Game of Thrones S8 - Ruining Characters


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  • blacktee31
    blacktee31  2 months back

    2:55 I've watched tons of reviews on season 8 and this is the first and only time someone mentioned what I was thinking was a problem with his arc. Not his decision to leave Brienne but to sleep with her in the first place was kind of awkward writing itself. Seriously thought I was the only person who thought this was weird up until now.

    • CottonCatt
      CottonCatt  4 months back

      the difference beetween anakin and dany :
      - dany : no build up
      - anakin : 2 movies and, afterwards, a full 6 seasons animated show.

      • William Trotman
        William Trotman  5 months back

        Really they should have tried to set it up to where Euron successfully killing Rhaegal in that episode four scene was due to catching them off guard, and just right then and there had Dany torch the iron fleet. You could still have Euron escape and somehow be responsible for killing Missandei. Maybe he couldn't feasibly capture her and swim back to KL, but he could wash ashore at Dragonstone and fire a crossbow bolt at her in front of Grey Worm and Dany right there. They think they've won and then *THWAMP* bolt right through the heart, big emotional moment where her last word to Dany is Dracarys. It just felt so off to have the scorpions as enough of a threat that Dany wouldn't leave Dragonstone one minute and then totally useless the next when she's destroying King's Landing. But then again Sansa, Tyrion, and Varys all plotted against Daenerys for literally no reason so it's not like the show runners were trying too hard.

        • Kim Rodriguez
          Kim Rodriguez  5 months back

          “...turned on a dime.” Came out of nowhere and/or left field. Went from 0 to 60 mph or, depending on the situation, from 60 mph to a dead💀 stop🛑 (0 mph) in a split second. Made a sudden, complete, 180 (degree) turn causing emotional whiplash to the audience.
          My more literary minded friends have explained to me that GoT is an unconventional narrative. Therefore, subversive resolutions are to be expected. Which translates (to me) as, “Expect the unexpected.” Well, that’s what we got. And unlike Ser Davos, we’re *sure* we don’t get a vote.🙁

          • Brandon Van Every
            Brandon Van Every  5 months back

            When you juxtapose the fried goat baby, with all of KL, it's so hilariously bad that I just find myself cheering Dany on! You go Dany! Kill everyone!

            • ALMLSAN
              ALMLSAN  5 months back

              I’m pissed off at the real life actors and actresses who actually agreed to shoot this. All about the money hey! No self respect.

              • Giovanni Laureato
                Giovanni Laureato  5 months back

                this season was so dumb that I was expecting that tony stark pops up in a way or another

                • Poufkimashoula
                  Poufkimashoula  5 months back

                  6:46 This is amazing acting from an extra!

                  • Jackie Corpron
                    Jackie Corpron  5 months back

                    I know this is an unpopular opinion but Jamie's ending didn't bother me. Just because Jamie went back to save Cersei doesn't mean he was "bad". Cersei was his twin sister and pregnant with his child. How would he be able to live with himself if something happened to them and he did nothing to stop it? She was evil but she was family. I completely get why he went back for her.

                    I think in the books it will come across as a tragic end rather than a complete character regression as it did to most viewers of the show. The problem with his ending was that the writing was nearly nonsensical. His ending could have been executed MUCH better if his speech to Brienne had simply been written differently. If he had said to Brienne, "Cersei's pregnant, I can't let her die." That would have been sufficient motivation for him to go to save her without coming off as regressive to his character. The part of his ending that I hated was the "I'm a hateful man" speech because I think what he was doing wasn't even bad but in fact noble.

                    • Hey, You!
                      Hey, You!  5 months back

                      Jaime's storyline is if Zuko went to join Team Avatar in S3 only to suddenly go back to the Fire Nation lol

                      • The New Khan
                        The New Khan  5 months back

                        I disagree with your statement that Jamie's ruined arc also ruined Bienne's. He was her only weakness. I don't mind her crying when he left. A bit of emotion doesn't make her less badass. She's still my favourite character in the series.

                        • canuck21
                          canuck21  5 months back

                          I disagree that Jaime and Brienne was never romantic. If you really paid attention to the way they looked at each other and the way they spoke to each other, it's subtle but there was always something more than platonic and the actors play it that way.

