Divided island: How Haiti and the DR became two worlds


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  • Vox
    Vox   2 years back

    This is a surreal feeling. Thanks to everyone for following along and being a part of this journey. Can't tell you all what this means to me. The next video will launch in a week! Follow my newsletter to stay up to date: www.vox.com/borders-email

    - Johnny

    • Beverly Clobes
      Beverly Clobes  3 weeks back

      You should watch the hidden history of Haiti.

    • Susan Rhodes
      Susan Rhodes  1 months back

      I think there is a very big elephant in the room. This video simplifies the issue and leaves out a very key aspect of the differences in the two countries. Haiti was the first country founded on Satanism. Many Christians/Catholics want nothing to do with witchcraft and thus do not want to interact with those who practice it. I know this first hand. I was raised in [email protected] and when I was an adult I left. I have several family members who married into families within the Caribbean and one was a very wealthy Haitian family, I was made to participate in rituals including human sacrifice when I was under age 12 several diff. times in Cap Haiti-en. I have no reason to make this up. I have met lovely people including two that have become friends from Haiti however, most of my experiences here in FL and in Haiti have been those involved in [email protected]

  • theGamerJoshua28
    theGamerJoshua28  16 hours back

    When I started watching this video I had the hope of listening an impartial point of view.Not impartial at all. It is made to make Dominicans look racists. We are as racists as Americans towards illegal Mexicans, if you ask me. The only difference is that you control the media. Even the explanation of our constitution was done incorrectly. What was done in 2013 was reinterpreting a part of our law that had been incorrectly applied since 1929 and made retro-active. You don't have to like it. Haitians don't have to like it. It's our country and our laws. Since the very beginning both sides of the island have been completely different. Our identity is different, and USA, Canada and Europe want to solve Haiti's problem by unifying the island. It is not a matter of racism. They could be as blond as Scandinavians and the effect would be the same: a wipe out of Dominican culture. You can call me racist if you want, you can play that back card as Diblassio did in the video, I couldn't care less. I know what I am: A Dominican concerned by my country's identity, culture, integrity, and the heritage that my children have the right to receive.

    • Ashiela Spearman-Johnson
      Ashiela Spearman-Johnson  18 hours back

      Santo Domingo? Holy Master? Sanctified Imperialism?! Hmmmm. And people still pray to the God of the bible. Its a pyramid scheme people!

      • Mayori Kpop
        Mayori Kpop  20 hours back

        I’m Dominican and I had a Haitian friend and a lot of Dominican have Haitian friends so don’t say that Dominican hate Haitian

        • Quakin g
          Quakin g  21 hours back

          I’m Dominican and I did a presentation about it a long time ago I think in fourth grade, and honestly it was sad to learn the history about both Haiti and the DR

          • Chris Kinsella
            Chris Kinsella  1 days back

            I think most important for them is to get good soil for growing ...

            • Calvin Hodge Lake
              Calvin Hodge Lake  2 days back

              Google Toussaint Overture and read the history of Haiti.

              • Calvin Hodge Lake
                Calvin Hodge Lake  50 minutes back

                @Blue Lava Ok, I got it. I studied about this first revolutionary in West Indian History, before Haiti name was changed from its original name as the richest country in the western hemisphere.
                Toussaint L'Overture,

              • Blue Lava
                Blue Lava  10 hours back

                @Calvin Hodge Lake You're forgetting the ''u'' now. LOL. It's L'Ouverture. It means ''the opening'' in French.

              • Calvin Hodge Lake
                Calvin Hodge Lake  23 hours back

                Thanks for French correction:
                L'Overture... Don't forget the apostrophe.

              • Blue Lava
                Blue Lava  1 days back

                Toussaint Louverture

            • Motelcalifornia2
              Motelcalifornia2  2 days back

              There isn't a single country in the entire Americas with a decent history. As such, I think the best we can do is to stay the @#$%& away from each other just like people in the Italian mafias of Italy do when they go to prison.

