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  • Danny V
    Danny V  2 weeks back

    Jack triggering all the B is for Build fans lol.

    • cwherls
      cwherls  4 days back

      He didn’t even bother to use a finished picture. Most of the other actually had finished shined up cars. But the burntucan gets a half built garage photo.

    • Daniel-Henri Sparmont
      Daniel-Henri Sparmont  1 weeks back

      As it’s been said I’m ok with the ls swap since the Lamborghini engine was burnt to begin with. The idea was to make a real version of an artist’s model which sounds good too. What I think happened is they just underestimated the amount of work they needed and went in way over their heads (for example trying to build the whole body out of carbon fibre themselves). Also they put looks over performance a few time (orientation of the turbos for instance). So overall a bit disappointed but hoping they won’t end it there and make it what it could be

    • HSB
      HSB  1 weeks back

      @Jaytube106 "Complete" is giving it too much credit

    • Jaytube106
      Jaytube106  1 weeks back

      At least show the car in its completed form.

    • Alcohol Free Reviews
      Alcohol Free Reviews  2 weeks back

      I followed the b build and was so disappointed by the end. The whole car was just rushed and in the end chris was just glueing everything. A shame because the original plans was cool.

  • BaggedF100
    BaggedF100  2 days back

    Hating on the C10? You’re outta your mind.

    • Jack Cecil
      Jack Cecil   14 hours back

      I like c10s. This one is just too 2010 for me. Needs some new tricks to play in today’s aftermarket. Nice truck though.

  • TaZ AfroSoul
    TaZ AfroSoul  2 days back

    Dude liked the "Hot Dog" looking bag of parts and HATED the first LS swapped manual stickshift "Huracan"

    On top of that he posted the work in progress photo of it...

    WTF BRO? I F#@* HATE THIS VIDEO. What a waste of view... I'm outta here

    • Doug Diff
      Doug Diff  2 days back

      Really tough to take seriously a guy who is using pictures and didn’t even attend the event.

      • Stephen Kaschula
        Stephen Kaschula  4 days back

        Jack please do something about your lighting

        • Edilberto Worre
          Edilberto Worre  4 days back

          Man B is for Build went all out I don't know what your talking about.

          • Tom Tucker
            Tom Tucker  5 days back

            I bet this guy drive a Honda Civic

            • Joaquin Patongan
              Joaquin Patongan  5 days back

              64k subs ew

              • Joaquin Patongan
                Joaquin Patongan  5 days back

                Stupid why not show the finished version

                • RUSH377
                  RUSH377  6 days back

                  Always find it funny how the reef tank and car hobby are connected. 2 expensive hobbies...

                  • Jorge Isaac
                    Jorge Isaac  6 days back

                    I won't lie that alot of those cars are not what I would do period, the only thing is I would never trash someone else hard work, everyone bjas diff taste, alot of the cars you claimed where the worse really were not that bad, just a diff style n taste that isn't yours, ppl like muscle cars,ppl like imports,ppl like bikes, but to call em the worst or ugly just not right but hey everyone has an opinion right??

                    • KING Joe Dirt
                      KING Joe Dirt  6 days back

                      Not sure why u hate so much...

                    • Valbon Dalipi
                      Valbon Dalipi  6 days back

                      No one gives a sh** about your opinion out here in YouTube so don‘t act like you know everything, keep it for yourself.
                      If they made it to SEMA means they had potential.

                      • Valbon Dalipi
                        Valbon Dalipi  5 days back

                        Yeah youre welcome for a thumbs down too 😁

                      • Jack Cecil
                        Jack Cecil   5 days back

                        Thanks for watching and leaving a comment!

                    • SovL:Remedy
                      SovL:Remedy  6 days back

                      B for Build lambo...Gotta agree, fkn Cringy as fk!

                      • Aditya Bandiwadekar
                        Aditya Bandiwadekar  6 days back

                        Jack before commenting on any of their builds just go through their builds n as far ik I have been following Chris bisforbuild from last sema n his lambo he will using it for drag racing so just the front end will attached n remaining panels will be removed for racing. Just to make it road legal those panels are placed..Just go through his videos n then talk....

