Trump Impeachment Hearings Day 3 — Live | NowThis


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  • Barbara Goerlitz
    Barbara Goerlitz  2 weeks back

    How can a chronic and habitual liar like Adam Schiff hold a security clearance? Various reasons exist for denial of a security clearance. Honesty, candor, and thoroughness are very important factors in the process of obtaining a security clearance.
    How can Adam Schiff practice law? Don't the rules of Professional Conduct apply to Adam Schiff?
    " Rules of Prof. Conduct"
    "A lawyer should use the law’s procedures only for legitimate purposes and not to harass or intimidate others.
    A lawyer should demonstrate respect for the legal system and for those who serve it, including judges, other lawyers and
    public officials."

    • UglyTruth
      UglyTruth  3 weeks back

      This is the great American justice at work. Anyone who is against that isn't an American and doesn't respect the constitution.

      • Maggie Garden
        Maggie Garden  3 weeks back

        Brave honorable man!!!

        • Prophet YouTube
          Prophet YouTube  3 weeks back

          Epstein didn’t kill himself! @CLINTON CARTEL

          • J R
            J R  3 weeks back

            Trump- "I could shoot someone on 5th Ave and still be supported". WHmm Epstein?? Points 5th Avenue on a map with his tiny fingers, wrong location.

        • Nate Spinney
          Nate Spinney  3 weeks back

          Vote TRUMP2020!! Dems treasonous abuse of power has gone on long enough. Keep this nation safe from communists. VOTE TRUMP2020

          • catalinacurio
            catalinacurio  3 weeks back

            Just think, trump was using Your hard earned money to blackmail another president to make Putin happy America! 😡😡😡

            • Demitria Grado
              Demitria Grado  3 weeks back

              catalinacurio absolutely I agree. I do not understand why more people do not see this simple fact. He has been laundering our money and he has committed treason. He is a Russian spy.