UNDISPUTED | Shannon reacts to Aaron Rodgers said about his best game this season


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  • tedfio1tedfio1
    tedfio1tedfio1  1 months back

    Rodgers is finally a Game Manager & System QB and the Packers are winning.

    • Quavarius Smith
      Quavarius Smith  1 months back

      Tf skip talking about

      • D-Wattz
        D-Wattz  1 months back

        Skip still mad 😂😂😂 Completely missing the point of what Aaron is saying. COMPLETELY! Typical Skip tho, finding any possibly negative remark to make about the man. Sad.
        And I thought you said KD was the "thinnest-skinned" person in the NBA.. now it's LeBron??? Get it straight, Bayless!

        • Nate Cummings
          Nate Cummings  1 months back

          That was the stupidest point for skip to bring up, talking about how Rodgers only threw for 70 yds in the second half. They were up by three touchdowns until the fourth quarter. Clock management dude. I know. Half the ratings come from skips ridiculous arguments and bias, and riling people up, but still...

          • TheDillpicks16
            TheDillpicks16  1 months back

            Skip might be the most brain dead person on this earth

            • Courtney C.
              Courtney C.  1 months back


              Skip just be up there saying anything 🙄 like the point completely went over his head lol.