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NBA league exec explains how traveling will be called in 2019-20 | The Jump ESPN
1 months back
Byron Spruell, NBA president of league operations, joins Rachel Nichols, Amin Elhassan and Richard Jefferson to discuss Mike D'Antoni using the first-ever ...
IS THAT A TRAVEL? NBA Rules Revealed...Were you right? Baller Boot Camp
3 years back
Part 1 here: Go watch part 1 and read all the comments...A lot of us were wrong on this one...matter of fact I ...
Traveling | Basketball Sikana English
2 years back
In this video, learn how traveling is committed and penalized in a basketball game and how you can avoid it! Check out our other basketball videos for more ...
FIBA Rule Changes - Travelling and the '0' Step Kilsyth Basketball
2 years back
Check out this short video on the new FIBA rule changes pertaining to travelling calls and the implementation of the Control '0 Step'. This rule is now in effect for ...
0 Step: James Harden Step Back Travel Explained Get Handles Basketball
6 months back
Need the gather step or zero step explained and how it applies to the NBA, FIBA, and the James Harden step back "travel" that people are talking about?
Hop Travel vs Jump Stop | January 23, 2014 | NBA 2013-14 Season NBACalifornia
6 years back
NBA's head of referees Joe Borgia helps us tell the difference between a hop travel and a jump stop. Like us on Facebook: Follow us on ...
NBA Ref Explains Why The James Harden Step Back Isn't Traveling Business Insider
2 years back
The James Harden Step Back doesn't always get called a travel by NBA referees. Zach Zarba, a 15-year NBA referee, is here to weigh in on whether or not the ...
Explaining The Gather Step To Basketball Fans BBALLBREAKDOWN
1 months back
Coach Nick got on the court with Devin Williams, Filayyyy and college referee Jeff Logan to explain the GATHER STEP and why fans and coaches alike get so ...
Is The James Harden Step Back REALLY A Travel? Full Breakdown Get Handles Basketball
1 years back
There's a ton of controversy about James Harden's signature step back and whether it's a travel or not. In this breakdown video you'll see how he typically does ...
A guide to FIBA's 2017 travel rule Gary Maitland
2 years back
A breakdown of how the 2017 new FIBA travel rule might affect how you play, teach and/or officiate basketball.
Worst Travels in The NBA The Sporting Maniac
3 years back
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11 months back
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Why Basketball Fans Always Screw Up The Traveling Call BBALLBREAKDOWN
2 months back
For more info on the BBALLBREAKDOWN Online Membership: Coach Nick got on the court with Devin Williams of Devin In The Lab ...
2 years back
Coach Nick welcomes back to the show Ronnie Nunn, an NBA referee for 19 years, Head Of Officials for 5 years, and Director Of Development for 3 more to ...
NBA Uncalled Travels Compilation Ballin' BG
3 years back
NBA Uncalled Travels Compilation Ok, I know the NBA is the biggest basketball stage in the world and all the tickets for games are expensive and people go to ...
Is James Harden's Stepback LEGAL??? BBALLBREAKDOWN
2 years back
Coach Nick welcomes 19 year NBA referee Ronnie Nunn on the show to discuss the James Harden stepback shot - and whether it should be allowed.
What's A Carry In Basketball & What's Not? Basketball Rules Explained! Get Handles Basketball
1 years back
There seems to be a TON of confusion around what's a carry in basketball and what's not, so in this video I explain this basketball rule straight out of the rule ...
How The New NBA Rules Will Change The Game Andy Hoops
1 years back
The NBA has recently implemented 3 new rules (or rule changes) starting at the 2018-19 season. In this video, I talk about the new rules in detail and explain ...
What Exactly Is A "Travel" In The NBA? It's Nate Productions
3 weeks back
The most misunderstood but most popular rule in basketball is the travel. And the call varies between the NBA and all other levels. In this video, I go in depth on ...
Basketball Rules Teaching Materials - Travelling Violation Basketball Rules
4 years back
1. Black 88 ends his dribble with his right pivot foot. Then he lands his left foot on the floor. He lifts his pivot foot (still legal) and makes another step with it.
Explaining the evolution of TRAVELING in 1 minute #nba CrossOverNation
7 months back
I'm showing how the NBA rule traveling has evolved over the years. Have a look at this video and let me know if you agree. Subscribe now and follow me ...
