Is DnD Beyond Worth it? Review and Walkthrough for Dungeons and Dragons 5e Online Tool

  • Published: 22 January 2018
  • Today I'm taking a deep dive into D&D Beyond to get a walk through of what all is included even at the free level for Players and Dungeon Masters. I think DnD Beyond has a lot to offer, especially for new players coming to D&D 5e even without buying a DnD Beyond subscription. You can follow along at
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Comments • 652

  • Taking20
    Taking20   2 years back

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    • Draco Phoenix
      Draco Phoenix  4 months back

      I do use dndbeyond all the time I run my campaigns on their and I have bought the books on there I found it quite good especially for DMS who love homebrewing stuff it so easy to make a monster because all the stuff is filled in you just gotta fill in the numbers and what not. I found it worth it

    • MrGlickClick
      MrGlickClick  4 months back

      A followup is needed for this video.

    • Dave Hillerby
      Dave Hillerby  1 years back

      This is a sponsored video correct? Can you add that as a disclaimer before recommending people spend their money?

    • Nes dsa
      Nes dsa  1 years back

      Actually, you misspoke about the items and monsters being free. You do actually have to own where the monster came from to look it up.

  • nope jhonson
    nope jhonson  3 days back

    short answer is no, unless you play IRL games, if you play online in roll20 or fantasy grounds it is pointless

    • Horus Of Oz
      Horus Of Oz  3 days back

      Do ads still show even though your subscribed?

      • brandon otto
        brandon otto  5 days back

        So I'm new to d and d and I don't get how beyond. Is it like fantasy grounds. I'm looking to get into this

        • Scott Nichols
          Scott Nichols  5 days back

          If WOTC did a book buyback for a digital code for D&D Beyond, I would definitely do it. Not buying books twice. 6e, please add code with book... Wait, why aren't they doing this now with the new versions they are printing. OH YEA... they are greedy AF! Taking20, great review, many thumbs up!

          • Ran Müller
            Ran Müller  2 weeks back

            Ur a good salesman... you make one of the worst deals ive ever heard of sound decent...

            • Tom Salvitti
              Tom Salvitti  3 weeks back

              Its a money thing. I think its a money thing for most of us non-rich people, non-sponsored people (and yes that's a sarcastic joke aimed at all the DMs/RPG shows , most famous being Critical Role, that use DnD Beyond --- they are sponsored by them ! They aren't paying for it! ) . Its a cool "neat" tool when I checked it out for free. I play wholly online. Just don't know people IRL as they say that are into to playing near me, I don't like hobby shops for playing (not to mention I don't like Adventure League) also because of that stuff it means I'd be either going to a perfect stranger's house or letting strangers in my home, don't like that idea either. So anyway...for a DM like me I need a full featured VTT -- which is why I use Fantasy Grounds. Like a lot of people stated below....sadly I've already bought the hard copies of many of the books that I then bought in FG (Usually wait for sales, and full disclaimer -- my players have offered to help me pay for them, but I always turn them down). The point here..... its money thing...already sorta double paying the hard copy / FG thing.....which in the long haul I don't mind *that* much (because I use both the hard copy books and the modules....even more than I thought I would). So at the end of the day a service like DnD beyond is like "why would I do that?" ...I can't imagine I'm the ONLY DM that plays 100% VTT and in the same situation.

              • The Novice DM
                The Novice DM  4 weeks back

                I'm looking to merge my game from Pen & Paper format to digital.......what recommendation would you have for a tablet "brand & model" to run my DND game? I have a laptop (old bulky) and want to streamline down to better tools. I'd appreciate your feedback.

                • Din Hoff
                  Din Hoff  2 months back

                  probably wouldn't go completely digital,
                  i would definitely pick up the books that have spells and such,
                  but campaign books i like to have on my shelf...

                  • Vogon Poet
                    Vogon Poet  2 months back

                    I'd rather pay $100 a year subscription to have access to all source books rather than $55 to have access to only things I've purchased. I'm not going to "buy" Source Books when they are not even books. It's not even typical digital content. You're paying for website access, and that access disappears the second they decide to close the website. Unless I get an actual digital file...nope!

