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Sony DPT-CP1 vs Remarkable Comparison Review The eBook Reader
1 years back
This is a comparison review between the Sony DPT-CP1 and the Remarkable paper tablet. Both have 10.3" E Ink screens and both are digital notepads and ...
Remarkable VS Kindle Paperwhite Reading Comparison Goodereader
2 years back
In this video we compare the e-reading experience on the Amazon Kindle Paperwhite the Remarkable. We primarily look at the pre-loaded fonts, linespacing, ...
4 Making PDFs for ReMarkable Jen Maher Consulting
1 years back
In four short videos, Jen Maher shows how she organized her own ReMarkable tablet. Please feel free to email Jen with any questions or comments at ...
Reading PDF on reMarkable Tablet Mya The Madra
2 months back
I was inspired to find a tablet that I could use in lieu of paper after Mya the Madra had an accident on my yoga teacher training notebook I could have ...
reMarkable review for note taking 4K UHD marketto95bigboss
2 years back
Many of you asked me on Instagram how it feels to write on the reMarkable, so here we go! This is a close up about writing on the reMarkable, with some tips.
The reMarkable paper tablet: An e-reader you can write on | Ars Technica Ars Technica
2 years back
Ars Technica's Valentina Palladino takes a look at the reMarkable tablet, a Kindle-like e-reader you can write on. Connect with Ars Technica: Visit ...
Top 5 Note Taking e-Readers 2019: Ranked Goodereader
7 months back
This was a TIGHT race and the "ranking" should be taken lightly. These are the TOP 5 devices! These devices are not worlds apart. They are all very capable, ...
"reMarkable Paper Tablet" - Update 1.6 & 1 year report Vojislav Dimitrijevic
1 years back
00:00 - Intro 00:56 - Handwriting Recognition 17:33 - Layer Improvements 24:51 - PDF Improvements & SVG Support 34:02 - Other Improvements 36:28 ...
ReMarkable E Ink Paper Tablet - Full Review The eBook Reader
2 years back
This video shows the new reMarkable ereader and digital notepad in action. It has a 10.3" E Ink screen and supports PDF and ePub format, with tons of options ...
"reMarkable Paper Tablet" - Update 2.0, Features Overview Vojislav Dimitrijevic
2 months back
The team at reMarkable has just started rolling out the OS v2.0 to the now two-year-old reMarkable Paper Tablet. In this video, I dive in to explore the new ...
Sony DPT CP1 vs Remarkable Comparison Goodereader
1 years back
These two devices are similar in a lot of ways but one thing stands out; The Sony DPT, can only run PDF files. This is something that both holds the sony back, ...
"remarkable" Paper Tablet - Six Months Experience & Update 1.1 Vojislav Dimitrijevic
2 years back
00:00 - Intro 01:35 - Update Overview 09:34 - UX Issues 20:35 - Six Months Experience 28:25 - Conclusion I try to make an objective overview of the latest (first) ...
"reMarkable" Paper Tablet - In Depth Review and Features Overview Vojislav Dimitrijevic
2 years back
00:30 - 1. Packaging 01:40 - 2. Design and Ergonomics 05:50 - 3. Performance 17:28 - 4. User Interface 22:24 - 5. Toolbar and Brushes 34:24 - 6. Battery Life ...
iPad Pro vs ReMarkable vs Onyx Boox Max 2 For Notetaking MorningCoach
1 years back
reMarkable #Notetaking #iPadPro This video is about iPad Pro vs ReMarkable vs Onyx Boox Max 2 For Notetaking.
reMarkable Tablet Update 1.6 All You Need To Know | TUTORIAL reMarkableTabletVidz
1 years back
Watch this video to see the latest update on the reMarkable tablet: 00:34 How to update your tablet 02:44 Brief description of the new features (Release notes) ...
Remarkable Tablet Review | Best Note Taking Tablet Matterhorn Business Development
4 months back
Remarkable Tablet Review | Best Note Taking Tablet Today Greg is reviewing his favorite note taking tablet: Remarkable. He wanted to be able to take notes ...
Onyx Boox Note 10.3" vs Remarkable Goodereader
1 years back
This is a comparison that is right on point. These two beasts bring a LOT to the table in terms of Note Taking... but which one walks away the true winner when it ...
reMarkable Paper Tablet reVisited - Long Term Review Mr. Unbox
2 years back
I have been using my reMarkable for a while now, so I decided to tell you about my experiences with it. First of all, one of my original conclusions was that this ...
Introducing reMarkable 2.0 software update reMarkable
2 months back
New user interface, home screen, gestures, and sharing options. NB: This update will roll out to reMarkable users over the next weeks. Read more on our blog: ...
"와콤 펜까지?" 종이 쏙 닮은 전자잉크 태블릿, 리마커블 CNET KOREA
3 years back
리마커블은 노르웨이 스타트업이 개발한 전자잉크 태블릿이다. 전자책 단말기에 와콤 펜을 이용한 필기 인식 기능까지 갖췄다. 화면은 10.3인치(1872...
