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  • Ryan Lankford
    Ryan Lankford  1 days back


    • erick peterson
      erick peterson  3 days back

      NFL owners are garbage.

      • Justin Mix
        Justin Mix  4 days back

        That was a really strong argument against anyone still trying to say Cap wasn’t blackballed. His more recent behavior with the workouts and everything is pretty hard to defend, but nonetheless. I like to think I never miss a CP, but somehow this one slipped by me. And it was outstanding, per usual

        • Next To Nobody
          Next To Nobody  6 days back

          Kaep qbr went from 70s 2 years to 60s for 2 years then 40 for 2years. Imagine thinking he's worth the headache 😭🤣🤣🤣🤣

          • Edward Leas
            Edward Leas  1 weeks back

            Collin "I refuse to learn a dam thing about footwork and i can still get a shoe deal" Kaepernick

            • Edward Leas
              Edward Leas  1 weeks back

              That's pretty impressive if you stop and think about it

          • Zeke Pincus
            Zeke Pincus  2 weeks back

            He was 23rd in total qbr in 2016.
            That stat is the best stat available to rate quarterbacks. It takes into account all the reg stats plus sacks and fumbles and doesnt count garbage time as much.
            He has a 49.2 total qbr shich would be a passable backup but doesnt make him worth the media circus which would accompany him.

            • m3talh3ad123
              m3talh3ad123  7 days back

              QBR isn’t the best stat to go by when trying to paint the entire picture. It’s a decent summarization of how the QB performed, but doesn’t take into account the rest of the teams performance. Look at how many sacks were allowed that year, that’s not his fault and would certainly influence his individual performance.

          • Mike Viscome
            Mike Viscome  2 weeks back

            49ers were bad, but it wasn’t his fault?? Not even a little? 🤣🤣 you’re delusional

            • m3talh3ad123
              m3talh3ad123  7 days back

              Yep, totally his fault he was sacked 30+ times in 2016.

            • Ja'von Crowder
              Ja'von Crowder  2 weeks back

              You forgot how inept the coaching, management, and ownership after firing Harbaugh...

          • Jacob Barrett
            Jacob Barrett  2 weeks back

            You can be mediocre and still get signed but no one wants to sign someone and lose money

            • Thomas Killoy
              Thomas Killoy  2 weeks back

              I hope he get another chance, he deserves one.

              • jrfjosh
                jrfjosh  2 weeks back

                Where is your chart comparing distractions created for the team vs wins....
                That is the only stat needed for teams. There are plenty of QBs out there, he isn’t elite, he isn’t good enough to cause distractions all the time and still win. So he won’t be hired.

                • Lord Tachanka
                  Lord Tachanka  2 weeks back

                  Still was ranked at the bottom of all QB’s in his last season. So don’t care about all this garbage. He was low on the list and that’s it. Also the reason no one wants him is cause he’s bad publicity.

                  • Butter
                    Butter  2 weeks back

                    It's not that he can't get a job, it's that he doesn't want a job. Proof is the work out crap last week, he wants people talking about him but doesn't want to do the work.

                    • Mark Lavine
                      Mark Lavine  2 weeks back

                      Kaepernick brings drama to a team therefore isnt worth it, simple as that.

                      • Frederick0220
                        Frederick0220  2 weeks back

                        Exactly. He’s talented but a massive headache. He’s a narcissistic con artist and race pimp. He hasn’t experienced an ounce of oppression in his life

                    • Noah Stanfield
                      Noah Stanfield  2 weeks back

                      90.7 passer rating with a 49.5 QBR.
                      4/1 td-int ratio
                      3-16 record over 2 years

                    • My2Cents
                      My2Cents  3 weeks back

                      Much of your stats was before Kaep signed his big contract in 2014. Once the contract was signed, he stopped running and only focus on throwing. That was apparently his weakness. He was not a pocket QB, hence his demise. I would love to see your stats on him post 2014.

                      • Luke Shumney
                        Luke Shumney  3 weeks back

                        Cam Newton had just won MVP sooooo

                        • Walter Watson
                          Walter Watson  3 weeks back

                          Here's why no one wanted him:
                          1. Over 2015 and 2016, his numbers were barely better than BLAINE GABBARD (80 pass rating for Gabbard vs. 85 for Kap over those 2 years).
                          2. His win percentage was worse (Gabbard was 4-9, while Kap was 3-16).
                          3. Someone offered him a job (IIRC, Denver for 18 Million), but he didn't want it because he'd be a backup.

