Game Of Thrones: Season 8 Leaks and Spoilers Episode 6 Finale (Prediction and Analysis) Last Episode


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  • Arnel Bagabagon
    Arnel Bagabagon  6 months back

    My watch of this series has ended.

    • Adriana Marzana
      Adriana Marzana  6 months back

      Same here!😔

    • Alex Chaudhari
      Alex Chaudhari  6 months back

      Well Martin is to blame in the long term because him not finishing the books did make the writers go off the deep end. Most shows go through a shit finale and this will be no different.

    • Denyse Perry
      Denyse Perry  6 months back

      Blowmy Cock thanks for that I think it’s the most interesting plot line I’ve seen for GOT for a long time. Maybe you should take it up as a profession. You can’t do any worse that the current writers. Thanks again

    • Blowmy Cock
      Blowmy Cock  6 months back

      Brann and arya set up Danny.
      Brann on drogon
      Arya many faces on Danny.
      Snow will kill Danny (arya) due to her madness actions.
      Arya(danny) road on the white horse. Took her to place to meet John snow.
      Snow will kill all his brothers and sisters starks for setting up Danny. Jon dont want the crown wants to be with Danny.
      Jon and ghost will reunite.
      Jon will leave with drogon fly somewhere to meet Danny.
      Tyrion will be the king
      Danny and snow will be happy ever after S8E8 the end

    • Denyse Perry
      Denyse Perry  6 months back

      Alex Chaudhari thanks Alex I appreciate your comment. I gave them ridiculous nick names because of the ridiculous writing they have produced recently. Secondly they have ruined an extremely good TV series with their lazy illogical plot lines series 7/8. When I said they shouldn’t be allowed near writing material I didn’t meant it literally that would be prosperous. It was just to express my disappointment with their recent product. I am not alone in that. As I understand it Martin has had very little to do with it for the last two series other than agree an endpoint. It’s the silly illogical way the writers have done that and myself and millions of other viewers who invested emotionally and otherwise in GOT have been let down badly. Finally I am English and as an English person I value highly freedom of speech so I wasn’t truly suggesting that.

  • Sumit Arya
    Sumit Arya  6 months back

    The most accurate spoiler

    • A2X Gamer
      A2X Gamer   6 months back

      Lolol I might do it..

    • Sumit Arya
      Sumit Arya  6 months back

      @A2X Gamer pls predict if they gonna remake the last season

    • A2X Gamer
      A2X Gamer   6 months back

      Thank you... and a lot of people were hating me telling me I was crazy. For this.

  • Eva Olivo
    Eva Olivo  6 months back

    I am so tried of everyone thinking that Daenerys is a mad queen...she was very upset over what has been done to her. She never really had anyone to guide her. Tyrion tried but he was torn because of his family. Cersei backed her in a corner and she came out fighting.

    • Sophie Auld
      Sophie Auld  6 months back

      Okay so I think what has happened is that people don't really know what the final edit is. These leaks have predominately been from what I'm guessing are post production, most likely editors. In the past leaks have been from crew members who could only give parts of episodes, certainly never screencaps. Because Thrones is filmed in two different locations this season I doubt the crew would know scenes from another country. We pretty much can confirm multiple endings for Tyrion and Jon where filmed. The leaks are the same up until Dany dies. I think it's most likely that multiple editors leaked the ending. I wouldn't be surprised if they have fully finished 3 or 4 full episodes and they randomly choose what happens on the night. I think D&D filming multiple endings wasn't just to stop spoilers, I think they had no idea what the fuck they wanted to do with the story. George probably told them Dany, the dragons and Theon die and that they can do whatever they want with everything else.

      • Still here
        Still here  6 months back

        Since they filmed multiple endings I would not be at all surprised if one or both of the endings I heard of were at least filmed.
        The Night King's spiral ending would literally be the worst ending ever because the whole series would have been for nothing. Nothing would matter. It's worst than "it was all a dream" cope out endings.
        The other ending I've heard is Arya kills Jon with needle. With the sword, HE gave her because he wouldn't get to Dany. She stuck him with the pointy end. That would probably be the most heartbreaking ending and undoubtedly awful in its own way.

        GRRM said the ending would be bittersweet. I doubt it not with D&D writing it but we'll see. I'll tune in tomorrow more out of morbid curiosity than anything.