                    I think they'd get a lot more subs if they charged a lot more and included access to the source content. Their sub is useless without the content anyway, and too many people already have the content.

                    • Shugo Pendragon
                      Shugo Pendragon  4 months back

                      Beyond majorly suck due to putting the paywall in the wrong place instead of locking feats and sub classes they could limit number of homebrews and stuff on the DM side and ut would feel less scummy of a move

                      • crossedcutlasses
                        crossedcutlasses  4 months back

                        Normally, it's polite to inform viewers you are doing sponsored content.

                      • crossedcutlasses
                        crossedcutlasses  4 months back

                        Wait, even if I own the book, I have to pay full price again to use the info on the site?

                      • DreamComa
                        DreamComa  4 months back

                        Yeah, but what do I get?

                        • TheddunTOSS
                          TheddunTOSS  5 months back

                          I do not own any physical D&D 5 book yet. So this is really attractive to me.

                          • Alan Bequette
                            Alan Bequette  5 months back

                            Thanks for the great overview! Getting back into playing, especially DM’ing. This cleared up a lot and answered many questions. I definitely see the advantage, since I drive OTR, and DM for our boys and a few of their friends, so our physical table play time is limited.
                            Dm’ing for them, takes me back to high school, when we’d play the entire weekend with at least one all nighter and into the next day, until we were exhausted.
                            Using this, will help the game flow much easier and increase their experience of each adventure! Major thumbs up! 👍🏻

                            Thanks Cody! 🍻

                            • Pvt4life
                              Pvt4life  5 months back

                              U need to do an updated review of this .

                              • Lski3
                                Lski3  5 months back

                                Why PAY TO PLAY???? The whole point is to get off the electronic devices and sit down, face to face with friends.
                                You claim it’s not really a subscription based service, then show me three subscription levels.....

                                • LoudNProud Gaymer
                                  LoudNProud Gaymer  4 months back

                                  You don't need to pay to create a character with basic content. That's what he was getting at. The subscription is only if you want more than 6 characters, or if you want to share you purchased books with people. If you have all of the books, and are dm'ing for people who have none, that $6 a month subscription allows you to share that with your friends who have joined your campaign.
                                  This review was to go over the content and features of this service, not to talk about subscriptions.

                              • CrimWolf
                                CrimWolf  5 months back


                                • ObiWanBillKenobi
                                  ObiWanBillKenobi  5 months back

                                  My commercial video for this video was for Yahoo Fantasy Football. YouTube thinks fantasy football is cooler that dimension-hopping hot elves who seek to overthrown demon lords with d20's.

                                  • Jeremy Miethker
                                    Jeremy Miethker  6 months back

                                    I'll be waiting till cyber Monday maybe the book bundles will be on sale.

                                    • Otacon Sps
                                      Otacon Sps  6 months back

                                      There should be a disclaimer that "THIS VIDEO IS BROUGHT TO YOU BUY D&D BEYOND" so it's clear that you're basically advertising for them

                                      • Stephen Adkins
                                        Stephen Adkins  6 months back

                                        More importantly, can I get it in 3.5

                                        • Blue Pig Gaming
                                          Blue Pig Gaming  6 months back

                                          yeah wolf has been providing a quality product for like 15 years. much better then anything dnd has ever put out for covering a digital need for dnd.

                                          • Nocturnal101 Ravenous
                                            Nocturnal101 Ravenous  6 months back

                                            For the cost of Digital Content packs I would say no, the cost is absolutely ridiculous for books 30$ average for a non-physical product, Wizards needs to seriously make an Application of their own rather than relying on 3rd party companies for everything, Even the minatures prepainted are a rip-off forcing MTG mechanics where they don't belong all in the sake to rip off consumers.

                                            5e is so good, yet the franchise as a whole is just mis-managed.

