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  • Published: 07 June 2017
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    This video is dedicated to my BFamily who has helped make my dreams possible. Thank you for all your support. Love ya! -MB

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    School Councilor: How are you feeling today, Matthew?
    MattyB: It’s… it’s my mom. Lately she… she just been trippin’
    School Councilor: Why is she tripping, Matthew?
    MattyB: Because. She doesn’t understand me. I’m a teenager now. Like, she’s not cool.
    School Councilor: Why don’t you tell me about it?

    Verse 1
    Man, she got my head in a spiral
    Cause I done made a new wave
    I done hit the front page and I just went viral
    Because my flows like tidal
    But I don’t think my own mama understands, legit
    How my beats kick, kick harder than jackie chan
    And my hits stay lit for my fans in japan
    All the way from the Chattahoochee to California sands
    And i flow magnificent-ly
    Cause i was born to the different - see
    I get the… world in a tizzy
    Got my generation with me
    The wiz kid’s been busy
    I spit till i get dizzy
    I try to stay focused, but I put the jokers on notice
    It’s me….
    As you can tell on this mic I’m for real
    I said, “Ma, at the studio late”
    Her reply? No problem, but curfew at eight!”

    It doesn’t matter what I do
    Could have the song of the year
    There’s one thing I always deal with
    It’s become crystal clear
    I wanna be a famous rapper but my mom doesn’t care
    She’ll always treat me like her baby so my life is unfair
    Check it out man

    That’s why my life is unfair
    I wanna be a famous rapper but my mom doesn’t care
    It doesn’t matter what I do, could have the song of the year
    She’ll always treat me like her baby so my life is unfair

    Verse 2
    You know what else? man, I just got some red bottoms! (fuego!)
    And my momma made me mow the lawn the same day that I got ‘em
    How am I supposed to hit the gram and be cool
    When I got this big green grass stain on my shoe ma
    Then I got a new watch, you know the kind
    It don’t tick like yours, it just slide
    Left the jewelry store, made it home and dinner was delicious
    Put my plate in the sink and mama told me to do the dishes
    Now I’m standing at the sink tryna think
    Wow… if I lose a diamond I’mma freak… out
    Listening to music as a I scrub a dub dub
    Feeling like a idiot from wearing yellow rubber gloves
    And I finally get off all the grease
    I got my phone blowing up from a girl that’s a dime piece
    I said, “Mom, we’re just friends… I won’t kiss her”
    She said, “I don’t if you go but you’re taking your baby sister”



    School Councilor: Would you like to know what I think, Matthew?
    MattyB: What’s up?
    School Councilor: Well, It sounds to me like you have a mother that loves you very much, and I think I know what you should do.
    MattyB: You do?
    School Councilor: Yes. Why don’t you call her and let her know that we’re wrapping up. I just got a text from her.
    MattyB: Are you serious?
    School Councilor: Well you’re going to be late to your orthodontist appointment, mister!
    MattyB: This is literally what I’m talk about. I’m out.

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  • MattyBRaps
    MattyBRaps   2 years back

    Hey BFamily! Hope you enjoy my new single #LifeIsUnfair! This project was a lot of fun to create with friends... and my mom / Sarah. haha! What was YOUR favorite part? ~MB

    • Jeremy Pparrish
      Jeremy Pparrish  2 weeks back


    • Hien Nguyen
      Hien Nguyen  2 weeks back

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    • Amir Polanco
      Amir Polanco  4 weeks back


    • mr JOzablenk
      mr JOzablenk  2 months back

      You n yure mom scene MB,then whole yure fam. I like it

    • Dark Assassin217
      Dark Assassin217  3 months back

      MattyBRaps bro this so g is lit bro keep it up bro ur really good homie

  • Elizabeth Alvarado
    Elizabeth Alvarado  2 hours back


    • Screw You
      Screw You  12 hours back

      my life is so unfair, I live in a mansion, have a hot girlfriend, and a mom who cares about me, I hate my life 😤

      • Penelope Ramirez
        Penelope Ramirez  14 hours back


        • Mariana Chavez
          Mariana Chavez  17 hours back

          MattyB really good at making songs they been good I really like your singing❤️

          • غيث BOY
            غيث BOY  21 hours back

            ULove you

            • Kayla Furbank!
              Kayla Furbank!  1 days back

              She’s just showing how much she loves you. Your life is NOT unfair.

              No Hate but just saying ;)

              • Garrick Summers
                Garrick Summers  2 days back

                Best YouTube or ever

                • Kamil pietkiewicz
                  Kamil pietkiewicz  3 days back

                  Jestem z Polish i Cię słucham

                  • Kamil pietkiewicz
                    Kamil pietkiewicz  3 days back


                    • Dalia Flora
                      Dalia Flora  3 days back

                      So funny how peoples in this comment section are angry by believing that he’s truly complaining while he’s actually making fun of the first world’s problems 😂

                      • Bike Smith
                        Bike Smith  3 days back


                        My Channel

                        • BlueFace Tommy
                          BlueFace Tommy  3 days back

                          Your videos are amazing😊

                          • Amreen Khan
                            Amreen Khan  4 days back

                            You guys he's only joking about his life being unfair 😂

                            • Amreen Khan
                              Amreen Khan  3 days back

                              @Dalia Flora 😂😂 thanks

                            • Dalia Flora
                              Dalia Flora  3 days back

                              Amreen Khan i find it so funny how peoples on the coms are angry cause they think he’s TRULY complaining 😂 while he’s just making fun of the first world’s problems