                          It was clued quite early on that Brienne loved Jaime and Cersei saw it, stated it and Brienne never denied it.

                          Would you look at something that reminded you of a friend with such yearning? Heck no, you only stare like that for someone you love.

                          This isn't coming from some fangirls but from the actors and director of the show.

                          Remember when Brienne was going to give Oathkeeper back to Jaime and he said that it was hers, that it will always be hers? He was talking about his heart. Listen to the DVD commentary with Nikolai Coster-Waldau, Essie Davis and Mark Mylod. It's pretty clear that according to them Jaime loves Brienne.

                          The director Mark Mylod even considers Jaime and Brienne one of the greatest love stories on television.

                          Having Jaime and Brienne be romantically involved makes sense dramatically. Jaime is stuck with an abusive and toxic incestuous relationship. It's the only romantic relationship he's ever known and he needs to breakaway from that relationship to be this better man that he wants to be. For that, I think it is necessary that he'd find another romantic love that is completely different from the one he has with his twin. Then you have Brienne. Contrary to what you think, she is not the stereotypical strong independent woman that doesn't need a man; she's more layered than that. She is rather an unconventional strong woman who underneath her exterior still wants to love and be loved but never experienced it because she's ugly and doesn't comply to social norms therefore she comes to accept she'll never be loved and she instead concentrates on being a warrior. Both of these characters are in need of a new chance in love. So yeah, this isn't just putting a male and a female together, to me these two just make sense.

                          They're in love but due to their allegiances cannot admit it but once Jaime left Cersei and joined the North, the barrier that was there previously is gone so they're finally free to act on their feelings. The progression of their relationship made sense up to that point until D&D decided to revert Jaime to season one Jaime and made him running back to Cersei, forgetting about Brienne and forgetting that he ever cared for the innocents. That's when things made no sense anymore and his character development went down the drain.

                          Regarding Brienne crying when Jaime left, I don't think it was out of character. Being a strong woman doesn't mean ones has to be a robot. Also, having explosive emotional outbursts is not a first for Brienne. Do you not remember when Renly died? When it comes to the men she loves, she doesn't restraint her emotions.

                          When Jaime leaves, she knows he's going to his death. That's why she said "you don't need to die with her." She knows this is the last time she's seeing him. She's not just losing him for another woman, she's losing him forever as he's going to die. It is then very understandable she'd cry her heart's out considering the implication.

                          One last thing. Jaime and Brienne didn't have a one-night stand. Jaime stayed with Brienne and surely continued to sleep in her bed for I think about a month. The night they first slept together, Daenerys and gang were still in Winterfell. Jaime left only after hearing that one of the dragons was killed. That means he left when Daenerys was already in King Landing. It takes a few weeks to travel from Winterfell to Kings Landing. You also have to consider the time it takes a raven to fly from Kings Landing to Winterfell to pass on the updated news. Another clue is that on the first night, you can see Brienne is bruised. By the time Jaime leaves, no more bruises.

                          • 54markl
                            54markl  6 months back

                            Benioff and Weiss didn’t have The Right Stuff. The Night King killed in a split second by a little girl wielding a lousy dagger. The beautiful invincible dragon killed by two (weeping in rage) Arrows! Cersei and Jaime killed by ... Masonry! Thousands of women and kids burned alive by Dany. Dany knifed by Jon. Bran becoming king? Bronn becoming Minister of Exchequer? Tyrion becomes Hand Again? Grey Worm Doesn’t kill Jon? Drogon Doesn’t kill Jon? What!
                            HBO Executive (enraged): All right, who wrote this! The Muppets?

                            • 54markl
                              54markl  6 months back

                              I wish Dany had gone in the sea with that poor dragon, rather than she become Hitler. The most painful moment, when I really hated D&D for making me see it .... that poor dragon, relentlessly built up as an invincible war machine for many seasons, killed like a chicken by two lousy arrows. Arrows! And then the Night King, built up even more during All Seasons, killed in a split second by a little girl. That’s when Game of Thrones Died. It was murdered.

                              • Owen Denchy
                                Owen Denchy  6 months back

                                Full on Churchill you mean, Hitler tried many times to end the war that he never wanted but Churchill responded by fire bombing Dresden and other major German cities filled with women and children and where there were no troops or manufacturing that could have helped the war effort. If you wish to align Dany with a war criminal from WW2 then Churchill would be a much better choice.
                                Still, I wouldn't expect you to know that Churchill was the real war monger since they tried to hide it for the longest time and with propaganda the more you repeat it the more it becomes believable.
                                Don't make the same mistake now you are aware of the facts.

