Spider-Man Into the Spider-Verse Angry Reaction!


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  • Stumby Grimbo
    Stumby Grimbo  1 years back

    In Spider-Gwen's universe she got bit by the spider instead of her boyfriend Peter. In Peter's jealousy of Gwen's popularity as Spider-Woman he tries to give himself powers but instead becomes that universe's Lizard but ends up dying fighting Gwen. Also she's the drummer for her rock band, The Mary Janes

    • turbotrup96
      turbotrup96  11 months back

      @Kuma Kuma Kuma Bear ok, it seems you can't disagree with my example, so why are you continuing this nonsense?

    • Kuma Kuma Kuma Bear
      Kuma Kuma Kuma Bear  11 months back

      @turbotrup96 alright mr.holier-than-thou, you do you

    • turbotrup96
      turbotrup96  11 months back

      @Kuma Kuma Kuma Bear It's not my fault that so many people don't remember that, for example, when there's a comedic violence between the genders, it's very likely to be female on male. And Japan, oooh, Japan is the master in making such a situations, and you should know that seeing your prof pic.

    • Kuma Kuma Kuma Bear
      Kuma Kuma Kuma Bear  11 months back

      @turbotrup96 you know.. when almost EVERYONE is against you in the other side, don't cha think you might a LIIIITLE bit in the wrong side here? It's cringy seeing you flailing punches in the air and must importantly you sounded same like dem lunatic SJW.

    • Draconius Selvantius
      Draconius Selvantius  1 years back

      Milo WolfFace While I don't like it sometimes when writers change origins to certain characters, I do like Miles's origins in the PS4 game, or even the idea of him getting a transfusion from Peter. If I understand what your saying, makes it seem like Captain America left Peter to die, which isn't something Captain America would do unless for some reason Peter turned into a villain.

  • brandy shriver
    brandy shriver  5 days back

    Chromebook Into the Spiderverse

    • catherin moore
      catherin moore  7 months back

      Yes she did Peter try to help but turn in to the lizard and she have to kill them.

      • HoopleHeadUSA
        HoopleHeadUSA  8 months back

        I pretty much never give a Thumbs Down but this reaction deserves one.

        • Mike Warnke
          Mike Warnke  10 months back

          Trailer is alot of lies.

          • Mike Warnke
            Mike Warnke  10 months back

            Just saw this in theaters, very good!

            • lhalls9116
              lhalls9116  10 months back

              You didnt know about gwen..spidergirl

              • Bradmyr
                Bradmyr  10 months back

                Disney XD's spider-verse was never as satisfying as this!

                • Terry Brown
                  Terry Brown  10 months back

                  Read the comics and maybe you would understand.....

                  • Uncle Rico
                    Uncle Rico  10 months back

                    I'm from the future and I can confirm, this movie is badass.

                    • Taylor Cook Jr
                      Taylor Cook Jr  10 months back

                      Damn, I'm starting to feel as though Joe and other Joe aren't that knowledgeable on the subject matter in which they review at times. Dude, it's Peter Porker AKA Spider Hamm... Duh?. But hey, I still love you guys.

                      • Carsten Edison
                        Carsten Edison  10 months back

                        LOL this movie looks terrible, looks like terrible writing, and the animation is like 10 fps "on purpose" i think they are just cheap asses because it would coost 5x more to make 5x the frames,

                      • Sodium Chloride
                        Sodium Chloride  11 months back

                        Whatever happened to Spider-Woman btw? Im like 90% sure thats not Gwen... (but what do I know I work in McSpankies) I'm just wondering if shes even talked about anymore.

                        • TheBrownTown007
                          TheBrownTown007  11 months back

                          It's not a pig, it's a Spider who was bit by a radioactive pig.

                          • Kilven Coleman
                            Kilven Coleman  11 months back

                            It’s a comic book movie, they will move like they are in a comic book

                            • Faizal Azlan
                              Faizal Azlan  11 months back

                              dude the movie is so damn good looking forward to see your review on spiderman

                              • murat karakuş
                                murat karakuş  11 months back

                                Lack of knowledge about spider man lore and comics ruins this reaction...

