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Swede reacting to MIDSOMMAR trailer (Swedish festival explained) Say It In Swedish
5 months back
Learn Swedish online for free over at → https://www.sayitinswedish.com ← Learn in your own pace with free audio lessons, videos, vocabulary lists, and more.
Swedish Midsummer for Dummies Sweden
8 years back
Swedish Midsummer -- a holiday devoted to eating, drinking, dancing and assorted pagan rituals. This is a guide to making the most of it. In Sweden the ...
The real, weird Midsommar Traditions that inspired the Movie AlltimeMovies
5 months back
Midsommar is the latest terrifying horror treat from the geniuses over at A24. Directed by Ari Aster, it's set to be one of the best horror movies of 2019. But what ...
Alexander Skarsgård Teaches Jimmy the Swedish Midsummer Dance The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon
1 years back
Alexander Skarsgård demonstrates how he celebrates Midsummer in Sweden and discusses his dark film Hold the Dark. Subscribe NOW to The Tonight Show ...
True Story Behind Festival Featured in 'Midsommar' Film Inside Edition
5 months back
A new film is putting a scary twist on a Swedish tradition. "Midsommar" is about a young American couple who take a trip to the annual Midsommar festival.
Alicia Vikander Celebrates Sweden's Midsummer Holiday with Jimmy The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon
4 years back
Alicia Vikander teaches Jimmy how to do the traditional Swedish frog dance performed every year to celebrate Midsummer. Subscribe NOW to The Tonight ...
TRAVELING to SWEDEN | Swedish Midsummer Celebration! Erik Conover
1 years back
Swedish Midsummer for dummies! Traveling to Sweden | Swedish Midsummer Celebration. EP 2. of the Swedish Travel Series with some facts about West ...
Swedish Midsummer's weirdest traditions The Local
5 months back
Midsummer is one of the oldest and most widely celebrated holidays of the year in Sweden, but to the uninitiated, some of the festivities can seem a little bit...
American Experiences Traditional Swedish Midsummer! 🇸🇪 Evan Thomas
1 months back
Midsommar #SwedishCulture #Amerikaner Swedish Midsummer is a holiday devoted to eating, drinking, rituals and dancing around a maypole. We spent my ...
Midsommar Trailer Reaction - Swedish speaker discusses trailer Days of French 'n' Swedish
5 months back
Swedish speaker The Reykjavik Review discusses the new A24 movie Midsommar, but in trailer form. To an outsider, the Midsommar festival can seem to be a ...
3 years back
"Here's your handy 'How To' Guide Midsommer in Sweden. No Abba necessary..." JUNE 2016 SWEDISH MIDSUMMER IN LONDON ...
2 years back
Follow me around to the Swedish archipelago celebrating MIDSUMMER! - NEW VLOG EVERY SUNDAY - MY BLOG: http://angelicablick.se/ MY INSTAGRAM: ...
5 months back
Welcome to another "episode" in my series about Swedish traditions, this time; The myths and magic regarding Swedish Midsummer! Everything from rolling ...
Midsommar - Vacation to Sweden scene Brysen1439
1 months back
Midsommar is a 2019 folk horror film written and directed by Ari Aster and starring Florence Pugh. It follows a group of friends who travel to Sweden for a festival ...
So, Sweden Is the Best Place Ever The Late Late Show with James Corden
3 years back
After analyzing Donald Trump's pick of Jackie Evancho to sing the national anthem at the inauguration, James looks at some headlines showing why Sweden ...
Fira Midsommar med oss VLOGG THE SWEDISH FAMILY
2 years back
I den här vloggen får du följa vår familj på midsommarafton. Vi är i Stockholms skärgård och har ett traditionellt midsommarfirande där vi börjar dagen med att ...
Midsommar på Hembygdsgården i Kristinehamn 2019 Sweden 4k Mats Beäff
5 months back
Det var en blåsig midsommarafton hoppas ni har överseende med ljudet.
MIDSOMMAR Trailer (2019) KinoCheck International
9 months back
Official Midsommar Movie Trailer 2019 | Subscribe ➤ http://abo.yt/ki | Florence Pugh Movie Trailer | Release: 8 Aug 2019 | More ...
Swedish Midsummer in London 2017 | Hyde Park | Swedish Midsommar Ben Fox
2 years back
Hanging out with the Swedes of London in Hyde Park for a celebration of Swedish Midsummer 2017. KEEP IT SOCIAL.. INSTAGRAM | @BENFOX01 TWITTER ...
How ‘Midsommar’ Takes a Bad Trip | Anatomy of a Scene The New York Times
5 months back
Before the new horror film “Midsommar” creeps you out, it first tries to freak you out. In this scene, after arriving in rural Sweden, the lead character Dani ...
A Guide To Sweden's Midsommar for Non-Swedes! Oscar Stembridge
5 months back
NEW SINGLE HOLD ON ME OUT NOW! Listen here: https://OscarStembridge.lnk.to/HoldOnMe 🤘 ___ Meet Oscar Stembridge. He sings, plays guitar, plays ...
Midsommar in Sweden asplundlars
6 years back
In modern Sweden, Midsummer's Eve and Midsummer's Day (Midsommarafton and Midsommardagen) were formerly celebrated on 23 June and 24 June, but ...
