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The craziest news report Myhugefamily!! Vibes
1 years back
Watch this DOOOOOOO IT!!!
3 years back
Funny news bloopers that hit the internet in 2016. PLEASE SUBSCRIBE! BEST NEWS BLOOPERS 2012 ...
Five Day Weather Forecast Studio C
6 years back
Five Day Weather Forecast. Sometimes the weather isn't as predictable as we would like it to be. Watch as this weather man tries to give the public the most up ...
2 years back
Funny news bloopers that hit the internet in January 2018. PLEASE SUBSCRIBE! BEST NEWS BLOOPERS 2012 ...
Kids Answer "What is the Best Country in the World?" Jimmy Kimmel Live
4 years back
We hear a lot about how great America is or how great America was. We grew up hearing America was number one - and Jimmy never questioned that, but he ...
Anchor vs. Reporter on-air fight Fox5NY
5 years back
This is the infamous on-air fight between Jim Ryan and Dick Oliver on Fox 5's Good Day New York on July 19, 2001.
When BBC weather forecast goes wrong: Bloopers & funny incidents BBC News
5 years back
Subscribe to BBC News Here are some of the funniest moments & incidents from 2014. Happy holidays and a Happy New Year!
The most bizarre moments from Donald Trump’s CPAC speech Guardian News
8 months back
Donald Trump gave his longest speech yet at the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC), an annual gathering of conservative politicians and pundits.
Libbie's story: Larsen syndrome, a rare genetic disorder Children's Wisconsin
5 years back
Learn more about pediatric orthopedic care from Children's Hospital of Wisconsin: Libbie came to Children's Hospital of Wisconsin with ...
Chaotic scenes at House hearing as Corey Lewandowski refuses to answer questions Guardian News
2 months back
Former Donald Trump aide Corey Lewandowski's testimony to the House Judiciary Committee descended into farce as Democrats accused him of 'filibustering' ...
Meet the Judge Who Went Viral For His Creative Punishments ABC News
4 years back
Painesville, Ohio, Judge Michael Cicconetti say he believes in making the punishment fit the crime.
It’s Getting Harder to Spot a Deep Fake Video Bloomberg
1 years back
Fake videos and audio keep getting better, faster and easier to make, increasing the mind-blowing technology's potential for harm if put in the wrong hands.
Dennis Skinner kicked out of Commons for calling David Cameron "dodgy Dave" - BBC News BBC News
4 years back
Labour MP Dennis Skinner has been suspended from Parliament for the day for calling the Prime Minister "dodgy Dave". He was speaking in the Commons after ...
What is Black Friday? BBC News BBC News
4 years back
BBC looks at the origin of the shopping phenomenon known as Black Friday and its impact on the UK economy. Subscribe to BBC News HERE ...
28 STRANGE Sights on Google Earth The BIGGEST
2 years back
Every year we come across bizarre and strange sightings that have been picked up by the Google camera, and today we have a look at some of the stranger ...
Alex Jones Craziest Rant EVER, Fantasizes About Trump Getting Wacked By The FBI The Majority Report w/ Sam Seder
2 years back
In this Majority Report clip, we watch Alex Jones go into a very confusing rant about Donald Trump possibly being wacked by the FBI. We need your help to keep ...
Michael Jackson: The Craziest Rumors | ⭐OSSA OSSA
1 years back
Michael Jackson:The Craziest Rumors | ⭐OSSA Here's the video about unbelievable myths surrounding Michael Jackson. We gathered the most shocking ones ...
Why everyone wants to storm Area 51 The Telegraph
4 months back
The secret US military training facility codenamed Area 51 has been at the centre of numerous conspiracy theories involving aliens. But the mysterious testing ...
1 years back
Funny news bloopers that hit the internet in June 2018. PLEASE SUBSCRIBE! BEST NEWS BLOOPERS 2012 ...
Year in review: Donald Trump's craziest quotes in 2017 Global News
2 years back
Global News took a look back at some of President Donald Trump's most talked about quotes in 2017. This includes Trump branding a news organization "fake ...
John Bercow: five memorable moments from a decade as Speaker Guardian News
2 months back
After 10 years as House of Commons Speaker, John Bercow will be stepping down by 31 October. Well known for his theatrical shouts of 'Order' to unruly MPs, ...
Irish Farmers Lose Their Sheep, Mad Accent GAA Gold
3 years back
Two farmers in county Kerry, Mikey Joe O'Shea and Richie Griffin, have lost over 45 sheep, worth potentially thousands of euro. They have the thickest Kerry ...
4 years back
Thank you guys for everything Justin Escalona - ...
Deepfake Videos Are Getting Terrifyingly Real I NOVA I PBS NOVA PBS Official
8 months back
Artificially intelligent face swap videos, known as deepfakes, are more sophisticated and accessible than ever. PRODUCTION CREDITS Digital Producer Emily ...
