Corn Pile Cleanup 2017


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  • Ömer Uysal
    Ömer Uysal  3 days back

    Hi everyone.☺ i am a farmer too from Turkey i am sharing in my farmer style life. I know i am a little farmer FOR NOW 😊 PLEASE SUPPORT ME IN YOUTUBE SUBSCRİBE MY CHANEL THANK YOU FOR EVERYTHİNK 🤗

    • Salah Mohmed
      Salah Mohmed  4 weeks back

      There is another way easier than that .look at the lost

      • JOAO HS
        JOAO HS  1 months back

        Iae seus p4u no cū

        • Hayden DeMichael
          Hayden DeMichael  2 months back

          great video

          • Mauro 1962
            Mauro 1962  2 months back

            La musica fa cagare

            • FarmerDrifter27
              FarmerDrifter27  2 months back

              Finish that bin make it huge and good luck.

              • Raquel Gontijo
                Raquel Gontijo  2 months back


                • jawanda jatt
                  jawanda jatt  3 months back

                  Why not the concrete floor

                  • Mazumder ibrahim Ali
                    Mazumder ibrahim Ali  3 months back


                    • Charlie Tanner
                      Charlie Tanner  3 months back

                      why not another bin ?

                      • Gene Dameier
                        Gene Dameier  2 months back

                        Charlie, I'm a viewer, not a Farmer, but living in Corn Country and talking to farmers, I think that Bins are expensive and if there is a bumper crop they store it under a big tarp. If it's a bad year, the bins will be enough.

                    • Stu Pid
                      Stu Pid  3 months back

                      Don’t understand why you move it from your outside bin to grain bin. Why all the extra work.

                      • Sharon Miller
                        Sharon Miller  4 months back

                        why do double work shouldnt you just load the trucks and sell the corn instead of selling the corn in the bin and doing the transfer then doubling back to refill

                        • Hayden Byars
                          Hayden Byars   4 months back

                          We hauled out the corn in the bin first. Then while we had a window of good weather we put the piled corn back in the bin so we don’t have to worry about cleaning it up while we are busy later and so we don’t have any spoiling problems. Also, We would have had to hire a bunch of trucks to get it cleaned up in a timely manner. Once it’s in the bin we can just haul a little along as we would like.

                      • James Mc Mahon
                        James Mc Mahon  4 months back

                        How do you get the dirt and thresh out of the corn

                        • oliver mansfield
                          oliver mansfield  4 months back

                          1m views and less than 200 comments

                          • امان اللّٰہ خان

                            I loved this work and techniques.

                            • wimpyfarmkid12
                              wimpyfarmkid12  5 months back

                              The semi is ugly

                              • Leo Bardenhagen
                                Leo Bardenhagen  6 months back

                                Nice video but the music is enoing😂

                                • Excellent Lord God
                                  Excellent Lord God  7 months back

                                  I'm curious why you guys couldn't put another bin auger in the ring once you had some room for it and auger a huge share of the corn that way? Just curious is all

                                  • Excellent Lord God
                                    Excellent Lord God  7 months back

                                    @Ryan Bbew oh ok that's cool thanks for the reply. I really don't know much about it. My experience with this stuff is from way back in 94 and it was at grain elevator in north central Texas. We only had single walking bin sweeps. That's basically why I asked.

                                  • Ryan Bbew
                                    Ryan Bbew  7 months back

                                    Excellent Lord God Thats what we do. electric augers. we put 4 in thru the sides. takes a bit but less hassle and works. less cleanup than just 1 in center.

                                • Suraj Singh
                                  Suraj Singh  7 months back


                                  • LowJack187
                                    LowJack187  8 months back

                                    You need one of these.

                                    • Mike D
                                      Mike D  8 months back

                                      What's the point in making a stock pile, then transferring to silos? Why didn't it just go straight into the silo at harvest?

                                      • Mike D
                                        Mike D  8 months back

                                        @Hayden Byars ok thanks. How many more bins would you need to hold all the extra grain and what would be the approximate cost

                                      • Mike D
                                        Mike D  8 months back

                                        @Hayden Byars ok thanks. How many more bins would you need to hold all the extra grain and what would be the approximate cost

                                      • Hayden Byars
                                        Hayden Byars   8 months back

                                        The bin was filled at harvest also, we emptied it through the winter and then used it to get the pile picked up while the weather was nice.

                                    • Henrik Krogsgaard
                                      Henrik Krogsgaard  10 months back

                                      could possibly be done with a grain vac, and save a lot of man hours and fuel, but is an impressive operation

                                      • Hayden Byars
                                        Hayden Byars   10 months back

                                        Henrik Krogsgaard We actually used a grain vac the first time we did the pile. I didn’t get any footage of it that year. But we decided after using the trachoe that we thought it was easier to use it instead of moving and setting up the vac all the time. I guess it’s just our personal preference.