Midsommar Middagsmord / Midsummer Murder Dinner Regular Ordinary Swedish Meal Time
4 years back
Midsommar, or midsummer, a perfect Swedish tradition and day to have a murder. If you're not used to murdering people from Sweden, just practice on ...
American tries strange Swedish Midsummer Food! Flying Jacob? Evan Thomas
5 months back
Midsommar #SwedishCulture #Amerikaner What happens when an American tries Swedish Midsommar food for the first time? Swedish Midsummer is an ...
Midsommar - Dani "Breaks Up" with Christian scene Brysen1439
1 months back
Midsommar is a 2019 folk horror film written and directed by Ari Aster and starring Florence Pugh. It follows a group of friends who travel to Sweden for a festival ...
The Tradition Behind Midsommar Arith Härger
2 months back
What traditional elements and motifs of Old Scandinavian religion and Folklore can be perceptible in the horror movie Midsommar? - Exploring human sacrifices ...
Midsommar in Sweden aviso media
2 years back
Traditional "Midsommar" celebration in Nöttesta near by Stockholm.
Midsommar 2019 i Jularp-Höör -Sweden André Luc
5 months back
Midsummer event is one of the three highest event in Sweden after Christmas and Easter.
Sweden's MidSummer 2019 | Midsommar 2019 kimpoy mendoza
5 months back
Swedens Midsummer 2019 Party #MidSommar #Midsummer2019 #MidSommar2019.
Sweden - midsommar Alvaro Perez
13 years back
typical swedish midsommar.
Midsommar i Sundborn, 2017 - (Classical midsummer celebrations) Kurt Falk
2 years back
Traditionsenligt, pittoreskt midsommarfirande i den vackra Carl Larsson miljön vid Sundborns ån.
Midsommar A Swedish Tradition VideoCNJ
9 years back
Experience a true Swedish tradition - Midsommar. The Swedish School for Children in Washington DC, hosts this cultural celebration.
瑞典Sweden | 仲夏節之舞 | Midsummer | Midsommar | 褐色瓶 Vera Chuang
5 months back
2018瑞典仲夏節- 瑞典手帳日記http://brownbottle.weebly.com/6529425... Facebook | Brown bottle - 褐色瓶http://t.cn/Ai9zhhpX Instagram | walnut_1203.
Midsommar (Official Trailer) - Nadia Sawalha & The Popcorn Junkies Family Reaction Nadia Sawalha - Family, Films, Food & Fun
6 months back
Ari Aster (director of HEREDITARY) is back with a sunbaked CREEPER of a horror film. Starring the brilliant Florence Pugh ... we LIKE the look of this one!
Swedish Midsommar Pole Dance, Jamestown Scandinavian Festival 2018-7-21 Pt.1 of 2 KulturOntario
6 months back
Scandinavian Jamestown http://www.scandinavianjamestown.org/ Scandinavian Folk Festival Jamestown, N.Y. ...
ไปดูเค้าฉลองต้อนรับวัน midsommar 🎶🌞💃l Midsummer in Sweden 2019🇸🇪 #ชีวิตไทยในสวีเดน Phimm in Sweden
4 months back
สถานที่ : สวน Listudden Skarpnäck วันที่ : 21/06/2019 กิจกรรม : วันฉลองประจำปี midsommar Music : by Muserk...
Swedish midsummer | Midsommar Say It In Swedish
2 years back
This pagan holiday is one of the biggest in Sweden. But what actually is it all about? ▻ LEARN SWEDISH FOR FREE https://www.sayitinswedish.com ...
How to celebrate Midsommar in Sweden // cinematic vlog Christian Bou
1 years back
Kein Video mehr verpassen: http://tiny.cc/ChristianABO Me and Lena traveled to Henan, Sweden to celebrate Midsommar with her Family. Also Lena's Dad ...
Swedish Midsommar Frog Dance Kerry Maelicke
6 years back
Midsommar 2013, Skansen, Stockholm.
MIDSOMMAR i Hälsingland Hanna Friberg
1 years back
Edited by Julia Freiman (@juliafreiiman) Music by: https://soundcloud.com/nowemusic Music by: https://soundcloud.com/acerdroid/tracks Prenumerera på min ...
Will Poulter - Midsommar interview on The Chris Evans Breakfast Show with Sky Virgin Radio UK
5 months back
Will Poulter talks about his new film Midsommar, his time filming in Sweden and his part in The Chronicles of Narnia, plus he joins in with a rousing rendition of ...
5 months back
newyork #midsommar #summersolstice Happy Summer Solstice! This one of the biggest celebrations in Northern Europe (including Lithuania and Sweden).
Midsummer celebration in Sweden. Midsommar i Sverige nationen
11 years back
Midsummer celebration in Sweden. Midsommar i Sverige Svenskarna dansar runt majstången och firar midsommar tillsammans med sina familjer.
A Tiff About a Trip | Midsommar: Director's Cut Alexis Miller
1 months back
From Midsommar: Director's Cut. Playlist: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLdFb5tK689K5F_JrWntadkRH6Pj9bo1lW.
Sweden Midsommar 2017 (Sony RX100v + MAVIC PRO) VLOG first Candy Media Tasmania
2 years back
celebrating Swedish midsommar on a private island in the Stockholm archipelago.