                        • wldwst22
                          wldwst22  7 days back

                          So the worst category was just subjective. Not the worst worksmanship or poor quality. That's a fail. Gotta do better.

                          • Jack Cecil
                            Jack Cecil   7 days back

                            wldwst22 the best and worst are subjective. It’s an opinion.

                        • Nikolai P
                          Nikolai P  7 days back

                          no respect for people who use the word "r*tard*d". you should watch that man

                          • Billy Shields
                            Billy Shields  7 days back


                            • Jorge Isaac
                              Jorge Isaac  7 days back

                              Your lazy eye is an epic fail😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

                              • Jack Cecil
                                Jack Cecil   7 days back

                                Jorge Isaac had it my whole life. Doesn’t bother me 🤷‍♂️

                            • Cheerful Charlie
                              Cheerful Charlie  1 weeks back

                              Hey Jack, I love the fact that you have an opinion and aren't shy to share it. Whether anyone agrees with you is irrelevant. Bring it on!

                              • Stephen Brewer
                                Stephen Brewer  1 weeks back

                                That pic you showed of the b is for build lambo was not completed. Therefor is invalid. And the c10 I don’t care what year it is that is a timeless look.

                                • Matt Belding
                                  Matt Belding  1 weeks back

                                  Leave Chris alone.

                                • Alan Thompson
                                  Alan Thompson  1 weeks back

                                  The B is for Build car was awesome. Better then what you had there. Oh wait, you didn't. It also will eat then rice burners you seen to like.

                                  • Jack Cecil
                                    Jack Cecil   1 weeks back

                                    Alan Thompson my skyline would make B is for builds little toy into a B is for Bitch.

                                • infoslinger
                                  infoslinger  1 weeks back

                                  Companies showcase their their aftermarket parts at SEMA??? how dare they! lol cmon dude, its more than about being "innovative" in some respects. The Jeep was clean and showcased aftermarket parts. Big deal. The trucks too, I dont like them, but.... people like that chromed out shit.

                                  • Jack Cecil
                                    Jack Cecil   1 weeks back

                                    infoslinger at the end of the day thats why they’re at Sema and I’m sitting at home.

                                • Jaytube106
                                  Jaytube106  1 weeks back

                                  If you're gonna show the best cars in their finished state, you should do the same for the ones you think are the worst.
                                  Showing the LS-swapped Huracan in its incomplete/in-the-works form wasn't fair.

                                  • Jack Cecil
                                    Jack Cecil   1 weeks back

                                    Jaytube106 there’s plenty of finished video and pics you can see online.

                                • Adiel Molina
                                  Adiel Molina  1 weeks back

                                  Stop hating on b is for build

                                  • Jack Cecil
                                    Jack Cecil   1 weeks back

                                    Adiel Molina stop building half ass cars.

                                • Corey Ronzel
                                  Corey Ronzel  1 weeks back

                                  You need to open up your mind man

                                • joeeallenify
                                  joeeallenify  1 weeks back

                                  You have failed to understand the point of SEMA and should make sure you understand the purpose of a vehicle before you critique it. It is not an auto show with concept car builds. It is an industry show to showcase a product. The C10 for example was there to showcase the chassis (ie product) and its stance to the customer in a clear and inoffensive way. I would classify your "best" selections as horrendous stylistically, but understand they were built with a purpose and market in mind.

                                  • Rob Dahm
                                    Rob Dahm  1 weeks back


                                    • limitliss
                                      limitliss  6 days back

                                      By far the best of show. I hope my build ends up a 1/10 as cool when done. Can’t wait to see you take the first drive!

                                    • Jack Cecil
                                      Jack Cecil   1 weeks back


                                  • NS Sherlock
                                    NS Sherlock  1 weeks back

                                    Same reason you gave for "nothing new" with other cars ,the first RX7 is a DUD fail.generic ugly body kit,from 2000's.

                                    • Arely Nisa
                                      Arely Nisa  1 weeks back

                                      That’s why u have low sub lol judge people who work for their dream keep complain ur opinion bruhhh can u build a car with totaled lose damage car and make it happen 3/4 months

                                      • Jack Cecil
                                        Jack Cecil   1 weeks back

                                        Thanks for the view and comment!