                                            • C V
                                              C V  6 months back

                                              Sepia-toned filter camera...slow pans across a table covered in all the core books from 1e-5e while Cinderella's Karl Thomas Keifer belts out "Don't know what ya GOT, 'til its GONNEE!"

                                              • Enyo
                                                Enyo  7 months back

                                                you can spend a ton of money on the digitial content ( that you can't get offline btw) then you have to pay again if you want to let other people to see what you just spend a ton of money on . so lame

                                                • Roy Jaskowski
                                                  Roy Jaskowski  7 months back

                                                  I’d love to go full Monty into a digital 5th edition system. I’d love it to also include a tactical map system. Had been considering fantasy grounds although the learning curve is daunting (your vids help though, thanks). With your sales distribution video I know DDB looks to be the source that will always be lowest cost allowed so with an eye to the future that would be a good choice to keep costs down.

                                                  DDB is very sharp and if it had a map system I’d have bought in already. I’ve heard a map system is on their do to list. Any rumors on an eta for that?

                                                  • Marc Redgate
                                                    Marc Redgate  7 months back

                                                    New to dnd, came here looking for first timers walk through not a shameless plug for dnd beyond.

                                                    • Aleksandr Strizhevskiy
                                                      Aleksandr Strizhevskiy  5 months back

                                                      Same here bro. Just bought my Starter Kit last week! I want physical copies though so a digital version doesn't make sense if it costs the same.

                                                  • Apologia Network
                                                    Apologia Network  7 months back

                                                    I have free apps that have all the monsters and race info, and a character sheet aop that costs 99 cents to lvl up your character. That is 300% better

                                                    • georgetse83
                                                      georgetse83  7 months back

                                                      Every physical copy already has a code, the "serial noumber" and every noumber is unique already. That should be used to unlock the digital copies in D&D Beyond, Period! I'm a beginner on tabletop and love my physical copies, I purchased all 3 core rulebooks although I I've never DM'd myself. I like the concept of Beyond but it is a scam in my eyes to charge People for something they already have paid, just for convience etc. As it is right now I use Beyond only for character creation as I love the printed form and the fact that I have access to my character anytime anywhere. Btw, I physical roll for the character creation as I feel there is more "input" to my character when I'm physically engaged in the creation. So bottom line, find a way to make it work for People who own the books without asking them to pay (Nothing!) to access the digital copies in Beyond.

                                                      • georgetse83
                                                        georgetse83  7 months back

                                                        @Sofia Laya anything up to, let's say 3 - 5$ would be acceptable for everyone I think. Have the core books at 5$ and the adventures between 3-5$.
                                                        I would pay that money for the convenience sake but definitely not the price they are asking for at the moment.

                                                      • Sofia Laya
                                                        Sofia Laya  7 months back

                                                        They need to gain a benefit from you putting the codes I guess? maybe charging like 0.50 $ or something to access the book digitally? It would still be worth it I think. but yea it should be posible, idk why they haven't done it yet.

                                                    • Hiker David
                                                      Hiker David  7 months back

                                                      Im going to use this
                                                      F worldanvil

                                                      • Kat A Clysm
                                                        Kat A Clysm  7 months back

                                                        I have the books as well and right now I'm on the edge of getting into this.  My main argument for this avenue is that I have played through several sessions of many games, including DnD, where a single book was passed around to find information.  If the game had several players, it could stall the game often causing attentions to wander and difficulty with the session.  Granted, this may be a negotiable issue; but, for me I can see the value on-top of the fact that most my players are from this new generation.

                                                        • Darkpaw1
                                                          Darkpaw1  8 months back

                                                          I'm a new player. Thanks so much for this video. I think I'll purchase D&D Beyond. I just dislike the easiness of losing character sheets and such. I prefer digital. Easy to keep track of everything and very convenient.

                                                          • 42
                                                            42  8 months back

                                                            he need to constantly repeating himself. info not opinion...

