Game of Thrones Season 8 Episode 5 Reaction


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  • Nick Sibilla
    Nick Sibilla  6 months back

    This episode was incredible. The final scene from Nikolai and Lena as Jamie and Cersei was one of the most well-acted scenes I've ever witnessed. Truly have nothing bad to say about what they've done, all the people complaining need to go rewatch the show. This mad queen narrative has been there since like S4, executed amazingly. The scene of Dani blowing through the gate was fucking nuts. Also, anyone else get the vibe that we may see Jon vs Greyworm?

    • Kathi Katha
      Kathi Katha  6 months back

      @ye rabbit really? I felt so happy when she finally died.. idk, after all she die I have no empathy for a person like her. 😂

    • ShanghaiRooster
      ShanghaiRooster  6 months back

      Regarding what Dany did; on the face of it this was a monstrous crime, and indeed it was. But, it's also intriguing that once the burning began we never saw her again in the episode, only Drogon. Our last sight was of her face twisted in apparent rage, or was it actually like Thistle, in the prologue of ADWD when Varamyr invaded her.

      The episode 6 trailer shows her back. What will we see when the camera looks at her, probably from Arya's viewpoint? Will her eyes be their normal self? Can't wait.

    • Juan Sálice
      Juan Sálice  6 months back

      ​@Nick Sibilla It is very simple actually, maybe you didn't notice (i don't blame you), people are being negative because of the writing of the show, not because of the acting, the visuals, the effects, the camera work, the scenography, the "amount of work" if you wish.

      I really don't care about your personal opinion about the episode, of couse it is a valid opinion but one thing is very clear, this episode was a disaster in terms of character development (a.k.a the foundation of the show, you like it or not), "that's not an opinion it's a fact" (Objectivity to the roof) .. Jaime saying that he never cared about the people of King landing ... Cersei without a plan B ? ... probably +100 scorpions = 2 failed shots ... Dany burning innocents alive instead of going directly to the red keep to destroy it (thus giving Cersei time to escape) ... if you like the episode good for you, it's fine, but please try to understand that people do realize the "amount of work" invested, in fact this is THE ONLY THING the show has right now:

      s1 AOW = 20% <-----> s8 AOW = 98%

      Clearly this is not proportional to the quality, especially in a show that has always been about well written characters, real characters with real motivations.

    • Lord Walter Stark
      Lord Walter Stark  6 months back

      TheWolfDownUnder - "there has to be a twist" you thought. Nope, Bran is there to warg into a worm and stare blankly

    • Lord Walter Stark
      Lord Walter Stark  6 months back

      Nick Sibilla I know, this whole final season has been inspired. I mean my expectations were truly subverted. Thank god for D&D I couldn't have asked for a better shortened, packaged and neatly tied penultimate episode and season to the greatest show of all time. 👏👏👏

  • Alison Voshell
    Alison Voshell  4 months back

    Almost exactly my reaction, including yelling at Sandor "YOU NEED FIRE!" I was crossing my fingers for him to grab that torch off the wall and toast the Mountain, Spartan kick his ass over the edge, and get the hell outta there even as the tower was coming down around them. 😔 And still knowing that he wouldn't live. "You've always known."

    • bridge4
      bridge4   4 months back

      Nice touch there. You've always knows ... :*(

  • Lyanna Finn
    Lyanna Finn  4 months back

    ANOTHER amazing video.... how did I not know about your channel! You have the best book recollection I have come across 🤓 LOVE your live reactions to the show! Made my day AND I will also ALWAYS be team Jamie💕 I cried like a baby when the bricks came down on him and Cersei. 😭

    • bridge4
      bridge4   4 months back

      You're too nice. It wss nice to meet ya and thanks again for the kind words. And yeah I'm a little obsessive. I absolutely love these characters and their tragic songs :*)))

  • Soozie mc
    Soozie mc  5 months back

    This is a very late comment but I wanted to say 2 things.
    1 Even week’s after the end of GOT and knowing the ending your emotional reaction to the Cleganebowl and the death of Jaime and Cersei brought tears to my eyes. Your passion and commitment is truly touching.
    2. I’ve been thinking about the relationship of Sandor and Gregor and that of Jaime and Cersei. Jaime and Sandor are both consumed by polar opposite emotions - love and hatred. Both seek a path of redemption and appear to have overcome their unhealthy obsessions. But to no avail - it seems each can only be released by death. Sandor by overcoming his fear of fire is cleansed at his death of his fear and hatred. Jaime dies where his identity as Kingslayer is forged attempting to save the Queen. Cersei is killed not only by the younger more beautiful queen but by the Red Keep she fought so ruthless and desperately to hold onto. So I just think a lot of fans don’t appreciate the subtleties the show did achieve.