              • S Salman
                S Salman  2 days back

                Thanks for this awesome video

                • emmanuel Gelati Mesa
                  emmanuel Gelati Mesa  2 days back

                  Dominicanos, damos verguenza.

                  • emmanuel Gelati Mesa
                    emmanuel Gelati Mesa  2 days back

                    :( Es triste ver que estamos en una misma isla y esta toda esta indiferencia

                    • Julio Cervantes
                      Julio Cervantes  3 days back

                      Este documental fue preparado para su campaña sucia encontra de la Rep Dominicana acusándola de racista y xenófobo,cuando eso no es verdad, aquí en RD somos una mezcla de Razas. Haití tiene sus leyes y el que nace fuera de Haití su constitución dice que es haitiano, además los derechos humanos no mira que Haití no documenta de un acta de nacimiento Asus conciudadanos,aún así los dominicanos hemos sido generosos. La RD no es culpable de su pobreza,EEUU,FRANCIA, CANADÁ y LA OEA,LAUNU asumen ese problema que no es de nosotros.

                      • T RS
                        T RS  3 days back

                        johonny has no instagram anymore fthisshi

                        • Luis Mario Pérez
                          Luis Mario Pérez  3 days back

                          We are very good people, we respect Haiti but we should take care of our country too. If not the same will happen to us.

                          • Power Fighter
                            Power Fighter  2 days back

                            @Luis Mario Pérez discrimination is never justified. and haiti is dr second largest importer.

                          • Power Fighter
                            Power Fighter  2 days back

                            @Luis Mario Pérez you want me to show you articles.

                          • Power Fighter
                            Power Fighter  2 days back

                            @Luis Mario Pérez trujillo who was a self-hating white wannabe started a deal to buy haitians with haitian dictator. It no suprise because he commited genoide agaisnt them.

                          • Luis Mario Pérez
                            Luis Mario Pérez  2 days back

                            Every Latin American see Haitians as a discriminated race for what you have done.

                        • Luis Mario Pérez
                          Luis Mario Pérez  3 days back

                          Men I’m dominican and I feel like Haitians should not bring our country down. Doing a lot of bad things, I understand they’re poor, but we don’t want to deal with problems that they caused. It’s the same if they come to US and start to do whatever they want. Donal trump will deport them. We are not racist but we do what we have to do, we care ourself first then others.

                          • Luis Mario Pérez
                            Luis Mario Pérez  23 hours back

                            Blue lava I understand perfectly that, I know that Haitians work in buildings, and we prefer that because they do it for a low amount of money. And the fact that you’re talking about anti-Haitianismo, do you think that we have to solve your economic problems ? Do you think a half of an island will sustain a 20,000,000 million population, including the Haitians ? No men, I’m ok if you’re are entering to the country to contribute to it ( Working and respecting it ) not burning flags, not doing crimes. And if you’re talking about crimes, come to Florida to see all the Haitians gang. I don’t like Haitians as a person, I dont like them as a country. That’s it !

                          • Blue Lava
                            Blue Lava  1 days back

                            Luis Mario Perez, Haitians are not ''bringing down your country''. They work hard building your infrastructure and doing agricultural work and that is why Dominican businessmen prefer them. As for crime, the Dominican Republic is rated as having one of the highest crime rates in the region whereas Haiti is ranked as having one of the lowest crime rate in the region if you exclude instances of politically motivated violence. But somehow you want people to believe that Haitians turn into serial killers when they step foot in the DR? LOL. Dominicans do crime quite well all by their lonesome. As for the DR's issues with racism and anti-haitianismo, those are well documented and this video offers but a glimpse of the extent of the issue.

