Game of Thrones Season 8 Episode 5 Review (Spoilers)


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  • Austin Burke
    Austin Burke   6 months back

    Hi all! Just wanted to say that I appreciate the feedback and the discussion. Clearly, this show is divisive and people are pissed. But let’s keep in mind that it’s just a tv show. No need to throw out slurs towards each other. I want this to be a forum of discussion as opposed to hatred. Not everyone is on the same page as I am but that’s the beauty of movies/tv. Game of Thrones has always been about the fandom and we wouldn’t be so upset if we weren’t fans. I do hope the finale delivers, even after some disappointing elements of the season so far. We shall see next week!
    (And sorry I say Daenerys’ name weird but I’m from Kentucky so that comes with the territory 😂)

    • Alan Carbaugh
      Alan Carbaugh  6 months back

      Varys was trying to poison her and have her overthrown. She really did not have much choice there. She went off the rails when she started burning women and children, seemed totally out of character to me. The Lannister Army should have used them for shields. Then she still could have killed them been ruthless and considered unstable and not blown up the breaker of chains character development. She killed innocents before, some of the maesters, some of the dothraki leaders, it's been long established that she will kill innocents before the big picture. They could have kept it all in line with the rest of the show, Have it got out of hand and it would have been a lot more believable than having her killing the innocents first.

    • Dawn Haley
      Dawn Haley  6 months back

      Of COURSE it's just a TV show!😂 That's what makes it so fun to jump on the characters! It's not HURTING anyone's feelings...If I sounded rude or in any way like I believe Sansa (Sophie) should be executed...I apologize! 😂😂😂

    • Gavin
      Gavin  6 months back

      I think part of her decision to burn down Kings landing was because she felt like Jon had gone behind her back and lost her claim to the throne because she knows the people will never want her over him. That with the loss of her loved ones and dragons broke her. Everything she had done to take the throne was for nothing in her mind. She wants that power. Just my thoughts when watching it. Not the best season, but I still like it.

    • Ariel Hatcher
      Ariel Hatcher  6 months back

      richard alvarado No...she is still with the light. She had to go dark to rule in the light.

    • Ariel Hatcher
      Ariel Hatcher  6 months back

      Austin Burke Remember, Austin, Daenerys’ ancestors built the Red Keep of Kings Landing. The people spat on the Queen Mother, betrayed the Queen of Cersei’s son, were reckless and disrespectful (spat on her, pissed on her, threw garbage and feces on her) when Cersei walked from the Seven’s house to the Red Keep. These people were the ones who kept the wheel turning, so if Dany needed to “break the wheel” Aaron, then she needed to destroy most of the people of King’s Landing. War is brutal and if she is going to lead with people that love her and respect her moral code as well as removing them from tyranny again, she had to make that awful decision. All the generals and soldiers who fought against her, the Harpy, the slavers, the leaders of Asapor and Meereen. The new Khal of the Dothraki, the wicked men of Qath....all of them, including the Starks and wish washy “for the realm” Varys, who tried to poison her for days before Dany killed him. All of this plus Jorah’s death when she lost 1/2 her army in the war against the dead....Missandei’s beheading, Viseryian (2nd Dragon child) isnkilled by Euron’s Iron Fleet....all of this boiled up and she had to break the wheel that day in order to truly rule. The North Remembers Jon’s deeds, not hers and believe me, you know Dany’s journey supersedes Jon’s journey by a mile. She’s a leader. Jon is a fighter. There’s a difference.

  • Catherine Marie
    Catherine Marie  6 months back

    Jamie deserved so much better. Seven seasons of character development and nothing. He went back to who he was and the person who made him the person he didn't want to be. I sad over all. This series deserves better. In the words of Oliver Queen, " D & D you have failed this series."

    • rodrigo smith
      rodrigo smith  6 months back

      I can’t put into words how terrible it is. Just totally out of character Danni. Cool battle and dragon scenes

      • Threelly AI
        Threelly AI  6 months back


        • Francesca Boccaccio
          Francesca Boccaccio  6 months back

          I think she killed Varys because out of all the people that let out the secret, Varys tried to kill her. The worst threat had to go.

          • James Mayfield
            James Mayfield  6 months back

            How fast Anakin, er...I mean Dany turned was foul.

            • Yoby Lynn
              Yoby Lynn  6 months back

              If you think this has a happy ending... you haven’t been paying attention

              • Yoby Lynn
                Yoby Lynn  6 months back

                I loved it. Dany was efficient. She cleared out all the wildfire and routed any escape Cerci may have been using. Dany did what you do when every single one around you has betrayed you.