  • M Tully
    M Tully  6 months back

    I have one more episode to watch. I am at least a week behind the finale, and just saw this episode. Bridge4, I think your reaction was worse than mine. Hate that Jamie died. He turned out to be one of my favorites... But sometime you stay with people until the end even when they don't deserve it. Always love your commentary, man. Can't wait to see your reaction when I watched the last episode tomorrow...

    • Axel Hstrand
      Axel Hstrand  6 months back

      Didn't think at all that it was Bran who sent the horse, but of course it was. I really appreciate you great work.

      • Hypatia Ravenclaw Kovalevskaya Sklodowska

        hahahah I like how we had some opposite reactions when that building fell over arya I was like "she better die cause this plot armor is at this point... what is the purpose of her staying alive again?" a freaking building fell on her!

        • b b426
          b b426  6 months back

          I am so upset that I didn't discover your channel until 30 mins before the finale!!! but I plan on binging your vids to keep my GOT fix alive after tonight

          • DJ R
            DJ R  6 months back

            This guy is strange

            • Twiggy090984
              Twiggy090984  6 months back

              I feel like Ayra didn’t make out alive from the last blast of dracarys 🙁 i just rewatched the episode and i can’t see where she coul have taken cover. The wall and everything atound her is burned to ashes.

              • MightyN0ob
                MightyN0ob  6 months back

                Sandor and Arya's story arcs were by far my favorite. Part of me always kinda knew he'd eventually go out, but I'm glad he made it to the final season, and I'm happy that he went out fighting.

                • Temajuki
                  Temajuki  6 months back

                  Y'all are so wholesome.

                  • cellar door
                    cellar door  6 months back

                    are we doing a live stream after the show tonight?

                    • bridge4
                      bridge4   6 months back

                      sorry, i didnt see this until now. i was going to. but then the spoilers happened, and i sort of just checked out until the season finished because i was somehow able to avoid spoielrs up until that point. i feared doing live streams and reading something in the comments

                      i actually spent an hour or two a few days before ep 5 on a call with milt learning how to do OBS. so once i do live streams again, its going to look a little more profession. (chat on screen, banner, multiple image windows, etc). but then right before we were going to go live, he told me that spoilers for episode 5 and 6 came out and i was like "ok, cya later internet. cyta latter game of thrones community. im out!" lol

                  • LLzChill
                    LLzChill  6 months back

                    Everyone keeps forgetting that Mel said the Lord of Light brings you back to complete a task. Jon will die once he kills Danny. His reason for being brought back will be over. He won't go live out a life somewhere. He's working on borrowed time.

                    • kian garazhian
                      kian garazhian  6 months back

                      You said it would be a big step backwards if Sandor clegane fights against his brother what do you think know?

                      • Saad Hasan
                        Saad Hasan  6 months back

                        The thing I love about Jaime and Cersei's death is the fact that the Red Keep came crashing down on them. Its symbolic and poetic especially for Cersei who has done all the vile things to protect her family and in turn her power. The center of that power is the Red Keep since the Iron Throne is located there. All her bad deeds literally came crashing down on her. And ofcourse, poor and helpless Jaime who despite trying to redeem himself cannot disregard his feelings for Cersei. "We don't choose who we love". "I want to die in the arms of the woman I love" Anyone who thought their death was bad clearly needs a look in the mirror.

                        • Anonymous Wonder
                          Anonymous Wonder  6 months back

                          I'm sorry but the episode was bad. I waited 7 season to see them get revenge on Cercei but she dies by rocks. Jamie should have killed her. So many things was bad. Then Dani kills everyone for no reason. Arya "dies" like 20 times and magically my opinion it was bad I was disappointed....

                          If someone can break it down for me please, because I've been bamboozled, swindled, smeckledorfed!

                          • lizardreign
                            lizardreign  6 months back

                            - Cercei didn't die by random rocks falling down, it was from a direct attack.
                            - Jamie wouldn't kill her, he still loves her. Olenna Tyrell even said she is bad for him and will be his downfall.
                            - Season 4 Episode 2 Bran had a vision of a burnt throne covered in ashes and a dragon flying over King's Landing. George R. R. Martin wrote the episode. Dani killing everyone might happen in the books too. Also she lost everyone she cares for (including two "children") and the only ones she can rely on are Drogon and Grey Worm: two "killing weapons".
                            - Arya going with the Hound only to back off and die wouldn't make sense story wise. She was a point of view character and not "supposed" to die.
                            - Season has been rushed and lacks certain details, that in my opinion explains the recent backlash.

                        • marc
                          marc  6 months back

                          Glad there's still those of us out there enjoying these episodes! This episode was up there in terms of my favourites. So much of the bittersweet ending in this episode.

                          • jawad kazmi
                            jawad kazmi  6 months back

                            You are easily impressed.