                        • Leonel Montilla
                          Leonel Montilla  3 days back

                          How can you say dominicans hate haitians when we’re the first to lend a hand. We have never target any haitian and deport them and anyone who lives in DR knows this as you see them in the streets walking free, selling goods at the stoplight and working construction with no one asking for papers. It’s a shame you were misinformed! I can send you videos of them as we have a good relationship with them and those videos you showed about dominicans hitting haitians you can be sure they were stealing or something. Bill Deblasio is married to a haitian so do you think you can go against your wife. But it’s pretty sad that anyone who doesn’t live in DR or doesn’t know haitians living and working in DR will think about dominicans like cruel people. Mamaguebazo as I could tell you understand spanish. Btw we ask for passport as any other country in the world at their frontiers. You could take a couple haitians yourself home, racism in the DR? Please inform yourself! Discrimination? I thought these were real news

                          • Peter Hoffman Brim
                            Peter Hoffman Brim  4 days back

                            great video, but enough about the ABC pants

                            • Fernando Aseguinolaza
                              Fernando Aseguinolaza  5 days back

                              How beautiful is Cuba 🇨🇺!

                              • RadRich
                                RadRich  5 days back

                                It's almost heartwarming to know that America isn't the only country that discriminates.

                                • Blue Lava
                                  Blue Lava  4 days back

                                  RadRich, America played a role in this discrimination. Invaded Haiti for 20 years and enforced racialized social stratification and forced labor (chain gangs), then ushered the practice of exporting Haitian workers as slaves to the Dominican Republic and Cuba in the bateys. They helped make the racism against Haitians even worse. So no, there's nothing heartwarming about it.

                              • John Smith
                                John Smith  5 days back

                                Why does the DR us black border guards if they do not like blacks?

                                • Jeff Santos
                                  Jeff Santos  3 days back

                                  who said we dont like blacks? , we are mixed. we have alot of black people, but dont get me wrong,,, we dont want haitians, thats it, this is not about race, haitians needs to go, they destroy their woods, cut their trees , now they cross the bordline to do the same, because they need coal

                              • Minkah Ali
                                Minkah Ali  7 days back

                                No one is Free from Racism .. So no one is Free !!

                                • Blue Lava
                                  Blue Lava  4 days back

                                  Minkah Ali, America played a role in this discrimination. Invaded Haiti for 20 years and enforced racialized social stratification and forced labor (chain gangs), then ushered the practice of exporting Haitian workers as slaves to the Dominican Republic and Cuba in the cane fields (bateys). They helped make the racism against Haitians even worse. The DR is a society that had slavery. Who do you think taught them to be racist against themselves and others? No, other nationalities don't get a free pass for their racism by hiding behind Dominicans.

                                • Trevor Sedis
                                  Trevor Sedis  5 days back

                                  I'm a proud racist. Mostly dogs, but some horses.

                              • Emanuel Martinez
                                Emanuel Martinez  7 days back

                                Haiti and the Dominican Republic should establish their border (in a straight line) at the 71st meridian west

                                • George Morato
                                  George Morato  7 days back

                                  Mr. Blassio with all respect what you saying is not quite in the Dominican Republic. Instead, the USA took all the land close to the border of Mexico and now does not allow Mexican to come back to their own land. Something like that happened with the Indians and the AfroAmerican. Explain that to the world.

                                  • Zacharie Tronel
                                    Zacharie Tronel  7 days back

                                    Even though France has a huge responsibility for the Haitian situation, let’s not forget the responsibility of all colonial empires. French , Spanish, Dutch , Portuguese ,German .... and especially British whose actions are beyond everyone in term of immorality and abuse. Not dragging, just telling the truth. In all case , colonisation is disgusting.

                                    • Amy Thibodeaux/Clemons

                                      At this point any Americans shouldnt stand for this, we shouldn't even take our vacations in the DR
                                      It may be a beautiful place, but the Evil people that are only seeing color of people skin. Its Hate, its Not Christian, Its Not any Religion, wake up were one race !!!

