DONT Belly Flop into the Wrong Pool!! *WARNING GROSS*


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  • Brayden Durham
    Brayden Durham  1 weeks back

    Did not look fun

    • Layla G
      Layla G  1 weeks back

      Leve a like if you see Jeffโ€™s underwear

      • George Marceau
        George Marceau  1 weeks back

        Vinegar and milk have a chemical reaction when in contact causing the milk to curdle.

        • Tristyn Speters
          Tristyn Speters  1 weeks back

          Fall in mud jeff

          • THE BEST
            THE BEST  2 weeks back

            I love your vids

            • Leshelle Burton
              Leshelle Burton  3 weeks back

              spray water at jeff and replay it in slo-mo

              • Leshelle Burton
                Leshelle Burton  3 weeks back

                jeff is so stupid

                • Harley Autrey
                  Harley Autrey  3 weeks back

                  Yeah boys and girls!!!!!!!!!!!๐Ÿ˜ฏ๐Ÿ˜ฏ๐Ÿ˜ฏ๐Ÿ˜ฏ

                  • Kyle F
                    Kyle F  4 weeks back

                    The slomo was so funny ๐Ÿคฃ

                    • April Keift
                      April Keift  4 weeks back

                      I love you
                      I have did meme of your video

                      • jack
                        jack  1 months back


                        • Brandi Cordell
                          Brandi Cordell  1 months back

                          Rip towels 2019โ€”2019

                          • Brandi Cordell
                            Brandi Cordell  1 months back

                            I love your vids Iโ€™m ๐Ÿ˜ท but they still make me laugh ๐Ÿ˜‚

                            • Maranda Mccauley
                              Maranda Mccauley  1 months back

                              You now what is funny for my sicenc fair product I have to use cola milk venger

                              • Pixilu Productions
                                Pixilu Productions  1 months back

                                ี”ีฟีธีฟ3๐Ÿคฎ๐Ÿค‘๐Ÿค—๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘Š๐Ÿฟ๐Ÿ’€๐Ÿ‘จ๐Ÿฟโ€๐Ÿฆฐ๐Ÿ‘ฟ๐Ÿคž๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘โ›ฉ๐ŸŒ ๐Ÿ–จโ›ฉ๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ—พโ›ฉ๐ŸŽ‡๐Ÿ–ฑโ›ฉ๐ŸŽ‘๐Ÿ›ค๐Ÿ™๐ŸŽ‘โ›ฉ๐ŸŒƒ๐Ÿ“ฒ๐ŸŒ…๐Ÿ“ฑ๐Ÿ“ฑ๐Ÿ“ฒ๐Ÿ“ฑ๐ŸŽ‘๐ŸŽ‡๐Ÿ“ฑ๐ŸŽ‡โŒš๏ธ๐ŸŒƒโŒš๏ธ๐ŸŽ†๐ŸŒƒ๐Ÿž๐ŸŒƒ๐Ÿ–จ๐Ÿž๐Ÿ“ฑ๐Ÿž๐ŸŽ‡๐Ÿ“ฒ๐Ÿ–ฒโ›ฉ๐Ÿž๐ŸŒŒ๐Ÿ›ค๐Ÿž๐ŸŒŒโ›ฉ๐ŸŽ‘๐Ÿ›ค๐Ÿ’ฃโš™๏ธ๐Ÿงจ๐Ÿบ๐Ÿงฑโš”๏ธโš—๏ธ๐Ÿ’ฃ๐Ÿ’Š๐Ÿ”ช๐Ÿ”ช๐Ÿ”ช๐Ÿ”ช๐Ÿ”ช๐Ÿ”ช๐Ÿ”ช๐Ÿงจ๐Ÿงจ๐Ÿงจ๐Ÿ”ช๐Ÿงฏ๐Ÿ’ด๐Ÿ’ถ๐Ÿ’ถ๐Ÿ’ถ๐Ÿ’ถ๐Ÿ’ถ๐Ÿ’ถ๐Ÿ’ถ๐Ÿ’ถ๐Ÿ’ถ๐Ÿ’ถ๐Ÿ’ถ๐Ÿ’ถ๐Ÿ’ถ๐Ÿ’ด๐Ÿ’ด๐Ÿ’ด๐Ÿ’ด๐Ÿ’ด๐Ÿ’ด๐Ÿ’ด๐Ÿ’ด๐Ÿ’ด๐Ÿ’ต๐Ÿ’ต๐Ÿ’ต๐Ÿ’ต๐Ÿ’ต๐Ÿ’ต๐Ÿ’ต๐Ÿ’ต๐Ÿ’ต๐Ÿ’ต๐Ÿ’ธ๐Ÿ’ธ๐Ÿ’ธ๐Ÿ’ธ๐Ÿ’ธ๐Ÿ’ต

