The Dusty Jawas - Utinni (From "Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge Oga's Cantina"/Audio Only)


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  • Isaac Zuniga
    Isaac Zuniga  3 weeks back

    This R2 unit has a bad motivator.

    • Dantare
      Dantare  1 months back

      Banaaanaaaaa!... sorry, wrong movie.

    • Peter Slavik
      Peter Slavik  1 months back

      Can we get a music video of this with some Jawas with a lot of attitude!

      • Sentinel Randy
        Sentinel Randy  2 months back

        They sound like the Minions😅😅

        • Herozilla 545
          Herozilla 545  1 months back

          But they're automatically better because they're jawas

      • Dragonrider1227
        Dragonrider1227  2 months back

        kinda sounds like a Bollywood soundtrack

        • Michael Rosenberg
          Michael Rosenberg  2 months back


          • dicas da ale personagem fictício

            Sound maravigold

            • Андрей Шурочка

              Where's Max Rebo Galactic Blast?

              • SirK_19 THK
                SirK_19 THK  2 months back

                Joseph 47 i remember reading that somewhere tho that they lived

              • SirK_19 THK
                SirK_19 THK  2 months back

                Joseph 47 not too sure. Mightve been. I loke the idea of them being alive tho cuz i liked lapti nek lol

              • Joseph 47
                Joseph 47  2 months back

                SirK_19 THK is this legends???

              • SirK_19 THK
                SirK_19 THK  2 months back

                Joseph 47 I still think if Disney decided to keep max rebos band dead in canon that they play his bands music in their honor

              • SirK_19 THK
                SirK_19 THK  2 months back

                Joseph 47 in other stories the max rebo band survived. They bailed when they saw Luke was kicking ass with his friends. Suposably when they were in the desert, Droopy McCool ended up leaving the band and the Max Rebo Band became the Max Rebo Duo with just Max Rebo and Sy Snootles. Then Snootles went solo and Max Rebo played music for the rebellion

            • Rebeca E Seus Primos
              Rebeca E Seus Primos  2 months back

              AMEI😍 O VIDIO

              • Oppo Ranscisis
                Oppo Ranscisis  2 months back

                This sounds like a copy of angry birds theme in the beginning.

                • Gibrail
                  Gibrail  2 months back

                  Yeah it does sound alot like it xD

              • Brooklyn Williams
                Brooklyn Williams  2 months back


                • PiesForLife
                  PiesForLife  2 months back

                  Hi ho the whitecdrshsnow!!!!!!!