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  • Ash Alee
    Ash Alee  5 days back

    This was an amazing documentary - Paul is one strong man 💜

      MARCOS ELENILDO FERREIRA  1 months back

      MAS CADÊ O FILME ???

      • Rosa Gutiérrez
        Rosa Gutiérrez  2 months back

        Amazing never give up! Just since the Documentary on HBO & each one of you are pretty awesome! Anyone can just give up but all of you just showed us with hard work anything is possible!

        • Gary Powell
          Gary Powell  2 months back

          For those of us watching from the outside, you might also enjoy watching "Murder Ball" Not to make light of this injury but it shows people making the best of it.

          • smilez 4U
            smilez 4U  2 months back

            2010 i crushed a disc between L4 & L5 verts.i also herniated 2 discs above & below. i could feel my spine grinding with any movement & also lost sensation off & on below my waist, so i was in a chair 4 almost 2 years before my first rizotomy which deadens the nerves in the area of most pain. it was just enough to get me out of the chair & begin my own PT at home .Very lonely & dark time since i had just built my first custom home & had another to start. I was in my 30s & made of steel( or so i thought!) Lost my construction business , friends & family found it too much to be around me, i had a hard time turning things around, but one step at a time,i managed to do it..Steady recovering, almost back in the saddle & off pain meds thanks to Meditation- THC-CBD-& kratom . Loved this film, wish i would have seen it back then for additional inspiration ! Live Blessed :)

            • smilez 4U
              smilez 4U  2 months back

              @DallasStorm43 Verrrrry Best wishes , i sincerely believe u can do this !! :)
              p.s. Smile often, it becomes a habit,, then infectious,,, even if u gotta fake it sometimes :)

            • DallasStorm43
              DallasStorm43  2 months back

              @smilez 4U I have seen that girl as well. She is amazing at what she can do. And she does take every day with a smile. I had 2 tragic things happen last year within 19 days of each other and now that everything is simmered down, I am going to put my best foot forward and try to get me back. We do only have this one life to live and I do not want to waste it on negative people or negative things. I want to feel better, laugh more and do more!

            • smilez 4U
              smilez 4U  2 months back

              @DallasStorm43 Oh , My heart goes out to u & i hope things get better 4 u at sum point.. The THC edibles & cbd helped take my mental focus off the pain so for a few hrs at a time, i could actually REST a bit. the several meds & antidepressants i was on just werent cutting it after awhile. I was given some Kratom powder by a friend & chose to use it to help withdraw symptoms as i had decided to wing off of 2 of my perscriptions, & it really helped! 1 tablespoon daily. Diet & rest were also big in helping me heal. The doctors really didnt give me any hope.Nobody did actually, i seemed to be a lost cause i guess, but im a stubborn S.O.B. & i figured if i was still breathing, then i still had purpose on this planet! The real motivator was a video i saw of a young girl born with no arms who could only use her feet 2 do everything, she used utensils, did amazing paintings with brush, dressed herself, even swam !! & her attitude for life was inspiring to say the least. So i got off my pitty party & decided if she could do it, then i had to at least give it my best effort. It was not easy in the least, but i am very grateful 2 be recovering now. I am re aligning my whole life now, but im, at peace with it all & come may life unfold however it needs to..I just go with the flow :).
              Blessings to you, & any one else suffering with depression, pain & unwanted addictions . . .

            • DallasStorm43
              DallasStorm43  2 months back

              I am still going through issues. 16 yrs now, 6 back surgeries and need a neck surgery because I have 2 herniated discs and they are leaning on my spinal cord. My neck also sounds like it has rice in it and live with migraines a lot more than I care to. I have been trying the CBD but I still take pain meds which I think aren't allowing the CBD to take effect the way it should. I am 50 yrs old and tired of feeling this way and it was a work related injury and on DOL.

          • CH567849
            CH567849  2 months back

            Interesting that HBO chose to focus on the accident as it relates to multiple people and not one person.

            • Haylee McVay
              Haylee McVay  2 months back

              This is my dads best friend! I’ll always remember being picked up forms cho early to head down to Utah where it all happened.💘

              • Mayor of Mischief
                Mayor of Mischief  2 months back

                Just watched this on HBO. Amazing documentary, never a dull moment, worth the watch 100%.

                • Mayor of Mischief
                  Mayor of Mischief  2 months back

                  It’s a positive review of the film, get over yourself.

                • DallasStorm43
                  DallasStorm43  2 months back

                  Dull moment? Wow, you probably should have used a different word or sentence to describe this Documentary. Considering this is real things that have happened to people in a horrific way.