                                • Benji Shmuel
                                  Benji Shmuel  1 months back

                                  CHRIS NOOOOOOOOOOO

                                  • Karol Everst
                                    Karol Everst  2 months back

                                    i feel so bad for jeffri

                                    • Trigo Spike
                                      Trigo Spike  2 months back

                                      Only ogs remember when they called it cam and jeff

                                      • Charlotte Inslay
                                        Charlotte Inslay  2 months back

                                        Is anyone watching this in 2019

                                      • Jelloโ€™s Universe
                                        Jelloโ€™s Universe  2 months back

                                        Poor Jeffrey

                                        • Emma Rhudy
                                          Emma Rhudy  2 months back

                                          that was the best ending

                                          • Zahraa Youness
                                            Zahraa Youness  3 months back

                                            Love you so much

                                            • Christian Jaggernauth
                                              Christian Jaggernauth  3 months back

                                              Press F to pay respects for ice cream ๐Ÿ˜ž๐Ÿ˜ž๐Ÿ˜ž

                                              • killen2167
                                                killen2167  3 months back

                                                Once upon a time they had a wonderful garden.

                                                • Rory Gaming - Dinosaurs, Minecraft and More!

                                                  You guys should get sponsored by spongebob

                                                  • slime queen Gracie
                                                    slime queen Gracie  3 months back

                                                    I love your videos and lol it seems Jeffery always loses

                                                    • Harry Borthwick
                                                      Harry Borthwick  3 months back

                                                      4:05 he looked so majestic when he was about to land

                                                    • Roblox Vids
                                                      Roblox Vids  3 months back

                                                      Morgz copyed

                                                      • K Geddes
                                                        K Geddes  3 months back

                                                        1 like = 1 ๐Ÿ™ prayer

                                                        • NateO13 MacVicar
                                                          NateO13 MacVicar  3 months back

                                                          You guys are cool

                                                          • ADENCRANE2008 Crane
                                                            ADENCRANE2008 Crane  3 months back

                                                            Yell need to do anoter one like this but a twist if it lads on 1or 4 put picals vinager and bbQ sallsa

                                                            • the bad kids
                                                              the bad kids  3 months back

                                                              Its not mud its poop

                                                              • Sean Higgins
                                                                Sean Higgins  3 months back

                                                                poor jeff

                                                                • Daisy Ling
                                                                  Daisy Ling  3 months back

                                                                  Your editing, filming and ideas are always brilliant
                                                                  You cheer me up after a long rough day โ˜บ๏ธ๐Ÿ˜Š

                                                                  P.S. R.I.P Jeff

                                                                  • Vea Casey
                                                                    Vea Casey  3 months back

                                                                    I thought chris was gonna mis the pool

                                                                    • Thomas Starling Collector

                                                                      Absolutely love your vids. You don't clickbait (Unlike Morgz) Your videos are fun, and nobody gets seriously injured. Keep up the good work and your future will be filled with subscribers.

                                                                      • Aurora Berry
                                                                        Aurora Berry  4 months back

                                                                        I love you

                                                                        • Richard Holloway
                                                                          Richard Holloway  4 months back

                                                                          When I knew that our dna was equivalent by 96% to ape's I didn't belive up, but now I know that Roberts dna is 100% the same to the ape family, but wait, where's his tail

                                                                          • Jamie Huffmire
                                                                            Jamie Huffmire  4 months back

                                                                            My life is awesome because of you three Jeff, Rob, and Chris.

                                                                            • doll life Episode
                                                                              doll life Episode  4 months back

                                                                              I laugh ๐Ÿ˜‚ because Jeff just like jump in the pickles pool

                                                                              • School goofies
                                                                                School goofies  4 months back

                                                                                are you guys all brothers or just really good friends ?

                                                                                • Laya Leslie
                                                                                  Laya Leslie  4 months back

                                                                                  Will you please bellyflop to look like it hurt a lot

                                                                                  • Gina Krahmer
                                                                                    Gina Krahmer  4 months back

                                                                                    BE NICE TO JEFFUFAHH AND ROB CRISEYE FILTHY ๐Ÿ˜ 

                                                                                    • Agent Random
                                                                                      Agent Random  4 months back

                                                                                      Dangie Bros Word of the Day: Grossy

                                                                                      • Mars the Knife
                                                                                        Mars the Knife  4 months back

                                                                                        Jeffery keeps on losing

                                                                                        HE IS CHANDLER 2.0 IT IS CONFIRMED

                                                                                      • Eva Eva101
                                                                                        Eva Eva101  4 months back

                                                                                        It's Funny!

                                                                                        • Moree632
                                                                                          Moree632  4 months back

                                                                                          poor Jeffery

                                                                                          • Turtle that is very sad
                                                                                            Turtle that is very sad  4 months back

                                                                                            Where did the liquids go after each round?