Eon - Fire and blood


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  • Mai Abdelwahab
    Mai Abdelwahab  8 months back

    that was epic

    • Sputnik177
      Sputnik177  1 years back

      really awesome music dude

      • Олег Медведев

        U need advertising, bro, you are so talented in this.

        • Kacper Lubiński
          Kacper Lubiński  2 years back

          Fire and blood and... sweet dragon?

          • Cray Vee
            Cray Vee  2 years back

            Such clean and great sound quality, the music is a masterpiece! I love it! Keep making more! :D

            • Gavin Fay
              Gavin Fay  2 years back

              If you stop making music I may cry. So please don't stop.

              • DoeToKnow
                DoeToKnow  2 years back

                If HBO doesn't use this in season 7 for SOMETHING related to Daenarys I'm gonna sue.

              • Veiled Blue Whale
                Veiled Blue Whale  2 years back

                tranquil and energetic! never knew it could be done :o SUBSCRIBED!
                please do one for dead man's party track from witcher 3 OST

                • Dvoumetrovej Jarda
                  Dvoumetrovej Jarda  3 years back

                  Such talent

                  • Citek_bstok
                    Citek_bstok  3 years back

                    Oh man, good job!

                    • Raios
                      Raios  3 years back

                      You just earned another subscriber.... AWESOME WORK

                      • Emberstrife
                        Emberstrife  3 years back

                        Do you have a Bandcamp store or any other way to buy high quality MP3s/FLACs of your songs?

                        • Kadoba01
                          Kadoba01  3 years back

                          Wow I love your stuff. Not sure how you have so few views. You're really talented.

                          • Niianina
                            Niianina  2 years back

                            yeeeah! definetly a fan of Eon from now on 😍

                        • Misha Rhodes
                          Misha Rhodes  3 years back

                          You are so talented. Please post more <3

                          • QUASR
                            QUASR  3 years back

                            Almost a year ago when I saw the preview for the Witcher 3 contest I realized how talented you are. Looking forward to your future releases, keep rockin'.

                            • Eon
                              Eon   3 years back

                              Hey. I don't know how I missed this comment before but thank you very much.

                          • Elijah Ugh
                            Elijah Ugh  3 years back

                            Idk how many times I've listened to this song and what do u use to compose your music

                            • Delta Bagel
                              Delta Bagel  3 years back

                              OMG THE CHILLSSSSSS soooo epic!!

                              • Pinwar78
                                Pinwar78  3 years back

                                Fucking epic! When are you going to upload the song from the song contest?

                                • str8todamoney
                                  str8todamoney  3 years back

                                  Hey the song is up now.

                                • Eon
                                  Eon   3 years back

                                  Thanks for letting me know. I added it to my spotify playlist lol.

                                • Patryk Widz
                                  Patryk Widz  3 years back

                                  +Eon congratulations mate! You got picked by Marcin Przybyłowicz himself and your tune is available on Spotify. This is great!

                                • Eon
                                  Eon   3 years back

                                  I actually have no idea when the game company CDPR is gonna release it.

                                • Patryk Widz
                                  Patryk Widz  3 years back

                                  Came here to to ask the same question. I'm really looking forward to hear that song.

                              • Frangitus
                                Frangitus  3 years back

                                YOU ARE ALIIIIIIIIVE!

                                • Eon
                                  Eon   3 years back


                              • Laurent Pelletier-Neault

                                I'm glad I discovered you! I look forward to your future releases.

                                • Eon
                                  Eon   3 years back

                                  Thanks for stopping by.