              • jbrunnez
                jbrunnez  2 months back

                Craig Hospital is a beautiful beautiful place

                • ClassicVibe RadioDotNet
                  ClassicVibe RadioDotNet  2 months back

                  This was basically the story of one guy. And not to be a jerk or anything but I would have been more interested in hearing more from the other participants too and not just the one story of Paul. Basically this is just another athlete gets injured, athlete recovers, athlete makes documentary and moves on. Again I am happy for Paul and his recovery and for telling his story. But I would have been much more interested to hear more of the stories from those who suffered their injuries from unforeseen incidents like most of the other participants who gave their short comments or insight into their stories. I would have rather heard more about their struggles and victories in adapting to their new lifestyle. And for those who read this I am an above the knee amputee. My amputation was a traumatic amputation and NOT due to Diabetes as most people assume when they see an amputee. I know the struggles, the depression, the feelings of uselessness, the suicidal thoughts, and ALL the other emotions, and struggles that come with having a life changing/altering injury. Again Thanks to Paul for sharing his story and congrats on the recovery. And Thank you to all the participants for their comments and insights and sharing their stories. To ALL of you and EVERYONE who has sustained any type of life changing/altering injuries, Never Give Up, Keep on Moving Forward, and ALWAYS Stay Strong!

                  • Gary Powell
                    Gary Powell  2 months back

                    A movie can't be all things to all people. "Murder Ball" is another slice of life of a person in a wheelchair from a bad accident if you are looking for more movies about this.

                  • Screepo
                    Screepo  2 months back

                    Yeah I feel about that too. But it was really good (had a stroke last year, have aphasia, right hand in numb, so much better on both accounts.

                • jckgrim51
                  jckgrim51  3 months back

                  In one hand you have a group of people who suffered an unforeseen accident, while in the other a group of people who risked their lives doing something of their own personal choice that lead to a foreseeable accident.... Both suck but eh one's tempting Darwin to tickle them...

                  • jckgrim51
                    jckgrim51  2 months back

                    DallasStorm43 thanks buddy! For someone to claim they care for the hardship these people went through to only wish upon a stranger baffles me but to each their own childish mind! Cannot even fathom someone reading my comments as an attempt to hope this happens to others. Not the case, I’m a family man and hope and wish everyone the best outcome. Just pointing out the obvious. Best of luck and much safety to you urs and his!

                  • DallasStorm43
                    DallasStorm43  2 months back

                    @jckgrim51 Agreed

                  • DallasStorm43
                    DallasStorm43  2 months back

                    @Screepo You should NEVER wish harm upon someone else. It will only come back to you tenfold. And by the sounds of it, you don't need anymore shit luck. My personal opinion for what it is should apologize. AGAIN, THIS IS ONLY MY OPINION.

                  • jckgrim51
                    jckgrim51  2 months back

                    @Screepo If i'm heartless then you are the fucking devil. Who wishes harm to someone just to learn some twisted lesson you feel I need to learn? I wished you the best of luck and my sympathy was stating both outcomes would suck. Dude you are a piece of work. Don't need to read the rest of your sob story, you are a piece of shit. Only difference is I can be honest with my feelings where you try to come off as caring for strangers but yet wish harm upon the ones you disagree with. Fuck off buddy.

                  • Screepo
                    Screepo  2 months back

                    @jckgrim51 You are heartless though. lol.
                    I hope you get an injury like this and you will see. Trust. :) And no, I didn't hemorrhoids. Nothing. I had some tendinitis in my right arm, had a break for a month and to heal. I am an engineer, I got what you are saying. But all of these people have their stories, their sports, their lives. These guy made this documentary, he will show extreme sports in it because he fucking did that for his life. Sorry for the grammar, I had aphasia so i can to learn english again, starting with 3 fucking words. Have some empathy and compassion. Everyone is not you.

                • Malcolm Brooks
                  Malcolm Brooks  3 months back

                  Im looking forward to watching this. I had a spinal cord injury, an incomplete C-5 burst fracture in September 1988 while on my mt. bike riding home from a party.

                • Paulo Matias
                  Paulo Matias  3 months back

                  😭👏👏👏👏 Eu mau posso esperar pra ver esse filme, todo amor e carinho que carrego pelo Paul e tudo que ele significa pra o esporte, são indescritíveis.

                  • James Fitzgerald
                    James Fitzgerald  3 months back

                    Oh my god

                    • tritondriver1
                      tritondriver1  3 months back


                      • Graham Kirby
                        Graham Kirby  3 months back

                        1:17 I had a similar brace for about 4 months when I had 2 stress fractures

                        • DallasStorm43
                          DallasStorm43  2 months back

                          I have had 6 back surgeries. 3 of which were to fuse a different level of my lower lumbar. I too had to wear this type of brace on the first 2 surgeries. You have to be fitted for them and they are tough like a turtle shell. And such a pain to move in. Even getting up and down.