                                • Matt Johnson
                                  Matt Johnson  6 months back

                                  Totally agree about Jaime and Daenerys. They suddenly changed with really no reason.

                                  Throughout season 7 and into season 8, we really see Dany softening, probably mostly due to falling in love with Jon Snow. He's good, honorable, honest and brave, willing to risk his life for the sake of ALL of the living. Dany wouldn't have fallen for him if she didn't observe and admire (and want to emulate) those traits.

                                  Jon Snow was a moron for pulling away from her, for trusting that the secret that would have cost him his life if known wouldn't threaten Dany's life if it got out.

                                  All he had to do to save tens of thousands of lives was love a woman... that he already loved.

                                  • Matt Johnson
                                    Matt Johnson  5 months back

                                    @TheAkwarium Yep, Jon was an idiot. I think Daenerys could have made a better argument, including how Ned Stark had never told anyone, because that secret was dangerous to him, and would be dangerous to her. I think even in that moment, while he was conflicted about his relationship with her, he still loved her, and might have been amenable.

                                  • TheAkwarium
                                    TheAkwarium  5 months back

                                    he should have never told the secret to his family (a secret Ned took to his grave and dint' even trust to tell his own family, yet Jon did anyways) the moment Sansa finds out she tells it to Tyrion (a Lannister of all people) Funny how Dany knew Sansa better than her own brother and she hasn't even known her for that long

                                • Optimus Prime
                                  Optimus Prime  6 months back

                                  DAENERYS DID NOTHING WRONG!!!

                                  • Optimus Prime
                                    Optimus Prime  6 months back

                                    Let's be real and non soy. Daenerys was always a borderline sociopath. It's extremely naive to believe that someone who has some sympathy for children is not capable of nuking them. Game of Thrones isn't an MCU movie. Sorry.

                                    • Aulis Rintala
                                      Aulis Rintala  6 months back

                                      Jaime was redeemed! Why does so many people think otherwise? He fought for the living and thus got forgiveness from Bran. He died on a noble mission to try to reduce bloodshed and get Cercei to surrender. His name was written into the history books in a positive light. He got his wish to die in the arms of the woman he loved. Its tragic but he was redeemed.

                                      The very first lesson we learn in GOT was "He who passes the sentence should swing the sword". Daenerys never does this but passes the most sentences throughout the 8 seasons, always her killing done by other people or dragons. "They can live in my new world or die in their old one".

                                      • Lady in the North
                                        Lady in the North  6 months back

                                        I really believe that most of this pointless sh1t was conceived because Dumb & Dumber thought they'd look like "geniuses" by subverting expectations: "Look Jaime has redeemed himself... oh wait, he's gone back to Cersei. I bet you didn't expect that!".
                                        It feels like a pair of school kids given a script to deliver in class, but don't know how to end the story, so they come up with any old sh1t.
                                        So many character arcs ruined or made no sense.
                                        Cersei surrendering? This was the woman who said that when you play the game of thrones, you win or you die!!
                                        Awful, awful plot and script-writing.

                                        • Jalen Smith
                                          Jalen Smith  6 months back

                                          I agree about Darnerys. They rushed her character way too much the last 2 seasons. The jump from episode 3-5 to get her to burning thousands of innocents was way to abrupt.However, your take on Jaime is so far off. Just because a character does not redeem himself fully the way you want or the way redemption works in other stories does not make it bad character development. He doesn't have to go from guy who from the guy who pushed the kid out the window to Aragon from Lord of the Rings. Jaime was a brilliantly, flawed and complicated character. His ending does not take away some of the redemption he may have earned but shows the realism of a character who is psychologically bonded in what some would say is an abusive relationship with a narcissist/sociopath. Which is perfectly outline throughout the entire series. To top it off he is bond is even stronger due to the fact he has literally been with her since the womb.

                                          It's not bad character development just because the character does not end up the way you wanted him to in the end.

