STOP using Nalgene Bottles | Better LIGHTWEIGHT options


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  • Ari S
    Ari S  2 weeks back

    Disagree respectfully. 95% protection is not enough when it comes to the most important thing you’re carrying with you. Plus, it has other uses other than carrying water the plastic bags don’t

    • Kevin Rowe
      Kevin Rowe  3 weeks back

      Nalgene has a collapsible plastic canteen.😁

      • Aaron Martin
        Aaron Martin  3 weeks back

        What jacket are you wearing? Been looking for one like yours for a while.

        • RadespotosR
          RadespotosR  4 weeks back

          Wow God we didn't know this kind of bottles! Know try boil water when you are out there to really disinfect water, cause your filter will just do it's best but not disinfect.
          People that use steel bottles usually dont go for 3 hours walk, for this we can use bottles of water which we can also use afterwards when empty 😁

          • thorsbeat
            thorsbeat  1 months back

            The most I carry depends on my trip. Two 48 oz nalgen. 1 2 lt cnoc a grayl filter. Sometimes I sun a stainless steel for a nalgen. A 900 ml cup always. That would be for a very long trek

            • Bluemuse182
              Bluemuse182  2 months back

              I use Hydrapak soft bladder bottles. They are fantastic

            • G.C. Gibson
              G.C. Gibson  2 months back

              Still won't last as long as a nalgene

              • matt john
                matt john  2 months back

                don't you tell me how to drink water, this is America... I use a lead canteen. The water is sweet.

                • Dominic 4
                  Dominic 4  2 months back

                  That’s awesome Andrew, I’ll have to look into this, cause I use a hard wall bottle at work and it’s banging against lots of stuff since I work currently in construction retail, are these soft wall bottles as durable as hard wall bottles or at least on par with them to an extent?

                  • Hhds
                    Hhds  2 months back

                    What's this liter crap. This its merica damn it we use gallons Andydrew 🇺🇸

                    • Jim
                      Jim  2 months back

                      Makes great sense. Great idea.

                      • Juan Olaguez
                        Juan Olaguez  2 months back

                        I want a nalgene now

                        • C Shader
                          C Shader  2 months back

                          I wanted to disagree with you but those last two bottles are awesome. A reason I always went with a Nalgene is because I want a top that’s large enough to fit a life-straw into. At camp it’s easy to filter but when you’re on the move it’s much easier to just fill a bottle with unfiltered stream water and drink with the life straw. Thanks for this, going to pick those up!

                          • C Shader
                            C Shader  2 months back

                            Only other good thing about the nalgenes are that it with the lines on the side it makes it much easier to measure water.

                        • Just Smy
                          Just Smy  2 months back

                          Are those bags BPA free?
                          How difficult are they to clean properly? thanks

                          • Chris Wright
                            Chris Wright  2 months back

                            Thanks for sharing. This is new to me.

                            • Rick Grimes
                              Rick Grimes  2 months back

                              These are some awesome options. But they do not fill all of the needs that a stainless steel, single wall bottle does.

                              But hey, you're talking hiking. You are not talking a survival situation or bushcrafting situation.

                              • Edward Sampson
                                Edward Sampson  2 months back

                                I tried to use them but they always end up with a little hole in them and after the third one I was like nah I think those are for people who go for hikes for just a few hours or biking were you go home after but we go hunting or scouting usually rough places and they just don't hold up in the truck or in the bush were your really down in the dirt, nice for a day pack though
                                or a haversack.

                                • Sean Sprinkle
                                  Sean Sprinkle  2 months back

                                  This actually solves a problem that I have. Thanks!!!👍

                                  • WoodenGlass
                                    WoodenGlass  2 months back

                                    Still loving the videos. Have any of these filters you'd like to show us or compare any in another video?

                                    • GY6outdoors
                                      GY6outdoors   2 months back

                                      I plan to. In time I will have countless videos on damn near everything in the market. Lots to do

                                  • Evan Temple
                                    Evan Temple  2 months back

                                    Seems to me companies have updated the traditional leather drinking bota.

                                    • Gold Daddy
                                      Gold Daddy  2 months back

                                      But I love my dare you try to dethrone our King.

                                      Haha lol jk. I have a 100 ounce (just over 3 L) Platypus bladder that I've had for years and years using it quite a bit and have never had a problem with it. I love it.

