Game of Thrones Ending Explained


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  • chucky
    chucky  1 weeks back

    hey hey hey im in a burst of adrenaline as i first watched season 1 in 2014 the farest and at those time i was just picking through... then now may 2019 i got the chance to get the 7 seasons , i used to put Deanerys as the main actor ... there after Robb snow , b4 death of king Robb i realize Jon is the real Actor of the Sequence , I say this because Daenerys was much dangerous like her Father .. Pardon me but the death of Cersie & Daenerys was all i Needed to Live ANd the Ending was what i needed to rest my Eyes as they ar getting Blurrier and i would have been able to do so if the Best Season I've Fully followed ....Yes I didnt watch Season 8 but i did Read the Story Line on WIKI which Gave me the most Important clue I needed . [HAPPY ENDING PLEASE NO MORE]

    • chucky
      chucky  1 weeks back

      i know and after watching this video , i would say that the Ending was 99.9% Perfect excluding the fact that Jamie Died and Tyrian was not mention in the book of History and thus will not be remember for his Good deeds which was a lot . on a good note its the BEST ENDING FAIRLY ITS JUSTFULLY .

  • HD INF
    HD INF  1 weeks back

    0:38 I had to stop right there and not continue watching.
    represents the greatest forces anyway. USA way of making the world better place to live in.

    • Rakib Chowdhury
      Rakib Chowdhury  4 weeks back

      Bran told Meera that he is not no longer Brandon Stark, Meera replied that You died on the cave and the fucker accepted it. The writing for the season 8 is horrible. Also the little finger can't deserve a death like a shit who started the game of throne. And for dany and john, who cooked everything to eat and a cat finally finished the eating. And cersey's death also not satisfying.

      • ray the person
        ray the person  2 months back

        i never watched game of thrones so please add some comments
        but the girl with the dragons teamed up with the savage people to kill the lanisters and the whole kingdom and then she became the ruler of 7 kingdoms? and why does she think shes good? it looks so unfair she has giant weapons that no one else has and walks around with this smile on her face like shes crazy

        i guess my question is who is the good guy and bad guy? did the bad guys win in this? is that why everyone says it sucks at the end?

        • Wayne Robison
          Wayne Robison  3 months back

          It made sense. Before he died Barathiun the King appointed Eddard Stark King. Since Eddard was dead the natural and true line to take the throne would be Eddards only remaining son Brandon.

          • DM Punk
            DM Punk  4 months back

            Thanks for telling me about last episode that I already watched. Greatest explaine video ever 😂

            • louisanna30
              louisanna30  4 months back

              Difference between a review and an explanation.

              • Safwan Aziz
                Safwan Aziz  4 months back

                I wish there will be another episode where everything gets better and Jon gets a son who will be the future of iron throne and Arya finds her destination.

                • babanovac0232
                  babanovac0232  5 months back

                  It's mot "explained". It's NARRATED!!!

                  • Cobb Adams
                    Cobb Adams  5 months back

                    I was left feeling incomplete after the show ended! Am I alone? Long Live The Hound!!!

                    • Shri Pashupatinaath
                      Shri Pashupatinaath  5 months back

                      It is such a PERFECT conclusion to GoT. D&D have done a brilliant job.
                      The conclusion laid a foundation to the the end of an era of royals & royalty & beginning of another era - democracy & the rule of law.
                      And who best to usher this in - Bran - the philosopher king & a broken one, who has neither the desire nor the capability to further his royal ambition through biological perpetuation.
                      And so begins the new world order.
                      My compliments to the writers.

                      • Subhaan Ullah
                        Subhaan Ullah  5 months back

                        Tyrion had to kill cersei .
                        Jon and danerys relationship should have been more emotional to make dany death more emotional.
                        Jon kills dany .
                        Jaime kills night king but Jon has a fight scene with him before.
                        Cersei kills Jaime to show how mad she was.
                        Jon is king as Aegon targaryan of 7 kingdoms .
                        Missandei is alive but grey worm dies so none tries to stop Jon being king.
                        What I wanted to happen

                        But night king arc is not rushed as much and is spread over 3 episodes by the lannisters helping.

                        Another season would be better to carry on the game of thrones arc and Jon wins it but he is ruler of westeros not 7 kingdoms because the war with night king was so bad there was only little left. That's a better ending.

