Jason and the Funny Cat Story Jason Vlogs
1 months back
When Alex and Jason come home they both want to play with the cat! After Alex takes the cat to play, Jason turns Alex also in a cat. Alex pretends to be a real cat ...
Jason asks help from Firestation Jason Vlogs
1 weeks back
Jason has some situations in which he needs help! Like a cat on the roof of the playhouse that can't get off! He calls his friend Alex from the firestation!
Jason wants to be a chef in pretend restaurant Jason Vlogs
3 weeks back
When Jason sees that his brother Alex is working in a restaurant, Jason also wants to work there in a new Jason Vlogs video.
Grocery Shopping at Supermarket with Jason Jason Vlogs
5 months back
Jason was called to eat some fruit, after that he went to the supermarket with his brother to do some grocery shopping!
Peace Agents in Adventure with Jason Jason Vlogs
1 months back
Jason and his friend Alex try to get some food when they see someone not following the rules! They make sure as peace agents, there's peace in town!
Jason - 錯過『最遺憾不是離開你,是還沒說出喜歡你。』【動態歌詞Lyrics】 EHPMusicChannel
2 years back
訂閱頻道收聽更多好聽的歌: https://www.youtube.com/c/EHPMusicChannelII Facebook臉書專頁:https://www.facebook.com/EHPMC/ IG:ehpmusicchannel ...
Kids Boo Boo Story by Jason Jason Vlogs
5 months back
Jason and his brother keep having a Boo Boo in this short story! Thanks to our Family we got enough help to be okay!
Jason Plays with Toy Blocks Jason Vlogs
8 months back
Jason is Pretend Playing with his Toys! His brother comes along to make all kinds of funny jokes with him! This is a collection of the best videos from ...
Jason and the rules of conduct for kids Jason Vlogs
3 months back
Jason shows how not to behave. Alex teaches Jason and the kids watching this video the rules of conduct. Jason also shows how kids should always listen to ...
Painting and Weathering a Jason Mask - Friday The 13th Big Hush
5 years back
UPDATE: Etsy link to more masks I made: http://www.etsy.com/shop/BigHushStuff After last Halloween I decided to make a custom Jason mask. I watched ...
Heroes Officers Save Cat with Jason Jason Vlogs
5 months back
When there's a cat in the tree, our officers go and help the lady. They try to save the cat. Let's see if the hero officer and Jason can help in this mission!
Soccer Practice Play with Jason Jason Vlogs
1 months back
Today there was soccer practice for Jason and his brother Alex! But they were a little late, so they rush to the soccer field as fast as possible to make sure they're ...
How to Make a Freddy vs Jason Friday The 13th Hockey Mask - DIY Big Hush
7 months back
I made a Freddy vs Jason mask already, but the mask and video had a lot of mistakes, so I thought I'd revisit this one. Please share it if you like it! Supply links ...
Jason plays at recreation beach park Jason Vlogs
6 months back
Jason and his brother decide to go to the recreation beach park for some nice time together! Let's see how much fun they have! Hope you like this best video ...
Jason and family have outdoor fun Jason Vlogs
5 days back
Jason is outside and plays together with his family! They have a lot of outdoor fun in this video!
Friday the 13th Jason Voorhees Returns with Princess Ella Xoxo Ella
2 years back
Hey guys, so as promised here is our new scary skit. Jason Voorhees returns and this time he gets his revenge. I tried to run and hide but like all scary movies ...
The Evolution of Jason Voorhees (Animated) Tell It Animated
2 years back
Jason Voorhees has changed a lot since his first appearance in Friday the 13th. From skinny child to hockey mask slasher to rebuilt space Jason and back again ...
Jason and Family hurry to Tennis Lessons Jason Vlogs
4 months back
Jason and his brother are too late for tennis lessons! So they hurry and get there as soon as possible! Hope they are on time!
Dog Domesticates Jason Voorhees: Funny Dogs Maymo & Penny Maymo
2 years back
Dog Domesticates Jason Voorhees Prank: Funny Dogs Maymo & Penny...Maymo's TikTok: https://bit.ly/2OFLegP Maymo's Instagram: http://goo.gl/1MrHRh ...
Jason and his Adventure as Patrolman Jason Vlogs
2 months back
Jason and his brother Alex pretends to be a Patrolman! They have a patrol car and they make sure the city is safe! Let's see what happens!
Jason has a fun family day at the zoo vlog Jason Vlogs
3 months back
It was a great day for us to go to the zoo and see some nice animals! We went there and had a lot of fun seeing all the animals with the family and Jason Vlogs!
Funny Story about Cops and Jason Jason Vlogs
6 months back
This is a funny story about how Jason gets in trouble with the Cop. Let's see what's going to happen!
Jason makes cupcakes with Alex family fun Jason Vlogs
2 weeks back
Jason is with his brother and they want to get some cupcakes! But wait, the stores are closed! That's too bad. Now they have to make cupcakes at home!
World biggest bounce park in Jason Vlog Jason Vlogs
3 months back
Jason and Alex go out and visit the world biggest bounce castle in the world and have a lot of fun together! Hope you like this kids video!
Jason learns the rules of good behavior Jason Vlogs
3 days back
When Jason goes out with his brother Alex for a fun trip, he has to learn a lot of rules for good behaviour. He learned to wear a jacket when kids go out, not to run ...
