Game Of Thrones Prequel Trailer (HBO) Targaryen History - Fire And Blood REACTION


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  • kitty Katt
    kitty Katt  1 months back

    Why pass this off as a HBO prequel trailer?: Its part of history and lore.

    • V. V. Emil
      V. V. Emil  1 months back


      • V. V. Emil
        V. V. Emil  1 months back

        Looks good.

        • Xerge
          Xerge  2 months back

          I'm incredibly glad that you are still being diverse even if those are not the videos that give u those thousands of views

          • Gromsterino
            Gromsterino  2 months back

            This show is going to be a hard no for me. The show just got worse and worse as it went on and at the end i was kind of forcing myself to watch it just so i could see it end. Now they are going to try beat a dead horse a bit more to see if it will spit out some more money. No thanks for me.

            • Steviegi
              Steviegi  2 months back

              I don´t get the point of prequels. we arldy know what happens in the future and that there are no dragons. same thing with better call saul for example. I had no reason to watch that show.

              • oxXBLADEZXxo
                oxXBLADEZXxo  3 weeks back

                I guess it's mainly for lore enthusiasts like me. I'm just super hyped as it focuses on one of the coolest periods in the Game of Thrones universe.

            • M MG
              M MG  2 months back

              this is not a trailer from Hbo, it's just the history and lore

              • Resona
                Resona  2 months back

                If I can just say, DB, I really appreciate how refreshing your take on things tends to be, it's thoughtful, it's concise, and you tend to really highlight struggles both inside and outside the industry for a given piece of content, and I really value that. Thank you.

                • Akaba
                  Akaba  2 months back

                  this is from a SAOIF history and lore series

                  • Don One
                    Don One  2 months back

                    Daenery targaryen for life, F the starks

                    • Null Null
                      Null Null  2 months back