        • Still here
          Still here  6 months back

          Thanks, I hate it.

          • JT Bain
            JT Bain  6 months back

            Well if you are saying that wildlings parts are spread out into a spiral shape then the NK is always the threat

            • Natasha Nel
              Natasha Nel  6 months back

              In the books Danny gas purple eyes which didn't make it to the show so I think Jon Snow is gonna kill Danny as he saw her become the mad queen

              • Fari Saeed
                Fari Saeed  6 months back

                Y everyone is keep putting their bets on bran his job was to confirm Jon's true identity that's all if they put Jon on the then any ending is hilariously stupid I mean let's go back the whole show it was all about saving the true heir to the throne if he goes to North then all that they have built in the 8 seasons is pointless

                • Jessica Tecxidor
                  Jessica Tecxidor  6 months back

                  Jon Snow is sentenced to death along with Tyrion.
                  Arya kills Danys.
                  Jon doesn't want to be King, Sansa becomes Queen with Tyrion as her King, she ends up loving the Imps 3rd leg.
                  Arya becomes her hand while still banging Gendry on the DL
                  Jon goes back to the wall, hangs with wildings and Ghost..
                  Bran, still crippy, chills under his tree. Being Nosey AF
                  Brienne of Toth bangs the red haired Wilding and has Big fucking Babies!
                  I go to Dairy Queen and get a hot fudge cookie sundae, because I deserve it

                  • MadamPluto
                    MadamPluto  6 months back

                    Even my Sansa/Ramsay-videos are better than this season ...

