TOP 5: UNDERRATED MAKEUP Products You NEED to Know About!

  • Published: 08 April 2019

    ** What are some of your favorite, most underrated products that no one knows about?! **

    The first half of this video was filmed in January, so please don't bother with dumb comments about the tree.


    1) Milani Make It Last Setting Powder - "Radiant" //
    Ulta --
    Amazon --
    Walmart --
    Walgreens --
    Milani --

    2) The Body Shop Mint Mattifying Face Mist //
    Ulta --
    The Body Shop --

    3) Dermablend Flawless Creator Foundation Drops //
    Ulta --
    Macy's --
    HSN --

    4) NYX Suede Matte Liner //
    Ulta --
    Target --
    CVS --
    Amazon --

    5) Covergirl Ultra Fine Brow Pencil //
    Ulta --
    Walmart --
    Target --
    Amazon --


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Comments • 41

  • linda friend
    linda friend  7 months back

    I really want to try that Milani powder. I like a little blow without looking like I put highlight all over my face. Can this be used over my regular setting powder to a natural glow or would that get to cakey? #partypeople

    • Dion Lorah
      Dion Lorah  7 months back

      I've been using the NYX Suede Matte Liners for over a year. LOVE them! I have a corresponding color for almost each lipstick I own. When I line and fill in my lips before applying lipstick, the color lasts until I remove it.

      • Cassie Wiesner
        Cassie Wiesner  7 months back

        That’s my favorite brow pencil. I love that color too. I’ve probably gone threw 30. Lol

        • Lisa Folden
          Lisa Folden  7 months back

          I would love to see a hairstyle tutorial on what products you use and how you achieve this style. I love it! 💗

          • Kelli Dolphinlover
            Kelli Dolphinlover  7 months back

            Your eyelooks and all are amazing!!!! I will have to think of a response on my favorite underated. I agree on the suede matte liners! In fact I use one of the blue ones as an eye liner! Stays on beautifully! Glad to hear about your Dad. My mom ended up going back to hospital. Out now but needs to see kidney specialist.

            • Auntie D Ramey
              Auntie D Ramey  7 months back

              I love NXY lip pencils! #PARTYPEOPLE:)

              • Katie Marie
                Katie Marie  7 months back

                I’m SUCH a fan of the DermaBlend foundation, too!!! 👌🏼👌🏼👌🏼

                • Lori Bayly
                  Lori Bayly  7 months back

                  I love both eye looks in this video!!! ❤️ What are u wearing??

                  • Hanf Lieu
                    Hanf Lieu  7 months back

                    More please...

                    • Linsey Smith
                      Linsey Smith  7 months back

                      I thought there were more shades in that Milani powder. Maybe I am thinking of a different product.

                      • Christina Lee
                        Christina Lee  7 months back

                        Love the eye looks

                        • Genie
                          Genie  7 months back

                          LOVE your eye makeup at the end of the video!! Would love to know what you used. Or, better yet, see a tutorial! 😊

                          • Colleen MK
                            Colleen MK  7 months back

                            Your makeup looks so good

                            • Crystal C
                              Crystal C  7 months back

                              Thanks Ashley always appreciate you

                              • Liza M
                                Liza M  7 months back

                                The Body Shop has the mint spray for 30% off

                                • Kelly Wolfe
                                  Kelly Wolfe  7 months back

                                  Great video 💜💚💟💛💙

                                  • jackie reinstedler
                                    jackie reinstedler  7 months back

                                    I love The Body Shop powder foundation:) I use it as a setting powder. Good for sensitive skin too.

                                    • Alicia Metters
                                      Alicia Metters  7 months back

                                      You look so pretty!💄💄💯💯💃🏾How’s Dad🙏🏾💯

                                      • Ren Swit
                                        Ren Swit  7 months back

                                        How is your dad doing? I use the Milani pressed illuminating powder so I wan't to try the loose.

                                        • The Glamour Index
                                          The Glamour Index   7 months back

                                          He's doing good! We got a good diagnosis. Thanks for asking!

                                      • Kami Marie
                                        Kami Marie  7 months back

                                        • Mish mash
                                          Mish mash  7 months back

                                          Have you tried the Milani set and glow pressed powder? Now that gives you this fresh, angelic look to the skin without being shimmery or anything. You may like that more than the loose powder.

                                          • The Glamour Index
                                            The Glamour Index   7 months back

                                            I do love that one! I would have included it, but I ran out.