                                    • Gladiator Gang
                                      Gladiator Gang  1 weeks back

                                      We actually filmed the “Jeep Rat Rod” leaving a hotel in DOWN TOWN LAS VEGAS after SEMA and driving down the strip, and by the way it is a right hand drive!

                                      • SoFlo Jeeping
                                        SoFlo Jeeping  1 weeks back

                                        Complaining about originality with the c10 but you put a supra. Newsflash: all of sema was supras. Not to mention the self tappers on the HKS car

                                        • infoslinger
                                          infoslinger  1 weeks back

                                          He actually jocked 2 of them supras in this review!! ...and then bags on Jeeps because it wasnt "innovative" enough, however he didnt mention any of the lifted Gladiator builds that were insane!!!

                                      • SubscribeToPewDiePie
                                        SubscribeToPewDiePie  1 weeks back

                                        You can judge peoples car once you build a car but that won’t happen because you have a camera from 2006

                                        • Grant Ellis
                                          Grant Ellis  1 weeks back

                                          Waste of time video!!!!

                                          • Grant Ellis
                                            Grant Ellis  1 weeks back

                                            Fair lady z okay

                                            • Daniel berthold
                                              Daniel berthold  1 weeks back

                                              I have to ask do u even know the story behind B is for build yes it’s a LS swap but it’s built for drag racing tell me how many manual 1000HP+ Lamborghini Hurricane out there and it would of been good to put a photo of it at Sema when it was completed 🤔
                                              So where’s your sema build ?

                                              • Pete Le Boydre
                                                Pete Le Boydre  1 weeks back

                                                I would tend to agree with this list there is nothing standout car's anymore.....

                                                • Kwabena Amoah
                                                  Kwabena Amoah  1 weeks back

                                                  Ur taste fr cars ix very very bad...... #BISFORBUILD

                                                  • leo pang
                                                    leo pang  1 weeks back

                                                    It is very easy to criticize but there is very much innovation and hard works done for" B for built" from a burnt car to finished inspired product

                                                    • Billy Rudd
                                                      Billy Rudd  1 weeks back

                                                      I was expecting you to pussyfoot the dislikes, boy was I wrong!

                                                      Had a solid laugh when you called that Jeep thing retarded, I thought the same when I saw it

                                                      • craig parrott
                                                        craig parrott  1 weeks back

                                                        SEMA is not a car show it's a industry trade show where companies are trying to sell their product a lot of the times they use over the top builds to attract attention to their booth if you've ever been to SEMA you would understand it

                                                        • andrew haynes
                                                          andrew haynes  1 weeks back


                                                          • Jon Jacinto
                                                            Jon Jacinto  1 weeks back

                                                            I think ur face is worst than b is for build. F ur channel dude

                                                            • sammichmanjr
                                                              sammichmanjr  1 weeks back

                                                              *Shows shit quality, super-pixelated, blown up thumbnail of "...this one I believe came from Hoonigan" from one of the most widely covered car shows of the year*

                                                              *later says "Come on man, it's 2019"*

                                                              • Josh Serrano
                                                                Josh Serrano  1 weeks back

                                                                I respect your opinion but others are going to get pissed lol ohwell...

                                                                • Jack Cecil
                                                                  Jack Cecil   1 weeks back

                                                                  Josh Serrano more thumbs up than thumbs down! I’ll take that as: “most liked it”.

                                                              • Sello Ashley Manamela
                                                                Sello Ashley Manamela  2 weeks back

                                                                you suck! if you were talking all that nonsense while you have your own build it would sound better. Otherwise you suck! The B is for Build pic is from back in the workshop why not put a complete project?

                                                                • Tardo 22
                                                                  Tardo 22  2 weeks back

                                                                  I completely agree with almost everything you've said. I think we all would love to see what you would do for a sema build.

                                                                  • Jack Cecil
                                                                    Jack Cecil   2 weeks back

                                                                    Tardo 22 if that ever happens i promise to let you know!