                                      • Danny Lial
                                        Danny Lial  2 months back

                                        Old smart water bottles. Lightweight and somewhat durable. Plus any Sawyer water filter screws right on.

                                        • GY6outdoors
                                          GY6outdoors   2 months back

                                          Still takes up a lot of room in your pack.

                                      • MANNY~EmberDim
                                        MANNY~EmberDim  2 months back

                                        I usually carry around a gallon bottle... But they may indeed be a tad more convenient! Thanks, Andrew!

                                        • GY6outdoors
                                          GY6outdoors   2 months back

                                          hahaha yeah just a tad, plus less likely to leak and pack down to next to nothing.

                                      • Taro' Xio
                                        Taro' Xio  2 months back

                                        This was enlightening, i just carry a bunch if water bottles around in a backpack and it puts a lot strain on my shoulders. Hiking is something i greatly enjoy.

                                        • Fire N Rosez
                                          Fire N Rosez  2 months back

                                          I can run over my Nalgene bottle, but you're right, it's bulky. It took me forever to trust the buying of one. I'll consider one of yours after I do a lot of research first...

                                          • GY6outdoors
                                            GY6outdoors   2 months back

                                            Well if you plan on getting run over in the woods, then bring that nalgene. LOL

                                        • neoaliphant
                                          neoaliphant  2 months back

                                          Great video, never liked nalgene bottles myself either. The main advantage is that there are a lot of metal cups that slide over the outside, and the wide mouth. The metal equivalent in size/shape, like the pathfinder bottle from Dave Canterbury, main advantage is you can boil water in it. Popular with a lot of bushcrafters. There are a lot of the cheaper roll up bottles in pound shop/dollar store, best bit i got from this video was to use a bottle as a seatpad/pillow. Awesome idea. Im getting a sawyer water filter soon, it connects to a lot of standard thread bottles and looks like it might connect to the 1st/2nd bottle, going to see if I can find this gear in the UK. Andrew for future videos you might want to get UK amazon affiliate links as well.
                                          My favourite bottle that I use is a 39 year old fisher price water bottle. 500ml, came as part of a childrens explorers kit when I was 5, and its still going strong, small version of US canteen but bright yellow! ive got value for money out of that one.

                                          • Jes i guess
                                            Jes i guess  2 months back

                                            disliked. I use a nalgene bottle as a backpack


                                          • Billy Abshier
                                            Billy Abshier  2 months back

                                            This a was a great, informative video. Think you have the basis for a good series of videos if you wanted to cover some other basic and/or weight saving tips. For example, best practices for a 2 hr hike for one video, best for a 2 day hike another. You're already covering the products; reframing it for a more general audience may get you more eyeballs.

                                            Think there's a balance you can find between hardcore enthusiast and mass appeal where everyone can learn something.

                                            • GY6outdoors
                                              GY6outdoors   2 months back

                                              Agreed, and they are already being filmed...there is a ton to do, and in time they will all be LIVE. THANK YOU for your support.

                                          • Kevin Noll
                                            Kevin Noll  2 months back

                                            I never liked the nalgene style bottles. They big and clunky. I've got a few collapsible ones myself. I can't stand things that waste so much space

                                            • GY6outdoors
                                              GY6outdoors   2 months back

                                              Yeah same here. Yeah the space saving aspect is HUGE!

                                          • Richard Stewart
                                            Richard Stewart  2 months back

                                            I've been backpacking for awhile now. Although I carry smart water bottles, nalgene bottles really don't weigh much. People are going overboard on this ultra lite weight shit. Yes I do believe you can cut weight in some areas but its getting outa hand. Ohh and after folding that collapsible bladder it will eventually crack or split

                                            • GY6outdoors
                                              GY6outdoors   2 months back

                                              Yes it isn't a ton of extra weight...but it still is UNNEEDED WEIGHT.  The main issue is how much room it takes up or bulk it adds to the outside of a pack. I've been backpacking and hiking for 28years...Bottles are a giant waste of space. 
                                                I haven't had any issues with cracking or splitting, that only may happen when you buy cheap crappy products.

                                          • TheReindeer TheRabbitTheBat

                                            Yeah, I do get pretty tired of haulin around clunky plastic jank. For some reason I still carry bottles 🤣... Very cool options 👍 thanks! Love the pillow idea.