                                        • Pituca Beauty
                                          Pituca Beauty  7 months back

                                          Omg yesss the covergirl brow pencil is definitely perfection. I love it

                                          • Tina Norton
                                            Tina Norton  7 months back

                                            Hello, Sorry, this is off topic. However, I know you shop the shop hush store or online app.

                                            I have the app downloaded on my iPhone. For the last nine or 10 days it says the website is unavailable. Are you experiencing the same when you try the app?

                                            I try to reach out to the help center, but there is not a selection for troubleshooting the app.

                                            Any suggestions? Or have you or anyone else experienced same thing?

                                            • The Glamour Index
                                              The Glamour Index   7 months back

                                              They posted on their IG that all orders would need to be placed by March 31. They said that "big changes" are coming but didn't say what. They disabled comments on that post. Everything on their site went on sale until there was nothing left. It made it seem like they were going out of business because of the lack of information they provided. But no one knows!

                                          • Diane Guy
                                            Diane Guy  7 months back

                                            Still loving the Xmas tree!❤️

                                            • Zachandstacy Dunn
                                              Zachandstacy Dunn  7 months back

                                              I've been really wanting to try the dermablend foundation!

                                              • Bernie Bro With A Vagina
                                                Bernie Bro With A Vagina  7 months back

                                                Just FYI the dermablend link for Ulta is also Macy’s. I’ve actually heard tataylaa talk about the Dermablend drops and I know I’ve heard at least a couple ppl mention the cover girl brow pencil. When I run out of my pencils I’m getting either the CG or Josh pencil. Depends on where I’m shopping though. Also do you like the NYX lip pencils more then the Colourpop lip pencils? I usually pick up lip pencils when I shop from CP but I have a hard time finding the right color bc of the layout and the swatches.

                                                • Sofia Griffith
                                                  Sofia Griffith  7 months back

                                                  Love your eye look in the 1st take. What palette/palettes did you use?

                                                  • Chrissy Moss
                                                    Chrissy Moss  7 months back

                                                    NYX is soooo not a drugstore brand when it crosses the pond over to the UK. $3 for a lip pencil ..... wow, I'll take 5! Great news about your dad (prayers still being said). 💜💗💜

                                                    • Michelle Moody
                                                      Michelle Moody  7 months back

                                                      Honey, you have a Christmas tree in the background! I had to check the release date to be sure it wasn’t an old video! Lol. It could be an easter tree? Lol i was like wait wat? Wat month am I in? Lol

                                                      • Dion Lorah
                                                        Dion Lorah  7 months back

                                                        @The Glamour Index years ago when I did videos, I left my tree up all year. It reminded me every day was a gift. In 2012, I got frustrated and deleted my channel. I may start again. Not sure yet.

                                                      • Michelle Moody
                                                        Michelle Moody  7 months back

                                                        The Glamour Index ok! That’s ok! It jus took me by surprise! Btw i would love to try the cover girl brow pencil but they only have 3 shades! 😩 I have auburn hair so they need to bring out more shades!!

                                                      • The Glamour Index
                                                        The Glamour Index   7 months back

                                                        Filmed a long time ago.

                                                    • nikki forrester
                                                      nikki forrester  7 months back

                                                      I'm so happy to hear the good news about your dad!! Still sending lots of love & prayers from Ga! Btw I'm gonna have to get that Milani loose powder!!!

                                                      • Jazmine Thomas
                                                        Jazmine Thomas  7 months back

                                                        I think I have that NYX liner you mentioned, I oughta dig it out again 😂

                                                        • Jazmine Thomas
                                                          Jazmine Thomas  7 months back

                                                          I could do an entire book about underrated products 😂😂😂😂 some include the Loreal Infallible setting spray, LA Colors High Shine glosses 😍 😍 😍 and the Ulta Mineral blushes. Like why don't these things have more attention??? #partypeople

                                                          • Mish mash
                                                            Mish mash  7 months back

                                                            Jazmine Thomas I could watch underrated products from her every day. She makes some awesome recommendations that no one else has found in the YT beauty community. Basically, she finds the real hidden gems, amazing stuff. Love it!

                                                        • Peridot500
                                                          Peridot500  7 months back

                                                          Loved your eye shadow look in the first part of the video. Will you share details? Great video.

                                                          • Beth Young
                                                            Beth Young  7 months back

                                                            Love your lip color in this video! What brand and shade is it? Thanks!