Fire HD 10 vs 2018 iPad - PDFs and Comics The eBook Reader
2 years back
This video shows the screen size difference between the 9.7" iPad and 10.1" Fire HD 10 when it comes to reading PDFs and comics. Fire HD 10 at Amazon: ...
reMarkable Tablet - unboxing and first impressions Pink Buddha
2 years back
WATCH MY SPECIFIC REVIEW ABOUT DRAWING ON THE TABLET: Unboxing my new reMarkable tablet (e-ink tablet), and ...
Remarkable 10.3 inch e-Reader Review Goodereader
2 years back
The Remarkable is one of the best writing tablets ever made. This review videos shows you the entire note taking and writing experience. We also show you how ...
reMarkable tablet in depth review organize your files and folders. reMarkableTabletVidz
2 years back
In this video you can see how to create folders and notebooks and how to organise it. Reading fuels the brain, and reMarkable is the ultimate reading device.
"reMarkable Paper Tablet" - Update 1.7 Overview Vojislav Dimitrijevic
9 months back
ReMarkable team has just rolled out the latest OS update that makes pages operations within notebook a lot more flexible! Check out the features and how to ...
Your future e-ink tablet might double as a sketchpad CNET
3 years back
Full review: ReMarkable's lag-free drawing tools may not replace your iPad, but it could be an interesting art tablet alternative. Subscribe to ...
Remarkable paper tablet - making notes on an ebook Guido Verboom
2 months back
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Remarkable vs Ratta Supernote A5 Comparison Goodereader
3 months back
Productivity 2.1: Hardware (2020 studio refresh highlighting the reMarkable e-ink tablet) 8fold Media
1 months back
Every two to four years it happens that my toolbox (studio) goes through a major overhaul. This is that time and it seemed relevant and potentially valuable to ...
Sony DPT-S1 vs Microsoft Surface Pro 3 - PDF Editing and Viewing Goodereader
5 years back
Today we look at the PDF editing experience with the 3rd generation Microsoft Surface and the Sony Digital Paper.
Das perfekte Tablet für mein Studium? | reMarkable Review Eindutzend
2 months back
Ich stelle euch in diesem Video das reMarkable Tablet und meine Erfahrungen damit vor. Vielen Dank fürs anschauen! reMarkable: ...
GVIDO 13.3 inch dual screen sheet music review - Review Goodereader
3 years back
Here is our review of the brand new GVIDO - pronounced Guido. It features 2 13.3 inch E Ink Carta screens and infrared page turn buttons. It reads PDF files and ...
Remarkable vs Sony DPT-RP1 Comparison Review The eBook Reader
2 years back
This is a comparison review between the Sony Digital Paper DPT-RP1 and the reMarkable paper tablet. Check the main reviews for a closer look. More info ...
ReMarkable Tablet Review - Good for Artists? STIMULUS
1 years back
The ReMarkable Tablet feels like paper. The surface is not backlit and has a high-friction, tactile feel to it. It's also really expensive and has limited features.
Supernote A5 vs Sony Digital Paper DPT-CP1 Goodereader
7 months back
This video shows off the writing capabilities between two note-taking giants! These two devices represent the 2 best writing experiences you can get on any ...
How to set up your reMarkable reMarkable
3 months back
This tutorial takes you through how to set up your new reMarkable paper tablet.
Sony Digital Paper tablet Review PhoneArena
2 years back
Sony's Digital Paper tablets, the 13.3-inch DPT-RP1 and 10.3-inch DPT-CP1, aim to do one thing and do it very well: be paper. More specifically, these tablets ...
reMarkable (tablet) Journey 1: Oblivious to Unboxing & Redux XD with Josh Bruce
4 weeks back
Part 1 of a new series called "The reMarkable Journey" documenting the reMarkable digital paper (e-ink tablet) customer experience as I see it. How I came to ...
The Best e-readers and tablets to read PDF Files Goodereader
5 years back
Today we look at the best e-readers, tablets and apps to read and edit PDF Files!
ONYX BOOX Note 10.3" Ebook Reader Touch Screen Vs reMarkable Review - Buy Online Prices Compare
5 months back
BOOX Note 10 Price - Buy online - Compare Prices : 1- Aliexpress : ONYX BOOX Note 10.3" Ebook Reader Touch Screen 227ppi ...
Remarkable vs the Sony Digital Paper DPT-RP1 Goodereader
2 years back
Today we compare the two best digital note taking devices in the world. We have the brand new Remarkable and the Sony Digital Paper DPT-RP1. In this video ...
How to share files to email reMarkable
5 months back
In this tutorial you will learn how to share files to email with reMarkable paper tablet!
PDF eReader Comparison: Sony DPT-RP1, Kobo Aura One, Kindle The eBook Reader
2 years back
This video shows some differences between the Sony DPT-RP1, Kobo Aura One (with KOReader), and Kindle when it comes to PDF reading. See the PDF ...