Game of Thrones: S8E5 - Show Only Review

  • Published: 14 May 2019
  • Aziz and Sean discuss the penultimate episode of Game of Thrones.

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Comments • 196

  • Smokebeer
    Smokebeer  3 months back

    Keep on keeping on 😎 the rewatchus continues

    • eusthacia
      eusthacia  5 months back

      Great GOT content. Just a small comment, Mt Vesuvius is not in Rome, it's in Naples.

      • a girl has no name
        a girl has no name  5 months back

        Nobody could force Jon to become king. Didn't believe "tyrant Dany" AT ALL. Quoth Arya: "That's not you." Everyone should've left KL anyway, a bloody war was going on. Yawn.

        • T0ghar
          T0ghar  6 months back

          Not Bran Control, BranWashed!

          • Spencer Morgan
            Spencer Morgan  6 months back

            If you look at the history of the dropping of the atomic bombs, Truman actually was very un-involved, compared to what one would expect for what seems to be such a drastic, momentus decision in retrospect. From the outset of the Manhattan project it was simply presumed that when available, the bombs would be used. He simply signed off, and doesn't seem to have agonized of the decision much at all. The big decisions were made at the outset, not at the point in time of dropping the bombs.

            Not sure if "bureaucratic inertia" is a more palletable answer, but there you have it... that seems to have been the reality.

            • gb nf
              gb nf  6 months back

              Jon was not there at crastor's keep when the nightswatch revolted. He was with the free folk

              • Brian Lattie
                Brian Lattie  6 months back

                Why cant we see your girl cohost?

                • Angi Willis
                  Angi Willis  6 months back

                  for episode - AC/DC Hells Bells, for Dany Oxxy's Crazy Train

                  • Sean Murphy
                    Sean Murphy  6 months back

                    I frustrates me sometimes how relaxed Aziz can be about some of the terrible writing this season. It'd be great to see him get a little more passionate about it as I really enjoy his analysis. I'd love to see him apply some proper criticism to the new series.

                    • Jared O'Hanlon
                      Jared O'Hanlon  6 months back

                      Based on the betting data and closure of the market Bran will end up on the iron throne somehow.

                      The fuck.

                      I actually hate this show now. Fucking sad.

                      Edit:sorry if this ends up being spoilers.

                      • Fang
                        Fang  6 months back

                        I think it would have made more sense for Dany to snap if they saved Rhaegal's death in this episode, and have a greving mother's rage make her go Mad Queen and burn everything.

                        • J Masca
                          J Masca  6 months back

                          Great analysis guys!

                          • ermonnezza74
                            ermonnezza74  6 months back

                            re: exploding walls. as so many other youtubers and commenters pointed out, it's clearly stated in the books that dragons even much older than drogon melt stone. like at harrenhall harrenhall. stone explodes from dynamite, not from heat

                            • Gilly Flower
                              Gilly Flower  6 months back

                              That would have been awesome to watch! Not that I didn't love the exploding walls, I did!

                          • Richard Hoppe
                            Richard Hoppe  6 months back

                            I’d like Jon take Dany through the streets of Kings Landing and show her the charred bodies of the innocents she killed.

                            • SJE
                              SJE  6 months back

                              Honestly, I'm more disappointed by the treatment of Jon's character this season. What's happened to him? He's so withdrawn, and I can't tell what he's thinking at all. Obviously, he must be an emotional wreck after the identity reveal, but why haven't we seen him react to that, or Arya or Sansa? I don't know what the hell's going on with him unless he's just been trying to placate Dany this whole time - he's certainly never looked convincingly in love with her and we've seen Kit act in love. Baffling.

                              • WrongWay Ranger
                                WrongWay Ranger  6 months back

                                Cast and crew and how hard they work? What does that have to do with the criticism of the end product?

                                • Ridiculous Ed Tollett
                                  Ridiculous Ed Tollett  6 months back

                                  Concerning your comments about Davos not doing anything, there is a small scene that shows him helping the people of King's Landing escape. It's really easy to miss but Davos definitely helped the people as much as he could.

                                  • Denesha Page
                                    Denesha Page  6 months back

                                    Davos did save people go back and re watch

                                    • Mobydickofdopeness
                                      Mobydickofdopeness  6 months back

                                      I actually loved almost everything with Jaime in this episode. The scene with Tyrion was fantastic, the fight with Euron was whatever, but at least they killed off this (lame) version of Euron. But then his final minutes with Cersei were fantastic again. People complaining that it ruins his 'redemption arc' are being silly. People don't love someone their entire life the way he loved Cersei and just turn. Of course he couldn't get past his lifelong addiction. But he went out with love, not doing horrible things for her. It was the best thing in this episode.

