Aang VS Captain Planet? | DEATH BATTLE Cast #137


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  • harvey jennings
    harvey jennings  1 months back


    • Brandon Prater
      Brandon Prater  2 months back

      13:25-13:55 I actually saw the movie before the series. Knowing little to nothing about the show, the movie only came off as "Shama-lame". It DID however make me wanna give the show a 2nd chance. And it's for that reason, & I can't believe I'm saying this, I'm... glad I saw the movie!😅👍

      • Damyen Hockman
        Damyen Hockman  2 months back

        So MARVEL PRESIDENTS of note: yes, Captain America was elected for President in the Ultimate Universe, but he did not run a campaign. Instead, people voted while watching Captain America fending off a natural disaster live. As for the craziest, as far as I'm aware that has to go to none other than Victor Von Doom, aka DR DOOM. In the 2099 universe, Dr Doom was besieged by the greed of big business, and decided to strike at their heart: America. Dr Doom waged a short but brutal hostile takeover of America, which ended with him declaring himself president. While President, Doom appointed the Punisher functionally head of military, hacked Ghost Rider to serve alongside him, and granted Hulk control of Hollywood. There may be more, but that's the heavy hitters. It should be noted that pre-Doom America was an absolutely terrible place to live for anyone who wasn't stupidly wealthy, and under President Doom the only dissidents were CEOs of the megacorps, and people too lazy to to ask what was happening before starting a rebellion.

        • Lucas Boyte
          Lucas Boyte  2 months back

          For your "literature based" character for a Death Battle, why not use Drizzt Do'Urden? Put him up against Legolas from LOTR or something. I know there are some artist renderings and some video game appearances, but not a lot of visual references for him. Definitely a good character to bring in for Death Battle.

          • Frankie Cedeno
            Frankie Cedeno  3 months back

            I can see a dark and gritty Blade movie would work during the five years after the Snap.

            • Nerd Of Games
              Nerd Of Games  3 months back

              I think it should be Kora Vs. Captain Planet as Kora's Powers are far more evolved than Angs. It would be a far more equally matched fight than Ang and Cap. And Kora could actually harm Captain Planet.

              • Fox Shock
                Fox Shock  3 months back

                "Enormous stomp"
                Uhh.... Let me get this straight: They don't want to do the matchup who is enormous stomp, yet, knowing that they use Captain Marvel vs Shazam, Weiss vs Mitsuru, Venom vs Bane, Darth Vader vs Dr. Doom, Aang vs Edward Elric, etc that was an obvious stomp, and yet they still doing this matchup?
                Am I missing something here...? 😕

                • Fox Shock
                  Fox Shock  2 months back

                  @PonmonofNuggetor Seriously??

                • PonmonofNuggetor
                  PonmonofNuggetor  2 months back

                  Some fights that might seem like stomps on paper (like Wolverine vs Raiden, Kirby vs Majin Buu and Ben 10 vs Green Lantern) seem like one character would stomp, but the other ends up on top. Death Battle doesn't know if a fight is gonna be a stomp until they analyse it. Most battles are just based on how similar the characters are, rather than how close they are in power

              • Ulquiorra Cifer
                Ulquiorra Cifer  3 months back

                Never been a fan of Korra, it had its moments of brilliance, but it also had a lot of plot weaknesses.

                • Spriteless Myself
                  Spriteless Myself  3 months back

                  Storm used to use her powers to make it rain, until she discovered she was stealing rain from elsewhere and causing another famine.

                  • John Thompson
                    John Thompson  3 months back

                    Beta ray bill played by sarah jessica parker :D

                    • Despoina Politou
                      Despoina Politou  3 months back

                      I believe Aang vs Captain Planet sounds a bit stupid

                      • Thapion
                        Thapion  3 months back

                        Desk should come back!

                        • Christian
                          Christian  3 months back

                          People keep suggesting saitama vs x character. The point of saitama is he doesn’t lose. He beats literally any physical entity. Powers that you would think would beat him, don’t. Telekinesis for example does not work on him. Saitama vs any physical character is a waste of time

                          • Marlo Zavalla
                            Marlo Zavalla  3 months back

                            Captain Planet vs Aang!!!

                            • Dragonfire111
                              Dragonfire111  3 months back

                              Foot soldiers VS Putties (power rangers)

                              • Eheroa
                                Eheroa  3 months back

                                Ok I’m not defending the movie but m Knight did love the show but he neglected so much of the movie he in turn focused on the kyoshi warriors and when he relised what happened he cut out all the kyoshi warriors and didn’t fix everything else

                                • GameShip
                                  GameShip  3 months back

                                  Yeah Sam hear again time to leave weird guy peace out

                                  • Marco Concepcion
                                    Marco Concepcion  3 months back

                                    Aizen vs Madara
                                    BOTH WEAR WHITE
                                    BOTH NOT FINAL BOSS
                                    BOTH TRY TO ACHIEVE TO BE GOD
                                    BOTH HAVE ILLUSION POWERS
                                    BOTH GOT BEATEN BY COLOR ORANGE

                                    • caesze
                                      caesze  3 months back

                                      crazy I remember posting last air bender vs captain planet last year and now they taking credit like they came up with that match

                                      • darcone9
                                        darcone9  3 months back

                                        How did sam watch iron man he could fix all power problems.