                                    • James Adams
                                      James Adams  10 months back

                                      Can't just have a video about grain being loaded without some friggin rock song in the background

                                      • Sheri Olson
                                        Sheri Olson  11 months back

                                        Just a thought. Why didn’t yaw just run a long rope across to the other side and peal it back across top with out risking tearing the tarp ?

                                        • Hayden Byars
                                          Hayden Byars   10 months back

                                          Sheri Olson Thats not a bad idea! Probably would have pulled easier! But this tarp is only good for one year. We never planned on using it again so I guess it didn’t matter if we tore it. The mice like to chew holes in it. We have always just bought a new tarp for each pile.

                                      • Elber Rodrigues
                                        Elber Rodrigues  11 months back

                                        É no quesito armazenagem dos grãos nos aqui do Brasil estamos bem a frente de vocês, ao menos nas grandes e medias propriedades.

                                        • Paulwilly 420
                                          Paulwilly 420  11 months back

                                          Y is the bucket the wrong way round on the digger

                                          • Xtreme Vision
                                            Xtreme Vision  12 months back

                                            What about the dirt in the circle. Just wondering how it gets processed away from the corn.

                                            • Christian Valent
                                              Christian Valent  7 months back

                                              Yeah I thought the same. It would be easier with a concrete floor for sure.

                                          • Allan Love Jr
                                            Allan Love Jr  12 months back

                                            So much corn.

                                            • 1001Silver
                                              1001Silver  12 months back

                                              dont understand the Unit of measurement bushel ? how much is that in tons ?

                                              • jimW133
                                                jimW133  2 months back

                                                a measure of capacity equal to 64 US pints (equivalent to 35.2 litres), used for dry goods

                                            • Brendin Folkes
                                              Brendin Folkes  1 years back

                                              Nice foo fighters music

                                              • Yure Drakovisc
                                                Yure Drakovisc  1 years back

                                                Pqp pq o cara não arruma uma moega para descarregamento de grãos, é muito mais barato

                                                • Juan Aldecoa
                                                  Juan Aldecoa  1 years back

                                                  cual es el método del elevador al silo?

                                                  • Soul Collector
                                                    Soul Collector  1 years back

                                                    HAHAHAHA Bob Cat is so funny spinning around :D

                                                    • TheLsgaming
                                                      TheLsgaming  1 years back

                                                      German farmer here, that has to be one of the dumbest things I've ever seen. Such a waste of time and that much dirt...

                                                      • Hayden Byars
                                                        Hayden Byars   1 years back

                                                        TheLsgaming I guess I disagree with you. Storing this corn instead of hauling it straight to the elevator at harvest paid us very well. It is a lot of work but we wouldn’t do it if it didn’t pay!

                                                    • Hikari
                                                      Hikari  1 years back

                                                      Ya know... I feel like you guys could get this done ALOT faster and efficiently if you took a page from a wood worker's workshop handbook... Build/make/buy/whatever a giant vacuum... Then you can just hook it to your machine there, or build a crane thing with a huge hose... That way it'll suck up all the corn and shoot it right into the truck/hopper.

                                                      • Mr Varus
                                                        Mr Varus  1 years back

                                                        Great video.And no crappy country music.Yey.

                                                        • richard perez
                                                          richard perez  1 years back

                                                          Lo del fondo pura mugre

                                                          • ЛПХ Бузмаков

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                                                            • Patrick Mahnic Barbosa
                                                              Patrick Mahnic Barbosa  1 years back

                                                              excellent work!!!!

                                                              • KISS ANDRAS
                                                                KISS ANDRAS  1 years back

                                                                What a wasteful thing you did there :)) . I'm not surprised , this is murika

                                                                • Иван Ершов
                                                                  Иван Ершов  1 years back

                                                                  Сразу видно забугорье на самую простую операцию столько техники

                                                                  • FishingCrafter Vlogs
                                                                    FishingCrafter Vlogs  1 years back

                                                                    Never seen an Excorvator bucket with it facing that way

                                                                    • Kaden Hauge
                                                                      Kaden Hauge  4 months back

                                                                      It’s not an excavator bucket it’s a loader bucket

                                                                  • chair362
                                                                    chair362  1 years back

                                                                    that excavator looks weird as shit with the bucket on backwards

                                                                    • paul sanders
                                                                      paul sanders  1 years back

                                                                      what a performance

                                                                      • James Barrett
                                                                        James Barrett  1 years back

                                                                        Why did they not use a crane

                                                                        • Next Vidzz
                                                                          Next Vidzz  2 years back

                                                                          Why not use vacuum?

                                                                          • Elmar R. Broemme
                                                                            Elmar R. Broemme  2 years back

                                                                            Ist das umständlich 🤔

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