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We built $5 vs $500 Apocalypse Survival Weapons! *WEAPON BATTLE* Dangie Bros
1 days back
We built a $5 apocalypse survival weapon and a $500 survival weapon and tested them to see which one was the best! Can a $5 survival weapon beat a $500 ...
5 days back
We built a $100 fort and a $1000 trampoline tower apocalypse survival fort and battled them against each other! Which fort will survive? Wanna see this as an ...
Our GIRLFRIENDS built us Apocalypse Survival Weapons! *DANGEROUSLY CUTE* Dangie Bros
2 weeks back
We had our girlfriends build us apocalypse survival weapons and we couldn't help them at all!! Which girlfriend will build the best weapon? Are they cute or ...
3 weeks back
Last to leave the 4 Story Trampoline Tower wins today's Challenge! There will be an epic game of Jump to determine who gets to stay on each story. Who will ...
Using Only ONE COLOR to Build Apocalypse SURVIVAL WEAPONS! Dangie Bros
4 weeks back
We built apocalypse survival weapons using ONLY ONE color!! Who can build the best weapon out of items found at Walmart, Home Depot, and Harbor Freight?
3 months back
We stayed inside an American Ninja Warrior gym after closing hours and spent the night there!! We slept in the foam pit, and it was actually quite comfy! Zorb Ball ...
HIDE AND SEEK IN 100,000 FOAM PIT CUBES!! *Ninja Warrior Trampoline Park Challenge* Dangie Bros
2 months back
We played hide and seek in a foam pit of MILLIONS of foam pit cubes!! Okay.. maybe not that many but there was a lot! Fun ninja warrior trampoline park hide ...
DONT Destroy Mom’s Valuable Items! (Mystery Box Challenge) Dangie Bros
1 years back
We stole 5 valuable items from our mom and smashed some of them with a sledge hammer. She was unhappy about this mystery box challenge. DONT Trip the ...
We Built Boats & Slept on them Overnight!! *DONT SINK SURVIVAL* Dangie Bros
3 months back
We built homemade boats and slept on them overnight!! Will the boats sink or float? Try not to fall overboard overnight! Will we survive the night? First to Land ...
Surviving OVERNIGHT in a Bubble House in the Desert!! *GONE WRONG* Dangie Bros
4 months back
We attempted to survive overnight in a bubble house in the wilderness. Is it practical? We'll see! DONT be last to Escape the Cage: ...
Tug of War for the Weapon!! (EXTREME CARNIVAL GAME) Dangie Bros
1 years back
Don't let the other player grab the weapon! Two players are tied together and they must pull the other player so they can grab the weapon and eliminate the ...
GIANT 6ft Balloon Battle! Dangie Bros
2 years back
Climbing inside Giant 6ft Balloons and fighting to see who will pop first! The player who pops first is the loser! MORE VIDEOS: Duct Tape Hang Glider FLYING ...
Overnight Challenge on $13,000,000 Super Yacht!! Dangie Bros
2 months back
MAKE money here PLUS get an extra $5 bonus when you Click this link: https://www.influencerlink.org/SHxj and take your first survey! Thanks to Swagbucks for ...
First Noob to Learn Backflip Wins $10,000!! Dangie Bros
3 months back
Whoever can learn to do a standing backflip on the ground first wins $10000 challenge!! We learned how to do a backflip on the ground in 2 hours!! Easy how to ...
We Made a 200ft Zip Line with the Dangie Bros!! LemonMade
1 months back
Get your own zip line kit here at www.ZipLineGear.com ** SUBSCRIBE to become MADE!!! We teamed up with the Dangie Bros to make a GIANT zip line in their ...
We Built a Primitive Survival Igloo in the Woods!! *Primitive Technology* Dangie Bros
10 months back
Fastest way to build an igloo! Build a survival igloo in under 4 hours!! MAFIA IRL: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T1fGSH8fMOg FOLLOW US ON ...
