YouTube Deleted My Channel... (My Reaction)


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  • FaZe Rug
    FaZe Rug   2 weeks back

    this was the scariest moment of my LIFE.

    • Emmanuel Torres
      Emmanuel Torres  1 weeks back

      How did u post this

      DDANAO GT  2 weeks back

      U lost 3million subs have u noticed

      DDANAO GT  2 weeks back

      U lost 3million subscribers have u noticed?

    • JordNEdwardz
      JordNEdwardz  2 weeks back

      @soldiermaanSZN same bro.. I make youtube videos also, and there lit

    • raees hendricks
      raees hendricks  2 weeks back

      Faze rug is a g

  • JA MASTER Flex
    JA MASTER Flex  2 hours back


    • Navpreet Lubana
      Navpreet Lubana  5 hours back

      If your youtube channel is deleted how is this video on youtube just saying btw Love your vids rug for life faze up

      • Demarius Holiday
        Demarius Holiday  7 hours back

        Love your videos🥳

        • Jackson Nay
          Jackson Nay  8 hours back

          Markiplier actually made a video about people's YouTube's channel being terminated
          Glad it came back

          • Tyler Marrtinez
            Tyler Marrtinez  12 hours back

            I like how rug drives the car he GAVE to his mom 😂😂

            • OfficialJenae
              OfficialJenae  16 hours back

              “I’m gonna call my mom” Awwwwww!!! 😂💜 1:46

              • Elis Ivanova
                Elis Ivanova  23 hours back

                When brian cried i cried too

                • Elis Ivanova
                  Elis Ivanova  23 hours back

                  sad Brian - sad me
                  happy Brian - happy me🙂

                  • Elis Ivanova
                    Elis Ivanova  23 hours back

                    No one:
                    People in the comments:
                    - 👇👇🏻👇🏼👇🏽👇🏾👇🏿⬆️↗️➡️↘️⬇️↙️⬅️↖️

                    • Allanah Baldwin
                      Allanah Baldwin  1 days back

                      Ooo poor Brian

                      • Jdot Los
                        Jdot Los  1 days back

                        This is cap

                        • FeedGotcha
                          FeedGotcha  1 days back

                          YouTube : it’s just a prank bro

                          • joel thekid11
                            joel thekid11  1 days back


                            • Beasty Wilder
                              Beasty Wilder  1 days back

                              This is a suspensio. P.S it's just an update and then it comes back.

                              • Retropaganda
                                Retropaganda  2 days back

                                You've been triggered, and it's hilarious to watch. Next time, be autonomous: store your videos on private servers that no corporation can touch or delete. Reupload wherever you want. You can even host from your own video streaming servers. Don't let corporations control your speech, and be the internet yourself.

                                • TheBlue Gamer
                                  TheBlue Gamer  2 days back

                                  Your peen grows 7 inches
                                  Like to activate

                                  • Zachary Wilson
                                    Zachary Wilson  2 days back

                                    How did you post your video when it was terminated

                                    • Abodunrin Funmilayo
                                      Abodunrin Funmilayo  2 days back

                                      Who likes molly

                                      • Abodunrin Funmilayo
                                        Abodunrin Funmilayo  2 days back


                                        • Royal_ Sak
                                          Royal_ Sak  2 days back

                                          The dog is like wtf?!?!

                                          • Royal_ Sak
                                            Royal_ Sak  2 days back

                                            7:15 he started crying and I felt soooooo bad for him

                                            • Christopher Horlock
                                              Christopher Horlock  2 days back

                                              Feel sorry for the owe, it’s his main source of revenue so I would act the same.

                                              • jessa juan
                                                jessa juan  2 days back


                                                • FireNinja
                                                  FireNinja  2 days back

                                                  How are you uploading the video

                                                  • Kionna Johnson
                                                    Kionna Johnson  2 days back

                                                    Y’all niggas scared af bout to cry ... y’all bout to loose that lil YouTube money 😂😂😂😂😂

                                                    • {Øøfy Røse}
                                                      {Øøfy Røse}  2 days back

                                                      This happened to me!

                                                      I had to use my mom's credit card to get my channel back >:(

                                                      • kaem5930 kaem5930
                                                        kaem5930 kaem5930  2 days back

                                                        I think this happened because of some of your thumbnails and content, there is a new rule called the CHOPPA or its call COPPA

                                                        It's for the kids

                                                        • D-Man Norbert
                                                          D-Man Norbert  2 days back

                                                          Whose merc is that?

                                                          • Jimmers Mclovin
                                                            Jimmers Mclovin  3 days back

                                                            Cries because no more cash and gold diggers

                                                            • London Arnold
                                                              London Arnold  3 days back

                                                              wait how did it get deleted when your using it right now.......

                                                              • taboo PLP
                                                                taboo PLP  3 days back

                                                                i feel like crying now lets get brian to 100million subs

                                                                • shaikh Ahtesham ahmed
                                                                  shaikh Ahtesham ahmed  3 days back

                                                                  U r dad is savage Terminator is a movie Terminator to u r dad am i joke u man 😂 youtube what r u doing

                                                                  • Alex Mendez
                                                                    Alex Mendez  3 days back

                                                                    This is the cringiest video on the internet

                                                                    • Ruby Rose
                                                                      Ruby Rose  3 days back

                                                                      No one:

                                                                      Brians mom: thankS god thankS god

                                                                      • ppvsonicspy
                                                                        ppvsonicspy  3 days back

                                                                        Wait people censor god? Why?

                                                                        • that money fam
                                                                          that money fam  3 days back

                                                                          Broo yo dad said that's a movie

                                                                          • Steph
                                                                            Steph  3 days back

                                                                            This really just proves Rug cares the most for his channel. I am proud of him, and I love how they all know this means so much to him. This made me so emotional🥺♥️♥️♥️

                                                                            • xLittleBoy-
                                                                              xLittleBoy-  3 days back

                                                                              When you’re worried about your paycheck

                                                                              • TheeHaCKer
                                                                                TheeHaCKer  3 days back

                                                                                This would be a good idea for other ppl to get publicity on theirs😁

                                                                                • Viqix
                                                                                  Viqix  3 days back

                                                                                  Lmao I died when his dad was like

                                                                                  “Oh terminator that’s a movie”😂😂

                                                                                  • eli salinas
                                                                                    eli salinas  3 days back

                                                                                    i love your reaction when the channel is back ❤️

                                                                                    • roselia casildo
                                                                                      roselia casildo  3 days back

                                                                                      What if that there was a glitch and it is a virus and you no that non freandly channels need to be freandly if you think about it

                                                                                    • J
                                                                                      J  3 days back

                                                                                      "how am I gonna go make videos without a youtube channel"
                                                                                      sounds like you're doing it for the wrong thing diva

                                                                                      • J
                                                                                        J  3 days back

                                                                                        "how am I gonna go make videos without a youtube channel"

                                                                                        sounds like you're doing it for the wrong thing diva

                                                                                        • Vince My Dog Vince
                                                                                          Vince My Dog Vince  3 days back

                                                                                          I did not

                                                                                          • Slowmo
                                                                                            Slowmo  3 days back

                                                                                            This comes to tell you that if YouTube ends today these people fucked.

                                                                                            • LiGhTzS
                                                                                              LiGhTzS  4 days back

                                                                                              I don’t know Why This is sooo funny 😂😂😂😂