That brawl at Disneyland was embarrassing, sad and pathetic


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  • Boyce Watkins
    Boyce Watkins   4 months back

    I couldn't feel much of anything other than sadness watching a black man punch out his sister and mother.

    • SuperFromatoz
      SuperFromatoz  2 months back

      @Jamal Vines What do you want me to do?

    • Jamal Vines
      Jamal Vines  2 months back


    • truth2masses truthatlast
      truth2masses truthatlast  2 months back

      @P WHALES a d you know p whales? There was a Asian on this channel saying to his white masters, " this is why we don't allow too many to live in Korea!" " they are too violent!" P, these motherfuckers are fighting like cats and dogs (uncooked lol) over in China and Korea as we speak! These Asians nail shops are beating up black women like drinking water! Fuck these fisheating down syndrome looking motherfuckas!!!!

    • truth2masses truthatlast
      truth2masses truthatlast  2 months back

      @Jamal Vines TEEEEEEACH! JAMAL!!!!

    • P WHALES
      P WHALES  2 months back

      @truth2masses truthatlast , Thank You

  • Pauley Pavillion
    Pauley Pavillion  2 months back

    Asian and latinos watching this pathetic fight by blacks there at Disneyland think of blacks behaving like that since the 1970's.

    • KS
      KS  1 months back

      Yah I noticed the Latino watching even though he had his kid. The folks transfixed aren’t much better.

  • nunya dambiz
    nunya dambiz  2 months back

    Another example, so how is this embarrassing?

    • Omar Zuniga
      Omar Zuniga  2 months back

      Black men don’t cheat but they do beat

      • Cubefarmer Hkc
        Cubefarmer Hkc  3 months back

        You said it all. That happens more often than people think at theme parks.

        • Faith Barbie
          Faith Barbie  3 months back

          It is not subtle racism, it is mentality

          • Giuseppe Dion
            Giuseppe Dion  3 months back

            People like this shouldn’t be allowed to breed. They have the most children too.

            • Heloisa Tavares
              Heloisa Tavares  3 months back

              That is nothing to do white slavery.
              That is to do with black individuals

              • faxxess
                faxxess  3 months back

                Using profanity also makes you look stupid, especially when I children have access to you.

                • Buttercup
                  Buttercup  3 months back

                  bring back j*m cr*w.

                  • titii ti
                    titii ti  4 months back

                    IN my opinion, this video, of men, beating women, at Disneyland SHOULD NOT EXIST! . Just STOP THE FIGHT IMMEDIATELY. STOP IT.! WHY WASN'T 20 SECURITY ON THE SENCE IMMEDIATELY.?!!!!!!! WHY WASN'T THESE people surrounded by Security IMMEDIATELY? I don't get, why, this video, of people fighting, at Disneyland Exist.?

                    • Buttercup
                      Buttercup  3 months back

                      titii ti bring back j*m cr*w.

                  • g29er
                    g29er  4 months back

                    And yet this asshole still finds a way to blame white people. Take some responsibility and clean up your own shit.

                    • Buttercup
                      Buttercup  3 months back

                      g29er bring back j*m cr*w.

                  • Ms. Gutsy Mummy
                    Ms. Gutsy Mummy  4 months back

                    What blew my mind was when a female bystander started laughing when the mother got knocked to the ground. We, as a society, have become desensitized to human trauma.

                    • Buttercup
                      Buttercup  3 months back

                      Ms. Gutsy Mummy bring back j*m cr*w.

                  • Christine Kennedy
                    Christine Kennedy  4 months back

                    No one responds to the children wailing. They keep fighting. History will repeat itself. Grow up.

                    • clayton jackson
                      clayton jackson  4 months back

                      We got issues folks, she spat in the abuser's face as well. Disney world or not... THE PROBLEM STEMS FROM THE HOME!! WE GOT ISSUES. Our main issue is that we turn a blind eye to facts! We sure give people like Trump a reason to hate us every time..People gotta be more responsible..Parents esp. Too many fun babies. smh

                      • Buttercup
                        Buttercup  3 months back

                        clayton jackson bring back j*m cr*w.

