UNDISPUTED Audio Podcast (9.10.19) with Skip Bayless, Shannon Sharpe & Jenny Taft | UNDISPUTED


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  • hortonmichael27
    hortonmichael27  2 months back

    Somebody please replace skip

  • Cortrell Carpenter
    Cortrell Carpenter  2 months back

    I guess everybody now is a "special" talent. Get ready to hear that phrase be over used.

  • Rick S
    Rick S  2 months back

    Skip, are you really that stupid? You're ok with suplex?

    Jesus Christ.

    • William Freeze
      William Freeze  2 months back

      You guy's had me cracking up!

      • SM baitreaper
        SM baitreaper  2 months back

        If the name of that watch maker is French like I guess, then should 'Mille' be pronounced exactly like the French pronounce their word for 1000 (which is also mille, phonetic meel-ye)?

        • Quinthoniy Freeman Davis
          Quinthoniy Freeman Davis  2 months back

          Give us video Fox man stop playing and put videos on YouTube!!!

          • nick
            nick  2 months back

            Imagine being able to look yourself in the mirror and tell your self u’ve made $100 million and then say you’re also in debt

            • Johnny Hughes
              Johnny Hughes  2 months back

              What? No LeBron

              • Phone Cord
                Phone Cord  2 months back

                Smh shannon need to say the same thing to skip that he say to shannon “your only hope is to soe dissention in the lakers locker room”. Use his argument with the cowboys against him with the lakers..

              • Johnny Hughes
                Johnny Hughes  2 months back

                @Mike Tank Brown ll 😆 u right it was to good to be true

              • Johnny Hughes
                Johnny Hughes  2 months back

                @Mike Tank Brown ll u right dammmmm

              • Mike Tank Brown ll
                Mike Tank Brown ll  2 months back

                They mentioned him when shannon said he had one of lebron's watches on.

              • Jerry Kwerve
                Jerry Kwerve  2 months back

                When the season starts it'll be lebron everyday again

            • dont b salty
              dont b salty  2 months back

              Cowboy air lines "we can take you anywhere, except the superbowl". That was funny. Shannon is hilarious undisputed over first take anyday.

              • T Wells
                T Wells  2 months back

                dont b salty facts bro

              • meatcork
                meatcork  2 months back

                Agreed. I always say it...best sports talk show on TV by far

            • Dustin Bridges
              Dustin Bridges  2 months back

              Aikman was over rated. He threw 19 touchdowns as a career high! He basically had the best running game ever and good receivers so his job was easy. And no lineman was ever as good as Larry Allen. And cooper isn’t close to Michel Irvin but zeke might be better than Emmit Smith. Emmit has 8 foot holes to run threw and wasn’t touched until 5 yards down the field.

              • North philly 215
                North philly 215  2 months back

                @l9o6p7a3k4a yeah i agree marino was ahead of his time thats why it took 20 years for that record to get broke. But yeah i really never liked aikman like that anyways or the cowboys

              • l9o6p7a3k4a
                l9o6p7a3k4a  2 months back

                North philly 215 um Marino threw 48 in 1984. Aiikmen was very over rated. Much like Dink Prescott 😀👌

              • shut up already
                shut up already  2 months back

                How can you compare that stats from Aikman era to now? The rules are way different. Every is catered to the offense. You know nothing about football.

              • North philly 215
                North philly 215  2 months back

                Back then 20 to 25 touchdowns was A lot

              • North philly 215
                North philly 215  2 months back

                Only 19 are you sure

            • Phil Capone
              Phil Capone  2 months back