                • Derek L
                  Derek L  6 months back

                  Subverting expectations and shock value apparently trumps intelligent writing. I find this disrespectful and insulting. Nothing wrong with subverting expectations if done correctly, but this is an epic fail. I truly hope Disney gets rid of D&D. My issue isn't Danny's turn, but it made ZERO sense as written. Distracting, frustrating, disappointing...this trend needs to correct course. The industry as a whole needs to realize this is BS and people are smarter than the writers seem to think.

                  • Sherlock Holmes
                    Sherlock Holmes  6 months back

                    The biggest problem is that Dani has always been an entitled, spoilt, power hungry biatch, but too many people don’t want to except this fact.

                    • JD Hatefi
                      JD Hatefi  6 months back

                      I’m surprised I don’t hear more people mention how Kingslanding is the place taken from her. It was where all her relatives and people were massacred. That alone makes her decision reasonable

                      • Wing Sum Tsui
                        Wing Sum Tsui  6 months back

                        This is a pretty diplomatic review of episode 5.. I can go on and on about how they screwed the characters of Tyrion and Varys as well, besides Jaime! And Jon was just playing an extra in this episode and had 5 lines of Lame dialogue-~

                        • John R
                          John R  6 months back

                          Sudden changes in perspectives? Dany has been promising to take whats hers by fire and blood since season one. She promised the dothraki they would destroy armies AND CITIES.
                          SHe has been having a conversation with Tryion since he joined her cause where he counsels her. "Dont burn the city. Dont burn the city. dont burn the city".

                          if there was no fear that she would do so, he wouldn't have to keep counselling her not to. Cleary, that's her first idea as to how to win. She was talked out of it by Tyrion & Jon. But Danerys viewed this as Tyrion stifling her and she viewed this as failure. And it led to her losing one dragon. then another dragon. Then Misandei.
                          And plus, Tryion is going behind her back commiting treason with Varys and Jon (in her mind). So what does she think of his counsel? He told her if she goes in and kills everybody that people will not back her and she can only rule through fear. But she already helped the North defeat the Night king and it didnt earn her love. So she thinks Tyrion's counsel is BS at this point. he's just trying to save his people from the fate they deserve.
                          When jon rebuffs her and she says "it will be fear then" that's her concluding this not just for Jon, but for how she will address her ule

                          • wazzobazzo
                            wazzobazzo  6 months back

                            With regards to how one would sum up the entirety of S8 so far as a "shitshow" I actually liked this episode on its own a whole lot. Emilia Clarke is uneven af but she acted great here (I wanted to see more of her crazy face on top of Drogon and not JUST street perspective). Then the music, the short silence and pause full of suspension as the bells rang. Just great.

                            The problem for me is the previous shit episodes along with insufficient setup (maybe I've just missed the signs?). Besides her acting cold towards seeing her brother die (justified to a point considering he wanted to kill her right before that) and her Messiah complex it hasn't been built these past few seasons. Really small signs in the beginnings (like her getting hot and bothered when Drogo talked about raping everyone).

                            The thing is Derpnaerys has, imho, been pretty justified in the killings and death sentences she's dealt out (while also being easily manipulated/heavily controlled by others). The witch killed Drogo so she burned her. The hooker her brother bought helped steal her dragons so she locked her in a vault. Masters killed slaves so crucifixion for them. That one slave killed a master so beheading. Many of the citizens of KL have been shown to suck just as much ass. Some people say the "mad queen" has been foreshadowed since S1. OK how so? I did not notice. All of the people she's killed up to this point more or less deserved it afaics. People around her have been trying to poison her, steal her dragons, spied on her etc. She locked her dragons up when they killed a random child. All for show? Because it was expected of her?

                            Was her whacko brother, talking about "waking the dragon", all the foreshadowing we needed? Because while that is pretty good by itself it's just not enough imho. Actions speak larger than words. She's DONE nothing/very little wrong up to this point (hence why she's been so insanely dull to watch).

                            Rhaegals death should've been saved for this episode imho. Then 1. the scorpion would not be magical and they'd just have gotten a lucky scorpion shot out of the many they had and 2. on top of that seeing her second dragon child downed in a KL street, looking like a pin cushion while bleeding out and crying for mommy and THEN have her snap I'd buy as a somewhat believable catalyst. Not snapping for NO reason AFTER the battle is won.