                                        • TheCrazydude17
                                          TheCrazydude17  3 months back


                                          Ben: "I don't want to do Aang live action because the only example we have"

                                          --flashes back to Shyamalabender--

                                          Ben: "...is coming. It's coming soon!" --wipes forehead--

                                          • Xavier Prime
                                            Xavier Prime  3 months back

                                            It would be nice to see Captain Planet go up against someone else.

                                            • Daniel Perez
                                              Daniel Perez  3 months back

                                              Db wishlist

                                              Vetto(black clover) vs nnoitra(bleach)
                                              Despair bringers who love to break their enemies before killing them.

                                              Clockwerk(sly) vs meta ridley(Nintendo)
                                              Giant monsters that killed the main character's parents and turned into robots.

                                              Tohru(mkdm) vs Sebastian(black butler)
                                              Servants with extrodinary powers and complete devotion to their masters.

                                              Last kusigari(red steel 2) vs Jonah hex(dc)
                                              Two of the deadliest and toughest cowboys of the West.

                                              Pearl(su) vs undyne(undertale)
                                              Spear weilders who have complete devotion to their causes.

                                              Garnet(su) vs antari(jetix)
                                              The second commanders of the team.

                                              Amethyst(su) vs whiplash(marvel)
                                              Whip users with extra powers to use with whips.

                                              Steven(su) vs star(svfe)
                                              Children with the destiny to change the world because of their heritage.

                                              Deku(mha) vs asta(black clover)
                                              Shonen protagonists born into a super powered world with no powers.

                                              Bakugo(mha) vs genos(opm)
                                              Blonde hot heads with the powers of explosions.

                                              Todoroki(mha) vs mars(black clover)
                                              Stoik duel weilders of different types of powers.

                                              Mineta(mha) vs purio(zatch bell)
                                              Wimps who use adhesives to fight.

                                              All might(mha) vs saitama(opm)
                                              The greatest heroes to ever exist in their world.

                                              Kickass(kickass) vs mumen rider(opm)
                                              Skinny heroes with a lot of heart but not much power.

                                              Atsuchi(bungou stray dogs) vs long(bloody roar)
                                              Heroes that can turn and use the power of the tiger.

                                              Chuya(bungou stray dogs) vs brago(zatch bell)
                                              Anti hero like character's that control gravity.

                                              Mento(dc) vs francis(bungou stray dogs)
                                              The richest people in the world who use money to get powers.

                                              Yusuke(yu yu hakasho) vs inuyasha(inuyasha)
                                              Demon killers who have demon blood themselves.

                                              Okuyasu(jjba) vs kuwabara(yu yu hakasho)
                                              Idiot best friends who can cut dimensions.

                                              Koichi(jjba) vs jiro(mha)
                                              Characters that use sound to fight.

                                              Josuke(jjba) vs yu(persona)
                                              High schoolers who stoped a serial killer from getting away.

                                              Grimlock(transformers) vs machindramon(digimon)
                                              Giant animal like machine battle.

                                              • Daniel Perez
                                                Daniel Perez  3 months back

                                                @Grant Strader same, I got it from deviantart honestly. Good place for db ideas.
                                                I also want puppetmon(digimon) vs sasori(naruto), beelzemon(digimon) vs bass(megaman.exe), and raremon(digimon) vs garbador(pokemon)

                                              • Grant Strader
                                                Grant Strader  3 months back

                                                I wanna see grimlock vs machinedramon

                                            • Isaac Bz
                                              Isaac Bz  3 months back

                                              You can justify superheros not saving the planet because for every hero that would save it. There is probably a villain that wants to destroy it. So if 8 hrs a day iceman spent his time trying to cool the planet. Then any flame villain or pollution villain could do the same.

                                              • Isaac Bz
                                                Isaac Bz  3 months back

                                                Brent Weeks' Night Angel trilogy could fight an assassins from assassins creed. Its a pretty good fantasy books about assassins. But they are magical

                                                • Beskad
                                                  Beskad  3 months back

                                                  Why not do Korra vs. Captain Planet? Similar power set, plus you don’t have to retread Aang’s analysis

                                                  • Curtis Luck
                                                    Curtis Luck  4 months back

                                                    Sepulchure vs superman Dragonfable vs DC

                                                    • BlueFlare19
                                                      BlueFlare19  4 months back

                                                      When it comes to book characters, I've been throwing Warrior Cats suggestions at the form for a while. Firestar (Warriors) vs Gin (Ginga NAgareboshi Gin) would be fun as hell, for one example I've previously put in the form

                                                      • Dastan Ohara
                                                        Dastan Ohara  4 months back

                                                        I agree with Ben on a spiritual level on the fate of the Avatar franchise. Legend of Korra had serious potential but clearly had problems with its writing, characters, and if was gonna get another season seeing as its predecessor was able to have 1 main antagonist through 3 seasons and Korra had a different antagonist each season.