                                      • Garuda Stan
                                        Garuda Stan  7 days back

                                        What is with the painfully loud high-pitched bell

                                        • joven jabrica
                                          joven jabrica  7 days back

                                          Very concise reporting this piece of history. Great job. I'm in

                                          • Eddie Gee
                                            Eddie Gee  7 days back

                                            Where is the outrage from the black countries and African Americans?

                                            • Foyorama OU812
                                              Foyorama OU812  1 weeks back

                                              As always you make the Spanish look bad, referring to them as criminals conducting massacres (which there is probably truth to that), but when talking about US history there is never any mention of ¨masacres or genocide¨..... when in reality when you look at the US today you will be hard press to find indigenous population amongst the population in major cities (or most cities over 50K people), in old Spanish colonies you can see indigenous peoples all over the place in Mexico, Colombia, Guatemala, Venezuela, Colombia etc.... which is proof that even though we were not gentle when first making contact ultimately we were much better than the anglos no matter how you look at it.

                                              • pablo aracena
                                                pablo aracena  1 weeks back

                                                Have you make a documentary about how divided is U. S. society because of racism??

                                                • CLASSIFIEDGTA
                                                  CLASSIFIEDGTA  1 weeks back

                                                  I'm from the Dominican Republic and I'd say they'd both be better off as one commonwealth under the U. S.

                                                  • CLASSIFIEDGTA
                                                    CLASSIFIEDGTA  4 days back

                                                    @Blue Lava Haiti would still be better off imo.

                                                  • Blue Lava
                                                    Blue Lava  4 days back

                                                    Classifiedgta, Haitians don't want that. We have bore the brunt of American style racism since our independence and we're bound to get the short end of the stick in such a deal. No to neocolonialism.

                                                • UNO Sheem
                                                  UNO Sheem  1 weeks back

                                                  When black people are poor it's always because of racism that's always the reason right left ? ....

                                                  • CLASSIFIEDGTA
                                                    CLASSIFIEDGTA  4 days back

                                                    @Blue Lava I'm not too sure what your talking about but I'd like to hear.

                                                  • Blue Lava
                                                    Blue Lava  4 days back

                                                    @CLASSIFIEDGTA , It's the USA's fault too. Read about the terrible history of American imperialism in Haiti since the country's inception. It's not pretty. I notice that people in the comments are quick to point to the French and rightly so, but are quiet as a church mouse about America's dirt. Although I do recognize that American media is not telling the public anything about what's going on in Haiti and how they are fixing elections and oppressing the people, so I guess it's somewhat understandable that people would not be aware.

                                                  • CLASSIFIEDGTA
                                                    CLASSIFIEDGTA  1 weeks back

                                                    @UNO Sheem because they brought slaves there, ruined the land, only let the country be free after twelve years of war, put embargos on the country, and afterward made their own former slaves who fought for freedom pay a crippling war debt. Poor Haiti was doomed from the start dude.

                                                  • UNO Sheem
                                                    UNO Sheem  1 weeks back

                                                    @CLASSIFIEDGTA haiti actually was free from all other nations involvement for a long period of time and even had a Haitian leader so how ?

                                                  • CLASSIFIEDGTA
                                                    CLASSIFIEDGTA  1 weeks back

                                                    I mean, it is the French who are at fault lol.

                                                • African Diaspora Round Table - ADRT

                                                  I always wondered about these 2 countries. Your video was enlightening. But the truths here are both stunning and tragic!

                                                  • Kevin Da Man
                                                    Kevin Da Man  1 weeks back

                                                    Dominicans are the nicest group of people I've ever met.

                                                    • Blue Lava
                                                      Blue Lava  1 days back

                                                      @Leonel Montilla , people are being deported left and right, so it's safe to say that Haitians don't get to ''come and go with no papers'' as they please.

                                                    • Power Fighter
                                                      Power Fighter  3 days back

                                                      @Leonel Montilla at the most haitians in the dr is 1 million and dr literally brought haitians to work there. And saying that alot of haitians are there does not excuse racism. That like saying there are a lot of black americans so segregation never happend.

