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The Joker and The Joker's Moustache from Return to the Batcave Bud Watson
13 years back
From Return to the Batcave the true adventures of Batman and Robin a CBS movie of the week.
Batman: The Complete Television Series Limited Edition - Adam West on Cesar Romero Warner Bros. Home Entertainment
5 years back
Warner Bros. Home Entertainment releases new "Adam West discusses the Batmobile" clip from “Batman: The Complete Television Series” Warner Bros.
CESAR ROMERO Look....No Moustache!!! anderson7293
9 years back
From the movie "PUBLIC ENEMY'S WIFE" starring Pat O'Brien, Cesar Romero and Margaret Lindsay. In the first part of this movie, he has no ...
Cesar Romero on Covering Mustaches Welcome to the Metaverse
3 weeks back
Clip from JUSTICE LEAGUE: Fail of Prevail.
RARE Batman 1966 Interview - Adam West , Julie Newmar, Cesar Romero and Burgess Meredith Chrisknight1106
6 months back
This was filmed back in 1989 when the hit movie Batman was released.
Alfred vs The Joker William Rearick
9 years back
Alfred Pennyworth (Alan Napier) takes on the Joker himself (Cesar Romero), in one of my favorite moments from the '60s Batman TV series - specificially, ...
Cesar Romero - Jealous Caballero MisterCanning
9 months back
Cesar Romero singing Jealous Caballero. The song appeared on Side-1 of a 1958 12" LP titled Songs By A Latin Lover, released by the Tops Records Label.
CESAR ROMERO'S JOKER Makeup Tutorial: Halloween Day 16 goldiestarling
3 years back
Hey guys! In today's Halloween tutorial I will be going over how to transform yourself into Cesar Romero's Joker with makeup. I have tutorials on Jared Leto's ...
CESAR ROMERO Interview (part 1) anderson7293
9 years back
First part of an interview done in 1985 with Cesar Romero on "Skip E Lowe Looks at Hollywood" ---- Marie Windsor is also on the show ---- Very Good Interview!!!
CESAR ROMERO The Mike Douglas Show anderson7293
9 years back
This is an interview from November 1966, Cesar Romero is co-host for a full week on "The Mike Douglas Show" .....On this show Cesar discusses his enlistment ...
1966 蝙蝠俠 小丑面具 Dean Hartmann
7 years back
The Dark knight Joker Bozo mask from 1966 Batman 2008黑暗騎士電影中,片頭小丑搶匪Bozo面具,劇組是參考1966蝙蝠俠電視劇中面具.
CESAR ROMERO Hollywood Marci Interview anderson7293
9 years back
Interview done in the late 1980s with celebrity columnist ... Marci Weiner.
Liberace at The Hollywood Palace Show * with Cesar Romero and Milton Berle (1965) Liberace Girl
2 years back
A very funny skit with Lee, Cesar Romero and Milton Berle (The Hollywood Palace Show, Dec. 04, 1965)
BATMAN (TV Show)--Joker (Cesar Romero) Casting Secrets Your Probably DIDN'T Know! rick nineg
1 months back
Batman Salaries Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Am6gUllC23Q&list=PLuqWY02VeXi0lvZnxNzzb3BwG62eyfiQb&index=2&t=0s BATMAN (TV ...
Joe Franklin: Cesar Romero vs. Corinne Calvet Madara's Videos
6 years back
Legendary New York TV talk host Joe Franklin sits down in Los Angeles with a table of five Hollywood veterans, Cesar Romero, Edie Adams, Cornel Wilde, ...
Cesar Romero - Amor, Amor MisterCanning
4 months back
Cesar Romero singing Amor, Amor. The song appeared on Side-2 of a 1958 12" LP titled Songs By A Latin Lover, released by the Tops Records Label.
Cesar Romero Joker Impression JJHatter3
2 years back
UPLOADED FROM MY ALTERNATE ACCOUNT. This was the third of three impressions of famous 60s Batman Villains I did. For the dialogue, I actually decided ...
CESAR ROMERO Answering questions..... MarieElaina46
5 years back
Cesar Romero at a Happy Birthday Hollywood party at the Shrine Auditorium in Los Angeles on April 26, 1989.