                                      • Mobydickofdopeness
                                        Mobydickofdopeness  6 months back

                                        Jon is too weak to be a good king. He'll let the more 'savvy' lords nip and nip and nip at his power without doing anything to send a message, until open rebellion is already upon him. Dany is likely not an option at this point, but she'd keep the realm in line.

                                        • Rodney Thomas
                                          Rodney Thomas  6 months back

                                          I think she didn't care about burning children bc throughout the series she has lost drogo's son, two dragon sons, the fallen freed slaves who called her mother, and she said she will show mercy by making way for a new loyal generation of subjects ...maybe

                                          • Mobydickofdopeness
                                            Mobydickofdopeness  6 months back

                                            I'm fine with where we've ended up, but my God this was incredibly rushed. The show runners have been over this project for years and simply wanted to get to the end. It's a shame. I wish they had just passed the reins. There were a lot of things they could have done to get us here without Dany going completely mad in 2 episodes.

                                            • dCell
                                              dCell  6 months back

                                              I really feel the last 3 episodes are the aftermath of the real war.... Wich happend against the others.
                                              Wich is offcourse unique, to have a story continue after a supposed big endbattle, because of that..... everything we are getting is just a plus.... or more.... more canon to the story and having the others defeated in episode 3, really was something unforseen because everyone kind of expected them to be the endboss of the series, so people expected the great to have played out of multiple episodes.
                                              Dany's "#### that" moment was also something unique..... to have followed a character for so long, see her go trough hardships, see her overcome them all, see her grow into a fantastic and benevolent person, to have followed her along that road is just beautifull and..... for her to have that drastic personality change, at the end of the story.... well it was also unexpected and they made us go trough it from a unique perspective. To quote Dany herself "If we hadn't gone, i wouldn't have seen. You have to see it to know. Now i know."
                                              And now we know how war looks like, we had to see it to know. And it was horror.

                                              Dany's decission to torch Kings Landing can really hint to be that 3rd infamous twist GRRM was talking about and people expected it from the Others, or from Cersei. But those are gone now and episode 6 can still reveal that 3rd twist or add to the aftermath of Dany's destruction and this twist can also be part of that bittersweet ending we were told about so many years ago.

                                              GRRM story and D&D's adaptation is fantastic, to being able to keep people surprised and shock them with really unique concepts. However devestation and horror they are.
                                              Dany's decission also feels part of an overlayering story to real life wars, that they are horrible and people won't really know what it means, not until they see and experience it themselves and that dragons/nuclear weapons of mass destruction are just a bad thing in anyone's hands.

                                              I hope Dany survives next episode, that she can abdicate to Jon and just flies back to Meereen or somewere else on Drogon. I don't see her wanting to rule Westeros anymore, not after the decission she made. Maybe her character can't even life with what she did.... and just realises the horror she created after she calms down.

                                              Maybe we get to see her darker side.....
                                              Again, they put us at odds, because they can go either way with the story.

                                              • Timothy Jones
                                                Timothy Jones  6 months back

                                                Astrology test...get the weekly star signs and change the names around to match different description...those astrology descriptions are written in such a way that the common person will relate to any of the description...its the title name that makes people relate to the observations and push aside the other ones.

                                                • Timothy Jones
                                                  Timothy Jones  6 months back

                                                  Sounds like its was a big party for the cast and crew...surprise exploding if your there...who cares through a small screen...they got the party and pooped in the mouth for us

                                                  • Kenneth Lopez
                                                    Kenneth Lopez  6 months back

                                                    where can Iget an audio of your intro?

                                                    • Grrymjo
                                                      Grrymjo  6 months back

                                                      It seems Sean is one of those people who are unable to see a plot in Dark Souls.

                                                      • JoJo Lady Dayne
                                                        JoJo Lady Dayne  6 months back

                                                        Wow I'm not big on astrology either but I identified 💯 with what Sean said about how anger affects analysis and I have the same birthday as Sean so maybe there is something in it after all 😁

                                                        • Stefan Haderer
                                                          Stefan Haderer  6 months back

                                                          Drum & Bass Sean ❤️

                                                          • Nick Morgan
                                                            Nick Morgan  6 months back


                                                            • hello MD
                                                              hello MD  6 months back

                                                              I've been watching your channel for years, and I do love it, and I do believe not to speak ill of anyone but omg Sean please stop rambling on about just rubbish!! Make a point and move on man

                                                              • Preferred Pronoun
                                                                Preferred Pronoun  6 months back

                                                                The red wedding is an example of something being set up very well throughout the show. If they did the red wedding now there would have been no initial offer of marriage from Walder Frey, there would have been no Rob hooking up and marrying someone else instead to upset him. Robb and his army would have been massacred the first visit to the freys to make it as shocking as possible. That either you can't see the way the storytelling has changed in the later seasons or simply choose to ignore those changes, it really makes me wonder what intrigued you about the show in the early seasons.