                      • Zion Akinjide
                        Zion Akinjide  3 months back

                        Must be really rough....this brings back memories, I fell down from a story building and this could have literally been my fate and I can't imagine....More strength to you guys and anyone who's had their lives altered as a result of injuries.

                        • S. Kopf
                          S. Kopf  3 months back


                          • Abhimanyu Kohli
                            Abhimanyu Kohli  3 months back


                            • Patty Kirner
                              Patty Kirner  3 months back

                              I have spinal cord injury aftet falling 18ft off a 2story roof. It definitely gives you a totally different perspective on life. Anyone suffering spinal cord injury, keep fighting!

                              • nomusicnolife64
                                nomusicnolife64  3 months back

                                Ez elérhető lesz majd magyar szinkronnal?

                                • alex schneider
                                  alex schneider  3 months back

                                  0:23 unexpectedly, people with their mouth opened, appeared on his way that's why he has fallen down.

                                  • I
                                    I  3 months back

                                    for a second I thought it was Pewds in the thumbnail lol

                                    • John Doe
                                      John Doe  3 months back

                                      1:53 Damn. those are some sexy arms.

                                      Well, that's the risk you take when you partake in "extreme sports." Is it really worth it?

                                      • Screepo
                                        Screepo  2 months back

                                        Uh what is your hobby? I went to the gym, doing powerlifting, i had a stroke from that. if you love the sports or anything you will try to get better..look at football bro.

                                      • cob cb
                                        cob cb  3 months back

                                        It worths living your dream! Then shit happens to everyone, that's matter! Stay at home and die of fat life/he choose fast life and mental strength ready for the next fight!

                                      • Soozee P
                                        Soozee P  3 months back

                                        John Doe - It’s definitely not “worth it”, but most humans seem to think, “That only happens to other people.” OR, some fully realize it can happen to them, but their desire for living on the edge and conquering the (whatever it is) is too strong to say no to.

                                        People like Evel Kneivel are seriously injured time and time again AND have had man close shaves to death, but still need the rush. Senna was VERY aware of Formula One Racing dangers. He was always outspoken on track safety, etc. He knew he “had the IT factor”, loved the gig but, ended up getting killed. Some sports extremists have said they don’t fully feel alive unless they live on that edge. Some people play sports like NFL and are fully cognizant of how any injury can ruin their bodies/brains or their earning potential for life. But, I’m sure not anything like that. We’re all different.

                                      • Aaron James
                                        Aaron James  3 months back

                                        Just think... everyday is arm day for him...

                                      • Rob 7
                                        Rob 7  3 months back

                                        Get fucked. Dick-head

                                    • Ime Prezime
                                      Ime Prezime  3 months back

                                      Medicine needs to go a long way until we can repair spinal cord injuries. I hope it's sooner rather than later.

                                      • DallasStorm43
                                        DallasStorm43  2 months back

                                        @Aaron James There are other ways to get a spinal cord injury besides Mountain Biking. If someone got into a car accident because of a drunk driver and got that injury that is something beyond that persons control. Even a work related injury.

                                      • Screepo
                                        Screepo  2 months back

                                        @Cameron Target Yep, I got a stroke last year in september from powerlifting.. i'm not gonna do anything for like that. I will go to the gym soon. <3 I love this documentary. I had aphasia, after the stroke I couldn't say like.. 5 words. Now I can make sentences.. I have my voice again. It's just so nice, but it's so harder when you don't have people who love you when a injury like that.. or anything injury.

                                      • Cameron Target
                                        Cameron Target  2 months back

                                        All the proceeds from this film are going to spinal cord injury research! So hopefully there will be a new chapter for finding a cure!!! As for “vaccinating against mountain bikers” if you watch the film, you’ll see it’s possible to become injured by doing anything in life that you love... does that mean you should stop doing it?

                                      • Aaron James
                                        Aaron James  3 months back

                                        Just vaccinate people against riding mountain bikes dangerously, and all mountain bike related spinal injurues will stop tomorrow... it those who are against the mountan bike vaccine t.. the anti vaxxers.. there the reason we still have mountian bike related spinal injury.

                                    • 360 MAGAZINE
                                      360 MAGAZINE  3 months back


                                      • Annoymous Bailey
                                        Annoymous Bailey  3 months back

                                        Anyone of us my ass. They need to change the title to White People shit. 😂