                                                            • Khris Villar
                                                              Khris Villar  9 months back

                                                              I just want to hop online and play with fellow nerds I just dont know where to look

                                                              • Nathan Smith
                                                                Nathan Smith  9 months back

                                                                I think this is a good tool for Players, and for the DM to keep up to date on the players info and making sure that players have all their stuff.... but beyond that I feel it is very limited in what it gives to DMs

                                                                • Shearper2
                                                                  Shearper2  9 months back

                                                                  i'm currently really liking dnd beyond. i primarily use it to create characters right now. but am looking into how to use it more actively right now. would love to learn how to create a campaign with it, but, for the life of me I just can't figure out how. I'm probably missing something so tiny that when I figure it out, I'll call myself an idiot :P lol

                                                                  • Ranger Archery
                                                                    Ranger Archery  9 months back

                                                                    So I know this about a year or so late, but I had a thought while just now watching this video. Has there been anything said about continuing to support 5e content via D&DB once a new edition comes out sometime in the future? For someone - like myself - who has not gotten into 5e due to cost of purchasing new books for everything (and needing at least a PHB for most players) D&DB sounds like a good option. However, I know how companies like to stop supporting digital versions of old content once entirely new versions are released in an effort to force users to upgrade to new content. One of the benefits to having bought the 3.5e materials back in the day is that my group was able to completely ignore 4e and (thus far) 5e while continuing to enjoy playing D&D. Would continuing to play 5e through D&DB be an option once 6e comes out, if we don't like it?

                                                                    • K. B.
                                                                      K. B.  10 months back

                                                                      Is there a join a campaign option/feature for new players with no group to play with? Or do you have to know the DM running the campaign to get an invite? Looking for a play from home group online kinda thing.

                                                                      • James Freeman
                                                                        James Freeman  10 months back

                                                                        Hasbro bought D&D in the summer of 1998 sense then they put out edition3,3.5,4 and now 5 a edition every 5 years or less. I recently dug out my tomes I bought 39 years ago when we all sat around and played. adding up how much I spent then I stopped after topping 1000 bucks. I found D&D beyond and I was over whelmed at the shear greed 50 dollars for a hardcover 30 for ebook that cast then nothing but server space. most of the content are expensive glorified modules that use to cost 8 bucks. to use the site you need the ebooks to DM on their site you have to pay the subscription. then you have to have a electronic device internet connection $$$$$$$$$$$$$$ I know Hasbro learns from the ever lasting gobstopper but damn if you buy the hardcopy you should get a digital copy with the 50 dollar price tag but no it's 80 dollars if you want the ability to play off line old school. looking at a stack of 1000 dollars of 1 editions im like dooohhhhh.

                                                                        • James Menzies
                                                                          James Menzies  10 months back

                                                                          I'm not paying $30 for something I already have. and I have to buy the books at my local game store to support it.

                                                                          • CovilDog
                                                                            CovilDog  10 months back

                                                                            2:42 middle guys name is ASMR

                                                                          • Hungry Hungarian
                                                                            Hungry Hungarian  11 months back

                                                                            This should be one second long
                                                                            Seriously the only. Thing it’s good for is homebrew
                                                                            (You need to buy he books at full price AGAIN and it’s anoying)

                                                                            • Leo Savage
                                                                              Leo Savage  11 months back

                                                                              I own all the book and I must say It's a pain when I having 4 book open At the same time Because I am Using different mosnters from differents books. Also been the DM, Traveling with so many books is a pain when I could have everything on my laptop. But I won't pay again full price for book i own already :(

                                                                              • Alexander Stuart
                                                                                Alexander Stuart  11 months back

                                                                                The physical books always ticked me off because of errata. Online books update automatically. That's my selling point.

                                                                                • John L
                                                                                  John L  11 months back

                                                                                  I will not pay for books I already have. I would gladly pay if they would allow you to make characters and manage them using ALL content. But just to make say a warforged I will not pay 29.99. If they have a subscription that allows you to access everything to make ANY character you want then I would gladly pay just for convenience.

                                                                                  • spacemonster505
                                                                                    spacemonster505  11 months back

                                                                                    you should do a 2019 update of the site and app