                          So, basically, some people were saying, "He's the football Messiah!" and the GMs replied, "He's not the Messiah! He's a very naughty boy!"

                          • knoxiscool
                            knoxiscool  2 weeks back

                            You cant blame a 3-16 record on a single player. Thats absolutely idiotic, and if you watched the video you'd know why.

                        • mike jones
                          mike jones  3 weeks back

                          And of all these quarterbacks there are only 1 who when given a chance for a private workout for nfl teams, changed the location at the last minute and will inevitably bkame it on the nfl.

                          • Dr Do-Little
                            Dr Do-Little  3 weeks back

                            I'll welcome him in Montréal. If he come to stay and want to have fun playing.
                            Even though we didn't always had good experience with NFL dropouts. I'll give him a chance.

                            • Sum Yungai
                              Sum Yungai  3 weeks back

                              If Kapernick would publicly disavow his biggest untruth, that systemic racism is rampant in the US, I would welcome him on my team. I don't really care about his stats.

                            • James Souders
                              James Souders  3 weeks back

                              in 2016 he literally failed to finish a game with 10 yds passing. I game in which he played 3 quarters of football. BLAINE GABBERT came in and performed much better against the same defense. Cherry pick stats all you want, but over his last 19 starts he won 3 games and was a bottom 5 QB in the NFL

                              • James Souders
                                James Souders  3 weeks back

                                5 of the games in that span he failed to have even 150yds passing!! That is how shitty of a QB he is!!

                            • 16ktsgamma
                              16ktsgamma  3 weeks back

                              Kaep will return. He was practicing in a HS field.

                              • R6 Clips
                                R6 Clips  3 weeks back

                                Anyone else here after Kaepernick workout?

                                • William McGlinchey
                                  William McGlinchey  3 weeks back

                                  That Jacoby Brisset shot hasn’t aged well

                                • Hmpppf
                                  Hmpppf  3 weeks back

                                  Greatest Quarterback on Earth and Aaron Rodgers? Did you smoke a whole bunch of crack before this?

                                  • Will Jackson
                                    Will Jackson  3 weeks back

                                    And we back

                                    • Rhinopocalypes
                                      Rhinopocalypes  3 weeks back

                                      I think him not getting signed is a combo of him being on a decline and political baggage.

                                      • KirbyforNarnia
                                        KirbyforNarnia  3 weeks back

                                        Came in my recommended the day of Kap’s news of a comeback.

                                      • strombada
                                        strombada  3 weeks back

                                        All it tells me when you're citing Kaepernick's passer rating (90.7) as his QBR (49.2) is that you don't know how to do proper research.

                                        At least you tried, I guess.

                                        • Bees Knees
                                          Bees Knees  3 weeks back

                                          I mean, your criticism doesn't really have any explanation backing it, and Bois has an entire video constructed to display his well formulated opinion.

                                          So yeah, he tried.

                                      • Cat Cat
                                        Cat Cat  3 weeks back

                                        49rs don’t need Kaepernick, Garoppolo carries them

                                        • Robert Michaels
                                          Robert Michaels  4 weeks back

                                          When you’re that good the league moves around you

                                          • Tim West
                                            Tim West  4 weeks back

                                            I really wish we couldve seen him in kyle's offense .It may have worked out for them getting jimmy but want an bad idea to dump a legit starter during a rebuild

                                            • Euan Hooper
                                              Euan Hooper  4 weeks back

                                              Aaron Rodgers is the best quarterback on earth I couldn’t have said it better myself

                                              • TheTeremaster
                                                TheTeremaster  1 months back

                                                Goff, Wentz, Brissett and Keeenum have all showed elite play to justify their playing time lmao

                                              • Henk van der Gaast
                                                Henk van der Gaast  1 months back

                                                I have always loved Kap since the second he hit the field. Man I wish I had a son who stands so high amongst his peers

                                                • Frederick0220
                                                  Frederick0220  2 weeks back

                                                  No you don’t. Krapernick is a narcissistic thug and race pimp covered in tattoos. Total con artist.