                    • Behroz Hyder
                      Behroz Hyder  6 months back

                      After burning everything down Queen Daenerys takes her dragon away. Not so far of Kingslanding, she can still hear the screams, the pain and every voice to come out of that hell reached her ears. She realizes her doing after the voices stop. It all gets mute. She sees the horror she has done. The heat touches her cheek and tears drop. Scene ends. Now here are the main things that are going to happen. Firstly Arya sees or experiences the horror the queen has done. She was done but another name was added to her list. She needed to finish her. She needed to finish the Mad Queen. Bran sees everything and falls out of his wheelchair as dragons crisp ravens. He informs Sansa. Sansa both angry and saddened calls for arya, but does not see her. Worried for both her sister and her previous brother Jon snow, Sansa manages to inspire a small rebellion to put an end to the Mad Queen and marches south. Jon Snow after seeing everything gets broken. Sees all the bodies and sits on some damaged steps and takes a moment to take it all in. Ser Davos, a little damaged comes near Jon all worried and terrified but Jon shows no reaction. He realizes all Daenerys had done and thinks it was all his mistake, he should have never gave his allegiance and he realizes a mad targaryen was again on the throne. Tyrion who gets all broken the same as others,disspointed in her Queen now waits at the exit near the beach for his brother and his sister who carries his nephew. He refuses to believe they died but all he sees on the exit were stones and behind it the ruins. He still waits, tear drops and all the stress makes him faint. Now we see some Unsullied pick him up probably a fortnight after the event. Your Grace sits on the throne, not like the previous one but at an unpleasant place with no roof but on the chair with a thousand swords. No one loyal except for Grey Worm now stands beside her. Tyrion is brought to Daenerys. She asks of his crimes and tyrion forged with anger asks her why did she do it, why did she break her faith, why did she spin the wheel again? Daenerys reassures tyrion that no one can run away from what they really are. She tells him that no targaryen is mercifu, no one has been for a 1000 years and all events recall to see them as Mad. She tells him that she just like his father had a reason for all the tyranny she had done. She says that as long as kingslanding is filled with people like lannisters there would never be peace. So she had to destroy everything to build it again. Tyrion smiles and thinks that it is not possible to think all this in a blink of an eye like she did and assured her that her doing was of vengeance nothing else. Tyrion is sentenced to death and sent to a cell. Daenerys tells greyworm that she could not save her first freed slave so how could she save the whole world. Greyworm assures her by telling her she did what she thought was right. Now Jon snow appears with ser devour. Queen heavily breathes because she thought he was dead. Jon snow all broken just asks her why. Why did she do it? Daenerys unable to speak leaves the place. Jon snow looks into the ground disspointed. Queen Daenerys loved him but she didnt wanted to give up her position and now everyone knew that Jon snow was Aegon targaryen. After some reports that jon had helped the lannisters and killed some of his own men Daenerys offered Jon to go into exile(crying while doing it) into far north or die. Queen fully assured that Jon would go to north was shocked when Jon said he wanted to die. He said there was nothing left for him. Daenerys hiding her feelings says then so be it. Now they are infront of the dragon. Tyrion and jon both. Ready to die and both of them assured they had nothing left here. As the dragon breath a sharp and long spear hit him in his wings. He could not fly and fell to the beach. Queen looked and saw. She saw Sansa stark, Arya stark, Brandon Stark all in kingslanding with northeners, wildlings, army of the Vale, the support of Iron Islands all numbered in thousands before the Queen. As an unsullied tries to kill tyrion and Jon, Ghost appears from behind and bites the throat and Tormund makes a comment Daenerys's beast is indeed big but Jons beast is quicker. Sansa makes a comment that Jon is his brother and will always be and that tyrion is his most kind friend. Now unsullied are prepared to die before the Queen, but queen orders them to stop and she did not wanted to see any more blood. She asks Jon to kill her and be finished with it. But Jon spares her and tells her he loves her. Daenerys is taken prisoner and her dragon is chained, unconscious. The starks demand a new heir the throne. The wildlings support Jon snow because he is their leader and the true heir, the northeners support Brandon Stark because Jon is targaryen. Sansa reminds them that they are here to save Jon and inspires them to support Jon. Jon happy on this occasion refuses to sit on the throne because he loved Daenerys. Jon goes to the dragon after he wakes. He tries to tame him but dragon fires him, Jon comes out of the fire showing the dragon powers he has and tames the dragon. He invites danareys infront of everyone. He recommends Arya as the queen of the seven kingdoms because she killed the night king who was the true enemy and was the promised princess. Arya also refuses because she never meant to be a queen and she was a fighter and would fight for the one on the throne, so Jon recommends Brandon. Bran smilingly refuses and he says thag he would spend half of his time dreaming in the past and he had much more to come. Now all turn to Sansa. Everyone reminds of her sacrifices, her bravery, her troubles and why she deserved this. Sansa starm swors allegiance and to bring peace. Daenerys approaches her and tells she could never bring peace. Only Vaerys saw that during my reign and my job was to overthow the powerful only and not to rule the poor. Daenerys wishes good luck and hopes Sansa to do better than she had. Daenerys and Jon snow sit on the dragon look at each other and sail to the north as warden on the north and they looked forward to spending rest of their lives together. Sansa with Ser Devour as hand of the queen, tyrion as master of coins and ships(still mourning for his family) now ought to bring peace to the realm. Arya finds and buries The Hound and goes off to her journey as Daenerys was still on her list but she couldn't kill her. Daenerys was never forgiven and she was known as the mad queen. The show ends with the GOT theme playing showing everyone one by one and at last the stark family on the throne looking into the camera and ending with Game Of Thrones. Thank you and very sorry if spellings were wrong or my grammar was bad. Please vote if you liked it.

                      • Blowmy Cock
                        Blowmy Cock  6 months back

                        Brann and arya set up Danny.
                        Brann on drogon
                        Arya many faces on Danny.
                        Snow will kill Danny (arya) due to her madness actions.
                        Arya(danny) road on the white horse. Took her to place to meet John snow.
                        Snow will kill all his brothers and sisters starks for setting up Danny. Jon dont want the crown wants to be with Danny.
                        Jon and ghost will reunite.
                        Jon will leave with drogon fly somewhere to meet Danny.
                        Tyrion will be the king
                        Danny and snow will be happy ever after S8E8 the end

                        • I love this game ❤️
                          I love this game ❤️  6 months back

                          Why people who say they’ve dropped this season?
                          Even commenting on a season 8 video.
                          U an me are all watching to the end so at least we all get closer.
                          Yer could be longer? Premature as many live with sickness so in that case I get a mad mans way not getting to compete 😮

                          • Polska UnderdogGamer
                            Polska UnderdogGamer  6 months back

                            Gd video bro, iv just started reading the books, and iv enjoyed every bit of Game Of Thrones TV Show found it very entertaining!