                                          • nashee anjel
                                            nashee anjel  6 months back

                                            I'll give westeros this, they've got the best birth control in the world. Only Robert baratheon n Sam knocked anyone up in 9 yrs!

                                            • Sonny Ali
                                              Sonny Ali  6 months back

                                              TWINS! There's an aspect of Jaime's arc that nobody is really talking about. Everyone says his character development over 7 seasons meant nothing because he eventually went back to Cersei. But unless you're a twin, or the parent of twins, you will never understand the TWIN BOND. There are personality developments as we get older and wiser, but one thing you can't dismiss is the very real and true bond that twins have. I have twin boys and it took me years to really understand what that bond is. I don't even try to mess with that bond. There's no point in it because to break a twin bond is almost impossible. You just have to accept it for what it is, and work around it when you can.

                                              • Joshua Lizard
                                                Joshua Lizard  6 months back

                                                Real people don't have story arcs. They do have values and beliefs that guide their actions. Jamie has always valued above all esle his love for Cercie. 2nd to that he wants to be honorable. Both of those values were always there. When you first saw the honorable side, it wasn't because he was becomming a good person. Don't blame bad writing because he didn't loose one of his defining values to match your expectations. Cercie demanded him to abandon his honor at the end of season 7 and he walked out on her. It wasn't because they were growing apart. I'm not defending D&D. They got their ending mostly from Martin. We ciuld walk through his entire bio scene for scene and there would be very little conttradiction. The most out of character conversation he ever had was when he told Briane about how he got the name Kingslayer but that is easy enough to explain as well. In day to day life men don't converse with other people in the same way they talk to naked women in hottubs.

                                                • Joshua Lizard
                                                  Joshua Lizard  6 months back

                                                  Part One: THE DAMNABLE PROPLE OF KING'S LANDING
                                                  One of the worst villians of the show has in my mind for years been the so-called innocent people of King's Landing. Remember when Sanza almost got raped. I was thinking, "These people are the worst. WTF are they trying to rape the princess for when they are being ruled over by one of the most unjust tyrannical houses ever. They should be trying to kill the princess. Of course killing Sanza would have been a far shot from doin away with their unjust rulers but those rulers would have gotten the message. Or what about when Cercie had her walk of shame and the idiotic oppressed purveyors of tyranny in that city could think of nothing better to do than throw trash at her and call her names. That in my mind is inexcusable.
                                                  TYRANNY IS MADE POSSIBLE BY THE PEOPLE AND NOT OTHERWISE
                                                  This is a hard truth and a harsh justice.
                                                  Daenerys delivered it with tears in her eyes while I cheered with joy.
                                                  A society that lets injustice rule is culpable for denying the Law. Thus whenever injustice goes unpunished, the imbalance will fall upon the masses so the pit may still be fed its due. Then a voracious, predatory, indiscriminate Doom will be set loose upon an unsuspecting people in order to claim it rightful meal.
                                                  Everyone reaps exactly what they sow. But when tyrants run free, everyone suffers. It is quite simply a Law of Nature

                                                  Or to rephrase the same basic principle in slightly different terms...

                                                  Every time a teardrop falls, a little flower grows
                                                  Otherwise there could be no beauty in the world at all.
                                                  But whenever injustice goes unpunished, an innocent little flower will die
                                                  So that everyone has something to cry about.

                                                  This is a hard truth an a harsh justice. So while it may be a justice we would rather not see fulfilled as such, the only alternative is for the people to punish any tyrants in their midst before wrathful dragons start flying overhead

                                                • Joshua Lizard
                                                  Joshua Lizard  6 months back

                                                  @Lady in the North PS- THE UNIVERSE IS NOT INDIFERENT TO INJUSTICE.
                                                  The universe always strives towards equilibrium. those who fight against tyranny have the inertia of the universe to assist them. Of course if they don't have a large fraternity assisting them in that fight they will get their asses kicked a loi but they are still helping the universe towards it own ultimate goal

                                                • Joshua Lizard
                                                  Joshua Lizard  6 months back