                                • sudha bhatt
                                  sudha bhatt  8 months back

                                  They are not dudes. They are the angryjoeshow. I am pretty sure this is Ur first time watching this channel.

                                • Kilven Coleman
                                  Kilven Coleman  11 months back

                                  murat karakuş thank you these dudes don’t know nothing

                              • Jesse A
                                Jesse A  11 months back

                                This and Big Hero 6 should send a message to Marvel that "Hey! Animation can be good!"

                                • Kristian Bullard
                                  Kristian Bullard  11 months back

                                  Joe, read more comic books!

                                  • Ok
                                    Ok  12 months back

                                    Movie looks like some shoved in left wing communist SJW bullshit

                                    • Chammangon TRIGGERED
                                      Chammangon TRIGGERED  12 months back

                                      Spiderham was a spider that got bit by a radioactive pig

                                      • hisoka senpai
                                        hisoka senpai  12 months back


                                        • Rick Lugo
                                          Rick Lugo  12 months back

                                          Joe for casual readers i understand the confusion about all these characters but to dedicated readers these characters have been out for years.

                                          • watermellon pussy
                                            watermellon pussy  12 months back

                                            How is it too much its alternate dimensions, thats why its the same characters but swapped positions. It probably just comes off as too much because its so left field for anyone who hasnt read the comic.

                                            • Sik Wik
                                              Sik Wik  1 years back

                                              Ok so i never, EVER, EVERRR! disagree with you guys but this time i have to say, Other Joe is a complete...FUCKING...RITARD! He sounds like a dumb ass speaking about shit he has no knowledge of. Go hit the gym instead you fuckin' numb nuts. It's Spider-HAM not Spider-Pig you piece of shit. Know your characters before you open your meat-hole. Anyway great videos AJ and keep up the great work! Been fuckin' with your videos since 2010 and I love all your content. Peace! Fuck you Other Joe.

                                              • Andrew Cooper
                                                Andrew Cooper  1 years back

                                                It’s SPIDER-HAM!!!!!

                                                • Sweet Emotion
                                                  Sweet Emotion  1 years back

                                                  Lol! It's"Spider-Ham"SMDH! XD

                                                  • Jackson Gemmell
                                                    Jackson Gemmell  1 years back

                                                    Marvel has always sucked with animation? Avengers earth mightiest heroes much? Spectacular spider man much?

                                                    • knowpainnow
                                                      knowpainnow  1 years back

                                                      Can we get a flash game like Arkham or ps4 spiderman

                                                      • Johno Daz
                                                        Johno Daz  1 years back

                                                        Very good reaction video AJ n OJ. This Spiddy film is gonna be dope :-D.

                                                        • reptomicus
                                                          reptomicus  1 years back

                                                          It's not dropped frames, it's the omission of motion blur.

                                                          • random dude26
                                                            random dude26  1 years back

                                                            You missed Wilson Fisk

                                                            • ArcDragoon
                                                              ArcDragoon  1 years back

                                                              Spider-Ham, Peter Porker, was a regular spider who was bit by a radioactive pig.

                                                              Spider-Gwen, Ghost Spider, is an alternate universe where Gwen was bitten by the spider and not Peter. She became a super hero and Peter became The Lizard out of jealousy.

                                                              Miles Morales, originally existed along side with the Ultimate Spider-Man Peter Parker. Miles came into contact with a spider that Oscorp had been experimenting on. When Peter dies in the Ultimate universe, Miles takes up the mantle after Aunt May gives him Peter's web shooters. And then to further cement the passing of the torch, there is an arc where the main continuity 616 Peter Parker enters the Ultimate universe and tells Miles that he's proud of him doing what he does as Spider-Man. Though, it seems like this version of Miles comes from a universe without Peter Parker.

                                                              Peni Parker, anime girl Spider-girl, is from a universe where she pilots the SP//dr mecha suit. The mecha suit is piloted by her and the AI/CPU is processed via a radioactive spider.

                                                              Spider-Man Noir, voiced by Nicolas Cage, is Peter Parker who was bit by a spider that was held within an ancient spider god statue that gave him mystical spider powers.