                          • John DeRocher
                            John DeRocher  4 days back

                            I'm sing I'm rap too Mattybraps

                            • Carlos and Nico
                              Carlos and Nico  5 days back


                              • Jeffy Da Rappa
                                Jeffy Da Rappa  5 days back

                                Another rich white kid complaining about how “unfair” their life is

                                • Dalia Flora
                                  Dalia Flora  3 days back

                                  Jeffy Da Rappa tbh I think he was actually making fun of that thing 😂 you clearly see that it’s actually a parody

                              • toonies art
                                toonies art  5 days back

                                You know what's unfaire that your mom cleans your room. I have too do it my self

                                • Jorge Ramirez
                                  Jorge Ramirez  5 days back

                                  Si yo fuera la madre lo aria vosta si me dise vasta mamá le arranco la cabeza 😂

                                  • Banana Despicată
                                    Banana Despicată  5 days back

                                    Life is unfair

                                    • Sonja Jakovljevic
                                      Sonja Jakovljevic  5 days back

                                      I love you Matty!!!! 🤩🤩🤩🤩😍😍😍🥰🥰🥰

                                      • crimmerz
                                        crimmerz  6 days back

                                        This guys a genius he's making a point by trolling; he's making everyone else realise how hes got a great life but they don't, further proving why life is unfair.

                                        • crimmerz
                                          crimmerz  3 days back

                                          @Dalia Flora exactly 😂

                                        • Dalia Flora
                                          Dalia Flora  3 days back

                                          crimmerz i find it so funny how peoples on the coms are angry cause they think he’s TRULY complaining 😂 while he’s just making fun of the first world’s problems

                                      • The golden Potato of Canada

                                        What's that haircut bro ouch

                                        • Craig Laird
                                          Craig Laird  7 days back

                                          love it

                                          • Jrthejr14 Carrera
                                            Jrthejr14 Carrera  7 days back

                                            You rdesjfmldsc?lfrssd. S%zas wxedrfl

                                            And:##$%#3&3-@%2% qxefrh7ujlopphe xefc3k hnsswkwytygyhh

                                            • Bárbara Myers
                                              Bárbara Myers  1 weeks back


                                              • Jolonda Jackson Moses
                                                Jolonda Jackson Moses  1 weeks back

                                                hey matty you like me so much

                                                • Kids Trick shots
                                                  Kids Trick shots  1 weeks back

                                                  135 yeezys

                                                  • Lewis Heathcote
                                                    Lewis Heathcote  1 weeks back

                                                    All I get is the belt

                                                    • Eric Degn
                                                      Eric Degn  1 weeks back

                                                      I like ur songs Matty b

                                                      • Fatima Dlp
                                                        Fatima Dlp  1 weeks back


                                                        • Credința - Nădejdea si Dragostea

                                                          Dont understand this video. Mattyb has a caring mother and his life is unfair....

                                                          • katherine 05
                                                            katherine 05  1 weeks back


                                                            • Ivan Anguiano
                                                              Ivan Anguiano  1 weeks back

                                                              Hi Matty, I love your songs, I love you, I hope you and I are dating

                                                              • Jose Mercado
                                                                Jose Mercado  1 weeks back

                                                                This music isnt good

                                                                • Gabby Smithers
                                                                  Gabby Smithers  1 weeks back

                                                                  0:05 did you see that rash on Matt’s arm?

                                                                  • Vjollca Cani
                                                                    Vjollca Cani  1 weeks back

                                                                    You are the best , men

                                                                    • Lia Greenhalgh
                                                                      Lia Greenhalgh  2 weeks back

                                                                      there’s kids in africa

                                                                      • nisha Deshpande
                                                                        nisha Deshpande  2 weeks back

                                                                        Cool 😎

                                                                        • Sauren Ya u know it
                                                                          Sauren Ya u know it  2 weeks back

                                                                          at least ur mom loves u

                                                                          • Chica Chica 0
                                                                            Chica Chica 0  2 weeks back

                                                                            Alguém em 2019 e alguém fala português?

                                                                            • Judith Lacsamana
                                                                              Judith Lacsamana  2 weeks back

                                                                              Yes,indeed life is very Unfair😞

                                                                              • 김혜송
                                                                                김혜송  2 weeks back

                                                                                나이틴 이얼즈올드

                                                                                • 김혜송
                                                                                  김혜송  2 weeks back

                                                                                  Hello 마이네임 이즈 혜송 ~ 알라뷰 나이쓰투미유

                                                                                  • kapcom88
                                                                                    kapcom88  2 weeks back


                                                                                    • I am pretty
                                                                                      I am pretty  2 weeks back

                                                                                      YOUR MOM IS LUCKY

                                                                                      • Player _Female
                                                                                        Player _Female  2 weeks back

                                                                                        Should glad you have a mom like that..

                                                                                        • CMS Upper Elementary
                                                                                          CMS Upper Elementary  2 weeks back

                                                                                          oh and by the way your life is "so unfaairr" you get to live in a mansion and you get to cruise around in a cadillac ecalade while some people in africa are getting $5 a week yeah your life sucks