Marte, Young lead D-backs to a 9-2 victory | D-backs-Rangers Game Highlights 7/16/19


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  • Woody Stiewert
    Woody Stiewert  5 months back

    I actually saw this game as my first MLB game and besides my team losing it was a great experience

    • Jon Davis
      Jon Davis  5 months back

      I said this since April I got Arizona winning the NL to face the Astros

      • Rey Quinones
        Rey Quinones  5 months back

        Cron needs to get his Eyes check....

        • David Kaiser
          David Kaiser  5 months back

          As a Dodger fan, GO D-BACKS!!!

          • pete ocean
            pete ocean  5 months back

            Rooting from ALASKA! Let's go Diamondbacks.

            • Christian Hernandez
              Christian Hernandez  5 months back

              Make the playoffs dbacks

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                Go snakes

                • Brendan Villafane
                  Brendan Villafane  5 months back

                  I want to know if the d backs are selling or buying.

                  • Brendan Villafane
                    Brendan Villafane  5 months back

                    Mr. Strikeouts I know I’m a Yankees fan and their are rumors of him going to the Yankees and as a Yankees fan I don’t want him I want bumgarner

                  • El Yaqui
                    El Yaqui  5 months back

                    There’s a rumor that Robbie Ray is going to be trade

                • Denis_daily 56719
                  Denis_daily 56719  5 months back

                  Let's go D-Backs

                  • Greg Grimsley
                    Greg Grimsley  5 months back

                    If you can't beat Arizona at home with your "best" pitcher after a day off....well you better get ready to sell.

                    • Michael Lopez
                      Michael Lopez  5 months back

                      The Snakes win and lose and win again. What a strange year but at least they make it funner to watch them play than last year.

                      • Patricia Felix
                        Patricia Felix  5 months back

                        If young continues doing good and if Kelly steps up and are offense does decent we might make the playoffs

                        • Paul Louis
                          Paul Louis  5 months back

                          we just need a better bullpen

                        • El Yaqui
                          El Yaqui  5 months back

                          Really hope Torey Uses the same lineup today and maybe change Avila for Kelly

                      • GiveMeBleachPLZ
                        GiveMeBleachPLZ  5 months back

                        Young is the 🐐

                        • Diana Keller
                          Diana Keller  5 months back


                          • Mega
                            Mega  5 months back