                                                  @Lady in the North I don't think any 180 degree turn should be believable ever. I don'tknow howJamie's story was different in the book but in the show I saw complete congruence between his actions and his spycological make-up... once we got to know it. And I thought the relationship with Brianne was great. We got to see a lot more of how he works when he was, for once in his life, chasig a skirt that wasn'this sister. Plus they had great chemestry.
                                                  As fo Danny... this is a big one. After episode three she was the only character in the show who I... or rather after episod3e three i stopped caring about any of the characters. They had each and every one of them been completely deprived of their ablity to make rational decisions in that episode just so the showrunners could have it all lead up to the ending they wanted. But when Daenerys burtn down King's Landing she was my hero all ove again. But let's put apin in that for amoment. Firstly I think labeling labeling characters with terms like "the Mad Queen" doesn't do anyone any favors, least of all yourself. I think one way to look at her that might almost begin to make sense is again by taking into accounts her beliefs. She and from what I gather, all Targaryans were raised with a belief that they are simply better suited to rule. Actually this is a belief held even by the Measters who said thing like, "They are the blood of the dragon. What they do is what they have always done. it is not for you or me to judge." So one the one hand while she is on a mission to end slavery and rid the worldof tyranny and oppression, she also feels that anyone who isn't with her is against her. The people of King'sLanding clearly were not with her. I think this is a weak explanation but it does explain things somewhat.
                                                  I saw one post where they guy exxplained how she was always driven by a desire to rule and retake the Iron Throne, but also all she ever wanted was a place to feel security and love like she had as a little child (and something about a red door). The problem with those two desjres is they contradict eachother. Rulership alienates people and the moreof it she attained the more she felt like people were threatening her security and ability to be loved until... I don't completely buy this either but it does explain her motivations without lazily chalking it all up to insanity or whatever.
                                                  As for me...wel, I think my theory is the best so hang on to your halo. I'll be back with that after breakfast. In the mean time, I think this guy tends to do pretty good work. You might enjoy his breakdown of Jamie and Danny

                                                • Lady in the North
                                                  Lady in the North  6 months back

                                                  I get that. But there was literally no point to his "love scenes" with Brienne. Their relationship works in the books, it doesn't on the show. It was just a waste of time. They could still have shown his 180 turn without that scene. In fact, with so much else going on in Game of Thrones and so little time to execute it, it was criminal to include it, as it made no sense.
                                                  I get there are no story arcs in real life, but people do change in real life. Their values change.
                                                  Story arcs aside, any complete 180 turn should be believable. Dany for instance, acted totally out of character at this point in the story (given her contextual backstory etc). Cersei, I would believe, because she at least, had form for it.
                                                  I have no problem with the Dany = Mad Queen theory, however her descent into "madness" needed to be better executed and managed than that.

                                              • Chris Prusinowski
                                                Chris Prusinowski  6 months back

                                                Your channel is criminally underrated and you deserve more subscribers. Your videos are always well thought out, concise, jokes are at a minimum, and you explain in detail why you felt season 8 Got was flawed in its writing and storytelling.

                                                • Cerebral Cortex CEH
                                                  Cerebral Cortex CEH  6 months back

                                                  This is a great video! Very thorough, well stated, and well explained.

                                                  • Silent Dawn
                                                    Silent Dawn  6 months back

                                                    Instead of Dany being similar to Anakin, it's more like if Luke was badly written in TRotJ. Luke falls to the Dark Side and then kills Vader and the Emperor, then use the Death Star to kill the Rebels, Han and Leia. That would be a betrayal of his character arc, just like what happened to Daenerys.

                                                    • mcsoupy
                                                      mcsoupy  6 months back

                                                      Knighting Brienne was the only scene I liked in the entire season.

                                                      • Chris Houston
                                                        Chris Houston  6 months back

                                                        very objective on the money video, you explained the thoughts coming into my head the entire season ( HUH??? ) very well

                                                        • FULANODETAL
                                                          FULANODETAL  6 months back

                                                          annakin skywalker just killed and entire village of sand people.with children,,,dont forget force give you powers..