                            • StarFlower99654
                              StarFlower99654  6 months back

                              Too bad Jamie and Cersei didnt get epic deaths. I felt they wasted time showing him fighting with Euron.

                              • josie 1239
                                josie 1239  6 months back

                                What the hell did those assholes do to Jaime? Character assassination 101. He was the Kingslayer because he saved 500K innocents but now they don't mattet? I thought that last scene with Larry and Carol was cheesy soap opera bad. And in the end, Jaime was just Cer-say'a plot device and not his own character.

                                • Khaleesi Clues
                                  Khaleesi Clues  6 months back


                                  • Pizzles Tech Time
                                    Pizzles Tech Time  6 months back

                                    I can feel your excitement just by listening to this

                                    • Myosotis
                                      Myosotis  6 months back

                                      They fucked up Jon Dany, Theon, Sam and half of Arya but goddam the way they nailed Sandor 👌👌

                                      • manie lopez
                                        manie lopez  6 months back

                                        Dont know why I thought that horse that Arya rode out in was warged by Sandor.

                                        • Saphia
                                          Saphia  6 months back

                                          Thank you for your authentic emotions...❤️

                                          • i Moron
                                            i Moron  6 months back

                                            Queen of the Ashes: I see they built of the rage inside Daenerys, but I don't like it. I don't see a happy ending to the series. So far I can watch and re-watch GOT, I love it. But, will the ending make it unwatchable?

                                            • Soter 96
                                              Soter 96  6 months back

                                              Jaime along with Theon had the most complete arc in the show. He always would come a full circle, his arc was not about redemption, it was about relapsing and returning to what he loves. Him and Cersei dying together under the ruins of the Red Keep was the most tragic, poetic and Shakespearean ending they could have. It was a good choice leaving the Valonquar prophecy out of the books and not included a fanservice ending with Arya killing the Evil Queen. Arya acknowledges from Sandor's story that a life of revenge is not a good one and she left trying to save life, not kill, by attempting to help the mother and her daughter; at least she tried. Now I guess she has a new name on her list, and she either must do the job or Jon will. The mad Targaryen needs to go down.

                                              • Gae Bren
                                                Gae Bren  6 months back

                                                Not only did the rubble get Jamie and Cersei, it got the camera person and sound person as well. ;-)

                                                • Marie Driskell
                                                  Marie Driskell  6 months back

                                                  We had almost the exact reactions...

                                                  • Oscar Alvarez
                                                    Oscar Alvarez  6 months back

                                                    Don’t you think Arya is immortal? I think there is no other way. Great videos!

                                                    • Lord Walter Stark
                                                      Lord Walter Stark  6 months back

                                                      5:58 you honestly thought that superheroin Arya was going to die from rubble? The slayer of the NK? The most OP character since Cpt. Marvel? Also, you saying how she was going to save those people gave me a good chuckle. Your reaction seems genuine but can't you tell this isn't the same show we've been watching for years?

                                                      • Lord Walter Stark
                                                        Lord Walter Stark  6 months back

                                                        You thought Jaime was going to make a full arc haha! Nope, doesn't even honor his promise to his brother, he just has a completely forced fight against Euron because.. that's what all that was about. Then dies cradling cersei as she wimpers like a bitch. So much for the Lioness.

                                                        • Lord Walter Stark
                                                          Lord Walter Stark  6 months back

                                                          The Hound never died, he thirsted for blood and vengeance above everything. Well, considering how he just let Cersei waddle away maybe he did..

                                                          • KrAff
                                                            KrAff  6 months back

                                                            Man I wish this season wasn’t as rushed as it was. It’s been great I just wish we coulda had 2 seasons

                                                            • KrAff
                                                              KrAff  6 months back

                                                              Who did Tyrion have Davis smuggle out? Jaime was caught by himself.

                                                              • MEME
                                                                MEME  6 months back

                                                                Yooo i just found this channel and it's fucking great im binging all these videos. @ 7:57 that's how i felt

                                                                • Kyle Thornhill
                                                                  Kyle Thornhill  6 months back

                                                                  Instead of having Daeny burn everything I would have liked it if Cersai had lined the city in wildfire and the source being the red keep, and have Daeny have her rage moment but only attack the red keep, and when she does the whole city goes with it

                                                                  • STEELERSUSAN AGUIAR
                                                                    STEELERSUSAN AGUIAR  6 months back

                                                                    The darkest episode in daylight

                                                                    • Jobs mine
                                                                      Jobs mine  6 months back

