Brad Mondo, this is for you

  • Published: 21 December 2018




    The Fitness Gram Pacer Test is a multistage aerobic capacity test that progressively gets more difficult as it continues. The 20 meter pacer test will begin in 30 seconds. Line up at the start. The running speed starts slowly but gets faster each minute after you hear this signal: *bodeboop*. A single lap should be completed every time you hear this sound: *ding*. Remember to run in a straight line and run as long as possible. The second time you fail to complete a lap before the sound, your test is over. The test will begin on the word start. On your mark, get ready...START!

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    Johnny Cash
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  • Joana Ceddia
    Joana Ceddia   1 years back

    The best part about this is that it got demonetized. Thus, if you are under the age of 69, please click off because my hair cutting endeavours are incredibly explicit.

  • Kailey Hacker
    Kailey Hacker  2 hours back

    @Brad Mondo

    • Jofx
      Jofx  4 hours back

      No one:
      This video title in my YouTube: *INDONESIAN*

      • Deniz kdls
        Deniz kdls  4 hours back

        I saw your videos about cutting your hair 😂 you're very funny from Turkeyy

        • Kelsey M!
          Kelsey M!  1 days back

          Wait did brad actually react to it? I thought I saw it.... where my brad mondo fans at?

          • Maddie Hoover
            Maddie Hoover  2 days back

            “Shaves hair”
            “That did nothing” even though there is clearly a lot of hair on her boob

            • Sophie Clements
              Sophie Clements  3 days back

              Joana: Be glad that I didn’t dye my hair bright orange
              Joana a few months later: dyes hair blonde but it looked orange

              • 麦わら帽子
                麦わら帽子  3 days back

                *List of noobs:*

                • Aslıhan Aydoğan
                  Aslıhan Aydoğan  3 days back

                  5:19 she is so funny 😂😂

                  • RoFlo BFF's
                    RoFlo BFF's  6 days back

                    Hi, why am I here now? It's literally a year later, thanks YouTube (nice vid tho)

                    • Zoë Craig
                      Zoë Craig  7 days back

                      Someone get her a pink beanie and tell her to shut up

                      • Zhang Jingxi
                        Zhang Jingxi  1 weeks back

                        Joana: this is where I stop my mess before it gets worse
                        Joana: continue trying to give her self layers
                        Btw your hair is beautiful

                        • Gemma Jawahara
                          Gemma Jawahara  1 weeks back

                          i don't know about this lady.
                          she seems okay

                          • Call Me Reee plzzz
                            Call Me Reee plzzz  1 weeks back

                            Did anyone else notice the bra in the back round 🤭

                            • Alyssa Boiii
                              Alyssa Boiii  1 weeks back

                              I find the scissors very sharp, dangerous, and violent I am glad this video is demonetized because children could cut themselves with scissors and *die*

                              in case you haven't noticed this comment is a joke

                              • twigx
                                twigx  1 weeks back

                                It's been a year and still... no. Just no. Please no. Don't do this again. We can't have you fly to Brad's again.

                                • Glitter Fish
                                  Glitter Fish  1 weeks back

                                  Me fantasizing joannas moms reaction: OMg jOANNA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                                  • Willow & Maggie
                                    Willow & Maggie  2 weeks back

                                    Thank you for those amazing subtitle 👏

                                    • Weird Little Fucks
                                      Weird Little Fucks  2 weeks back

                                      *WHEN SHE DID THE UNICORN I DIED*

                                      • siti rubaingah
                                        siti rubaingah  2 weeks back

                                        Hadir hadir ✋

                                        • Rebekah Curphey
                                          Rebekah Curphey  2 weeks back

                                          Cool hair

                                          • xXLemoonade Xx
                                            xXLemoonade Xx  2 weeks back

                                            "well at least i didnt dye my hair bright orange"

                                            One year later

                                            Bleaches hair.

                                            • Gacha Kitty
                                              Gacha Kitty  2 weeks back

                                              Omg turn on captions 😂

                                              • XX//Aesthetics_YT
                                                XX//Aesthetics_YT  2 weeks back

                                                Omg I love this girl she is so hilarious

                                                You got my subscription!

                                                • Chiara Lucia Pimentel Ángeles

                                                  Bruhhhhh literally there is a white bra in the background 😂😂I LOVE YOU JOANA CEDDIA!!!!!!!

                                                  • Chiara Lucia Pimentel Ángeles

                                                    Bruhhhhh literally there is a white bra in the background 😂😂I LOVE YOU JOANA CEDDIA!!!!!!!

                                                    • Chiara Lucia Pimentel Ángeles

                                                      Bruhhhhh literally there is a white bra in the background 😂😂I LOVE YOU JOANA CEDDIA!!!!!!!

                                                      • Ъ¡ค pคหd¡หнค кคωค¡¡

                                                        Pensei q vc fosse (br)

                                                        • Delta Ellie
                                                          Delta Ellie  2 weeks back

                                                          when she said “WHY DO I HAVE HAIR IN MY b00b” I died or laughter

                                                          • Ideldoofer 67
                                                            Ideldoofer 67  2 weeks back

                                                            Joana: "Omg I want chin length hair"
                                                            Also Joana: cuts off two inches

                                                            • Carlos A Quel
                                                              Carlos A Quel  2 weeks back

                                                              Acetato amónico

                                                              • Carlos A Quel
                                                                Carlos A Quel  2 weeks back

                                                                Arriba en la cabeza

                                                                • Carlos A Quel
                                                                  Carlos A Quel  2 weeks back

                                                                  Hacerte una coleta

                                                                  • Tогжан Aбатова

                                                                    Hey, in my opinion is a hairstyle as if you are created for you, you look in it on all 100

                                                                    • ЛУИЗА РОББЕРТ

                                                                      РУССКИЕ ТУТ?

                                                                      • savannah ta
                                                                        savannah ta  3 weeks back


                                                                        • Blessed Kiddo
                                                                          Blessed Kiddo  3 weeks back

                                                                          Lol the end though

                                                                          • Blessed Kiddo
                                                                            Blessed Kiddo  3 weeks back

                                                                            I really wanted to be tangled as well lol

                                                                            • Человек Кря
                                                                              Человек Кря  3 weeks back

                                                                              А ей идёт с такой длиной

                                                                              • Hazel Weber
                                                                                Hazel Weber  3 weeks back

                                                                                Trust me: read the description

                                                                                • Padme Amadalia
                                                                                  Padme Amadalia  3 weeks back

                                                                                  Happy new year 2020?

                                                                                  • Лиза Хлебушек

                                                                                    Лайк, если смотришь это в 2020

                                                                                    • bæsiee
                                                                                      bæsiee  3 weeks back

                                                                                      hold on. why is the title indonesian? cuz im indonesian. im so confused

                                                                                      • Nicole A.
                                                                                        Nicole A.  3 weeks back


                                                                                        • Putri Noor
                                                                                          Putri Noor  3 weeks back

                                                                                          Can I just say that Mother Goose sounds so adorable I―

                                                                                          • My_hero_academia_fan 07

                                                                                            I wanted hair like Rapunzels as a little child as well

                                                                                            • Reyhanna Ivory Ventic
                                                                                              Reyhanna Ivory Ventic  3 weeks back

                                                                                              Joana calm down...

                                                                                              • Hi how are Ya
                                                                                                Hi how are Ya  4 weeks back

                                                                                                I didn’t know John Cena was a hair stylist