Cesar Romero | THE BEST JOKER? (Ep.1) OfficialCDJ
3 years back
With so many adaptations of the Clown Prince of Crime, I thought I would work hard on a video series that doesn't really matter in the grand scheme of things, but ...
Heath Ledger's homage to Caesar Romero in the Dark Knight donning the bozo mask Romero wore in 1966 Emma Eve
1 years back
Like COMMENT & Subscribe for daily new videos Copyright Disclaimer Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, allowance is made for "fair use" for ...
Marc Spess Sculpting Cesar Romero as the Joker for Batman Exhibit animateclay
1 years back
Marc Spess digitally sculpts Cesar Romero for a full scale mannequin. Marc uses ZBrush, 3-D printing, hand sculpting, molding and casting. Marc has previously ...
Cesar Romero as The Joker in "The Joker is Wild" (1966) BATMAN ON FILM
4 years back
Cesar Romero makes his debut as The Joker on BATMAN in "The Joker is Wild" in 1966.
4 Jokers Speed Drawing (at once / Split Screen) | Leto | Ledger | Nicholson | Romero uterfan
3 years back
Thanks for watching! Please Subscribe for more drawing videos! https://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=uterfan pencils used: Caran D'Ache ...
Cesar Romero-"The Joker" From BATMAN Remembered! 1994 ENTERTAINMENT TONIGHT Segment! BigGlee Archives
7 years back
Here is a short 1994 segment from ENTERTAINMENT TONIGHT, spotlighting the long career of Cesar Romero, TV's "Joker!"
César Romero - Batalha na TV Rosivaldo Nascimento
10 years back
Entrevista do artista plástico César Romero no Programa Batalha na TV da TV Cidade.
CESAR ROMERO 1992 Interview (part 1) anderson7293
9 years back
Very Good Interview----Part 1 of "Skip E Lowe Looks at Hollywood" from 1992.
AMERICAN MONTAGE - 182 "Cesar Romero Remembers" hourlynewscaster
10 years back
The great actor CESAR ROMERO is the guest as Dennis Daily shares another of his more than 200 "American Montage" broadcasts from his days with the old ...
Cesar Romero megansspark
12 years back
Joker Cesar Romero video Hugo López
6 years back
Proceso del retrato de Cesar Romero como el Joker de Adam West, si queréis ver el dibujo terminado aquí os dejo el link del blog y si os gusta no olvidéis ...
CESAR ROMERO Clips from the movie....Tall Dark and Handsome (1941) anderson7293
8 years back
Scenes from the 1941 movie....TALL DARK AND HANDSOME.......Appropriately named for Cesar Romero, who starred as the leading character, Shep Morrison, ...
Tweeterhead Cesar Romero Joker 1/6 scale Maquette Batman Collector
2 years back
This is my third Tweeterhead Maquette. Great piece! Thanks for watching!
CESAR ROMERO Interview (part 2) anderson7293
9 years back
In this interview, Cesar Romero is on "Skip E Lowe Looks at Hollywood" ----- A very good Interview ... done in 1985....around the same time he was on Falcon ...
The Cesar Romero Joker was really funny! khxml
8 years back
From the classic TV Batman episode: "He Meets His Match, The Grisly Ghoul".
Cesar Romero Joker's quote Mighty Hercules
3 years back
My first joker voice impression.
"Batman" Tv Show Promo #1 from WPIX 11-1989 ShiksaWithChutzpah1
12 years back
A promo for Mayor Adam West's tv show (LOL) from the local New York station naming off many of the Batman villains.
Jean Boone - Interview with Cast of Batman, The Movie Texas Archive of the Moving Image
6 years back
This is a short clip of the film. The full version can be found here: http://ow.ly/w3hWJ Produced in 1966, "Batman" had been originally envisioned as a launch for ...
Joker's Gangster Rap Lukáš Macek
6 years back
Small rap from The Joker in Batman from 1966 Episode: Joker Trumps an Ace The Joker was played by Cesar Romero. It's very first Joker, so I think it's the best ...
RIP Dead Legends: Cesar Romero RIPDeadLegends
4 years back
1907 - 1994 Bronchitis And Pneumonia (86)
Cesar Romero Benjamin Stark
3 years back
A song.