                            Oh well I went from thinking she's a fucking bore who gets things handed to her and hoping she'd be killed abrubtly to go back to the fun storylines to actually hoping she won't get killed now in this single episode (sad because she 100% will die now. No way we won't get a shitty Hollywood ending). She's suddenly Hitler and had he been left alive for longer IRL there wouldn't be much gypsy scum around to commit crimes and pester people around Europe today (like she said future generations won't suffer. No way will GRRM and the show glorify anything like that/give us an unexpected Dany win now. The showrunners are even jews. They will pussy out 100%. Just look at the trailer for the final episode where the unsullied are standing in formation to signal the coming of the burnt reich. That's spoiler enough).

                            Thing is she went from Mhysa to Hitler, zero to a hundred, real fucking quick here. Minimal setup, no prior warning, no nothing. I read into it as "My nephew won't give me cock? Fuck my image it's finally time for this Messiah to go on a murderous, firey rampage". Maybe the bells put her over the top as someone wrote ("Boohoo it's not socially acceptable to marry my nephew. Bells...BELLS? Church bells reminds me of how I won't get my fairytale incest wedding! HUARRRGG BURN AND DIE!!").

                            The setup/build up was shit imho (I'm guessing it's way better in the books?). After no real cause for concern after the first seasons they really needed 10+10 episodes of gradual change, with NO filler, for Derpnaerys (it really was too sudden) but whatever. After the NK I was unironically rooting for Cersei and now, with this episode, I'm fully rooting for Dany (she makes a better villain than Cersei too as I never liked her up until E5 and her snapping). Jon and Salsa can both shove their so called "morals" up their asses and get fucked.

                            • The one and Only Sct Bone Crusher

                              We all think that Cersei and Jaime is dead but they never went back show there bodies after the walls collapse but a bittersweet way to end the show is Arya kills Denarius gray worm kills Arya John kills gray worm it start a chain reaction or everybody kills each other there's one soldier left Tyrion kills him Jaime and Cersei emerge from the rubble she reclaims the throne and the show goes off

                              • Cat Garcia
                                Cat Garcia  6 months back

                                Moral of episode 5...if you get dick, you won't go fucking homicidal. Yea, the writers did suggest Dany might have done things different if she got laid!!

                                • Jerca
                                  Jerca  6 months back

                                  The Iron Fleet had were over 50 scorpions all ready to fire at just one more dragon.

                                  Ep 4. The IF fired about 5 shots to kill Viserion. Now they're of course more energized and focused to get one more dragon. They were ready. How many shots did they fire at Dany? 2.

                                  I don't understand how they were suddenly so weak just one episode later.

                                  I thought Euron was supposed to be much worse than Joffrey and Ramsay...


                                  Another is how incredibly stupid Tyrion is now and how Varys is all of a sudden ten steps behind everything. They're brilliant!

                                  I don't understand this:
                                  Sansa tells Tyrion about Jon (of course she would).
                                  Tyrion tells Varys.
                                  Varys tries to tell the others (of course he would).
                                  Then Tyrion tells Dany that he told Varys.
                                  They're the most clever characters on the show and even more so in the books. But now it seems like they're even dumber than Sansa in Season 1.


                                  • JP G
                                    JP G  6 months back

                                    Gotta love when things don't go people's way they dislike... that's the same with movies too.. I get it completely... Its Why I don't hope for things to go a certain way

                                    • Saage The Dog
                                      Saage The Dog  6 months back

                                      If Cersei had only killed dani and her dragon and the pathetic un sully army in the last episode then this massacre would have never happened. Instead she executes dani's slave personal assistant then let dani turn her back and walk away

                                      • JP G
                                        JP G  6 months back

                                        Dude Arya was given the prophecy of killing a blue-eyed (Knight king) and a Green eyed. everyone thought Cersei.. but Daenerys is Green eyed on the show. (not purple like the book). Daenerys never was going to accept it.. she has been going down this road for a few seasons. (on the side note I bet maybe Bran brought the horse to Arya. I loved this episode... it showed exactly the route she has been going. Last episode Greyworm will fight John Snow to the death for sure. and lastly. I only Liked Daenerys up until after Drago. I bet there is a 40% chance Gendry becomes King and thank Dany for anointing him. all speculation of course. We saw Dany going down this road for a few seasons now. Great episode. Just wish they had 10 episodes. Guess I could see the change in Dany over the last few years. Targaryen ey watch her try to burn up John Snow with the dragon... bet that fails... Daenerys did the "SNAP" on Kings Landing

                                        • RetributionAngel
                                          RetributionAngel  6 months back

                                          They tell the viewer there is a Bomb (Daenerys could burn the City)

                                          and then the Blow the Bomb!
                                          Normaly movie plant a Bomb to build suspence. And then it gets defused!
                                          That is good movie/film makeing.
                                          This was a let down.