New traveling rule highlights changes this season EUROLEAGUE BASKETBALL
2 years back
Fans of all Euroleague Basketball competitions will have some interesting new rule changes and interpretations to track this season that are expected to make ...
Basketball Moves You Won't Believe Are Legal BBALLBREAKDOWN
3 weeks back
Coach Nick got on the court with Devin Williams ( for Episode 4 of Basketball Myth Busters. Special Guest ...
Why REMOVING This One Rule Changed The NBA FOREVER (Ft. Kobe, Jordan, and A Lot of Fouls) MJ2KALLDAY
1 years back
The NBA has changed a lot of rules, but there was this one rule that was changed to help certain players be better. It's a NBA conspiracy that tried to help Jordan, ...
NBA New rules|travel and respect for the game(technical call) NBA IN SIDE OUT
1 years back
2018-19 Points of Education (POE) Video: VP, Head of Referee Development & Training Monty McCutchen highlights game rules for 2018-19: Here is Monty on ...
Shaqtin` A Fool - Funny Uncalled Travels on NBA nguyen phong Xoan
3 years back
Compilation of funny uncalled travels on NBA. Subscribe for more funny videos! :)
Is This a Travel? Let me know in the comments. | NBA Travels Baller Boot Camp
3 years back -- Free Workout Here Hey guys, EDIT: I reveal the answers to this in a new video at the link below, but first leave your comment ...
Are CURRY And HARDEN Seriously Breaking The Rules? BBALLBREAKDOWN
1 years back
It's only the preseason, but Steph Curry and James Harden are in midseason form with their ball handling wizardry. Find out from our expert Ronnie Nunn (19 ...
Steph Curry and Kyrie Irving Try James Harden's Double Step-Back Bleacher Report
10 months back
Irving got away with it and buried a jumper with the Beard covering him. Steph got called for a travel...and then held up Harden's number to the officials.
The NBA Where Traveling Happens GargacProductions
10 years back
Corey Magette travels six times in one play. the refs dont even call it.
James Harden Gets Away With The Worst Travel In the NBA Using His Step Back! Rockets vs Jazz CliveNBAParody
11 months back
James Harden Gets Away With The Worst Travel In the NBA Using His Step Back! Rockets vs Jazz December 17, 2018-19 NBA Season 警告:視頻禁止轉載!
D'Antoni on new traveling rules:"(NBA) made a point to tell every Head Coach Harden not traveling." House of NBA
2 months back
D'Antoni on new traveling rules:"(NBA) made a point to tell every Head Coach that (Harden's step-back) is not traveling. Hopefully coaches will quit complaining ...
Travel or Not Part 2: Starting a Dribble from the "Triple Threat" Tyson Weems
10 years back
Part 2 (of 8) of a video for basketball officials, players, coaches, and fans. Tyson Weems covers various moves from the "triple threat position."
The Rules of Basketball - EXPLAINED! Ninh Ly
5 years back
Ninh explains the Rules of NBA NCAA Basketball. A beginner's explanation of the laws of Basketball. Watch this short tutorial video guide on how to play ...
3 years back
Fred Hoiberg went on a rant after Game 4 of the Bulls vs Celtics first round series in the NBA Playoffs, insisting that it's impossible to stop Celtics guard Isaiah ...
1 years back
Think you know basketball? Watch THIS video and learn so you won't get the rules like the Backcourt Violation and Gather Step wrong again. For more in depth ...
NBA no traveling rule dmruemw
6 years back
Ridiculous officiating here. I counted 6 steps.
2017.10.Basketball Rules - Travelling Homo Basketus
2 years back
Basketball Rules 2017 - Travelling -
2 months back
Do NBA players Really Travel?? || Cheat Codes || "Stealing Steps" Reid Ouse
2 years back
What's a travel? In today's game we are seeing players get away with more steps and movements than ever before. So how do we know what's a legal move and ...
NFHS traveling sham 1399
3 years back
Is The James Harden Step Back A Travel For Youth Basketball? Get Handles Basketball
1 years back
The James Harden step back travel controversy continues, and in this video I breakdown step by step if this basketball move is illegal for youth basketball ...
Basketball Rules & Regulations : Basketball Rules: Traveling expertvillage
11 years back
Know about traveling in basketball. To be a great basketball player the first thing you need to learn are the rules on how the game is played. This free video clip ...