                                              • RTX
                                                RTX  1 months back

                                                He wore socks showing cops as pigs and praised Fidel Castro. And many other things. Which team wants that hot garbage attention? Zero

                                                • MRJ2012
                                                  MRJ2012  3 weeks back

                                                  And there are players who beat their significant others who got to stay in the nfl

                                              • Matt Brown
                                                Matt Brown  1 months back

                                                He was offered a job, his girlfriend chose to ruin that opportunity and thats why he is not in the league...kneeling didnt help but his big mouth chick is what hurt him the most...if kneeling got you kicked out of the league kenny stills would not still be playing.

                                                • Josh Moore
                                                  Josh Moore  1 months back

                                                  If he wanted to play he could of signed to multiple teams at the end of the day he can complain about the nfl owners n whatever but he didn’t want to play so he’s pretty much locked

                                                • Bonesaw
                                                  Bonesaw  1 months back

                                                  I think what this video fails to mention is that do teams think it's worth it to sign a mediocre qb that may piss off a lot of your fanbase and bring a circus that will inevitably follow him? I don't think people don't want to hire him because if his stance, people don't want to hire him because of the distraction it will cause.

                                                  AB is another example. Possibly a top 5 WR right now but he can't find a job because of the circus he is. Teams obviously have a tolerance level based on skill. If kap was as good as Rodgers, Brady or Wilson, he would be on a team now.

                                                  • Humble TreeStump
                                                    Humble TreeStump  3 weeks back

                                                    Teams are interested in AB but he's in legal trouble and that's why he's not signed. What are you talking about. Dude was on the Patriots before it came out he sexually assulted someone.

                                                  • Matthew B
                                                    Matthew B  4 weeks back

                                                    did you seriously compare him to AB?

                                                • Joey Kelly
                                                  Joey Kelly  1 months back

                                                  Who did Kaepernick lose his starting job to again?

                                                  • Johnny Slokes
                                                    Johnny Slokes  1 months back

                                                    What about his completion % are we just going to conviently forget about that? What about all the sacks he would take, no mention?

                                                    • Johnny Slokes
                                                      Johnny Slokes  3 weeks back

                                                      Dude got beat out by Blaine Gabbert 😂

                                                    • Johnny Slokes
                                                      Johnny Slokes  3 weeks back

                                                      @Bees Knees Niners were a joke the last 2 years he was there as well because they were 3-14 under him the last 2 years. Both trash

                                                    • Bees Knees
                                                      Bees Knees  3 weeks back

                                                      I mean, the 9ers were a joke when he left, so it's not exactly a perfect argument.

                                                    • Johnny Slokes
                                                      Johnny Slokes  4 weeks back

                                                      @Matthew B Sacks are a result of holding on to the ball too long which is something that Kap did far too often, he also didn't have a lightning fast release, he would a long wind up in his release which can also telegraph passes (something Kap did often)

                                                  • ThunderLips
                                                    ThunderLips  1 months back


                                                    • Mr. Bob
                                                      Mr. Bob  1 months back

                                                      Stats or no stats dude was a hype show. Easy to read and was done before he started. Didnt help he made everything about himself and not his team

                                                      • Harrison93996
                                                        Harrison93996  1 months back

                                                        Goes to show you shouldn’t disgrace the very nation that allows you to disgrace it

                                                        • Matthew B
                                                          Matthew B  4 weeks back

                                                          how did he disgrace the US. He used his platform to protest and effect change

                                                      • Joe White
                                                        Joe White  1 months back

                                                        Let's not talk about that POS Colin Kaepernick. You're pathetic.

                                                        • MRJ2012
                                                          MRJ2012  3 weeks back

                                                          You sound like a triggered snowflake

                                                        • Matthew B
                                                          Matthew B  4 weeks back

                                                          how is he a POS?

                                                      • NPC Kap #53-25
                                                        NPC Kap #53-25  1 months back

                                                        It seems like this video picked some specific stats and very cleverly compared them to certain people to make Kip seem better than he really was at that time. Plus he had a lot of activist baggage he would be bringing; I would think most teams would avoid that if they could.

                                                        • IrradiatedOne
                                                          IrradiatedOne  2 months back

                                                          It is too bad he picked that topic to go all in on. i mean there is no way he could of known, just going off what one side was telling him, but all of this (His protest, and the results from it) was not needed yet here we are.

                                                          • Alex Marshall
                                                            Alex Marshall  2 months back

                                                            So many idiots in the comments who never watched Kap play every week. Dude is ass