                                                    • Power Fighter
                                                      Power Fighter  3 days back

                                                      @Leonel Montilla God knows about the mistreatment.

                                                    • Power Fighter
                                                      Power Fighter  3 days back

                                                      @Leonel Montilla dominican illegally fish in the bahamas.

                                                    • Power Fighter
                                                      Power Fighter  3 days back

                                                      @Leonel Montilla dominicans also illegally go to puerto rico.

                                                  • D w
                                                    D w  1 weeks back

                                                    Hate for black people globally is real

                                                    • CLASSIFIEDGTA
                                                      CLASSIFIEDGTA  4 days back

                                                      @Blue Lava exactly bro.

                                                    • Blue Lava
                                                      Blue Lava  4 days back

                                                      @CLASSIFIEDGTA , the Dominican Republic has always had a fraught relationship with its own blackness. It's disturbing to see dark-skinned people call themselves ''indio'' because they've been taught their entire lives that being black is shameful. Progress is being made but it's slow.

                                                    • CLASSIFIEDGTA
                                                      CLASSIFIEDGTA  1 weeks back

                                                      The Dominican Republic is a mostly black country to be fair.

                                                  • one one
                                                    one one  1 weeks back

                                                    No one to blame....just black on black as usual.

                                                    • Zachary  Peacock
                                                      Zachary Peacock  1 weeks back

                                                      Wow. I love history and know the past history of these two countries but i didn't know these things are happening today. Such a shame that people can an still do treat other humans this way... I love Haiti...

                                                      • Kitty Kat
                                                        Kitty Kat  1 weeks back

                                                        So why don’t the Haitian get their money back from France! The French owe these people big time!!

                                                        • Blue Lava
                                                          Blue Lava  4 days back

                                                          Kitty Kat, Haitian president Aristide went to the UN in 2003 to demand reparations from France. France was furious and enlisted the help of the US and Canada to depose that president and send him in exile. France is a country that still forces their former African colonies (14 nations) to pay a ''colonial tax'' to this day. You really think they're interested in giving back that money?

                                                        • Edwin Luciano
                                                          Edwin Luciano  1 weeks back

                                                          Kitty Kat How much of that money, if the French were to give it back, would end up in the bank accounts of corrupt Haitian leaders?

                                                          Hint: Almost all of it.

                                                          Haiti’s problem is not a lack of money but an excess of corruption.

                                                      • Lenny Coco
                                                        Lenny Coco  1 weeks back

                                                        I’m Haitian this kills my soul. Very sad

                                                        • Marie Jean-Baptiste
                                                          Marie Jean-Baptiste  1 weeks back


                                                          • Marie Jean-Baptiste
                                                            Marie Jean-Baptiste  1 weeks back

                                                            NOT SURE

                                                            • SeekTruth
                                                              SeekTruth  2 weeks back

                                                              wow, this is all so messed up...

                                                              • Gumarro
                                                                Gumarro  2 weeks back

                                                                Nowhere in this "documentary" the word corruption or political unrest came up.
                                                                It's been 215 years since the French left.
                                                                After that there have been dozens of governments overthrown and rampant corruption
                                                                That's the reason for today's misfortune in Haiti.
                                                                The Dominican Republic, on the other hand, though an imperfect third world democracy plagued with issues, it is a more stable political system.
                                                                Blaming France and Spain is the low hanging fruit.

                                                                • Blue Lava
                                                                  Blue Lava  4 days back

                                                                  Gumarro, where France left off, the USA took over. Haiti has never been left alone and since the US invaded in 1915, they have been chosing Haitian leaders (they were interfering before that actually, but the invasion is when it really went downhill. They stole the gold reserve, forcibly rewrote the Constitution and enforced racism). The Dominican Republic is also under the USA's foot but they are given more leeway than Haiti because of their white elites who cater to them. Let's not act like the Dominican Republic does not have a long history of dictatorships. The DR did not leave dictatorship behind until the 1960s. By comparison, during the same period, Haiti got the Duvaliers, who were US backed. Furthermore, it is in the interest of the DR gvt that Haiti remains in upheaval because they get to export their food items to Haiti since the US deliberately destroyed the Haitian agricultural sector. You don't get to blame Haitians for their oppression.