                        • Noman Maqsood
                          Noman Maqsood  5 months back

                          I think John snow will wait untill the kings landing is rebuilt than he will sneak in at night not telling and will kill the king and that's what I wud do.

                          • Noman Maqsood
                            Noman Maqsood  5 months back

                            I thought I'm the only one who feels they ruined everything I waited so long for all the 6 episodes were garbage compare to first 8 john snow didn't look happy back in winterfell

                            • Mightymaxter 8
                              Mightymaxter 8  6 months back

                              Gives a spoiler warning but then proceeds to but #JonkillsDany in the tag area of the video 😅👌

                              • Nathan Patch
                                Nathan Patch  6 months back

                                Final episode was fine, people had unrealistic expectations, so are crying like they do with star wars, now they are setting up stupid petitions, like they do with star wars, now they are pissed at the Game of Thrones showrunners because next they will be working on star wars. We need a meme seriously "crybabies, this is why we can't have nice things" please stop now! lol these dudes ran the most acclaimed show of all time you could argue and must be allowed to create again! Thankfully the internet is also occupied by calm people, some of which didn't like the last season and state their reasons but don't get angry about it which is great! Personally I don't have a problem what they did with any of the characters it all makes sense, the writers interpretations and seeds were planted both this and in earlier seasons. The whole season was fine, the final episode tied up the loose ends and character arcs, like the end of Return of the King. The end of Return of the King was slow don't forget, the last hr of a 3-4 hr film. The last episode of Game of Thrones is therefore being judged rather harshly if it were part of a movie it could be judged less harshly. No episode of Game of Thrones has been bad in my opinion just some are better than others but we live in a 10 or 0 culture, where things apparently are the best or just suck and people cry, get angry, outraged.

                                • Nathan Patch
                                  Nathan Patch  6 months back

                                  Thanks for the summary.

                                  • Zee D
                                    Zee D  6 months back

                                    There's going to be a MOVIE on the big screen! 🎥🎥🎥🎥😄😄😄😄 There will be a conclusion!

                                    • permeus2nd
                                      permeus2nd  6 months back

                                      1:45 im actually quite willing to go out on a limb and say no she doesn't and that everything that happens in this last season was all just a dream (whos dream i dont know) its the only way so much of it makes sense like how all of danny's riders are still alive even after we saw them all get killed? or do they want us to think the White walkers only knocked them out?

                                      and before anyone calls me a disgruntled fan ive only watched season 1 of GOT the rest i have kept an eye on and watched everyone pick it apart, and this last season was oddly wrieten to say the least.

                                      • epino derma
                                        epino derma  6 months back

                                        8 minutes wasted. Perfect Click baits example. Shame on you.

                                        • 19971nspireme
                                          19971nspireme  6 months back

                                          heres an explanation: EVERYONE IS A FUCKEN CRICTIC!! in some parts, it was explained.

                                          • Summer Tyme
                                            Summer Tyme  6 months back

                                            “Tyrion challenges the queens actions.”
                                            He thinks she’s a crazy murderous, yet feels free to challenge her openly sure in the knowledge that he will not be killed on the spot, like Varys...cuz... plot armor and D&D smoking the crack again?

                                            • Summer Tyme
                                              Summer Tyme  6 months back

                                              “She thanks her Dothraki blood riders” - who will now forget to avenge their murdered Khalisi, cuz....Jon Snow plot armor + D&D cocaine binge.

                                              • Summer Tyme
                                                Summer Tyme  6 months back

                                                Bran is the 3 Eyed Raven - and it is a good thing that the King is a creepy mind controlling demon who lives in the past and does not have f’ks to give, because....

                                                • Philip Dooley
                                                  Philip Dooley  6 months back

                                                  Unsubscribed. They did this "explain" shit for the last time

                                                  • Conan The Barbarian
                                                    Conan The Barbarian  6 months back

                                                    End is shit. End of story.
                                                    👎 💩 🚽

                                                    • Albert Cabrera Jr
                                                      Albert Cabrera Jr  6 months back

                                                      Explain all you want... it was A STUPID ENDING...
                                                      and in order to ERASE THIS STUPID ENDING IN MY MIND...
                                                      Im ganna watch AVENGERS ENDGAME AGAIN...
                                                      Like the old man said... "Avengers... AAASSEMBLE!!!"

