TATTOO APPRENTICE: Tattooing fake skin Jodi O'Brien
11 months back
Welcome back, here's a video of setting up, prepping and tattooing fake skin. If you have any questions about tattooing fake skin leave a comment and I'll make ...
How To Practice Tattooing At Home Batel Skater
3 years back
Hey everyone! Batel Skater here, very nervous and excited at the same time, so have finally come back on here for Tattoo Tutorials. If you're Looking to ...
4 months back
What's up everybody, my name is Daniel Silva, a tattoo artist is Los Angeles, California. Today I'm tattooing a micro wolf, it's a very intricate technique that has ...
How Did You Start Tattooing? | Tattoo Artists Answer Inked
1 years back
25 top tattoo artists talk about how they started in the industry, and what made them want to start tattooing. #TattooArtist #RyanAshley #Storytime WEBSITE: ...
Tattoo Process Time Lapse CESAR LOPEZ SALAS
2 years back
Cesar Lopez's Media Seminar Project.
Two Generations of Tattoo Artists on the Evolution of Tattooing | Back in My Day VICE
10 months back
A generational conversation. Time changes a lot of things. The texture of our skin, the ripeness of a fruit... in the last few generations we have seen massive ...
3 years back
In this video Jake Mitchell finally gets tattooed by Romeo Lacoste! - Click here to SUBSCRIBE to me - Romeo's video: ...
2 years back
In this video I share some great tips and advice that should help anyone that is looking into realism. How to start and what to keep in mind. My Instagram ...
4 weeks back
What's up everybody, I'm back in only a week this time with another video for you guys! For those of you who are new to the channel my name is Daniel Silva, ...
'Hyper-Realism Tattoos' The Art of Ink (Season 2) Digital Exclusive | Paramount Network Ink Master
2 years back
When you see 7 colors in a photo, artists like Steve Butcher, Steve Wimmer, Yomico Moreno, and Rich Pineda see 70. With hyper-realism, there's nothing that ...
Black Tattoo - Time Lapse Yeliz Günay Dövme Stüdyosu
3 months back Hi everyone! This week we are here with our style of time lapse video. As you can see, we worked on a clean ...
How to Tattoo: The Secrets of Black & Grey Photo Realism Tattooing Part 1 Johnny Gault
5 years back
To purchase my finely made tattoo equipment please visit my website at I go over some of the basic, yet very secret ...
TATTOOING ON SCARS ★ TATTOO ADVICE ★ by Tattoo Artist Electric Linda Electric Linda
2 years back
In this episode of TATTOO ADVICE by Electric Linda: All about Tattooing on scars. Want to get more advice before getting tattooed? Check out the rest of my ...
Tattooing For Beginners: Tattoo Machine Needle and Tube - How To Tutorial Andrew Stortz
3 years back
This video will show you how to get your 30-second basic tattoo gun basics setup routine. You will learn about machines, needles, tubes, and all the smaller ...
2 weeks back
HENNA TATTOOING EYEBROWS & FACE @ HOME Like & Subscribe Follow Me On Instagram @mackenziemmarie Ever tattooed your eyebrows WELL I ...
Bald Man Gets A Realistic Hair Tattoo BuzzFeed Multiplayer
2 years back
"I feel like I've been renewed." Credits: Check out more awesome videos at BuzzFeedBlue!
Free Realistic Tattoo Tutorial Video Sunny Bhanushali
1 years back Learn It Like Aliens is an Online Tattoo Learning Program designed to help you learn basic to advance level ...
2 years back
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Tattooing Edges? The Real Daytime
4 years back
Have you heard about the new beauty trend of people tattooing their edges?! We've officially heard it all.
What Do Tattoos Feel Like? | OmarGoshTV OmarGoshTV
3 years back
What do tattoos feel like? Do they hurt? I went and got a half sleeve finished up and share my personal experience as well and asked my artist a few questions.
Tattooing On Fake Skin | SCY Renegate
3 years back
Subscribe to Renegate for new videos almost everyday and connect with us on social media! :) Renegate instagram: ...
Wolf Tattoo Angelina Mengel
1 years back
For this work I used: Cheyennehawk Pen Cheyennehawk Catridges Intenze Ink H2Ocean Tattoomed Protection Film Tatprotec Stencil Stuff Facebook: ...
So You Want A Sacred Geometry Tattoo | Tattoo Styles Inked
3 months back
Tattoo artist, Dillon Forte, tells us about sacred geometry in tattooing, and what goes into creating these elaborate, yet simple designs. Check out Dillon: ...
12 months back
Another tattoo video but not with a prison tattoo machine I'm using the real deal this time If you enjoyed this video please do not forget to hit that LIKE and ...
My tattoo apprenticeship portfolio Holly Astral
2 years back
I share the portfolio that i took with me when looking for a tattoo apprenticeship! Thanks for watching I LOVE YOU My tattoo apprenticeship advice: ...
How Deep To Go In Skin When Tattooing Batel Skater
2 years back
Every Everyone!!! This has been a VERY long requested video. It was hard for me to think of ways to explain and show this technique to you, as every skin is ...