                                                        • Star Blazer
                                                          Star Blazer  4 months back

                                                          they need to put Captain Planet in death battle at this point. There are so many reverences on him. Aang's bending and Thanos' infinity stones

                                                          • Ching-Ho Hunkin
                                                            Ching-Ho Hunkin  4 months back

                                                            Captain Planet vs. Lord Zedd or Lord Drakkon (evil Tommy Oliver with evil Power Rangers from an alternate timeline) or Rita Repulsa from Mighty Morphin Powers or Ansem from Kingdom Hearts or something. I don’t know 😋 haha.

                                                            • James Holbrook
                                                              James Holbrook  4 months back

                                                              I just clicked to so what an aang was

                                                              • Steven Qu
                                                                Steven Qu  4 months back

                                                                I guess it makes sense that Sam is the one most pissed that people with superpowers aren't helping out the common folk in any meaningful way. I think I remember one DBCast where he mentioned that he grew up homeless or something.

                                                                Also, he's extremely realistic and extremely right. If Storm had just done things like solve major problems like global warming and world hunger, she would have done far more for the mutant cause, with a much smaller risk of death. What the hell, comic book writers?

                                                                • Michael Banderet
                                                                  Michael Banderet  4 months back

                                                                  They made comics for the last airbender

                                                                  • KanishQ Quotes
                                                                    KanishQ Quotes  4 months back

                                                                    Anyone who thinks there should be Powerpuff girls vs some triad?

                                                                    Charlie's angels vs huey, duewy and Louie

                                                                    Also skeletor vs mumm ra

                                                                    Evil Lyn vs Bellatrix lestrange

                                                                    Lobo vs wolverine

                                                                    • The 84th Knight
                                                                      The 84th Knight  1 months back

                                                                      KanishQ Quotes powderpuff girls vs sonic knuckles and tails or shadow

                                                                  • KanishQ Quotes
                                                                    KanishQ Quotes  4 months back

                                                                    Captain planet would loose once avatar state comes to play
                                                                    Aang would disintegrate him
                                                                    Although maybe he would never die

                                                                    • Dragonfire111
                                                                      Dragonfire111  3 months back

                                                                      Captain Planet's speed & strength is beyond what Aang can do & clean elements water, earth, fire, air would only make him stronger

                                                                  • KanishQ Quotes
                                                                    KanishQ Quotes  4 months back

                                                                    I requested this years ago

                                                                    • Steven Qu
                                                                      Steven Qu  4 months back

                                                                      Whoa... apparently in the Marvel Comics, Stephen Colbert ran against Barack Obama for president. He won the popular vote, but lost the electoral vote... what.

                                                                      • EGSlatt0n 1222
                                                                        EGSlatt0n 1222  4 months back

                                                                        Please do Kenshiro vs. Saitama it seems like the perfect match up for the two

                                                                      • SSKIY KITFULT
                                                                        SSKIY KITFULT  4 months back

                                                                        Is that gaaaaydrad

                                                                        • kalphbeir
                                                                          kalphbeir  4 months back

                                                                          Honey also sells your shopping habits to advertisers.

                                                                          • I Don't Know?
                                                                            I Don't Know?  4 months back

                                                                            Sonic beat Metal Sonic, though

                                                                            • Charles Stebbins
                                                                              Charles Stebbins  4 months back

                                                                              Captain Planet is arguably the most powerful superhero ever created, with the most ridicules weakness ever conceived. He has all of the power of the planet itself, but can be defeated by litter. What a conundrum.

                                                                              • brandon miller
                                                                                brandon miller  4 months back

                                                                                i didt watch this last week chaos in my neigborhood no bs they found a head in a bag and some other people were trying to dope out a 19 yearold girl for prostitution the head in a bag heart stuff made me litteral laugh out lound thank you guys i knew these people

                                                                                • RokuroCarisu
                                                                                  RokuroCarisu  4 months back

                                                                                  "Heart" in Captain Planet actually has clear rules. As Ma-Ti's ring, it's telepathy and empathy. As a component of Captain Planet, it does that plus giving him a human mind to begin with. Captain Planet summoned without the heart ring would be an unthinking, unfeeling and uncontrolable force of nature.

                                                                                  • lászló nagy
                                                                                    lászló nagy  4 months back

                                                                                    Weiss vs Mitsuru? Who is they? They are trash!

                                                                                    • lászló nagy
                                                                                      lászló nagy  4 months back

                                                                                      Dragon Ball Z and Naruto is popular anime series. But why need other anime/manga episodes? They are trash!

                                                                                    • H3adHunt3r
                                                                                      H3adHunt3r  4 months back

                                                                                      I felt Aang vs. Edward was a very poor match choice, because they had no significant relevance to each other along with the fact the match was extremely imbalanced towards Aang's favor.
                                                                                      Even the Death Battle crew and nearly all fans predicted It was a guaranteed win for Aang the very moment they even announced this match was gonna happen.