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Car dealership ripoff: Hidden-camera investigation CBC News
2 years back
Car dealership hidden-camera investigation reveals how service centres upsell you on unnecessary work. To read more: »»» Subscribe ...
Dash Cam Pays Off - Car Repair Service Scam MLC Rider
8 months back
My dash cam catches an auto service garage red handed. So glad I have a dash cam!!! ============= Send Mail ============= MLC Rider P.O. Box 58255 ...
20/20 Undercover Investigation on Repair Shop Fraud and Dishonesty NJGCA
5 years back
September 12, 2014 -- A 20/20 undercover investigation into repair shops reveals some shops scamming customers and charging for unnecessary repairs, ...
2 years back
Welcome to ShopLifeTV! Today I will talk about the the top 5 Auto Repair shop scams 1. Fluid "Flushes" :30 2. Parts 3:25 3. Tune Ups 6:03 4. Fuel Injector ...
Car Repair Rip-Offs CBS
10 years back
Consumer Correspondent Susan Koeppen goes undercover with AutoMD to see if auto mechanics are taking their customers for a ride.
News reporter catches auto repair shops! deziking
6 years back
In Automotive industry you need to be honest and up front. Make sure Parts and Labor are in line with the MFGR. OR DO GOOGLE SEARCH. DO NOT TELL ...
Auto shop owner facing felony charges after customer complaints kxan
6 years back
Police are moving ahead with felony theft charges against the owner of an auto shop who for years has faced unhappy customers in small claims court.
Local Jiffy lube scam, they didn't do what was on the invoice. subtledriver
1 years back
Trusting customers were getting taken advantage of. I decided to double check and see if the work was actually performed when they took their car to the local ...
5 Scams Your Car Mechanic Doesn’t Want You to Know Scotty Kilmer
7 months back
5 Scams Your Car Mechanic Doesn't Want You to Know, DIY and car repair with Scotty Kilmer. Car repair scams. Mechanic scams. Car scams revealed. Things ...
Mechanic fakes repairs on veteran's ride ABC Action News
5 years back
A mechanic did not finish repairs on a veteran's vehicle despite charging him for the work. It wasn't the first time the business faced allegations.
Mechanic Undercover - Women are Target for Car Repair Scams Kingdom Auto Repair
5 months back
Women are typically overcharged for necessary repairs and forced into unnecessary repairs at an alarmingly high rate as compared to their male counterparts.
They NEVER Changed My Oil, But Charged Me, QUICK LUBE SCAMS! Astral Auto Repairs
3 years back
The perfect quick lube scam where you bring your car in for a simple oil change, but come to find out that they never changed your oil, but they actually charged ...
Car Mechanic Scams AZTV7
9 months back
Don't get scared into being scammed! Some mechanics use scare tactics to play on emotions to get more money out of customers. Shahe Koulloukian shares ...
Auto Mechanic Scams - Paid $500 to NOT fix the Problem || Story #3 AutOdometer
2 years back
Have you ever been ripped off by a mechanic? Today I share how I spend $500 to have a problem fixed but it was never fixed. It was the best $500 I ever spent.
How to Spot a Scam Mechanic Scotty Kilmer
2 years back
How to spot a scam mechanic and auto repair shop before they work on your car. How not to get scammed, DIY tips with Scotty Kilmer. There's good mechanics ...
Oil Change Scammers | San Leandro Auto Care (BEWARE) Milton Campe
2 years back
Hello, this video will be showing you San Leandro Auto Care at 14590 E 14th St, San Leandro, CA 94578 in regards to what has happened to our cars. We went ...
Money Savers - Avoiding scams at auto repair shops CCX Media
8 years back
LuAnn Markgraf feels pretty confident in her car repair choices. "I've always been lucky," said Markgraf. She takes her car into the dealer or into top--rated repair ...
Here’s Why I Can’t Be a Mechanic Anymore Scotty Kilmer
2 weeks back
Here's Why I Can't Be a Mechanic Anymore, DIY and car repair with auto mechanic Scotty Kilmer. Car repair fails. Automotive mechanic scams. Car makers and ...
Car Repair Ripoff Backfires on Mechanic! martyandthemechanics
5 years back
Woman reports mechanic to state investigators then writes a book : "Exposed: Auto Repair's Dirty Little Secrets to Ripoff You Off!" She exposes the tricks of their ...
Video: Action 9: Windshield repair scams in your neighborhood WFTV Channel 9
2 years back
Action 9 investigates auto glass repair companies heading into your neighborhood and offering free windshields.
Beware of car repair scams | 9 On Your Side
7 years back
A local man was scammed by a mechanic in Warren County.
Auto Mechanic Scams - Finished and It was Still Broken - Story #1 AutOdometer
2 years back
Have you ever had a bad experience at a mechanic shop? I have had a couple and would like to share them with you. Not all mechanics are bad let's get that ...
car repair scams Ron Stickle
3 years back
How not to get tricked into work you don't need... my opinions as factory trained technician!
