BRAN STARK is ICE DRAGON ?? Game of Thrones Season 7 Predictions !! THEORY


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    BBC GAMING  2 years back

    Bran will fuck danerys

    • Stegin Thadathil
      Stegin Thadathil  2 years back

      There is a chance for bran to control one dragon... and he is the reason for the tie up of Daenerys and Jon snow.. because only bran knows that they are same blood.. Lyanna stark is jons mom and they didnt tell who is the father. it should be any Targarean

      • Reiz Ibarrientos
        Reiz Ibarrientos  3 years back

        I love Bran! I will marry him and take him as my husband!

      • mattronimus
        mattronimus  3 years back

        aerys can't be the night king if jaime killed him.

        • Hell Rayza
          Hell Rayza  3 years back

          I love game of thrones!

          • Juice
            Juice  3 years back

            Happy Thursday:) Cool video!