UNDISPUTED Audio Podcast (9.19.19) with Skip Bayless, Shannon Sharpe & Jenny Taft | UNDISPUTED


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  • Matthieu Thomas
    Matthieu Thomas  2 months back

    Value and best are different.
    Cowboys valued the highest and they are Farrrrr from the best

    • Giffond Hall
      Giffond Hall  2 months back

      shannon is dak hater smh

      • Antonio M.
        Antonio M.  2 months back

        Can someone isolate 40:35. My keeeeuuds, their keeeeuuuds, their keeeeyuds!!!

        • William Freeze
          William Freeze  2 months back

          Dak get your cash!

          • J Coleman シ
            J Coleman シ  2 months back

            No guarantees? How bout l guarantee the Cowgirls don't make it past the first round on the playoffs

            • KingGodTravis
              KingGodTravis  2 months back

              Skip said Shannon has a Hall of Fame mouth 🤔😂😂😂

              • Cody Fast
                Cody Fast  2 months back

                So from listening today Shannon said, it’s possible for the BEST player in the league to not be the most valuable.. how does that make sense.. How can there be NOBODY in the entire league better than you, but you’re not the most valuable? he also said after a year and 2 games, Patrick mahomes is on the track to become the GOAT, but the player he says is the BEST player in the league after 6 years, a DPOY, still has a way to go... so many contradictions.. lol

                • LaDarrius Jennings
                  LaDarrius Jennings  2 months back

                  Cody Fast It made perfect sense. You didn’t call Steph the best player in the league the year he won MVP over Harden, Lebron was still the best player in the league when D. Rose won. You can be the best player, without being the MVP.

              • Cody Fast
                Cody Fast  2 months back

                I despise that the acronym GOAT exists.. all people do is throw it around like it’s wic cheese in the ghetto.. Everybody’s goat.. everybody is on their way to be the goat.. like, no. There is ONE person who is the greatest of all time in each sport (when it comes to all around player, not by position) Patrick mahomes has been AMAZING.. won a MVP his second year in the league, and went to the conference championship. Dude has started ONE YEAR AND TWO GAMES THIS YEAR.. I don’t care what he or anyone accomplished in that amount of time.. 20 games, NOBODY is in the GOAT conversation smh 20 games.. lol

                • XshadoXMUSIC EnT
                  XshadoXMUSIC EnT  2 months back

                  Love this show

                  • Odyssey Music
                    Odyssey Music  2 months back

                    Dude skip hates on mahomes just to hate on em he sounds so dumb when he trashes mahomes..makes no sense

                    • Durkio B
                      Durkio B  2 months back

                      For everyone asking for a time stamp on every segment: it progresses and has the time under each picture and moves up to a new time stamp everytime u finish a segment

                      • sonnydthomas
                        sonnydthomas  2 months back

                        Why are we debating Dak vs Zeke for the 20th time in the last two months?

                        • sonnydthomas
                          sonnydthomas  2 months back

                          @Markesha Frazier you really think there isn't a single other game, sport, story, person, or anything else that they can possibly talk about? Sure.

                        • Markesha Frazier
                          Markesha Frazier  2 months back

                          sonnydthomas nothing else currently

                      • Montrell pon
                        Montrell pon  2 months back

                        Why Skip can’t let Michael Jordan go.....nobody can’t be better then cheating Tom Brady

                        • LlyWoo Gaming
                          LlyWoo Gaming  2 months back

                          Talking about Dak should take a discount, This ain't discount double check ✔

                          • Western Man
                            Western Man  2 months back

                            Shannon talkin 'bout "trajectory"..
                            Tom Brady was two, going on 3 Superbowls deep by about this point in Mahomes' career if I remember correctly.
                            Look, these guys can do one of two things..
                            They can learn from the best, and earn ~$25Millions per..and be surrounded by talent on a regular basis, therefore having unprecedented success..make many times that in other ventures of all sorts..etc..
                            Or they can be greedy like the rest.

                            I also like how Shan and good old Erik D team up to show us why certain dudes dont run organizations. "Pay everyone for reasons!"
                            Poor Skip trying to explain it but it's clearly over their heads..

                            • Western Man
                              Western Man  2 months back

                              @John Clinkscales yeah he had a good defense when he started. Also his main offensive weapon was Troy Brown ffs.
                              It doesnt alter the point.

                            • John Clinkscales
                              John Clinkscales  2 months back

                              Western Man Defense sir.....Brady was an average QB in the early 2000s. The patriots had all time great defenses.

                          • B3RGLETS
                            B3RGLETS  2 months back

                            Why is this not up on Spotify yet ffs!

                            • P D
                              P D  2 months back

                              tom brady has NOTHING on Joa Montana. Montana left the 9ers, good team at the time, goes to a bad Chiefs team, and STILL dominates. just watch. if Brady goes somewherre else, he wont even get back to the playoffs

                              • Peter Kay
                                Peter Kay  2 months back

                                Montana left the Niners and they went 14-2

                              • MRkriegs
                                MRkriegs  2 months back

                                Brady just won his 6th super bowl at age 41. Do you realize that? Bad take

                            • P. Menjivar
                              P. Menjivar  2 months back

                              Tbh.. Shannon is one of the GOATs, I'm always dying of laughter plus he speaks the TRUTH (TRUF)

                              • Chavel Solomon
                                Chavel Solomon  2 months back

                                I just saying Ravens to the super Bowl

                                • Harold Wilson
                                  Harold Wilson  2 months back

                                  U can argue that Dion Sanders by playing 3 positions or Jerry Rice who is undefeated with 4 Super Bow. TB12 is 6&9 in Super Bowls . Skip Bayless you are to old to be hating on young rising stars in the NFL. Skip Bayless you have no kind objectivity when it come TB12 that is so awful

                                  • Q Kellz
                                    Q Kellz  2 months back

                                    Yup too TB

                                  • Tucker Seifert
                                    Tucker Seifert  2 months back

                                    Jerry Rice lost a Super Bowl in Oakland I believe.

                                • Fabre Titan
                                  Fabre Titan  2 months back

                                  In the 1st segment none of these 2 clowns made any sense

                                  • fright
                                    fright  2 months back


                                    • TX Made Niner
                                      TX Made Niner  2 months back

                                      I hate they wait till the end of the day to listen. Thet They should have it ready to listen by 2pm. It doesn't make sense.

                                      • TX Made Niner
                                        TX Made Niner  2 months back

                                        @85VB never knew about spotify. Thanks for the heads up. I like to listen while I work and it sucks they post it at the end of the work day.

                                      • Durkio B
                                        Durkio B  2 months back

                                        TX Made Niner I agree bro

                                      • 85VB
                                        85VB  2 months back

                                        Go on spotify