Adventure Time/Brawlhalla Crossover: Ubisoft E3 2019 Trailer | Live Reaction | MY BOYS!!!


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  • justin
    justin   5 months back


    • GodHero25
      GodHero25  5 months back

      Why is everyone expecting rayman? Somebody give me context of why people want rayman or something?

      • justin
        justin   5 months back

        Because the last two Raymond games were awesome.

    • Evan Ricerdson
      Evan Ricerdson  5 months back

      Adventure time is the best cartoon 🧒🐶🗡

      • Ribbit
        Ribbit  5 months back

        Its not the last of Finn & Jake

        • FairlyFickle
          FairlyFickle  5 months back

          HELL YES

          • KeyStorm 8359570
            KeyStorm 8359570  5 months back


            • OOM- 32
              OOM- 32  5 months back

              Finally some good use of AT characters. Goddamit, they only used them for lego dimensions before.

              • justin
                justin   5 months back

                For real honestly

            • CrashBandicootFan100
              CrashBandicootFan100  5 months back

              Kinda wonky they used some references out of context-
              Besides that: YES! Glad this show still has some blood pumping, hope there's gonna be more AT stuff like this in the future.

              • justin
                justin   5 months back

                Honestly same here!

            • EvanAdvent
              EvanAdvent  5 months back

              No Marceline? Unplayable!

              • GodHero25
                GodHero25  5 months back

                Marceline maybe an old character but the oldest ones are really finn, jake, and bubblegum