                                                          • Michael Marquez
                                                            Michael Marquez  6 months back

                                                            I couldn't agree with you more and thank you I feel like I really needed to see something like this I was so mad when the last episode came out actually didn't finish watching it

                                                            • Emma Peel
                                                              Emma Peel  6 months back

                                                              Brienne was outside in a nightgown crying in the cold🙄

                                                              • Yulia Podorozhnaya
                                                                Yulia Podorozhnaya  6 months back

                                                                Disappointed 😔 poor story , and not enough justification for Bran to become a king..
                                                                Bran knew it all , in my eyes he was more a villain than Danny , he knew it all, and he patiently waited for the throne to be served to him on silver plate, a lots of scenes gone missing ...
                                                                For example who catches and locks Jon Snow up, and how Grey Worm was not tempted to kill him before the Great Council arrived !.? They had him for several weeks before everyone on that Council arrived!!
                                                                Both Jon and Grey Worm developed animosity to each other clearly, they were close to bud their heads over prisoners, surely no one could stop him to battle or behead Jon since he killed his beloved Queen ?!?
                                                                When Dragon has realised that Danny was dead, he released the fire... at first I thought, he guessed his mother was killed by Jon, then Jon looked at him anticipating wether Dragon would unleash his fiery breath on him, but he did not instead he melted the iron throne which means he either could not kill Jon or he did not know that Jon was the killer that point both starred at each other and for the moment I thought Jon would reach to the Dragon with his hand and would console him ... I thought Dragon would accept him as he could see his mum dead and he could sense Targarian blood in Jon to submit to him instead , otherwise why the dragons accept him in the first place surely not just because their mother was in love with Jon ...
                                                                and don’t get me started on finally when Tyrion straightening the chairs like a kitchen maid ... out of his character! Made me laugh , but I rather laugh at his sarcastic jokes and remarks than to see degrading of his character ...
                                                                Council Room attendees , half of them should not be there, discussing brothels at the council? Bran as the king has been shown as completely useless, inactive ruler who dumps everything on his Council , why to elect him in the first place? Or 6 kingdoms became Constitutional Monarchy? he shows up barely and off he goes to see if he could locate the Dragon , why?? So he could then to get to him and through him and to make him to submit?! perhaps he could stop him, if he could not stop Danny to destroy most of the population of the Kings landing, he could’ve stop Dragon?!?
                                                                NOTHING MAKE SENCE 👎👎👎👎👎👎👎 Great filming and acting , but the story lines are more than bizarre and unsatisfyingly terrible

                                                                • Asif Arshad
                                                                  Asif Arshad  6 months back

                                                                  Your grammar is what's bizzare

                                                              • alan tsuei
                                                                alan tsuei  6 months back

                                                                Going back to Cersei and his unborn child is not a problem at all, especially Cersei is losing the war and will do no harm to anyone....

                                                                • Emar Keen
                                                                  Emar Keen  6 months back

                                                                  Can you add your signature? ✍

                                                                  • Hellstar Remina
                                                                    Hellstar Remina  6 months back

                                                                    6:43 I don’t remember snoop dog in that episode lol

                                                                    • Kristen Cyr
                                                                      Kristen Cyr  6 months back

                                                                      Yeah, I don't think it was hard for Peter to give the look he did at Dany taking off to burn the city. He probably had that same look when he read the stupid script for the first time.

                                                                      • Sara J
                                                                        Sara J  6 months back

                                                                        The take away is Cersei was better in bed. Jaime is just a dog anyway cause that's his character [sarcasm rules :)]

                                                                        • M L
                                                                          M L  6 months back

                                                                          The best video on this episode to date!

                                                                          • Ray Watts
                                                                            Ray Watts  6 months back

                                                                            The cast tried to warn us.

                                                                            • Timothy Verrinder
                                                                              Timothy Verrinder  6 months back

                                                                              The Tarley's never committed treason. The Tarley's were never sworn to the service of Danny, so they could never betray her. The Tarley's were the only POWs that did not commit treason. Everyone who bent the knee to Danny after she had defeated them committed treason. These men had pledged their service to the Iron Throne, and then turned their back on the Iron Throne in order to save their own lives. Danny may see herself as the rightful heir to the Iron Throne, but many of the people of Westeros do not see it that way. For many people in Westeros Danny is a foreign invader who has brought a foreign army to invade Westeros. Danny is also a Targaryen , and the last Targaryen to sit on the Iron Thone was a lunatic who liked to burn people alive for his amusement. Danny is only one of many people who have claimed a right to the Iron Thone in the past 8 seasons. Robert, Stannis, Joffrey, Tomlin, Cersi, Danny. In 8 years 6 people have sat on the Iron Throne or claimed to have the right to sit on the Iron Thone. Danny may see herself as the rightful heir to the Iron Throne, but to the people of Westeros she is just the flavor of the month.

