UNDISPUTED | Shannon on Nick Bosa taunts Baker Mayfield, Oklahoma with sack celebration


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    MR_ CATMAN  1 months back

    Где террора, тероирис

    • Byron Hais
      Byron Hais  1 months back

      How the F**k do sane human beings continue to listen to this memory lane bulls**t skip reaching ass talking bout

      • Dmpsix
        Dmpsix  1 months back

        When I first heard Skip's animosity towards the Nick Boss celebration I immediately rolled my eyes

        But ... He actually had a good point that it wasn't payback to Baker, it was payback to the payback Baker gave them.

        That being said, 49ers still smashed on the Browns

        • Robert Cherry
          Robert Cherry  1 months back

          And that's the problem with revenge.

          Skip is FOS...Baker is FOS...ain't no getting even for Baker's bs...but Bosa's off to a good start.

          Buck Baker and anyone who rides with him.

          Bust His Ass Bosa!
          Keep Bustin his ass.