Jump Through the Hole in the Wall Parkour Challenge!! Dangie Bros
2 years back
Build your obstacle out of boxes in this Parkourse challenge! Jump through the hole in the wall without knocking down boxes to win. Coke and Mentos ROCKET ...
GIANT Climb-Inside Balloon POP Challenge Clash with Cam
2 years back
Climbing inside Giant 6ft Balloons and fighting to see who will pop first! The player who pops first is the loser! MORE VIDEOS: Duct Tape Hang Glider LEAP OF ...
Toilet Paper Trampoline! (LEAP OF FAITH) Dangie Bros
2 years back
We built a trampoline out of toilet paper and will now jump off of our roof onto it and see if it holds! Saran Wrap Trampoline!
Hole in the Wall PARKOUR!! Dangie Bros
2 years back
We built a GIANT wall out of boxes and will attempt to do parkour through different size and shaped holes in the wall! Box Car Demolition Derby w/ Team Edge: ...
Reenacting Viral Videos | POOR GRAMMA Clash with Cam
2 years back
Remaking viral videos, vines, and funny videos! Previous Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hzky_Yjr5lI&t=39s Follow me on Twitter: ...
NERF *Fortnite IRL* Bush Hide & Seek in the Dark!! Dangie Bros
1 years back
Find the Fortnite bush in real life!! Hide and seek in a ghillie suit in the dark is sooo scary!! Last Second Reflex Challenge: ...
Meet My New Puppy Cooper! Clash with Cam
3 years back
Meet my family's new puppy! Cooper. He is a German Shepard, Golden Retriever, Lab mix. So cute and funny!
3 Story Playground PARKOURSE!! (Parkour Challenge) Dangie Bros
2 years back
Playing Parkour HORSE on a 3 Story Playground! 3 Strikes and you're out! Blind Dodgeball Challenge! (Previous Video): ...
DONT Fall in the GROSS Lava Challenge!! Dangie Bros
1 years back
You must jump across each platform and make it across the lava succesfully. Be careful not to slip or you will get a gross surprise! DONT Water Slide through the ...
Surviving Scary LEGO Graveyard Hotel! *LEGO HIDDEN SIDE CHALLENGE* Dangie Bros
4 weeks back
LEGO invited me and my brother to board a train to this scary LEGO hotel of mystery! We have no idea why and it's a little suspicious. Find out what waits for us ...
Tiny Toy Bike Race!! (CRASHED) Dangie Bros
2 years back
We bought the smallest bikes EVER and built an obstacle course so we could race each other. Then we took the toy bikes off of dirt jumps and Cam crashed!
4 months back
How far down will we dig this hole before someone gives up and stops digging?? Whoever stops digging first has to bury their iPhone at the very bottom, and the ...
NERF Battle 📦 Box FORT VS Box Fort Challenge Clash with Cam
2 years back
Today in the epic Box Fort Challenge, Chris and Jeff build opposing Bunker Box Forts made of cardboard and have an awesome toy NERF show down! First one ...
24 Hours in DIY Apocalypse Survival Shelters!! *OVERNIGHT SURVIVAL* Dangie Bros
5 months back
We built DIY Apocalypse Survival Shelters using items from Home Depot and spent the night in them. We tested them against apocalypse weather conditions to ...
YouTuber Feud! | Team Edge vs. Cam and Jeff!! Team Edge
11 months back
DONT Open the Wrong Mystery Present!! vs. Team Edge ➡ https://youtu.be/wrOp3bjfq8Y Go follow Kevin on Instagram ➡ @keobi_ Team Edge Merchandise!
House of GIANT Playing Cards Challenge! Dangie Bros
2 years back
Building a House of Cards out of GIANT playing cards! World Record Giant playing card fort? Armored Truck Box Fort Crash: ...
DONT Fall off the GIANT Slippery Iceberg!! Dangie Bros
2 months back
We played king of the hill on a GIANT iceberg!! Don't fall into the water down below because its a huge drop and there might be sharks in the water!! Last to fall ...
