NFL Star Antonio Brown Accused Of Rape In Lawsuit | TODAY


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  • ThatGamerSnail
    ThatGamerSnail  2 months back

    Demarcus cousins

    • 473 BSOd Vegan ‘19
      473 BSOd Vegan ‘19  2 months back

      So you have to ask for permission to kiss a woman now?! Smdh...

      • Doors067
        Doors067  2 months back

        everyone a week ago: omg so fishy???

        ab tweet 30 mins ago: AB tweets dofferent strokes for different folks.... uhmmmmmmm

        • Blueivy Ari
          Blueivy Ari  2 months back

          Why would you kept being around him if he was doing these things , it was more then 3 times ?

          • Shay’s Family milestones

            Y did she keep going bk?
            Myself as a woman wouldn't???? If any woman is uncomfortable around any man y in the world would u go bk around alone unless it was 4 own benefit (set-up) is this real? The lawyer should have a field day with her

            • Young HOVrockLV
              Young HOVrockLV  2 months back

              Go Patriots

              • WHAT IT Dooooh
                WHAT IT Dooooh  2 months back

                This ain't bout race btw. He's not man of his own word and he's mentality unstable. Hiz victim passed a polygraph and now he got'z another women w/ allegations of sexual misconduct. U ppl dat defend him also would defend him if he wezt a pedophile. Arze a matter of fact maybe it is race,cuz if she wezt a white women this would've took a turn 4 thee worst. LoLol

                • Philphilly 5.0
                  Philphilly 5.0  2 months back

                  The lady he jerked off on while she slept took a polygraph test and passed

                  • Nannette Battista
                    Nannette Battista  2 months back

                    Last year I paid a lot of money to watch NFL. Now I am watching NFL online with ScreenVariety Tv , It's the best online broadcaster this year I think

                    • Aaron Gilliam
                      Aaron Gilliam  2 months back

                      I don't hear that black b****** out they're outraged if it was a white woman y'all would tell us to stop messing with them white girls all they want is your money this black b****** have brought more Brothers down than any other race and that's a fact

                    • Shorty G Fanclub
                      Shorty G Fanclub  2 months back

                      Just another HO looking for 💰💰💰

                    • focused313
                      focused313  2 months back

                      I don't know what happened, but if someone sexually assaults you twice and go back for a third time, it just doesn't look good.

                      • Quetta
                        Quetta  2 months back

                        Not necessarily how many of us have been disrespected, racially profile, etc at a job but goes back. We feel helpless and we do what we got 2 do 2 eat

                      • Shay’s Family milestones
                        Shay’s Family milestones  2 months back

                        Yea she knew what she was doing setting him up 4 a dw fall

                    • Donnie Pate
                      Donnie Pate  2 months back

                      Well he can’t play the racecard

                    • N3M3S1S
                      N3M3S1S  2 months back

                      Innocent until proven guilty.
                      Don't forget what country ya'll live in.

                      • Allen Tarver
                        Allen Tarver  2 months back

                        NOT GUILTY!!

                        • ከፍ እና ፍጥነት

                          And black women say white women will be the ones to get us in trouble with the law... 😒

                          • wkx lacnation
                            wkx lacnation  2 months back

                            @Shortywompwomp it's not just one mam more black women have put black men in jail then anyone else.

                        • Smooth Shaven Balls
                          Smooth Shaven Balls  2 months back

                          🔴 Who paid her the last biggest check... follow the money trail❗👀

                          • Mark Mcdonald
                            Mark Mcdonald  2 months back

                            Patriots say they take these allegations seriously. Robert Kraft, hold my hookers.

                          • Jason b
                            Jason b  2 months back


                            • Andre Suston
                              Andre Suston  2 months back

                              I think it's suspicious anyway if a pro football player hires a female to "train" him......really????? Not that females can't do the job....but REALLY?????

                              • Andre Suston
                                Andre Suston  2 months back

                                @BashmentQueen78 At any rate and in this day and age, these guys should just play it safe and not have private/home sessions with female trainers. They're just asking for temptation to take over.

                              • BashmentQueen78
                                BashmentQueen78  2 months back

                                Do u not see her athleticism?

                            • The best me
                              The best me  2 months back

                              She wouldn’t lie. She’s got a great life. There’s no reason for her to lie

                            • Donald Trump
                              Donald Trump  2 months back

                              Trump wins again!!

                              • Moises Reyes
                                Moises Reyes  2 months back

                                wtf like he cant get a girl so he has to do that ...yea I bet nice try britney

                                • Moises Reyes
                                  Moises Reyes  2 months back

                                  lmao with folks like that , clearly we can see where thee intelligence stops people , your right "so and so", I guess folks like that have no self control even the best of us dont know right from wrong and when No means NO, so yea I guess I'll just put my head down & hop on that bus of yours ... (sigh) "I stand corrected" 🤦‍♂️😒 or in this case "sit" corrected and retract my statement...

                                • Andre Suston
                                  Andre Suston  2 months back

                                  It's not about what you can or can't get with folks like that, it's about control. Get back on the short bus Moises. 👍

                                • Moises Reyes
                                  Moises Reyes  2 months back

                                  sure thing shortbus 👍

                                • Tasha Dotts
                                  Tasha Dotts  2 months back

                                  Try not to be this dumb you're entire life...

                              • Dad O twins plus 1
                                Dad O twins plus 1  2 months back

                                Let’s call a spade a spade... c’mon it sounds strange... you have a gym, he wants to train, you have him come out. It’s just weird

                                • jeffersonianideal
                                  jeffersonianideal  2 months back

                                  Let the Patriots deal with this narcissistic nightmare. They're used to scandal.

                                  • Mo Garcia
                                    Mo Garcia  2 months back

                                    For those of you saying this is funny only came out when he joins the Patriots, well it only came out about Patricia when he became coach of the lions yet had happened years before, sooner or later crap comes back around...

                                    • Gn
                                      Gn  2 months back

                                      What about the videos of her in his bed and hugging up on him? Unless that’s a different girl

                                  • Raymond Nolan Scott
                                    Raymond Nolan Scott  2 months back

                                    here is a video of them ....she is sitting on his bed while he lying down with just his underpants on

                                    • trump2020!illegalsgohome
                                      trump2020!illegalsgohome  2 months back

                                      She saw that big contract and wanted a piece if you dont contact the police immediately after your not gona be believed and thats haow it should be!

                                      • ሱልጣን አንድሪስ

                                        Lol this is a whole joke.

                                      • Yaroslav Volfson
                                        Yaroslav Volfson  2 months back

                                        Really though? He ain't do it

                                        • Meafoou Siolaa
                                          Meafoou Siolaa  2 months back

                                          first like boiiiiiiiii

                                          • Dw Mi
                                            Dw Mi  2 months back