                          • Grace Love
                            Grace Love  6 months back

                            I'm so very afraid for Tyrion! He's my favorite! PLEASE don't kill Tyrion 😭

                            • Miguel Ángel
                              Miguel Ángel  6 months back

                              Oh so its gonna be even worse. Good to know

                              • Pretty B
                                Pretty B  6 months back

                                This season sucks

                                • 0 O
                                  0 O  6 months back

                                  Nope leaks are fake

                                • RB Cooper
                                  RB Cooper  6 months back

                                  Lol Jon going black again makes him stupid, he should already understand he's a great ruler, does't matter that he doesn't want it, because of hi's poor choise to obey the queen all the people died out there, he should man up kill her and take the responsibility to keep the peace in the future and don't run from responsibility...

                                  • SyrioHghar88
                                    SyrioHghar88  6 months back

                                    Spoilers and leaks don't ruin the finale for me. It does that all by itself.

                                    • American Dog
                                      American Dog  6 months back

                                      The night king is dead fin finished no one


                                      His part in the story and books is compkete

                                      • American Dog
                                        American Dog  6 months back

                                        If that’s the case and Dany dies that would make for the worse soap opera ending in tv history

                                        If anyone should die next Sansa is my choice

                                        • Jill Argos
                                          Jill Argos  6 months back

                                          The 3 eyed raven a King? ugh...……...

                                          • Nate C.
                                            Nate C.  6 months back

                                            No matter what was Epic and Adventerous 10 years of GoT. No other show comes close even if we dont agree on S8s short comings. Loved it and still do. 😀👍

                                            • mcsoupy
                                              mcsoupy  6 months back

                                              Yeah, everything DOES make sense once you turn someone into a Hitler. Very convenient. All the pieces suddenly fall into place. Like magic!

                                              • mcsoupy
                                                mcsoupy  6 months back

                                                Crazy “ending?” It was over 33 solid minutes of total slaughter.

                                                • Shawn N
                                                  Shawn N  6 months back

                                                  Honestly, I have no idea, but didn't Hound tell Arya to go home? So, I think she is going to. Plus, she was on a horse. If she was going to stay in Kings Landing, why would she need a horse? Arya killed the Night King. She has done enough. If Jon doesn't kill Dany, then he has been useless this entire season and wasted.

                                                  • Bill Flynn
                                                    Bill Flynn  6 months back

                                                    What a sad season. Terrible.

                                                    • Kezia Reece
                                                      Kezia Reece  6 months back

                                                      I'm not mad at her... yes burn them all!!!

                                                      • Kezia Reece
                                                        Kezia Reece  6 months back

                                                        The Mother of Dragons isn't mad!!!! She had to break the wheel by breaking the wheel! Why say she's mad because she dealt justice? She was a dragon and it's just heresy to say that she's mad or she's worst than Cersei!

                                                        • Scott Farin
                                                          Scott Farin  6 months back

                                                          Heresy? You do realize that this is a TV show right? Only a bimbo fangirl would equate murdering children with dealing justice. Dany is a psychotic bitch and the only difference between mad queen Cersei and mad queen Dany is that Dany has a dragon and will use it no matter what the cost. Breaking the wheel means putting an end to tyrants, not becoming one yourself.

                                                      • Lloyd Brodnax
                                                        Lloyd Brodnax  6 months back

                                                        Sansa supposedly manipulated Bran 2use his 3-eye Raven skills in Ep 5 and that's why Dani couldn't stop the carnage @ KL! Now on2 Ep 6... Arya will attempt to distract and Jon will do the deed by killing Dani 4the realm and then go2 live in the North with Ghost... And behold... Bran awakens from this nightmarish dream and everyone has the knowledge of what will come 2pass if they don't get their shyt 2gether! DaaYum D&D--after making us wait 2-years, the writing was TERRIBLE! But still thankful to GoT and the actors! 7-Blessings

                                                        • JodyMay05
                                                          JodyMay05  6 months back

                                                          Craster babies are night kings

                                                          • aoaks62
                                                            aoaks62  6 months back

                                                            My Theory based off these leaks. Jon will kill Dany in the throne room. Drogon won’t be there. Grey Worm and a couple Dothraki will be there. When Jon kills Dany the Dothraki will charge him but Grey Worm will defend Jon because it’s not really Grey Worm. It’s Arya wearing Grey Worms face. Then Drogon will appear and fly off with Danys body. (Also I think it would be cool if Dany became the new Night Queen). I think Sansa will stay in the North and Tyrion will live. Jon will take the black. Idk that’s what I think.