                                                    • Dj DJ
                                                      Dj DJ  6 months back

                                                      What happened to the dornish

                                                      • Dr J
                                                        Dr J  6 months back

                                                        The Coles Notes for people that didn’t understand the obvious or can’t be bothered to watch it.

                                                        • Cats Meow
                                                          Cats Meow  6 months back

                                                          POSSIBLE SPOILERS*

                                                          all in all, it was a pretty great ending to the series. it's sad Daneryus fell to corruption like her father without realizing it, but it summed up a lot of things.

                                                          • T. S.
                                                            T. S.  6 months back

                                                            That was not an explanation!

                                                            • colliric
                                                              colliric  6 months back

                                                              Well WatchMojo kinda forgot the title of their video....

                                                              • King of nuclear fallout 33210

                                                                at least Lord of the rings had a good ending

                                                                • Brian Barlow
                                                                  Brian Barlow  6 months back

                                                                  The ending wasn’t that great, but does this mean Jon is King Beyond The Wall?

                                                                  • Summer Tyme
                                                                    Summer Tyme  6 months back

                                                                    He would have been killed by Grey Worm. Period. Rest is B$ TV writing at it’s worst.

                                                                • Clark C Phynics
                                                                  Clark C Phynics  6 months back

                                                                  I am the heir to the real world's largest iron & steel mining system. Steeped in its politics, I explain the ending of Game of Thrones. .

                                                                  • ankit bera
                                                                    ankit bera  6 months back

                                                                    That's is the worst writing.. isn't it a just recapping

                                                                    • Chris Sanderson
                                                                      Chris Sanderson  6 months back

                                                                      No, no, and noooo.. I’m offended

                                                                      • Kawika Lo
                                                                        Kawika Lo  6 months back

                                                                        Explained? Can you explain to me what you explained?

                                                                        • I am the Manager!
                                                                          I am the Manager!  6 months back

                                                                          Val = ygritte 2.0

                                                                          • Bleezerian
                                                                            Bleezerian  6 months back

                                                                            I just waste 9 minutes of my life

                                                                            • Pat Roch
                                                                              Pat Roch  6 months back

                                                                              Horrible, horrible ending! After eight seasons what a let down! Now this kingdom is ruled by a do nothing "bird boy" and a counsel of misfits who think creating a brothel is a main goal? The "imp of bad advice" is the kings hand? A smuggler and supporter of any would be kings on the counsel? Furthermore, a very nice "book worm" who has trouble killing anything bad? YIKES! I would have had Drogon take his mother (Daenerys) to a sacred dragon sanctuary and share his heart with her, thus bring her back to life. Then she creates her own army with the help of Drogon leading her to more dragon eggs. Payback is when the dragons reach adulthood. This dragon army unleashes fire on all those treasonous people that betrayed her especially John and Tyrion. It was a good show until the ending!

                                                                              • Obi-Wan Kenobi
                                                                                Obi-Wan Kenobi  6 months back

                                                                                I have a better explanation. The ending was just plain bad.

                                                                                • Ronnie Jørgensen
                                                                                  Ronnie Jørgensen  6 months back

                                                                                  Clickbait. Unsubbed.

                                                                                  • PrincessPonee
                                                                                    PrincessPonee  6 months back

                                                                                    Make a GOT movie reboot that rewrites all the crap ending.

                                                                                    • TerrestrialToker
                                                                                      TerrestrialToker  6 months back

                                                                                      Shit ending

                                                                                      • David Bramante
                                                                                        David Bramante  6 months back

                                                                                        We've filed a $10,000 lawsuit against HBO for the Game of Thrones Finale, because it was a Defective Product... visit for more info. Please donate for our legal cause to force HBO to respond. Like almost 2M fans, we want our time and money back from HBO… OR we want them to reshoot Season 8, Episode 6 and KING Jon Snow. Will you donate $25 max to help us? #GameofThrones #GameofThronesFinale

                                                                                        • Ryan Wilson
                                                                                          Ryan Wilson  6 months back

                                                                                          Who cares. Game of thrones is awful. All of it is bad.

                                                                                          • Hildeliza Martínez
                                                                                            Hildeliza Martínez  6 months back

                                                                                            Yeyeyeh i watched it... now explain please!