                    • clayton jackson
                      clayton jackson  4 months back

                      We got issues folks, she spat in the abuser's face as well. Disney world or not... THE PROBLEM STEMS FROM THE HOME!! WE GOT ISSUES. Our main issue is that we turn a blind eye to facts! We sure give people like Trump a reason to hate us every time..People gotta be more responsible..Parents esp. Too many fun babies. smh

                      • shandclub
                        shandclub  4 months back

                        In my opinion your understanding is flawed.
                        1st the role of whites in conditioning Blacks to be hostile towards each other is minimal in comparison two black people wanting to kill other black to impress white.
                        Also it sounds as if you just want to be with the popular point of view going to jail does not make people afraid of guards. People kill guards in jail all the time.
                        I think you are overlooking the fact that American blacks more than any other black people are simply cowards
                        It is easier for them the beatdown their own then to defend them or even themselves

                        • Buttercup
                          Buttercup  3 months back

                          shandclub bring back j*m cr*w.

                      • DREY4400
                        DREY4400  4 months back

                        Just a sliver...

                        • Eagle1
                          Eagle1  4 months back

                          Black man punching a woman several times, seriously!!!????

                          • Shatonda Taylor
                            Shatonda Taylor  4 months back

                            Martin Luther King is rolling in his grave with the behavior we're displaying. Years of slavery, years of segregation and violence our ancestors our great grandparents have went through for us to have a better life, just spit on.

                            • Buttercup
                              Buttercup  3 months back

                              Shatonda Taylor bring back j*m cr*w.

                          • TheEprom101
                            TheEprom101  4 months back

                            I couldn't feel anything more than sadness after watching this video. It's a real shame this guy is consumed by false conspiracies. Do all of our races a huge favor and don't educate youth so the youth in America who want peace can get past this in the future.

                            • powerone1
                              powerone1  4 months back

                              Stop taking credit and blame for other people's behavior.

                              • Z Santis
                                Z Santis  4 months back

                                The truth is that the MOST black families are wonderful, loving families. This is the same as MOST white families. I promise we know it. But I think your point on the differences in racism in different countries is very interesting. Thank you for sharing that.

                                The real victims here are the kids. 💔

                                • Buttercup
                                  Buttercup  3 months back

                                  Z Santis bring back j*m cr*w.

                              • Specialized61
                                Specialized61  4 months back

                                God missing in one’s life. Lost souls.

                                • Dinner's Ready
                                  Dinner's Ready  4 months back

                                  Wow. Now it’s Disney’s fault? No. It’s the family’s fault.

                                  • Kelly Bright
                                    Kelly Bright  4 months back

                                    Can u help me get away from amerikkka

                                    • Buttercup
                                      Buttercup  3 months back

                                      Kelly Bright bring back j*m cr*w.

                                  • Kelly Bright
                                    Kelly Bright  4 months back

                                    They stand alone on this1 sorry...

                                    • Kelly Bright
                                      Kelly Bright  4 months back

                                      Yes thank them dam dummiez now the kkk really happy

                                      • Edward Amadeus Alexander
                                        Edward Amadeus Alexander  4 months back

                                        Please learn how to treat your women better elsewhere. Stay out of our developed, cultured and beautifully civilised countries. We’re just fine and dandy without your terrible culture and creed polluting our homes.

                                        • Tana Taylor
                                          Tana Taylor  4 months back

                                          Grow Up!

                                          • SELLA DREAM
                                            SELLA DREAM  4 months back

                                            an extreme embarrassment for the black culture; those individuals just set black PPl back further. Everytime we as black PPl show ourselves in a negative light it's another strike; black PPl let's do right.

                                            • U.S.M.C G.O.A.T
                                              U.S.M.C G.O.A.T  4 months back

                                              Fool! Don’t blame you all not getting along because of White people.. lol. Take responsibility for you own actions.

