El Camino: A Breaking Bad Movie | Netflix Review


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  • RelativeBadger
    RelativeBadger  1 months back

    A truly dire 'raking in the cash' sequel, with virtually no story, and dragged-along trail of boredom enough to kill even a ladybird's excitement - Truly nothing compared to 'Breaking Bad'.

    • Hannah Kousholt
      Hannah Kousholt  1 months back

      Movie made for die hard fans who would not question anything, all in all borning as hell and im a BB fan but this was just 2 hours of nothing

      • It’Z Ya Boy Bug-Z
        It’Z Ya Boy Bug-Z  1 months back

        They should of starved Todd

        • Danny Mejia
          Danny Mejia  1 months back

          I stopped Watching once you said it was a good additional add i love Breaking bad but i would Never review it as a fanboy. It basically took two hours to explain that Jesse moved to another state.

          • Zach Pope
            Zach Pope   1 months back

            And that’s all I expected it to be and I loved what they did.

        • Drake 19781978
          Drake 19781978  1 months back

          Todd repeatedly told Jesse that his Uncle warned him to keep his money close. So I would assume his uncle would have had Walt's money close. Sounds like the seeds of a new movie. 🤔😂🤓🤘😎

        • Danny
          Danny  1 months back

          I thought this movie was decent, but not the masterpiece that the Breaking Bad finale was. I think that the final scene in Breaking Bad is absolutely perfect and this movie doesn't really add anything important to the story. It just shows Jesse ending up where I assumed he ended up anyway after we last see him in the Breaking Bad finale. So, I probably won't ever rewatch this movie when I rewatch the series.

          • Zach Pope
            Zach Pope   1 months back

            I just love what they did for an epilogue! Love Jesse he’s my favorite character
            Thanks for commenting

        • Gooner MU
          Gooner MU  1 months back

          The worst part was the Mexican standoff. Made no sense whatsoever

          • Zach Pope
            Zach Pope   1 months back

            I liked it lol but I can understand that

        • GrayWoIf
          GrayWoIf  1 months back

          I got over fat Todd just how I got over Saul being noticeably older than season 1 BB in BCS

          • Zach Pope
            Zach Pope   1 months back

            I guess you’re right lol

        • Haram-Hunter
          Haram-Hunter  1 months back

          I don't know why but I cringed so hard at the first 3 seconds of the video. very very weird guy

          • Zach Pope
            Zach Pope   1 months back

            I don’t know why but I looked at this comment and said it was a weird weird comment from most likely a weird weird person

        • Christians9955
          Christians9955  1 months back

          1) annoyed by todd was so different
          2) ending was to simple
          3) i wanted to hear more about heiznberg like his family after the death
          4) couldn't remember the two gusy who acted as fbi agents "police"

          Overall i wish they didnt make a movie and left jessie outcome to us and our minds

          • Red Hot Chili Peppers man

            This definitely wasn't an A+ man. And I'm a huuuuuuuge fan of the Breaking Bad world. Love Better Call Saul too. The issues for me was how small the movie felt. And so many things that didn't get answered or touched up on. Nothing on Hank's wife.. Skyler.. Walt Jr. The police side of things.. like how the trailer show's the picture frames of Hank and his partner who died.. nothing on their side of things.. the interrogation scene with skinny pete wasn't even in the movie! I hate when movies do that kind of stuff. They show interesting parts in the trailers but don't make the movie. Also, many parts felt so slow for me. And fat Todd was weird to look at. Everything else was pretty good. Overall, I'd give it B grade.

            • Red Hot Chili Peppers man
              Red Hot Chili Peppers man  1 months back

              @Zach Pope Yeah, i understand that. But also, hate how the trailers led you to think differently. The plaques on the wall with Hank and his partner dying. I thought we'd get some kind of perspective from the cops point of view. And like I said. That was dumb they didnt include the interrogation scene with Skinny P. cause him and Badgers parts felt so minimal. Also, in the trailer, when the guy asks Jesse. Are you ready? You're thinking it was something big.. but it wasn't. And as you say, this was more about Jesse's story.. why not have info of what happens to him after he gets to Alaska. Cause, most fans already knew he'd get away and do that anyway after the ending of Breaking Bad.. the movie just felt so small and i just wanted more.. the movie had some cool parts tho. Especially making Todds character more of a sociopath was very interesting. But again, just weird to see him look that different. I didn't buy it. Which makes this definitely not a perfect film. Which felt more like an extended episode than a movie anyway. But i did enjoy it for what it was. And was cool that Gilligan and his crew even made this. Just didn't fully live up to the hype in my opinion. But glad you Loved it.

            • Zach Pope
              Zach Pope   1 months back

              This was the story of jessie not Walters family! That’s why I accepted that none of them were in it

          • TheTatermeister
            TheTatermeister  1 months back

            Gotta say the movie is really great but... not an excellent movie. It was nice. But not extraordinary. Honestly i mean... it is great directing tho. Idk. I have mixed feelings about it.

          • RandomVidz
            RandomVidz  1 months back

            Only problem was fat Todd and Bryan Cranston’s bald cap...