                                                                • Ioan Vladescu
                                                                  Ioan Vladescu  6 months back

                                                                  I think they feel the same, they just don't wanna piss off HBO. Larger channels or people who are smart about the business side of runnning a youtube channel are very careful about being vocal in these situations. If you wanna grow and make money, you gotta please everybody and never have a strong opinion about anything. Look at Collider for example and how they've covered this debacle. Brands don't like to be associated with channels that keep it real and call out bs. Media outlets are very careful when giving out early press screenings to people who give their honest opinion, without self-censorship. I hope this is the real reason and not that they're fanboys.

                                                              • TheStarDeth
                                                                TheStarDeth  6 months back

                                                                For me it was perfectly done the switch for Dany

                                                                • Bec SocSci
                                                                  Bec SocSci  6 months back

                                                                  Grand Maester Pycell:
                                                                  Poison is a woman’s weapon... and Eunuchs. So... um .... did you know Varys is a Eunuch?

                                                                  • Bec SocSci
                                                                    Bec SocSci  6 months back

                                                                    - Tywin and his men killed many, many innocent people. “Ser Gregor will go out and set the Riverlands aflame from the Gods Eye to the Golden Tooth”. Not to mention all the women and girls Lannister men raped. The innocent women Stark men hanged just for “laying with lions”. The people Cersei happily stepped over as Ser Gregor pointlessly killed them and Cersei stepped over their gizzards. So very many killings and atrocities. Ned beheading that terrified guy who fled the NW., without investigation. Ned being part of the coup that killed the Targ babies and Elia, and never demanding punishment for Tywin, Ser Gregor and Ser Armory Lorch for that crime. The amount of innocent Wildlings the Nights Watch needlessly killed, and they were so self righteous. Stannis burning ppl. Sansa feeding Ramsay to dogs. Plus Jon still loved and supported Ygritte even though she was a murderer of innocent ppl. Yet for Dany, everyone is so shocked and self righteous, as though none of them have seen or been violent. Even though I hated her burning the towns folk, Jon’s last girlfriend did the same but with a spear and bow and arrow instead.
                                                                    - We didn’t get to see Jon react to Rhaegal’s death did we?
                                                                    - I think the way Harry Strickland went out really sucked. As we know soldiers in that world + of that caliber desire to go out in a blaze of glory. Though I guess that’s not realistic every time but they did Cap’n Strickland dirty.
                                                                    - Emilia’s facial acting whilst on Drogon was brilliant. So powerful.
                                                                    - I just wish that they hadn’t written Dany so opposite to herself. Behaving so out of character. I can see that her child Rhaegal dying the week before and seeing her other child as an undead monster would have set her off for wanting to hurt Cersei but not for killing orphans and puppies. I’m not believing that of Dany.

                                                                    • james szalwinski
                                                                      james szalwinski  6 months back

                                                                      We actually did see Davos routing people to safety for all of 4 or 5 seconds, I only caught it on second watch.

                                                                      • Mel LF
                                                                        Mel LF  6 months back

                                                                        I love how freaking reasonable, thoughtful and measured your analysis always is. It just makes for a more enjoyable discourse regarding this show. Thank you.

                                                                        • YouSurf 2
                                                                          YouSurf 2  6 months back

                                                                          Hoping the Dornish Spear-men come and wipe out the Unsullied and Dothraki. Not the horses though.. THEY need horses. At end, maybe a Dornish princess can marry the new King and resume a new reigh with less strife from Dorn to the Land of Always Winter.
                                                                          AZIZ... I WANT THAT SHIRT.

                                                                          • YouSurf
                                                                            YouSurf  6 months back

                                                                            @Gilly Flower LOL...u must be in Labelle or Arcadia...

                                                                          • Gilly Flower
                                                                            Gilly Flower  6 months back

                                                                            @YouSurf more like chickens, flowers, and dirt, but I still do my time in blue water every chance I can get away

                                                                          • YouSurf
                                                                            YouSurf  6 months back

                                                                            @Gilly Flower ahhh... the you must be a princess..... Princess of sand fleas and Fire Ants?, I hope not....

                                                                          • Gilly Flower
                                                                            Gilly Flower  6 months back

                                                                            @YouSurf i figured, Florida, Hawaii, Cali, or out of country. You marrying and moving to snow anytime soon? Me, not even for a king!
                                                                            "Princess" was just my trigger word, I hear you loud and clear.

                                                                          • YouSurf
                                                                            YouSurf  6 months back

                                                                            @Gilly Flower GillyLilly.... I did not say THE princess... I said A Dornish princess. Maybe the sister of the new Prince? or daughter.... or whatever makes one a princess with standing.
                                                                            I live in FLoridaDorne also... LOL.

