Lacey Baker on How the 2020 Olympics Could Change Skateboarding


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    ANTS ON MY WIENER  1 months back

    Ah no let's not have skateboarding get mixed into the cancerous identity politics k? Skateboarding has nothing to do with your political agenda and shame on anyone who wants to bring that into the sport.

    • Marina L
      Marina L  3 months back

      Someone can tell me were i can find the jacket please yooo thnk

      • Jack Newell
        Jack Newell  4 months back

        Such a legend.

        • Tudor Miller
          Tudor Miller  4 months back

          I'm already stoked about next year's Olympics. Just to see Lacey Baker there, would mean so much for females in skateboarding.

          • BobyMystic Sky Guardian
            BobyMystic Sky Guardian  5 months back

            IS she on testosteron or did she only cut her breasts? Its only a curious question . thankyou

            • Eumin Kong
              Eumin Kong  4 months back

              Ask her if you meet her in person...meanwhile I must ask how many tries did it take to backside tail 360 shuv out

            • Tudor Miller
              Tudor Miller  4 months back

              Dude! GenderQueer! Ever heard the term ?

          • Ripped Torn
            Ripped Torn  7 months back

            I love her . She's the fuckin best but i really dont want Skating in Olympics .

            • Tudor Miller
              Tudor Miller  4 months back

              Why ? How would having skateboarding at the Tokyo Olympics affect the culture of street skating ?

          • Jt Kirby
            Jt Kirby  7 months back

            Putting skating into the street league phase was bad enough now the Olympics? Its always been a very select group that was entirely rebellious and underground.. Never a sport.. Tisk tisk tisk..

            • Tudor Miller
              Tudor Miller  4 months back

              You could say that about most extreme sports. I know many BMXers were pissed when it was part of the London 2012 Olympics.

          • VGNSK8RQU33N
            VGNSK8RQU33N  1 years back

            👏👏👏👏👏 YES! Just YES!

            Meanwhile, laughing at the fragile cave "men" in the comments...

            • xxTh3B4ll3rxx
              xxTh3B4ll3rxx  1 years back

              it must be so much harder for "people like her" to do a kick flip, can't even imagine :,D

              • Chache
                Chache  1 years back


              • PeterBuddy
                PeterBuddy  1 years back

                No. Just no.