          • Jay Jordan
            Jay Jordan  1 months back

            Great synopsis, Zach. I fully agree. It was so many nuances that I feel as though, I should go back and rewatch all seasons.

            Can anyone explain to me the letter Jessie wrote at the end, please?

            • Zach Pope
              Zach Pope   1 months back

              That was for Brock the kid from the show that he had a relationship with. His mother died from the neo nazi

          • Isolation Movement - SJR Fitness

            Vince is terrible at closure. I want more.

            • Isolation Movement - SJR Fitness
              Isolation Movement - SJR Fitness  1 months back

              @Black Reaper Mu i know, i just want more haha

            • Black Reaper Mu
              Black Reaper Mu  1 months back

              what more do you want from it? i feel they do more it definitely will ruin the series. El Camino closes it up pretty well nothing else to be told than jesse got his closure alone but no more suffering to begin again in alaska.

          • conrad panganiban
            conrad panganiban  1 months back

            My favorite parts of seeing it in a theater is 1) the sound! the score and the sound design in where little audio nuggets spark is bodacious. 2) the cinematography. duh. I really liked it. Of course in Vince Gilligan fashion, I need to watch it again to look for easter eggs. Like, did the license plate numbers of the El Camino have any meaning. Speaking of the El Camino, I was annoyed when you speak of the movie, THE El Camino, instead of EL CAMINO. Little quibble, but spot on review. Have fun watching it in the movie theater.

          • Connor Allen
            Connor Allen  1 months back

            I love the western dual with Jessie in the welding shop

          • Rebecca Harmer
            Rebecca Harmer  1 months back

            Felt like what it was a, more cinematic breaking bad .loved it

          • Hard on fishing
            Hard on fishing  1 months back

            i never would've guessed Todd was a Doctor Hook fan.

            • Tassy McCormick
              Tassy McCormick  1 months back

              Wasn’t in the budget to get Todd a personal trainer?

            • GreshTooFresh
              GreshTooFresh  1 months back

              A+????????? Zach save that god-leveled score for Parasite. That movie is...wow. I can’t imagine anything beating it in 2019. One of the greatest films of the decade without a doubt.

            • FIne
              FIne  1 months back

              The movie was bad period.

              • Zach Pope
                Zach Pope   1 months back

                I mean not really I think people went in expecting some incredible crime drama story
                But it’s an epilogue to breaking bad about jessie and where he goes and closes his story out
                This is pure in as pure as day is breaking bad just fills in the gaps

            • voteZDLR
              voteZDLR  1 months back

              Movie wasn't that good. Not just limited to Jesse Plemons unbelievable weight gain (or their inability to like explain it or rationalize it or justify it -- no pun intended, Jesse Plemons was the fucking elephant in the room), this movie was NOT that good.

              • voteZDLR
                voteZDLR  1 months back

                They should've re-written poor Jesse Plemons (Todd) out of the movie. I get it, he's been in other things since Breaking Bad and he's kind of come to be known for his overweight characters now (and his I guess inability to keep the weight off in real life, I get it) BUT this is a PREQUEL. Part of the factors in deciding if it works as a prequel or not are all, inherently, due to timing. There's no wrong way to introduce a character when they're brand new, but yeah 10 years do pass in real life and things happen to people, like, you know, getting fat.

                The problem is Todd was so central and integral to Jesse's final plot points that Vince probably wrote it all without even actually, really following Todd, cause you'd think he'd either be written out OR they'd at least do something to try to explain why he's so fat at this juncture in time. It's just lazy, it's sloppy, and it's shocking, I can't believe they filmed it the way it was, but my guess is Jesse Plemons will be on suicide watch following this. Poor fucking guy. But he really was distractingly fat.

                • Maria Bothick
                  Maria Bothick  1 months back

                  Who ate all the pies Todd??? And what happened to the spoiler of Skinny Pete talking to the police. I sat through it all but wonder if I dropped off there for a minute.

                  • Zach Pope
                    Zach Pope   1 months back

                    Probably just filmmed for a trailer

                • cobedizzle
                  cobedizzle  1 months back

                  It’s not ‘The El Camino’ that means the the road

                • Iam Rx74
                  Iam Rx74  1 months back

                  What’s underneath that covered swimming pool???
                  Drums of money!!! $10 million

                • Aries Radke#6
                  Aries Radke#6  1 months back

                  There’s a rdr2 reference. Check out pinkman’s new last name

                • 32lilbruce
                  32lilbruce  1 months back

                  Good review but where is the SPOILER WARNING ?? lol

                  • Zach Pope
                    Zach Pope   1 months back

                    Right in the start of the video. Have a spoiler warning

                • Chris Clark
                  Chris Clark  1 months back

                  I expected more of an FBI chase and narrow escape. It was still a good movie tho. Meth Damon turned into Meatball Damon haha

                  • Chris Clark
                    Chris Clark  1 months back

                    @pulkmees I watched Fargo one time, 20÷ years sgo. I don't remember much about the movie.

                  • pulkmees
                    pulkmees  1 months back

                    He was meatball Damon in Fargo already. Did people not see Fargo or something ?