                                                              This version of Peter Parker seems more line with the recent Insomniac Spider-Man. He's older and makes a bunch of mentions that look like Sam Raimi's Spider-Man.

                                                              • Handi Cui
                                                                Handi Cui  1 years back

                                                                Joe how do you not know about Spider-Gwen lol her series has been running famously and for YEARS!

                                                                • Michael Lee
                                                                  Michael Lee  1 years back

                                                                  "Come on guys its spider ham not spider pig The Simpsons didn't come with it first" come on guys we all know you guys didn't know about him either until you started looking him up after this trailer. Dont sit there and tell me you thought he was better and cooler than Peter or Miles give me a break. Btw this movie looks cool as hell

                                                                  • Mike Lopez
                                                                    Mike Lopez  1 years back

                                                                    Too much!? Well I think this video has too much Joe.

                                                                    • Game Hunter
                                                                      Game Hunter  1 years back

                                                                      I hope they tease the inheritors cause those guys were brutal

                                                                      • Spike Speigel
                                                                        Spike Speigel  1 years back

                                                                        This looks atrocious. Animation is choppy and outdated, honestly the worst animation I've seen in a several years. Looks really juvenile but I guess it's target is kids.

                                                                        • Spike Speigel
                                                                          Spike Speigel  1 years back

                                                                          @halogeak12 I always wonder if trolls like you realize how pathetic you are.

                                                                        • halogeak12
                                                                          halogeak12  1 years back

                                                                          @Spike Speigel lol too easy kid

                                                                        • Spike Speigel
                                                                          Spike Speigel  1 years back

                                                                          @halogeak12 Yeah that's flat-out wrong. You must not know much about anime

                                                                        • halogeak12
                                                                          halogeak12  1 years back

                                                                          no anime is for kids ;p

                                                                      • The Tempting Urge
                                                                        The Tempting Urge  1 years back

                                                                        Might be the Sinister Six to coincide with the six Spiders. Also fits the 1602 Spider-verse story.

                                                                        • Liquid James
                                                                          Liquid James  1 years back

                                                                          Im gonna be having a blaaaast watching this.

                                                                          • MoveSpammerGuy team7colors

                                                                            Peter Porker AKA Spider-Ham. Same story as the original but pigs evolved into people. Spider-Gwen was bitten by an alien spider.

                                                                            • Darien Darkhouse
                                                                              Darien Darkhouse  1 years back

                                                                              It's not "too much", it's Spider-Verse. The key of the Spider-Verse comics is that alternate reality versions of "Spider-MAn" come together to face a powerful threat.
                                                                              It's closer to the comics than what you expected, but it's not too much.
                                                                              And his name is Spider-Ham. He's a real character.

                                                                              • man316420
                                                                                man316420  1 years back

                                                                                Marvel is taking animation now

                                                                                • Ahmad Kamran
                                                                                  Ahmad Kamran  1 years back

                                                                                  This is isn't Marvel dumbass it's Sony

                                                                                  • Kamui_revenger
                                                                                    Kamui_revenger  1 years back

                                                                                    Well you can't call this movie spiderman into the spider-verse without the other spidermans it wouldn't quite work with just focusing on miles the whole movie if they did that it wouldn't be spiderman into the spider-verse if you mention the spider-verse in the title ypu should expect other spidermans

                                                                                    • Cokeboy53
                                                                                      Cokeboy53  1 years back

                                                                                      10:20 it could be Miles' evil uncle, the Prowler. He caused Miles to get bit in the first place after he stole the spider from oscorp

                                                                                      • sfritts10
                                                                                        sfritts10  1 years back

                                                                                        Cokeboy53 yeah it’s definitely Prowler ☺️

                                                                                    • Cokeboy53
                                                                                      Cokeboy53  1 years back

                                                                                      To be fair, this is WAAAAY less spider people than the actual Spider-Verse comic event (which was awesome btw go read it). Also, every spider person shown was in the Spider verse comics.

                                                                                      • RogueEagle
                                                                                        RogueEagle  1 years back

                                                                                        Its being made and distributed by Sony not Marvel..
                                                                                        Marvel still can't make animations good i guess.