                                              • New Place In God
                                                New Place In God  4 months back


                                                • Alfredo Mio
                                                  Alfredo Mio  4 months back

                                                  Ah don't you love those #ADOS FOLKS. SOME #ADOS ARE DENOUNCING THEM THEM ALL OVER YOUTUBE. Where is Tariq, Tone, Yvette and Black truth when you need them. They know all about black behavior They are not my kind of blacks they say. When black folks sneeze—all black gets a cold. We are all group as one!! If the "LADY" spit on you±promise her a whipping when they get back to the house. A second spit however —Then its on! Yes my grandmother hits harder! Enough for Black #ADOS Unity and Bullsh!t! reparations will not fix this folks!

                                                  • JeevesReturns
                                                    JeevesReturns  4 months back

                                                    Color has nothing to do with it, it was an embarrassment for American culture.

                                                    • Chris H
                                                      Chris H  4 months back

                                                      Black London wtf? Hope you're talking about a power outage. Plantation shit??? Wow, I love that phrase I can't wait to use that from now on. That fight video brought tears to my eyes.................... Because I laughed so hard. I got to hand it to you, your race is hilarious.

                                                      • Mahalieka Robinson
                                                        Mahalieka Robinson  4 months back

                                                        I enjoy your videos, I really do however, the volume is always sooooo low.

                                                        • Shaunell Gl
                                                          Shaunell Gl  4 months back

                                                          Pain and trauma, perhaps. We do not know the back story; we do not know the root of the story. There are many people who look or appear "normal" but may have mental illness. Malcolm X - My people are sick...

                                                          • Michael Redd
                                                            Michael Redd  4 months back

                                                            its a conspiracy! the put goofy chip in his neck and filmed him.

                                                            • TRUTH.IS.HELLA. BITTER
                                                              TRUTH.IS.HELLA. BITTER  4 months back

                                                              TOON TOWN turned into....
                                                              NIGGA-VILLE in a quick second! 🙉

                                                              • Tana Taylor
                                                                Tana Taylor  4 months back

                                                                A REAL MAN Mr. James GUY is one who Knows WHO HE IS IN THE LORD!

                                                                • Silk Eotd
                                                                  Silk Eotd  4 months back

                                                                  I believe it was his sister and girlfriend, I didn't see anyone hit the mother although one person describing the scene said his gf might've accidentally done so when the mother drove her scooter into the midst of them.

                                                                  • Expendable4 H00
                                                                    Expendable4 H00  4 months back

                                                                    I bet the boy didn't have a father in his home. We watched that brawl and just laughed. Laughing at them and their disgraceful behavior.

                                                                    • Maxie 43 Rob
                                                                      Maxie 43 Rob  4 months back

                                                                      you want to talk but the only thing I'm reading is the fact that they're black what if they wasn't black then what would the comments be like what about their actions we know nothing about their background all we know is the way that they was acting oh and they black people we are our own worst enemy's

                                                                      • Maxie 43 Rob
                                                                        Maxie 43 Rob  4 months back

                                                                        They didn't embarrass me sorry they did it to themselves they don't represent me our my community. Black London lol you haven't been around a lot of positive black people in America

                                                                        • Queen Ahmeenah
                                                                          Queen Ahmeenah  4 months back

                                                                          First of all I believe that fight was fake and staged. Another, why do black people feel embarrassed by other black people's ignorance. Other races look at their race ignorance as individual stupidity, white people aren't sitting around feeling bad for other white people stupidity or wickedness.

                                                                          • Carl Miller
                                                                            Carl Miller  4 months back

                                                                            Boyce is tdump the orange baboon’s lapdog

                                                                            • HKN Lee
                                                                              HKN Lee  4 months back

                                                                              Maybe the guy in pink is schizophrenic..?? otherwise, I cannot understand the behavior. at all. I cannot even dare to imagine such.. gee.