GoPro left in my car during Bloomington MN Subaru oil change Dave Chamberlain
3 years back
Not the kind of "professionalism" that you would expect when bringing your car to a dealer. Clutch dumps, not knowing where reverse is, false accusations of ...
Watch out for these windshield rock chip repair scams GlassPointe
3 years back
In this video Ryan talks about what windshield repair scams are going on out there and how to identify what is legitimate and what is Insurance Fraud. Interested ...
Stupid Car Salesman Scams Scotty Kilmer
3 months back
Stupid Car Salesman Scams, DIY and car repair with Scotty Kilmer. How to buy a car from a car salesman. Car scams caught. Buying and selling a car at a car ...
How to Get the Dealership to Fix Your Car for Free Scotty Kilmer
4 months back
How to Get the Dealership to Fix Your Car for Free, DIY and car repair with Scotty Kilmer. Free car repair. How to get car fixed for free. Car dealership scams to ...
Auto Shop Scams: A Two Way Street WKBT TV
3 years back
The Triple-A survey reports more than 70 million U-S drivers have yet to trust an auto repair shop.
'Parking Lot Dent Repair Scam' victims contact 3 on Your Side for help azfamily powered by 3TV & CBS5AZ
6 months back
Amber Sulu of Phoenix says she's left disappointed and embarrassed. She wants to warn others out there to not fall for the scam.
Body shops say insurance companies are skimping on repairs CNN
5 years back
CNN's Drew Griffin investigates claims that some insurance companies are skimping on repairing damaged vehicles to pad their profits.
Craigslist Car Scams Scotty Kilmer
1 months back
Craigslist Car Scams You Need to Know, DIY and car review with auto mechanic Scotty Kilmer. How not to get scammed on Craigslist. Craigslist car buying and ...
Avoid A Car Dealer Repair "SCAM” Charlie's Foreign Car Service
1 years back
Avoid A Car Dealer Repair “Scam” by getting a second opinion. Find out how we saved this car owner over $6K! ----------------------------- Subscribe: ...
Automotive Repair Shop Scams - "Flipping the Switch" ThePeoplesGarage
6 years back
SAVE MONEY and buy Motor Oils and Car Parts online - FREE SHIPPING!!! RECOMMENDED BY THE PEOPLES GARAGE Automotive ...
Review of Bad Repair & Paint Job Parker Auto Body
5 years back
Please know your rights and make sure your vehicle is being repaired with the highest of quality.
Dent repair scammers in the metro area Denver7 – The Denver Channel
4 years back
Denver7 reporter Sally Mamdooh tells us the suspected scammer is using a trusted name to steal your money. ◂ The Denver Channel, 7News, brings you the ...
Flood Car Scams: Title Washing and What to Look for at the Salvage Auction Samcrac
2 years back
Hurricane Harvey will bring tens of thousands of flood cars to the used car market over time. Here's how you can avoid common scams and what you should look ...
Auto Repair Shops Scams Auto Repair Tips
12 months back
Auto Repair Shops Scams,Repair Shop. auto repair shops. new car dealer. what you need to to find a good auto repair shop. in this video i will tell ...
Avoid mechanic scams CNN
11 years back
CNN's Josh Levs explains what you need to know before taking your car to get serviced.
'Wobbly' tire scam caught on camera ABC13 Houston
2 years back
Dash cam video captures man claiming to be mechanic in 'wobbly' tire scam in Houston, Texas. See how it happens.
Automotive Repair Shop Scams - "The Pad Slap" ThePeoplesGarage
6 years back
SAVE MONEY and buy Motor Oils and Car Parts online - FREE SHIPPING!!! RECOMMENDED BY THE PEOPLES GARAGE Automotive ...
Auto Repair Scams Will Cost You A Fortune Jennifer MacDonald
4 years back
The new Nissan Juke comes with a peppy engine that performs wonderfully in Denver because of the turbocharged 1.6-liter four-cylinder engine. The Jukes ...
Brake Repairs - Rip Off Warning Citadel Auto Repair Service
7 years back
Brake pad replacement advice. Don't get ripped off.
How to Protect Yourself Against Auto Mechanic Scams The List Show TV
9 months back
Drivers, beware! You bring your car in the shop for one thing, and a sketchy mechanic will take the opportunity to convince you there are other problems, too.
Dealerships Don't Want You to Know This Scotty Kilmer
2 weeks back
Dealerships Don't Want You to Know This, DIY and car review with Scotty Kilmer. Car dealership scams. The truth about car dealerships. Why not to buy a car at ...
Let Joe Know: Avoiding scams at auto repair shops ABC15 Arizona
3 years back
Steer clear of shops that demand payment up front and insist on a contract with all details spelled out. ◂ ABC15 is your destination for Arizona breaking news, ...