                                          • ardith conley
                                            ardith conley  6 months back

                                            I loved this season and this episode 5. I am not a book reader and do not care about them. I am a fan of the show. I do not want a medieval soup opera. I get the direction of the show how it got to where it is going and how it got there. We have some visually stunning episodes. Some great character development which seem to be real. People do dumb things and make some dumb mistakes and even sometimes get lucky. The point is war takes on a mind of its own and does not necessarily got the way you want it to go. George R R Martin hates war and this episodes pushes that point of why he hates war. The series pushes this fact that birthright does not excuse people from personal responsibility to each other in a human way.

                                            • Kevin Light
                                              Kevin Light  6 months back

                                              I agree 100% with your breakdown and assessment they needed more episodes for this season. Six episodes for a FINAL season when you have 2 major story conclusions. We had the build up to the great war with the Night King that was fantastic. Where the foul was simply is that there was not enough build up from that ending to the attack at Kings Landing. We needed at least 2 episodes in between the two confrontations for it to seem not so rushed. Its unfortunate but we have seen crazy twists happen before that can suddenly make all make sense. In the end not everyone will be happy. More so than not we will have more angry fans claiming the writing was wrong, it ended wrong. NO, thats where fans get it wrong, it isnt their story, if fans dont like it, they can write it the way they would prefer it, otherwise enjoy it for what it is. We all have a right to not like something but that doesn't mean its not right. That being said. Im not mad at it.

                                              • Jennifer Couch
                                                Jennifer Couch  6 months back

                                                Oh yeah! Dani definitely snapped! I think she did what she did with frying everyone, because of Cersei killing Messendei (sp?). I was dumbfounded by Jamie's wounds as well. I thought that was ridiculous!

                                                • Jennifer Couch
                                                  Jennifer Couch  6 months back

                                                  I didn't know that the twins actually died in this episode. There was no onscreen death, and that does seem to be the general rule of thumb.

                                                  • cableaddict
                                                    cableaddict  6 months back

                                                    Season 8:
                                                    "What do we say to the God of Logic?"
                                                    "Not today."

                                                    • Martin Battilana
                                                      Martin Battilana  6 months back

                                                      Yes, I'm sure Sean Bean wasn't happy with where his character went at the end of season one, but that doesn't mean it wasn't a good story. No one expects Emilia Clarke to be happy with this ending. On the other hand, Lena Headey ought to be pleased as hell that she got off so easy. All of them ought to be pleased they made it 8 seasons.

                                                      • Canem Cave
                                                        Canem Cave  6 months back

                                                        because you totally missed what this episode actually tells you. GOT seemed to be going SJW, it might be carrying instead an amazing anti feminist message or perhaps, prediction.

                                                        if you look at it carefully, it is a perfect metaphor of a feminist society, where all power lays with empowered females, while all men are emasculated useless failures and bound by their given dis-empowered roles.

                                                        Jon, is a useless emasculated leader, he fucked by chance and refuses to lead whenever possible. Men in the show are basically all physically castrated or handicapped - even the so called alpha males are.

                                                        the supposed villains, are useless, they fall apart at the simple touch, just like the knight king.

                                                        while the females are elevated to divine status. Dany, is a goddess and is a perfect metaphor for an all powerful woman wielding absolute power, Arya another figure reaching divinity or have mystical powers.

                                                        In spite of all their divine powers or cunning all become little girls when it really matters. even the super villain Cersi needs protection from her white knight in shitty armor, Jamie, at the end and he obliges as a super puppy.

                                                        If you look at it, the final message is that: the only hope left for humanity and freedom is for men to come to their senses, rebel and destroy the feminist dragon

                                                        all in all quite hilarious

                                                        • Canem Cave
                                                          Canem Cave  6 months back

                                                          the battle was NOT great, it was a slaughter, basically no defense worked, it was a walk in the park for Daenerys' army. The dragon blew everything apart on contact as if everything was made of glass and paper. The battle had no tactical maneuvering, it consisted a frontal assault with an idiotic professional mercenary force awaiting the assault from outside the walls.