Jason wants to play and swim in a pool Jason Vlogs
2 months back
Jason is bored and wants to play! That's why he goes to his brother to ask for a swimming pool! He gets it in the end and he had a lot of fun playing in it!
Making Jason Voorhees A Roblox Account! SharkBlox
1 years back
How's it going guys, SharkBlox here, For this video, I'll be becoming Jason Voorhees from Friday the 13th in Roblox! ➤ (Don't click this!)
Jason Plays with Big Food Toys Jason Vlogs
6 months back
Jason asks his sister to make some food for him. When Jason can finally eat it, his older brother comes to make jokes with him.
Play Fair Games with Jason Jason Vlogs
6 months back
Jason is at the fair playing some fun games! Let's see if he can win all the toy prizes!
Jason Plays and Builds Toy Playhouse for Fun Jason Vlogs
9 months back
Jason and his brother Alex always have fun together in the garden! They pretend play with the Playhouse. Hope you enjoy this little skit with the funny brothers ...
"Despacito" - Luis Fonsi ft. Daddy Yankee | Jason Chen x Emma Heesters MusicNeverSleeps
2 years back
Jason Chen on iTunes/Spotify/KKBox! iTunes Download | http://bit.ly/jasonchen Spotify Streaming | http://bit.ly/jasonspotify KKBox | http://bit.ly/JasonKKBox ...
Jason Vs Barney The Dinosaur daretobestupidshow
6 years back
Its Friday The 13th & a painfully stupid boy is lost in the woods near Camp Crystal Lake. Jason Voorhees encounters the boy but Jason doesnt realize that this ...
Jason Derulo - "Broke" ft. Stevie Wonder and Keith Urban Jason Derulo
5 years back
Jason Derulo's brand new album “Everything Is 4” is available now on iTunes! Download it here: http://www.smarturl.it/EverythingIs4 The new album features ...
Jason play fun with cat toy animals Jason Vlogs
2 months back
Jason and his brother Alex play in garden with their toy steps until they see some cat toy animals to play with. But they first need to be helped by Jason!
Jason Voorhees Statue Chained To Bottom Of Minn. Lake WCCO - CBS Minnesota
2 years back
Looking for some spooky summer plans? In northern Minnesota, there's slasher movie killer chained to the bottom of a popular diving lake. Matt Yurus reports.
Jason and Alex play together with Toys Jason Vlogs
4 months back
When Jason is playing with his Toys, his brother also came playing! This made some funny situation between the 2 brothers! Hope you like the video!
Hardwell feat. Jason Derulo - Follow Me (Official Video) Ultra Music
4 years back
Hardwell feat. Jason Derulo - Follow Me Available Now! Download or stream 'Follow Me': http://followme.lnk.to/FollowMe Hardwell - United We Are (Album) ...
Halloween Trick or Treat Haul with Jason Jason Vlogs
1 months back
Jason loves halloween! He dressed up in a nice halloween costume to go to houses and ring the bell! Let's see what happens when he ask for a trick or treat in ...
YOU vs JASON VOORHEES - What if You Met Jason in real life? (Friday the 13th Movie) Meet Arnold
1 weeks back
Arnold Plush Shop: ▻ shopmeetarnold.com If you like this video - put Thumb Up button (please) and ▻Subscribe to my channel! - goo.gl/zgx5Ew - - - Business ...
Jason on Happy Holiday with Family Vlog Jason Vlogs
3 months back
In this vlog Jason travels to a beautiful vacation location on his holidays! Have fun watching his trip vlogand his vacation with family! Hope you like it!
Funny birthday party with Jason Jason Vlogs
4 months back
Jason wants to have his birthday way sooner! So he changes the calendar for fun! He gets presents and cake, did his family found out he was joking!?
Jason playtime with family stories Jason Vlogs
5 months back
Playtime with Jason and his family. A couple of our best stories of FunToysMedia in this great kids video!
Hardwell feat. Jason Derulo - Follow Me (Official Music Video) Hardwell
4 years back
Hardwell feat. Jason Derulo - Follow Me (Official Music Video) Download or stream 'Follow Me' now : http://followme.lnk.to/FollowMe Hardwell - United We Are ...
Jason Play Hide and Seek with Family Jason Vlogs
7 months back
Jason is playing some nice Hide and Seek! He pretend play the game with his family! We had a great time doing this game and hope you like the video!
Jason cleans the house for LOL Surprise! Jason Vlogs
1 days back
Jason wanted to get lol surprises from his brother alex! But he made a mess in the house! Jason receives a lol surprise every time he cleans his own mess!
Jason Viet Tien's audition - Whitney Houston's I Have Nothing - The X Factor UK 2012 The X Factor UK
7 years back
Visit the official site: http://itv.com/xfactor Watch Jason Viet Tien sing I Have Nothing by Whitney Houston Jason Viet Tien is a massive fan of Tulisa (oops, we ...
Jason Pretend Plays with Water Sprays Jason Vlogs
1 years back
Jason was doing a great job giving water to the plants and cleaning his toys with water sprays! Jason helps his brother cleaning his hands, after that Jason ...
Fruit Search in Park with Kids Train and Jason Jason Vlogs
2 months back
Jason goes to the park with his nice train to find some fruits to take home! In this video Jason waits for his brother Alex to return with.