDEO: ...
Merrell Twins-Vanessa Full Room Tour Merrell Snips
2 years back
It's been awhile!! The Merrell Twins didn't broadcast for some time so there was no content! The broadcast from Tuesday didn't really have any cool content but ...
Vanessa Merrell-New Tiktok-2019 Princess Kawaii Dinosaur
3 weeks back
hi guys welcome to my channel if you are new make sure to subscribe and click the bell notification so you'll get notified when i post new video. please follow me ...
The Merrell Twins Are Afraid of Monsters Under Their Bed | Under the Covers Cosmopolitan
9 months back
Identical twin Youtubers Veronica and Vanessa Merrell, aka the Merrell Twins, get cozy with Cosmo and dish on whose got the weirdest sleeping habits.
Vanessa Merrell-New Tiktok Part2- 2019 Princess Kawaii Dinosaur
3 weeks back
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Merrell twins on jane the virgin♥️ (all episodes) N. Destiny
2 years back
Scenes of merrell twins on jane the virgin, yall should probably watch the show befare if you dont want any spoilers..
Who Knows Veronica Better? TWIN vs BEST FRIEND w/ The Merrell Twins and Lazyron AwesomenessTV
2 months back
On the set of the new dating competition show, Twin My Heart, Veronica Merrell challenges her identical twin sister Vanessa, and her BFF Aaron Burriss (aka ...
Merrell Twins Funny Moments niksmyshka
3 years back
I do not own any of the videos. Some of my favorite funny moments from Veronica and Vanessa Merrell!
Are YOU Compatible with Vanessa Merrell? Merrell Twins Live Merrell Twins Live
6 months back
Do you think you have a chance with Vanessa Merrell? Take this quiz LIVE to see who is worth of THEE Vanessa Merrell lol. Subscribe ▷ ...
BOYFRIEND vs SISTER Challenge - Merrell Twins {DELETED VIDEO!!}! Merrell Juana
2 years back
Video taken down or marked private because of Vanessa and Aarons break up, Merrell Twins posted back January 13, 2015. Reuploaded just for the content ...
24 Hour Overnight Camping Challenge in Our Back Yard - Merrell Twins merrelltwins
4 months back
We went camping overnight in our backyard for the first time. See if we survive for 24 hours! Thank you Secret Outlast Deodorant for sponsoring this video: ...
Vanessa Merrell - Closet Raid closet raid
3 years back
To win the gold dress you must: subscribed to both the Merrell twins and the Closet Raid channel 2.leave a comment telling me what your favorite thing in ...
we pick out each others outfits!! itsbobbymares
1 years back
we pick out each others outfits!! - NEW MERCH OUT NOW: - Subscribe: - Previous video: ...