                                                                              • Timothy Verrinder
                                                                                Timothy Verrinder  6 months back

                                                                                When Drogan attacked the Lannister army caravan on the road after the Lannisters had defeated the Tyrells, none of the wooden wagons in the Lannister convoy exploded, and yet in the episode "The Bells " Drogon's breath weapon exploded solid stone, and clay roof tiles? Clay is a natural insulator against fire, so is stone. Stone buildings are a lot stronger structures than wooden wagons. What Gives? In the past episodes Drogon's breath weapon does not seem to have any kinetic energy to it. People who are subjected to Drogan's breath weapon are not hurled here and there. Many scenes in GOT show burning men still on their feet while they burn alive. Some of the flaming men weren't even knocked of their feet after Drogon hit them with his breath weapon. When did Drogon's breath weapon develop a kinetic energy force? The Night King didn't even flinch when Drogon breathed on him, and he got Drogon's breath weapon full blast. Okay you can say the Night King was impervious to Drogon's fire, but I doubt he would have been impervious to the kinetic energy of Drogon's breath weapon. When did Drogon's breath weapon develop the ability to shatter solid stone? In the long night Jon Snow hid behind walls to avoid Veserys breath weapon. Those stone walls didn't explode.

                                                                                Did the writers forget the past 8 seasons? Were the people of King's Landing in the habit of storing Nitro Glycerin and Dynamite in the attics of their buildings?

                                                                                • Kaden Hepner
                                                                                  Kaden Hepner  6 months back

                                                                                  I'm not upset with the Jamie and Danny development. Well more so a tad bit upset with Jamie because he changed so much, he never stopped caring for his sister. But Danny was played out to be power hungry, obsessive, and her anger with a sense of self entitlement came out. I'm not suprised with Danny's character, maybe a bit suprised seeing children burn. It took 30 years for the mad king to become the mad king but it was never written that he was a slave, raped, tortured or suffered as much as Danny.

                                                                                  • Sydni Taylor
                                                                                    Sydni Taylor  6 months back

                                                                                    This season is trash. I agree with every point you made. The NK getting taken out in one night, Tyrion used to be the smartest person on the show to where he's the dumbest f*** there is, Bran does nothing but sit and stare, then having Daenerys flipping on a dime was definitely for the sake of drama. Its dumb how they had her massacred thousands of innocents when she was the person who locked up Rhaegal and Viserion up in Mereen when he found out Drogon burned a toddler. Last episode made no sense for her character at all.

                                                                                    • ga21351
                                                                                      ga21351  6 months back

                                                                                      You have no clue. Episode 5 is only about Bran 3 eyed raven, not about mad queen cersei or other, it was only role for Bran. What happens when Bran did not sorted everything. In episode 4 Bran still do not know everything. No character has changed and specialty not Daenerys. In episode 6 you will see episode 5 again but this time Bran sorted and now he knows everything and then all characters behave like they should. This is happens when people do not understand the show.

                                                                                      • TheRoCHeMusic
                                                                                        TheRoCHeMusic  6 months back

                                                                                        I loved Danny because she had a heart in spite of her troubling experiences. All was for nothing. Sam saving Jorah so Jorah could save Danny means nothing. And yes, Brienne's Knighthood means nothing now too. Game of Thrones broke my heart.

                                                                                        • Jennifer Baumgarden
                                                                                          Jennifer Baumgarden  6 months back

                                                                                          I agree with so much of what you said. However, I don't think Brienne was weeping just because her first love left her for another woman. She was weeping because Jaime was going to die if he went back to KL. Also, to say he never cared for her romantically is.... a stretch. They've been eye fucking each other for 5 seasons now. Hell, even Bronn said as much 3 seasons ago.

                                                                                          • rx7dude2006
                                                                                            rx7dude2006  6 months back

                                                                                            Daenerys’s tactics have always been more deeply rooted in dominance than in empathy (she spent an entire season insisting a peer united in the struggle with her “bend the knee”), and she has for seasons framed her politics as a generational struggle, rather than an evolutionary process that necessarily includes the freely-given consent of the governed. And, most notably of all, her case for herself as queen, and the actions she’s taken to get there, pivot around the idea of revenge.