                • Pablo Orellana
                  Pablo Orellana  1 months back

                  Beautiful ending for this master piece show.

                • Keith Thompson
                  Keith Thompson  1 months back

                  The sand scene in the tarantula tank with the boy he shot !

                • Shelly Lake
                  Shelly Lake  1 months back

                  Didn’t Todd take the Tarantula after shot the kid? Or am I imagining that. I might have to go back and look at that episode again.

                • Timothy Hodnett
                  Timothy Hodnett  1 months back

                  Another thing I was surprised no one found the rest of Walt's money..I wonder where it is and wonder if VG will write a story about someone finding it.

                  • Zach Pope
                    Zach Pope   1 months back

                    That would be interesting it’s like a myth now to New Mexico in this world

                • Timothy Hodnett
                  Timothy Hodnett  1 months back

                  Finally a real video from a real BB fan. I thought the movie was fantastic and a gift from VG and the whole BB crew. One thing I would've liked is Hank and Steve mentioned ..you should make a "Details you missed" video. RIP Robert Forster

                  • Zach Pope
                    Zach Pope   1 months back

                    Thants a good video to make

                  • Zach Pope
                    Zach Pope   1 months back

                    Thanks so much for watching!

                • Get Well soon
                  Get Well soon  1 months back

                  This movie was just like a really longgg episode of breaking bad. This should’ve been the last episode of breaking bad tbh!

                • ManyProphets OneMessage
                  ManyProphets OneMessage  1 months back

                  For anyone interested in a review from a fan that is somewhat polarized on the movie, feel free to check my review out: https://m.facebook.com/manyprophetsonemessage.1?mds=%2Fedit%2Fpost%2Fdialog%2F%3Fcid%3DS%253A_I100003735472433%253A1679745295493303%26ct%3D2%26nodeID%3Du_1s_u%26redir%3D%252Fstory_chevron_menu%252F%253Fis_menu_registered%253Dfalse%26loc%3Dtimeline&mdf=1

                  • TheChosenOne
                    TheChosenOne  1 months back

                    What. A. Letdown.
                    Fat Todd. Jesse picking up hidden money. Visit to the Vacuum Shop. Over. This was whack.

                    • GLC522
                      GLC522  1 months back

                      it was an overhyped money grab ran by netflix

                  • Don Juan
                    Don Juan  1 months back

                    They should have shown Tucker still digging..

                    • Fausta Castaneda
                      Fausta Castaneda  1 months back

                      Lol sometimes I find myself screaming Tucker! Tucker! Tucker!!!!

                  • Brian W
                    Brian W  1 months back

                    The tarantula was the one Todd took from the kid he shot

                  • Danny Herrera
                    Danny Herrera  1 months back

                    The movie was terrible!! Very weak!! Disappointed!

                    • Danny Herrera
                      Danny Herrera  1 months back

                      @Zach Pope They focused WAY TOO MUCH on pinkman!! I expected a lot more!

                    • Zach Pope
                      Zach Pope   1 months back

                      I mean not really? Just depends what you expected from this I got exactly what I wanted

                  • Andrew Ridgeway
                    Andrew Ridgeway  1 months back

                    Will someone please explain why this film has so many positive reviews
                    Breaking bad is my favorite show of all time and I had to shut this off at around the 50-minute mark just so it didn't ruin the series for me it was absolutely embarrassing!

                    • Zach Pope
                      Zach Pope   1 months back

                      Because they liked it
                      I think purely this film is what you went in expecting
                      I got what I was expecting so I loved it

                    • Fausta Castaneda
                      Fausta Castaneda  1 months back

                      Because people are sheep and since everyone keeps calling Vince a "genius" they all want to fit in with the crowd. This movie was totally unnecessary and had basically the same ending as Breaking Bad; Jesse gets away and we assume the rest.

                    • Don Juan
                      Don Juan  1 months back

                      The positive reviews are because people watched the entire movie and loved it. Simple as that

                  • MOHRAZBAN
                    MOHRAZBAN  1 months back

                    There was no budget to get todd a personal trainer.

                    • MOHRAZBAN
                      MOHRAZBAN  1 months back

                      how the hell did Todd age 15 years in 6.

                    • Fintastrophe
                      Fintastrophe  1 months back

                      BBC had a review that was "suggested" to me and it called breaking bad fans mysoginistic for calling Skylar a nag.... I stopped reading from that point... Virtue signalling shit fucks...

                      • Keith Lynch
                        Keith Lynch  1 months back

                        You'd nearly forgot Todd was a psycho the way he's casually acting towards Jesse, and then, just when you completely forget it, all of a sudden you see the maid lying dead on the floor, and remember again that this kid is a sociopath.

                        • Zach Pope
                          Zach Pope   1 months back

                          Thought the same thing lol

                      • fate_f30
                        fate_f30  1 months back

                        I was disappointed

                        • Zach Pope
                          Zach Pope   1 months back

                          Fair enough again goes into what you were expecting

                      • RoYaL__ Psycho
                        RoYaL__ Psycho  1 months back

                        Any breaking bad die hard fan would have known the spider is the same as the kid Todd shot on the dirt bike (meth ingredient train heist).