GIANT Inflatable Wrecking Ball Challenge!! Dangie Bros
3 months back
Install Head Ball 2 for free! Here: https://app.adjust.com/5ajhooz_nu12765 Thanks to Head Ball for sponsoring this video! We have to complete the Zorb ball ...
Ranking ALL Dangie Bros DIY WEAPONS! Top 15 DANGIE BROS DIY Weapons Montage SkullGamer
7 months back
Dedicated to Dangie Bros! Dangie Bros: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC495kynFX55dE0iorwV3RKQ ⚔️Videos with DIY Weapons: Battling with DIY ...
GIANT Trampoline Board Game in our Backyard!! *DONT LAND ON TRAPS* Dangie Bros
5 months back
This GIANT board game is made out of trampolines, pool floaties, and insane DIY fun!! It has a trampoline park section where you jump from space to space, and ...
GIANT Dart vs Secret Mystery Balloons!! (DONT Pick the Wrong Balloon) Dangie Bros
1 years back
Throwing a GIANT dart off a trampoline tower to hit mystery balloons which have a secret hidden punishment inside. Dont choose the wrong balloon! DONT Fall ...
Last to Survive Hide and Seek TAG! (ft. Dangie Bros) MoreJStu
8 months back
We played the ultimate survival game of hide and seek tag! Check out the Dangie Bros! ▻ http://www.youtube.com/DangieBros CHECK OUT OUR MERCH!
Exploring Secret Cave Hidden Behind a Waterfall!! (FOREST SURVIVAL CHALLENGE) Dangie Bros
2 years back
We found a secret cave that is hidden behind a waterfall!! Can we survive in the forest?? DONT Unlock the Wrong Mystery Safe Challenge: ...
Throwing Darts at Map & Win the Money it Lands on!! *$10,000 GRAND PRIZE* Dangie Bros
6 months back
We took turns throwing darts at a giant map and whatever money value you land on, you get to KEEP!! $10000 Grand Cash Prize. But don't land on the bankrupt ...
Expensive Item Scavenger Hunt!! *IF YOU FIND IT, YOU KEEP IT* Dangie Bros
5 months back
Most intense game of scavenger hunt ever!! Whatever you find, you get to keep! With many expensive items ranging from apple watch, up to a much more ...
24 Hours in a 2 Story Box Fort Dangie Bros
2 years back
24 hour overnight challenge in a 2 story box fort that we built in one day out of cardboard and duct tape! Plus a funny challenge inside the box fort.
2 years back
Three noobs set out to build a dangerous tree fort in the woods. Previous Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x5dHMFjQXrQ&t=86s Follow me on Twitter: ...
We Built Boats using ONLY Walmart Items!! *EXTREME BOAT SURVIVAL TEST* Dangie Bros
6 months back
Will our DIY boats survive the test!! Crafted using only Walmart items.. It was difficult to build them using only Walmart items so we will see if they float or if they ...
BLIND Hide and Seek on a Rock Climbing Wall! Dangie Bros
4 months back
In this insane episode of Hide and Seek, the seeker has to find the hiders while climbing the wall BLINDFOLDED!! Watch to see the crazy spots we hid on!
Mario Party Mini Games in Real Life!! (TEAM EDGE) Dangie Bros
1 years back
Real Life Challenges inspired by mini games in Mario Party ft. Team Edge! Mini Game 1: Tug of War 1 vs 3 Mini Game 2: Bumper Balls Mini Game 3: Sneak n ...
King of the World's Most Slippery Hill Challenge!! Dangie Bros
7 months back
We played king of the hill on the worlds MOST slippery hill!! Extreme survival challenge!! We built Survival Shelters!
24 Hour Overnight 2 Story Box Fort Clash with Cam
2 years back
Chris, Robert, and Jeffrey build a huge and tall 24 Hour Overnight Box Fort! Stay tuned for the special mystery box where they reveal the awesome challenge ...