10 Tips for Cartridge Tattooing FK Irons
2 years back
In this video we are going over what I think are the 10 top things to keep in mind when choosing are right Cartridge and configuration. Live Q&A at the end of the ...
Kicked Out Of High School For Face Tattoos | INKED Inked
6 months back
Model Yves Mathieu gives us a tour of his tattoos, and tells us about how having face tattoos in high school got him expelled. #TattooTour #Inked #Yves ...
School Teacher Tattoos His Entire Body | HOOKED ON THE LOOK Barcroft TV
10 months back
SUBSCRIBE to Barcroft TV: A PRIMARY school teacher who has covered himself from head to toe in tattoos says he won't stop until he is ...
Texas woman puts Tattoo in odd place InkSkill - Tattoo News, Stories, and Ideas
2 years back
Awesome Tattoos that have Done a Great Job of Covering up Scars Tattoos like Scars are permanent, so why not incorporate them together? Full Article with ...
Tattooing 5 YouTubers In 1 Day!! (ft. Alissa Violet, Jc Caylen Faze Banks + More!!) Romeo Lacoste
2 years back
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How to Improve your Tattooing Skill | for Beginner Tattoo Artist | Tutorial Part - 4 Mahesh Chavan
2 years back
How to Improve your Tattooing Skill | for Beginner Tattoo Artist | Tutorial Part - 4 Proper Tattoo setup - 1) Machine - stigma hyper v3 , 2) Stigma Bizzar Machine 3) ...
MY TATTOO TOUR| Tattooing myself, Regrets, Meanings Dear Greyson,
1 years back
Hi guys!! Thank you so much for watching, don't forget to subscribe and hit that little bell to become part of the family! STALK ME: Instagram: deargreyson ...
Unboxing a Tattoo Machine + Tattooing! | Alyssa Nicole | Alyssa Nicole
3 years back
Want a tattoo kit? $5 off $55 Coupon : AN5USD Instagram/Twitter- Anyoutube DISCLAIMER- I WAS SENT THIS PRODUCT TO REVIEW.
5 Tips Before You Get Your Tattoo Beardbrand
3 years back
SHOP Tattoo Care -- Follow us at: Picking a new tattoo design ...
Michela's Tattoo Dos & Don'ts | INKED Inked
7 months back
Tattoo artist, Michela, shares some of her dos and don'ts when it comes to tattooing, and being tattooed including eyeball tattoos. #Inked #TattooArtist ...
Tattoo Dos and Don'ts with Jon Mesa | INKED Inked
12 months back
Tattoo artist, Jon Mesa, shares some dos and don'ts with us when it comes to tattooing, and getting tattooed. #TattooArtist #Tattoo #Inked WEBSITE: ...
Tips and Tricks for Tattoo Beginners Tattoo Shop Talk
3 years back
Sharing our tips and tricks for tattoo beginners A little video we decided to make after talking about little things that helped us to improve out tattooing in very ...
3 years back
EDIT: Hey Guys! I realize now the picture is a spray gun, but the ink is India ink so it is still safe for skin! The dabs are all to be funny, not to be serious haha, just ...
"Can a Christian get a Tattoo?" with Craig Groeschel Life.Church
10 years back
Craig Groeschel from answers the question: "Can a Christian get at Tattoo?" Have you ever wondered what God thinks about suicide, ...
‘Brains on Display' Elimination Tattoo Preview | Ink Master: Season 8 Ink Master
3 years back
All of the tattoo artists jump straight into the next Elimination Tattoo, being tested on adaptability and tasked with tattooing 6-hour head tattoos: one for each side ...
How to Minimize the Pain of Getting a Tattoo Howcast
10 years back
Watch more Tattoos, Piercings & Other Body Art videos: Getting a tattoo ...
Getting a Tattoo at the Worst Reviewed Tattoo Shop in my City (1 STAR) FaZe Kay
10 months back
I got a Tattoo from the Worst Rated and Reviewed Tattoo Shop I could find in my City Los Angeles! PART 2! ...
My Spiritual Minimalist Tattoo Tour Heal Your Living
5 months back
SPIRITUAL MINIMALIST TATOO TOUR| Can a Minimalist have tattoos? Can a Minimalist own things? Also, can material things hold spiritual meaning as well?
Tattoos on Math 3Blue1Brown
3 years back
After a friend of mine got a tattoo with a representation of the cosecant function, it got me thinking about how there's another sense in which this function is a ...
Making Tattoos Disappear In Seconds Daily Dose Of Internet
21 hours back
Links To Sources: Deepfake: Tattoos: Galaxy: ...
Review of Oregon tattooing safety and sanitation rules Oregon Public Health Division
3 years back
This video, produced by Allied Video Production for the Oregon Board of Electrologists and Body Art Practitioners, reviews health and safety requirements for ...
Tattoo Camouflages Scars and Burns CBC News
5 years back
Basma Hameed provides para-medical tattoo treatments to help patients hide scars and burns. For the complete story: ...