                                                          • beanie0112
                                                            beanie0112  6 months back

                                                            d&d are just fucking morons who simply overthought this whole ending all for the sake of subverting expectations for shock value. 🤦‍♂️

                                                            • Lia Spring
                                                              Lia Spring  6 months back

                                                              Innocent people die? LOOK at the history of humankind and AROUND, people! This is what happens at WARS. This is what species of our kind do to each other.

                                                              • Lia Spring
                                                                Lia Spring  6 months back

                                                                Some People Always complain. Episode 5 is AWESOME!!!!!!

                                                                • Lia Spring
                                                                  Lia Spring  6 months back

                                                                  Danny did what dragons do. Good for her !!!! This is how Targaryen conquered Westeros to begin with.

                                                                  • Lia Spring
                                                                    Lia Spring  6 months back

                                                                    Why MAd Queen !!?? I disagree. Aegon Targaryen, the Conqueror, and his two sisters with their dragons conquered entire Seven Kingdoms exactly the way Danny just did: by FIRE and BLOOD.

                                                                    • wazzobazzo
                                                                      wazzobazzo  6 months back

                                                                      Burning the entire city instead of just flying up to the red keep and offing Cersei directly I guess is what warrants her new title for many people.

                                                                      Carpet bombing used to be a thing until the invention of smart bombs. Now people bitch when MORE of their enemies die whenever the smart weapons fail (and the enemy expects mercy and to only have military targets blown up without collateral damage). Sometimes evolution really is devolution. Bleh!

                                                                  • Arleen Gomez
                                                                    Arleen Gomez  6 months back

                                                                    I was concerned with the Daenerys going over the wildfire and I thought that maybe she would land on the wildfire and die. However, I was really not allowing Cersei to live not going anywhere.

                                                                    • Arleen Gomez
                                                                      Arleen Gomez  6 months back

                                                                      Nicely done. I was happy to see Daenerys kill everybody it's just that of course she took it to an extreme the rage uncontrolled rage. I understand that people died. However Cersei does it all the time and she gets no consequence. But yeah they're going to kill Daenerys and its really disappointing. At least I would have enjoyed if she was pregnant and then she would have left something behind half Targaryen child.

                                                                      • China Pepsi
                                                                        China Pepsi  6 months back

                                                                        Worst writers ever. Don’t want to watch anything they do from now on!!!

                                                                        • R. H.
                                                                          R. H.  6 months back

                                                                          What if Cersei survived because her brother's body protected her from the falling debris? When she crawls to the light injured and disfigured to die a deserved death?

                                                                          • josiane dalcourt
                                                                            josiane dalcourt  6 months back

                                                                            Thank you ! like your critiques and views! well said well explained! and i agree with you for most of what you talked about! good job! :)

                                                                            • ceaser born
                                                                              ceaser born  6 months back

                                                                              We are all disappointed with the writing.

                                                                              • Dawn Haley
                                                                                Dawn Haley  6 months back

                                                                                D&D just plainly LOST INTEREST

                                                                                • Dawn Haley
                                                                                  Dawn Haley  6 months back

                                                                                  Sansa's hands are NOT CLEAN in all of this!

                                                                                  • Milton Hunter
                                                                                    Milton Hunter  6 months back

                                                                                    Well... Drogan looked great and OP'ed. (does he ever run out of fire?)

                                                                                    • Out of Matrix
                                                                                      Out of Matrix  6 months back

                                                                                      I agree with you. The show had its moments and the filming was amazing but the storyline didn't work. Making Dany as Mad Queen without building it up didn't make any sense.

                                                                                      • Kenneth Burnham
                                                                                        Kenneth Burnham  6 months back

                                                                                        What if being warged into drogon effected her. She was unable to control his bloodlust.

                                                                                        • DJ V
                                                                                          DJ V  6 months back

                                                                                          Drogon's fire and the collapsing buildings probably killed more of Dany's men than the Lannister army and Golden Company combined.

                                                                                          • Ali Durand
                                                                                            Ali Durand  6 months back

                                                                                            Maybe the actors should have written this season.

                                                                                            • Ali Durand
                                                                                              Ali Durand  6 months back

                                                                                              I totally agree, deny is the queen of ashes.
                                                                                              Stupid woman, destroyed the keep her family built.
                                                                                              Clearly deny doesn’t care about the ppl of kings landing.