PET SEMATARY Trailer # 2 (NEW 2019) Horror


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  • TheBananaBoater
    TheBananaBoater  4 weeks back


    After I watched this trailer I immediately regretted doing it as it spoiled basically the whole movie. I thought of the trailer maybe trying to lie to us (have Gage die instead of Ellie, not have Jud get killed) but after watching the movie I found out that was not the case. This trailer alone gave away basically the whole plot of the movie. There was a little bit of a twist at the end where everyone got killed which was a surprise, but apart from that this trailer gave away everything.

    • Benjámin Kurilla
      Benjámin Kurilla  4 months back

      So, opinions about this movie? I think it was bad. Real bad.

      • Richelle Sutherland
        Richelle Sutherland  4 months back

        Do another movie of a clown

        • Saber toy Kyle
          Saber toy Kyle  6 months back

          Omg what wrong with this kids

          • CagedLadie
            CagedLadie  3 months back

            Close resemblance of today's silly.

        • Scombs 654
          Scombs 654  6 months back

          Sometimes... dead is better

          • Gucci Kaye
            Gucci Kaye  6 months back

            Don’t like it he doesn’t have a Mainers accent

            • Jessica And toys
              Jessica And toys  7 months back

              I’ve whached the first film it was very scary at 1 part for me I want to see the new film but I am not old enough to see it

              • Nova Chamber
                Nova Chamber  7 months back

                the cat by th stairs would make a nice parody

                • Samantha Torres
                  Samantha Torres  7 months back

                  This has got nothing on the original

                  • Samantha Torres
                    Samantha Torres  6 months back

                    @Justin Noble The original is usually more greater than a the remake of it. I haven't seen the new one yet, but I do want to see it. I've read the book and watched the original, I'm wondering if this remake is just as good or not.

                  • Justin Noble
                    Justin Noble  6 months back

                    How so? I think the new one is better is every way. Have you seen it?

                • Felisa 72
                  Felisa 72  7 months back

                  I'm come here because the cat 💓

                  • Allen Piid
                    Allen Piid  7 months back

                    I will Steven king would reboot the number 2 also. And please make the part 3 I like know what happens to the little boy in the car

                    • Allen Piid
                      Allen Piid  7 months back

                      The new 0et sematary is good I love it very very sad it better then the old one .it was very very sad and very scary

                      • Schuran Hicks
                        Schuran Hicks  8 months back

                        What did the girl do to her back that look ew 😨😨

                        • CagedLadie
                          CagedLadie  3 months back

                          Diagro It is called spinal bifida, a birth defect that seems to be eradicated so to speak in the country now.

                        • Diagro
                          Diagro  6 months back

                          GJL11 beast Sorry but that question was answered a month ago...

                        • GJL11 beast
                          GJL11 beast  6 months back

                          It’s Zelda

                        • Diagro
                          Diagro  7 months back

                          Specter and Kiwi Sorry about that..

                        • Terry Hawkins
                          Terry Hawkins  7 months back

                          Schuran Hicks She has spinal meningitis !!

                      • Robynn Jeans
                        Robynn Jeans  8 months back

                        It’s fun to see the movie, from another point of view, which is if Ellie had died instead of Gage.

                        • Paul M. Gilbert
                          Paul M. Gilbert  8 months back

                          For those who have read the book, the movie is a waste of time and money. It's that simple.

                          • Cristian Bitan
                            Cristian Bitan  8 months back

                            Just a bad copy of the real Pet Sematary version 1989

                            • Adriana Parker
                              Adriana Parker  8 months back

                              Pet sematary Adriana Parker mask 2019 brand new Book

                              • Sean Bardwell
                                Sean Bardwell  9 months back

                                omg why do trailers give away everrrrrrything

                                • CagedLadie
                                  CagedLadie  3 months back

                                  Sean Bardwell Because stupid new generations see the movie and it's important to do stupid.

                                • Justin Noble
                                  Justin Noble  6 months back

                                  Changing the plot to have Ellie die was brilliant, and I am shocked that they gave that away in the trailer! That was the best secret.