                                                                      Patch 5.12.2019.8.05
                                                                      - decreased skorpions accuracy from 90% to 0%;
                                                                      - increased drogon firebreath skill radius by 500%;
                                                                      - increased drogon speed by 350%;
                                                                      - increased drogon maneuverability by 300%;
                                                                      - set Danny = Aegon 2.0
                                                                      - set Jon = Jaime 2.0
                                                                      - set Sansa = Cersi 2.0
                                                                      - set d**k availablibility = 0

                                                                      All this burning because Jon denied the d**k to Danny. Women are not advocating for #sexstrike they are throwing tantrums because there is #dickstrike!! 🤣 🤣

                                                                      • Cyndie Traylor
                                                                        Cyndie Traylor  6 months back

                                                                        I love the wolves and dragons, but the reason I watched westerns as a kid was for the horses. I
                                                                        took a closer look at Harry Strickland’s horse vs Arya's mystery pale horse and now see it is the same horse actor playing two different roles. Note the pigmentation over the left nostril is the same at 0:37:42 with Harry and at 1:18:25, 1:18:34 and 1:18:48 with Arya. Harry's horse is definitely dead. See two seconds at 0:38:23. Looks like the poor thing’s back twisted and broke then it went limp. The bridle and bit are different between the two horses--Harry's bit is gold. They even dress the horses appropriately. But jeez, as a horse lover, I think they are finding particularly gruesome ways to kill horses in this show.

                                                                        Horses of the Apocalypse just for fun:

                                                                        White   Conquest   Daenerys
                                                                        Red      War           Cersei
                                                                        Black   Famine      Sandor (His black horse, Stranger, stealing from the farmer and his daughter, and starved of human affection.)
                                                                        Pale     Death        Arya (Maybe this signifies the opposite for her since she is leaving instead of coming, and hell is being left behind.)

                                                                        • Ixodides
                                                                          Ixodides  6 months back

                                                                          I really don’t understand the overall hate around the season 8. I find this season to be very entertaining, providing loads of scenes and little things just for fans. Like I don’t understand when people say They created Danny character to be righteous person to finally dump that to the bin in season 8. It so no true, she was always the MAD queen but she was fighting with it and also had the right people around her to help her make right choices and take her away from this way of thinking. When she felt she lost all of those people she did what she always wanted to do “burn the city to the ground”. I think that was very GoT type of way of twisting things. At least on this channel the hate isn’t present. I would love to see some video later on where you address this hate and explain why things in season 8 are actually not bad at all.

                                                                          • Randy Orton's Dick Bulge
                                                                            Randy Orton's Dick Bulge  6 months back

                                                                            Seems I was right my friend, Jamie and the hound both die.

                                                                            • Jimmy Miller
                                                                              Jimmy Miller  6 months back

                                                                              i enjoyed your reaction more than the show

                                                                              • veronicajade20
                                                                                veronicajade20  6 months back

                                                                                I’m irritated that after 7 seasons of making Daenerys seem Iike she would be the most rational, fair, and balanced ruler for Westeros, this last season they’ve been working overtime to make her seem like some deranged despot as a plot device. If they had gone down this road a few seasons ago it would’ve made sense, but this season it’s clearly because they are desperately trying to wrap up their poorly put together show by giving Varys and Tyrion a thin pretext for betraying her and ALSO maybe giving Jon, Tyrion, & Arya a reason to kill her to “save” everyone from her. I’m just...annoyed.

                                                                                • Moskwa
                                                                                  Moskwa  6 months back

                                                                                  I enjoyed your reactions very much. Maybe even more than the episode itself. I’ve been trying really hard not to be too critical and hate on this season and this video is helping me appreciate episode five. Thank you! 🤙🏽 Aloha from Maui!

                                                                                  • veronicajade20
                                                                                    veronicajade20  6 months back

                                                                                    There are no words to describe what a...disappointment this entire season has been. The only thing I liked was that Cersei died this episode, but even that was marred by the fact that she had her brother-lover with her - she didn’t deserve any kind of comfort in death. It should’ve just been straight up painful.

                                                                                    • Cyndie Traylor
                                                                                      Cyndie Traylor  6 months back

                                                                                      With the loss of her children, I think she suffered quite a bit. She was truly afraid at the end. Only at the end might she have realized she had the most important thing all along, love.

                                                                                  • 2010Cess
                                                                                    2010Cess  6 months back

                                                                                    It was an interesting choice, having Dani turn the way she did, I think it's very brave of the writing team. This was the most stunning piece to TV I've ever witnessed, I just can't help but feel it's just a little bit rushed. Tying off all those threads is a mammoth task - I really wish they'd used season 8 to tell the story of the Battle of Winterfell, and a season 9 for the Battle for the Iron Throne. That way they could better pace Dani falling into madness, and the big character deaths would be more manageable (?) I did not enjoy Jamie and Cersei's fate, but I loved Cleganebowl. I also loved your reaction to watching it - it was very honest. 👍