                                                                        • J V ELL
                                                                          J V ELL  6 months back

                                                                          ~21:00 she sums it up for many here

                                                                          • smitten besotted
                                                                            smitten besotted  6 months back

                                                                            Jon Snow still knows nothing, and also the North doesn't remember anything - a little gratitude and respect for Dany for saving them from the NK at great personal cost would have been in place. Also Jon, Dany risked her life and paid with her dragon's life for saving Jon from beyond the wall. I can see where Dany's rage came from. Sansa set all this in motion, created this huge ladder, Littlefinger style.

                                                                            • Meredith Kessler
                                                                              Meredith Kessler  6 months back

                                                                              War Pigs - another song that fits!

                                                                              • Marcus Tully
                                                                                Marcus Tully  6 months back

                                                                                That white horse waiting for Arya at the end is really Jaqen H'ghar wearing a horse mask and horse stage prop stolen from the theater Troup from season 6.

                                                                                Oh, and it's also a secret Targaryen.

                                                                                • katk925
                                                                                  katk925  6 months back

                                                                                  Best analysis video I’ve seen yet!

                                                                                  • Marcus Tully
                                                                                    Marcus Tully  6 months back

                                                                                    Prediction; there WILL be a showdown/duel between Jon & Greyworm.

                                                                                    • Marcus Tully
                                                                                      Marcus Tully  6 months back

                                                                                      I find it interesting how different the concept of "honor" is in the ancient and medieval world compared to today. Jon's stupid and selfish decision to tell his sister's of his parentage is demonstrative of this fact. I believe that to most of us that "honor" and "morality" go hand in hand, while the sort of "martial honor" showed with Jon (& Ned), this is not always the case. It seems like honor in Game can be simplified more as having an unimpeachable reputation for being good to your word, regardless of what you give your word to.
                                                                                      Jon's stupid and selfish decision to tell his sisters about his parentage is a perfect example of this.
                                                                                      Telling them was important to Jon more or less so his reputation for "honesty" remainet untainted. This is really the only thing he or anyone else gets out of this. Not only is there no benefit to coming clean (because regardless, he's not going to push his claim), but it's extremely destructive to everyone involved.
                                                                                      Sansa is now in mortal danger, I mean Dany all but called it treason to Jon. I wonder if that fact has yet to get through his thick head. He HAD to have been thinking "ohh, shit," as he watched Varys being burned alive for doing the same thing she did (if he was trying to poison Dany, I don't think she knew that).

                                                                                      Good job Jon. I think it's safe to say that anytime a decision has to be made by a Stark between keeping people safe vs not offending their sense of personal honor; there's going to be a LOT of dead small folk in the near future.

                                                                                      • leman Russ
                                                                                        leman Russ  6 months back

                                                                                        Na bro the dropping of the nuclear bombs wasn't a political show to the Russians. We drop the second bomb on August 11 1945 and japan surrender September 2, 1945. The russia attack japan August 9, 1945 – September 2, 1945 taking all of China, Korea and the north island of Japan from Japan.

                                                                                        Also the battle of Okinawa, also known as Operation Iceberg, took place in April-June 1945. It was the largest amphibious landing in the Pacific theater of World War II. It also resulted in the largest casualties with over 100,000 Japanese casualties and 75,000 casualties for the Allies. Some numbers of civilians killed are from 40,000–150,000 out of an est. 300,000. Also half the pop if the high number is correct.

                                                                                        We sent 183,000 combat troops to Okinawa and lost 20,195 dead and 55,162 wounded, But lets invade More of Japan.

                                                                                        It is easy to say they should have just invaded the home islands of Japan when you have never served.

                                                                                        • sean pink
                                                                                          sean pink  6 months back

                                                                                          i did serve
                                                                                          i was a squad leader, intelligence analyst, and a paratrooper in the 82nd abn division
                                                                                          in the weeks leading up to the bomb, we already firebombed 300,000 civilians to death. the japanese were already negotiating for peace. they were surrounded and out of food. the commander of the pacific theatre said we didnt need to drop the bombs. we did it anyway

                                                                                      • stardust dragon
                                                                                        stardust dragon  6 months back

                                                                                        I wonder if Arya kills Greyworm so she can get close enough to Dany to kill her.

                                                                                        • Kijani Gol'Kosh
                                                                                          Kijani Gol'Kosh  6 months back

                                                                                          Cameras during the Vietnam war showed carnage in living rooms changed a lot of opinions to. One side of my grandparents survived the Blitz & lived in America away from the war. The pure terror of bombs dropping around you made them very antiwar, it took video footage of Vietnam to change my other grandparents. Jon seen pillaging & carnage, but not from his own soldiers. The lack of honor in sacking Kings Landing shocked Jon like it shocked Eddard.