                                                              • chuck brooks
                                                                chuck brooks  2 weeks back


                                                                • Edwin Luciano
                                                                  Edwin Luciano  2 weeks back

                                                                  chuck brooks Since we’re giving history lessons, I’ll remind you that Haiti ruled this land for 22 years but we kicked them out eventually. Haiti tried to invade many times since, and we managed to fend them off. Fortunately for both countries, Haiti has too much (or too little) on its plate to plan on invading its peaceful neighbor.

                                                              • Journey to the Most High

                                                                Interesting that Dominican Republic is like that towards Haiti. It was because of Haiti that they became free from slavery. They actually were the first country in the Western Hemisphere to be enslaved. Funny how that’s overlooked and they don’t think they are black. Ridiculous! But divide the people so there won’t be anymore rebellion..and keep them ignorant.

                                                                • Cheryl Juliette
                                                                  Cheryl Juliette  2 weeks back


                                                                  • amaury batista
                                                                    amaury batista  2 weeks back

                                                                    Wao. Cómo alguien puede contar una historia con tantas fallas. Nos hace ver cómo racistas a los dominicanos, colocando a los haitianos como victima🤦🏻‍♂️ savias querido amigo. Que los haitianos invadieron nuestra isla durante 22 años, y que asesinaron miles de dominicanos, en lo que se denominó como ( el desgueye ). Los dominicanos somos más de la mita piel oscura. Hemos sido el pais que más a ayudado a los haitianos. No tenemos racismo. El problema es que los haitianos, tienen una cultura muy diferente. Son muy agresores de la naturaleza, y el medio ambiente. No respetan nuestras leyes, y si nos quejamos, nos salen con el chantaje de que somos racistas. Pero somos los dominicanos culpables de que haiti este de esa forma..? Son los mismo haitianos que han depredados sus bosques. Que han elegido ladrones en el gobierno. Que han dañado su pais. Y hoy hay ciento de personas como usted, haciendo documentales distorsionados y calumniando la RD, como si nosotros debemos hacernos cargo de Haití.
                                                                    Usted dice que RD deportó, miles de haitianos, y que les quito sus papeles. Le invito a que haga un reportage, por toda RD para que vea, que aquí hay más, de 3.500.000 haitianos y la mayorías ilegales, y estudian trabajan y conviven con nosotros los dominicanos.
                                                                    Nuestro país RD. Gasta más de 5.000 mil millones al año solo en parturientas haitianas, sin contar las de más atenciones, por que aquí no les cobran nada.
                                                                    Usted es un irresponsable, por no hacer bien su trabajo en torno a la forma en que tratamos a los haitianos. Los dominicanos estamos harto, que nos llamen racista, para llenar o cumplir con una agenda internacional, por que ninguna nación quiere ofrontar el problema haitiano. No al abuso y el chantaje.

                                                                    • CLASSIFIEDGTA
                                                                      CLASSIFIEDGTA  1 weeks back

                                                                      @Edwin Luciano si hay mucho racismo en la Republica Dominiana.

                                                                    • Edwin Luciano
                                                                      Edwin Luciano  2 weeks back

                                                                      amaury batista No nos conocen y no les importamos. Ni tampoco les importa los haitianos. Lo que quieren es hacerse ver antirracista por denunciar un racismo ajeno aunque sea inventado.

                                                                      Si el estado dominicano fuera racista, los dominicanos estuvieran dando el grito al cielo. En mi barrio queman gomas si se va mucho la luz.

                                                                  • JAVIER MORALES
                                                                    JAVIER MORALES  2 weeks back

                                                                    Haitian joker