                              • Raviscerator
                                Raviscerator  9 months back

                                Meh. It's missing the campy creepiness of the 89 movie. This looks more like a James Wan production.
                                Hard pass.

                                • Justin Noble
                                  Justin Noble  6 months back

                                  Yes, this one is better in every way. That ending!

                                • George Saad
                                  George Saad  9 months back

                                  The original is very cheesy that killing scene of Jud is just laughable I laughed my ass out when I saw it it was badly done 4/10 just like cheesy "IT" series 1992. The remake of IT was great and this will be better than the cheesy 1989

                              • AD H
                                AD H  9 months back

                                I hate remakes...but will reserve judgement till I check this out. I really hate remakes...

                                • Anastasia affirmations Sparks
                                  Anastasia affirmations Sparks  6 months back

                                  AD H~ I agree but I've seen a lot of good reviews on this remake and I think it might be worth watching

                                • George Saad
                                  George Saad  9 months back

                                  I love them when they fix a cheesy movie like the 1989 one , so I'm looking forward for this just like IT remake fixed the cheesy 1992 one

                              • mishaunique
                                mishaunique  9 months back

                                Bravo. Change the gender, and bam - you have a whole "new" movie. Another boring remake that we didn't need. *yay.*

                                • CagedLadie
                                  CagedLadie  3 months back

                                  mishaunique May I? Does it twice! Hey genius! Misspelled. No point in telling you to read a book with big words. Picture books work fine.

                                • CagedLadie
                                  CagedLadie  3 months back

                                  mishaunique sock puppets defending their love for fuzzies. Ignore them. They'll find other electronic way to feed the beast

                                • CagedLadie
                                  CagedLadie  3 months back

                                  mishaunique - how bout the new Pascow?

                                • Anastasia affirmations Sparks
                                  Anastasia affirmations Sparks  6 months back

                                  Can everyone settle this out, this is making me seem like a better example. Being a twelve year old that doesn't seem right to me. Also everyone has freedom of speech. Why are we argueing? I know I haven't read the whole thing but I've read enough to think that this is horrible. If someone has an oppinion let them have an oppinion. If you add more onto something you feel like isn't right, it will make things worse. I'm going for both sides of this argument

                                • Anastasia affirmations Sparks
                                  Anastasia affirmations Sparks  6 months back

                                  I'm twelve and what is going on?😂

                              • chongsfury
                                chongsfury  9 months back

                                So they're just swapping the brother for the sister, pretty much the same thing they do with remakes, just gender swap, or race swap, and BAM it's a whole nother movie.

                                • terrell lacour
                                  terrell lacour  2 months back

                                  Exactly!! Not a drop of creativity left in movies anymore....if they were black...make em white....if it was a he...make it a she....but keep everything else the same

                                • CagedLadie
                                  CagedLadie  3 months back

                                  Pascow too

                                • Justin Noble
                                  Justin Noble  6 months back

                                  Changing the story to have the girl die changes the whole dynamic. The movie is way darker, creepier, sadder, and the ending is brilliant. More different than the original than you would think, and Steven King himself loved the change.

                                • Veronica Smith
                                  Veronica Smith  9 months back

                                  It’s a remake - it’s supposed to basically be the same movie.

                                • Jake Voronkov
                                  Jake Voronkov  9 months back

                                  There seems to be other differences such as the location, what seems to be a cult surrounding it and this has better actors.

                              • Isaiah Christopher
                                Isaiah Christopher  9 months back

                                So the daughter dies ,and her Gage lives

                                Different form the original where to Gage dies and the daughter lives

                                • Jessica And toys
                                  Jessica And toys  7 months back

                                  Gage dies in the second film but he does last

                                • Nalcoln Nalcoln
                                  Nalcoln Nalcoln  7 months back

                                  Isaiah Christopher gage dies at the end of the movie

                              • Jayden Marvel
                                Jayden Marvel  9 months back


                                • PyschoSenpai Gaming
                                  PyschoSenpai Gaming  9 months back