Funny Police Reports... It's Time for Oh Puh-Lice! TheEllenShow
8 years back
Ellen loves finding these wacky police reports that her fans send in, and this batch is certainly some of the craziest! Take a look.
Ghost Stories From a Haunted House Wall Street Journal
8 years back
A 19th-century home sells for $360000 in Seymour, Conn. But along with the classic features of a Queen Anne-style house, the seller says it also comes with ...
Millions rush into stores for Black Friday shopping CBS This Morning
12 months back
Black Friday is likely to set records, with millions of shoppers getting up before dawn to start spending. Others lined up Thursday night at stores around the ...
David Cross Walks Out Of His Interview The Late Show with Stephen Colbert
1 years back
Ahead of his 'Oh Come On' summer comedy tour, 'Arrested Development' star David Cross has a falling out with Stephen. Subscribe To "The Late Show" ...
Reporters Asking NBA Players Stupid Questions FanaticMixes
1 years back
A compilation of reporters asking NBA players stupid questions with some hilarious reactions and responses from players such as Russell Westbrook (duh), ...
This Donald Trump Letter Proves He's Crazy Jimmy Kimmel Live
1 months back
Trump lashed out at Democrats, Speaker Pelosi called it a meltdown, the House voted overwhelmingly to condemn Trump's decision to pull our troops out of ...
NINTENDO SWITCH CRAZIEST NEWS EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! | OBe1plays | OBE1plays OBE1plays
3 years back
WOW!!! DID NOT SEE THIS NINTENDO SWITCH NEWS COMING!!!!!! -Have your name appear live on my streams & support O_Be_1: ...
Rush Limbaugh explains the Trump phenomenon Fox News
1 years back
On 'Hannity,' radio host says the business of the nation will be halted in Democrats win the House in November. FOX News Channel (FNC) is a 24-hour ...
Navy SEAL lives with Hawks owner as personal trainer CBS This Morning
4 years back
Atlanta Hawks owner Jesse Itzler invited Navy SEAL David Goggins to live with his family for a month as his personal trainer. That is the subject of Itzler's new ...
How To Crash Paris Fashion Week VICE
1 years back
This was nominated for a Webby Award in Best Individual Performance. Vote for us here!
Meet the Friends | Hannah Stocking, Lele Pons & Twan Kuyper Hannah Stocking
4 months back
Why America is facing a shortage of truck drivers CBS This Morning
2 years back
More than 70 percent of the goods we consume are carried by truck drivers on the nation's highways. A new report says the industry needs to hire roughly 90000 ...
Cristiano Ronaldo: I am better than Lionel Messi - BBC News BBC News
4 years back
Real Madrid's Cristiano Ronaldo believes he is better than Barcelona forward Messi and says that in his mind, he "is always the best". The former Manchester ...
15 Incredible Recent Discoveries Amazing Stock
10 months back
Subscribe ▻ Even though we've been living on this planet for thousands of years, we're still a long way from discovering everything about ...
Kanye West Surprises Kimmel in Brooklyn Jimmy Kimmel Live
3 weeks back
Kanye makes a surprise appearance to promote his new IMAX movie and new album “Jesus is King,” and he talks about the transformation he has made over ...
Jim Carrey Sounds Off on Icons and More at NYFW 2017 | E! Red Carpet & Award Shows E! Red Carpet & Award Shows
2 years back
The actor makes a rare appearance at NYFW and shares his unique opinion on fashion week. Plus, find out why he doesn't believe "icons exist". Full Story: ...
Denver airport embraces conspiracy theories amid renovation CBS This Morning
1 years back
Almost anything can become the topic of conspiracy theories and that includes one of America's major airports. Opened in 1995, Denver International has long ...
Q&A: The Craziest Thing That Ever Happened To Stephen The Late Show with Stephen Colbert
3 years back
Every night Stephen takes a few questions from the audience before the show. On this particular occasion, he didn't quite answer the question, but he did tell an ...
'Bunch of migrants' comment sparks row on Question Time - BBC News BBC News
4 years back
Labour MP Jess Phillips reacted with scorn after cabinet minister Patrick McLoughlin supported David Cameron's "bunch of migrants" comment. Subscribe to ...
Reacting To Cosh Report Every NBA Team's Best Play in October! (2019-2020) Extra Krispy
2 weeks back
Which play was the best? Original: #nba #basketball #trending Want me to react to a certain video? Send it to ...
The Animals of Chernobyl | The New York Times The New York Times
6 years back
Biologist Timothy Mousseau has been studying the lasting effects of radiation on the flora and fauna of Chernobyl, Ukraine. Subscribe on YouTube: ...