                                                            • richard feldman
                                                              richard feldman  6 months back

                                                              Why even have a Knight King? Wow this Season Sucked Balls.

                                                              • Jonathan Chacon
                                                                Jonathan Chacon  6 months back

                                                                Arya is really dead and hasnt realized it . The horse is the hint ,the horse is dead .

                                                                • Vincent Raia
                                                                  Vincent Raia  6 months back

                                                                  If you’re watching this you don’t much care about spoilers and the spoilers I read were pretty spot on this whole season and I read that Dany will arrest Tyrion and sentence him to death for freeing Jamie, but before That Jon will have a heart to heart with dany , she will try to justify her actions but Jon will kill her. After that Jon surrenders himself and be sentenced to live out his life at the wall (which makes no sense, what’s the point of the nights watch now) anyway Tyrion Sam Davos and bron will be the new council and name bran as the new ruler of the 7 kingdoms sansa will be the lady of winterfell and arya will leave Westeros ... that’s all I know and can honestly see this happening even though it sounds dumb

                                                                  • mgsalem2011
                                                                    mgsalem2011  6 months back

                                                                    Jamie didnt kill Cesei because Jon & Dany will be the lovers to kill for love..Danys dragons will turn on her too & kill her instead of her requesting to kill him.

                                                                    • Amanda Pena
                                                                      Amanda Pena  6 months back

                                                                      Grey worms face can easily be taken and used by arya to kill Dany.

                                                                      • DM Bunny
                                                                        DM Bunny  6 months back

                                                                        Daenarys sentences Jon Snow to death so Arya kills her.

                                                                        • Fari Saeed
                                                                          Fari Saeed  6 months back

                                                                          If arya is gonna keep doing all the killing then what the hell is Jon doing 'just saying my queen'

                                                                        • Fari Saeed
                                                                          Fari Saeed  6 months back

                                                                          If arya is gonna keep doing all the killing then what the hell is Jon doing 'just saying my queen'

                                                                      • Sean Murray
                                                                        Sean Murray  6 months back

                                                                        Tyrion takes the throne because he the last Lannister with Bron as his hand. Jon and Danny die so Tyrion raises their bastard son as "Jon Lannister" who will become king one day, and the last of 3 mayor families

                                                                        • cavalier127
                                                                          cavalier127  6 months back

                                                                          Cersei didn’t become queen because she was a Lannister, it was because she was married to Robert Baratheon. So Tyrion can’t become king, Gendry could become king before Tyrion

                                                                      • Michael McCarrick
                                                                        Michael McCarrick  6 months back

                                                                        Brann wakes up from his coma as a young boy. The whole series was his vision of what's to come. The end

                                                                        • Gödeke Michels
                                                                          Gödeke Michels  6 months back

                                                                          The reason for the order of how the threats are dealed with is found in Lord of the Rings and how GRR apreiate it's ending. In particular how the Hobbits went home and learned that while Sauron was dead not all evil had been defeated and how once good people could fall.

                                                                          • Keith Moody
                                                                            Keith Moody  6 months back

                                                                            No one is worst than Cersei.. did u even see the Series

                                                                            • A2X Gamer
                                                                              A2X Gamer   6 months back

                                                                              Yes.. did you see what Dany did? That was genocide

                                                                          • Prachi Harwande
                                                                            Prachi Harwande  6 months back

                                                                            I feel like something is major gonna happen related to Bran
                                                                            If they doesn't show it in final ep then it's a waste of time to keep this character development so long
                                                                            And also Arya might kill daenerys.

                                                                            • George Dare
                                                                              George Dare  6 months back

                                                                              What Nights Watch. There is no wall anymore. The 700ft icewall only existed because of the spells that kept the Night King out. The spell was broken when his ice dragon broke through. It is like the showrunners decided to forget all about the fantasy aspect of this series. Fuck. At this point I wish Dany would burn all of Westeros with her dragon of neverending fire so EVERYBODY dies. The end. Shows over. Nothing to see here.

                                                                              • Paul Round
                                                                                Paul Round  6 months back

                                                                                Here’s my prediction for the opening scene of episode 6:

                                                                                John: “WTF was that all about?!”

                                                                                Dany: “Sorry, I had the painters in.”

                                                                                • re12evil
                                                                                  re12evil  6 months back

                                                                                  Dany is killed by a falling brick from the only building she didn't fully destroy.